Sex Toy Stash Jane Wilde Madi Meadows Alexis Tae

Sex Toy Stash
Jane Wilde, Madi Meadows, Alexis Tae

Sex Toy Stash

Can you handle these three all at the same time? It looks like no male pornstar was available today at the Brazzers porn studios.  There was nobody around to fuck Jane Wilde, Madi Meadows and Alexis Tae so they end up just having a lesbian threesome instead.  In Sex Toy Stash these three hot babes decide to tryout as many different dildos and vibrators as they can.  They want to find the best toys that make them cum the quickest.


In the screenshot I counted 10 sex toys.  Nine laid out neatly on the bed and another inserted into Jane Wilde’s pussy.  Jane Wilde and Madi Meadows are bent over with their ass cheeks touching each others and Alexis Tae is having fun playing with their wet pussies.  All three of these orgasm chasing babes are naked and looking sexy as fuck.

The only sex toy that is missing from view is the strap on dildo that Madi Meadows brings to the party.  In Sex Toy Stash, the story begins with college roommates Jane Wilde and Alexis Tae discussing their favourite sex toys.  Madi is a sweet innocent college freshman and is listening very carefully to their conversation.  When Madi over hears the sound of vibrators being used, she decides to gate crash their sexy party and introduces the strap on that she has hidden in her room since college began.

In Sex Toy Stash, Miss Tae and Miss Wilde are both very surprised that Madi wanted to join in with their lesbian sexy toy session.  They thought that she was not interested in girls.  They presumed that Madi was a virgin and was only interested in her studies.  But now that they have a strap-on dildo to play with, this Brazzers lesbian threesome soon heats up a couple of levels.

Madi’s big blue rubber strap-on soon becomes a favourite sex toy.  It gets used in all three wet pussies and is the sex toy that makes all three of these college roomies orgasm the fastest.  One thing is for sure, this college year is going to be orgasm filled and it’s only just started!  How are these sexy college roommates going to top this threesome?

In terms of porn advert suitability, I think that Sex Toy Stash will not be used as a porn advert.  To be honest, it’s very rare that we have seen Brazzers use a lesbian video as a porn advert. Sitting here at 6am writing this porn blog, I am struggling to remember a girl on girl porn ad at all.  I’m pretty sure that there has been lesbian porn adverts in the past, but I am struggling to recall one.

Fuck The Jackpot Pound My Ass Jane Wilde

Fuck The Jackpot Pound My Ass
Mick Blue, Jane Wilde

Fuck The Jackpot Pound My Ass

This is a hardcore Jane Wilde anal sex porn video from Brazzers.  Her ass gets fucked hard in Fuck The Jackpot Pound My Ass by Mick Blue.  His cock gets balls deep into Miss Wilde’s beautiful looking asshole.


Jane Wilde is totally bored and even finds that masturbating is getting old – and fast. To inject some excitement into her life, Jane has bought lottery tickets for a mega jackpot, hoping for a miraculous infusion of serious cash to spice up her life. When she wins and Mick Blue shows up with his cameraman, Jane’s excitement morphs into unchecked horniness.

She tosses her novelty cheque aside, unzips her jeans to reveal her juicy ass, and prances around the room demanding a wild fuck. After some initial hesitation, Mick obliges and swaps his hot mic for his hard dick, which slides into Jane’s tight ass. When it comes to a big load of cum, unlike a cash prize, you should blow it all in one place.

Fuck The Jackpot Pound My is another fabulous anal sex porn video from Brazzers.  Janes Wilde’s ass is just right for this kind of video.  She as definitely got an ass that most guys would fantasise about sticking their cock deep into!

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Strap-On With A Side Of Dick Threesome

Strap-On With A Side Of Dick
Phoenix Marie, Jane Wilde, Scott Nails

Strap-On With A Side Of Dick

I think I have said this a few times on my blog, but I’ll say it again, I am a big fan of watching women fucking each other with strap-on dildos.  I was senior porn video editor on a site called a few years ago, and I loved every minute of that job before it merged with SEXYhub.  So seeing Phoenix Marie armed with a huge strap-on in Strap-On With A Side Of Dick, was a great visual surprise first thing in the morning.


Jane Wilde’s boyfriend, Scott Nails, is out of town, so she’s decided to get a little action on the side with the sexy Phoenix Marie. Unfortunately for them, Scott has decided to come home early, with a bouquet of flowers no less. Although Phoenix hides the closet, Jane’s spread legs and exposed pussy make Scott think she was waiting for him all along.

Phoenix finds all of this rather humorous, and she gets a bright idea when she finds a strap-on in the closet. As Scott gets his dick sucked, Phoenix comes out of the closet wearing the big strap-on and totally shocks Scott, who quickly, and unsurprisingly, welcomes her presence. From there, Phoenix sneakily inserts the strap-on right into Jane’s pussy, leading to a scorching hot threesome and total satisfaction for everyone.

I think that Strap-On With A Side Of Dick has real potential to be a porn advert.  With Phoenix Marie’s big tits and massive strap-on cock, she certainly looks like a click-through material.  With the added bonus of this video being a threesome, there are plenty of different angles and some great shocked porn faces that are always a winner when it comes to porn adverts on tubes sites.

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Brazzers Going Wilde On Him Johnny Sins Jane Wilde

Going Wilde On Him
Johnny Sins and Jane Wilde

Going Wilde On Him

Jane Wilde returns for her 9th outing in a Brazzers porn video.  In Brazzers Going Wilde On Him, she is joined by famous male pornstar Johnny Sins.  We haven’t seen Mr Sins in a new Brazzers video since New Years Eve 2020 when he fucked Abella Danger in Abella the Sinner.


This is A Day with a Pornstar set up style Brazzers video.  Jane Wilde is busy getting herself ready for a fuck with Johnny.  She is very excited about the prospect of getting her pussy pounded by the muscular, bald pornstar who has managed to make a good go of creating his own YouTube Channel.  Something that is very difficult for anybody in the adult industry to pull off.

Jane Wilde One on One with Johnny Sins

In Brazzers Going Wilde On Him, there is no storyline other than Jane Wilde anticipating the arrival on Johnny Sins and his big cock coming to her house to create some porn content together.  How am I suppose to write 400+ words about this scene?  I could describe the bedroom as having one queen size bed and light purple paint on the walls.  If you look closely you will be able to see a dent in the wall.  Most bedrooms have some kind of damage to the wall.

When Johnny Sins arrives they get straight down to business.  They is no small talk, just pure one on one hardcore porn action.  Johnny’s cock is erect very quickly.  It never lets him down.  In Brazzers Going Wilde On Him, Jane takes her time to worship the cock that she had been waiting for all morning.  She is not going to waste this opportunity to spend the day with Johnny Sins and his massive dick.

If you want to watch some pure hardcore porn with no messing about with storylines or fancy editing, then Brazzers Going Wilde On Him is perfect for you.  Just two great pornstars fucking the shit out of each other.

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Girlsway Tantric Training

Girlsway Tantric Training

Girlsway Tantric Training
Jane Wilde, Maya Woulfe and Aila Donova

Jane Wilde and Maya Woulfe, two masseuses, are starting to get a bit worried. Another masseuse, Aila Donovan, is running late, which isn’t like her at all! DOWNLOAD VIDEO. What if something bad happened??

Luckily, they don’t have to wait long as Aila arrives, apologizing for the tardiness. She just got back from a weekend seminar, where she’s learned some new tantric massage techniques she wants to share…

In Girlsway Tantric Training, although Jane is game for trying the new techniques, knowing it’d be great for business, Maya is a little unsure because of the erotic nature. To help ease Maya into it, Jane happily offers to be massaged first so that Maya can see how everything works.

Lesbian Tantric Sex Learning

Of course, as soon as Jane strips down and Aila starts working her magic fingers to show them what she’s learned, Maya immediately becomes flustered. It’s just so much more SENSUAL than she was expecting, even though that’s the whole point!

During Girlsway Tantric Training, the longer Aila massages Jane, rubbing her beautiful body all over and drawing out quiet moans, the hotter Maya gets. Aila catches this and slyly insists that Maya take her turn applying the techniques as well — with her guidance, of course.

Although Maya’s hesitant at first, as soon as she begins working for her own hands all over Jane’s body, especially her perky breasts… well, they’re ALL about to get the FULL tantric experience!

Estranged Bedfellows – PureTaboo

Estranged Bedfellows

Estranged Bedfellows
Lauren Phillips, Jane Wilde and Tyler Nixon

Evelyn (Lauren Phillips) is anxiously pacing in the living room. She seems nervous as she keeps looking at the door. Bella (Jane Wilde), Evelyn’s step-daughter, passes through the room, cheerfully greeting her but then becomes worried when she sees Evelyn’s anxiousness. When Bella asks her what’s wrong, Evelyn admits that she’s nervous to meet her new step-son, Ty, who is also Bella’s estranged step-brother. He is coming to stay at the house and should be arriving soon.


In Estranged Bedfellows, they are interrupted by a knock on the door. They both sit up, with Bella looking excited and Evelyn looking even more nervous. Ty (Tyler Nixon) steps inside with a grin. Bella excitedly runs to Ty and hugs him tightly. He seems just as excited to see her as he spins her around then sets her down. His hands lingers on the small of her back, though Bella doesn’t seem bothered by this, as if she’s too naive and excited to sense the sexual nature. Evelyn notices Ty’s touch and looks slightly weirded out, though she doesn’t address it.

During Estranged Bedfellows, Ty rubs the small of her back a bit, a lustful look crossing his face. Bella doesn’t catch the lustful look because his head is on her shoulder. Evelyn becomes more uncomfortable and interrupts, smiling.

A week later. Ty and Bella are chatting when he reveals that he came home because he’s broke. He also comes on more to Bella, who notices and becomes a little uncomfortable. Evelyn interrupts them and asks Bella to leave so that she can speak privately with Ty. Bella leaves.

In Estranged Bedfellows, Evelyn then confronts Ty about his inappropriate behaviour towards Bella, telling him to stop. But Ty isn’t threatened, instead revealing that he has dirt on Evelyn and will expose her if she doesn’t do whatever he wants. He tells Evelyn he wants her to seduce Bella.  Evelyn is shocked but reluctantly agrees, calling Bella back into the room.

When Bella returns, Evelyn starts coming onto her, leaning in to kiss Bella. Bella’s confused and shocked, pulling away. As Evelyn struggles to explain what’s going on, Ty makes Evelyn reveal her secret to Bella. Bella is crushed but Evelyn assures her she still loves her.  During Estranged Bedfellows, Ty orders them to have sex or he’ll reveal Evelyn’s secret, taking away everything she has, including her relationship with Bella. Despite their misgivings, the ladies reluctantly agree.

Girlsway Measured To Fit

Girlsway Measured To Fit

Girlsway Measured To Fit
Jane Wilde and Maya Woulfe

Two teens, Jane Wilde and Maya Woulfe, are trying on their new school uniforms. Maya complains that hers is too big. Since Jane has some experience sewing, she offers to fix it for her friend. Jane takes out a measuring tape and measures Maya’s charming little waist, then asks Maya to bend over so she can get an accurate measurement of Maya’s nice butt!


In Girlsway Measured To Fit, it’s time for Jane to take Maya’s top measurements, but wait, surely the results will be more accurate if Maya takes her shirt off, right? Maya is a little shy but eventually agrees. She gets down to her bra, and whoops, her matching panties are also visible! When Jane gets a look at Maya’s body, she becomes immediately lusty, but tries to hide it as she measures her.

During Girlsway Measured To Fit, eventually, Jane can’t resist her lusty feelings anymore and makes excuses for Maya to take off more of her clothes, and even asks to touch Maya’s breasts… all in the name of accuracy, of course. Maya catches on to what Jane is doing, but is receptive to her advances.

Soon Jane’s clothes come off as well, and then it’s time for some fun kissing and lots of sexy touching. After all, who cares about clothes when these two beauties are a perfect fit for each other!

Wow We’re Kinda Sluts Huh!

Wow, We're Kinda Sluts, Huh

Wow We’re Kinda Sluts Huh!
Jane Wilde and Chanel Grey

Eighteen-year-old roommates Jane Wilde and Chanel Grey are preparing for a night out when they realize that some of their laundry has gotten mixed together. They decide to look through the laundry to try to sort it out since they have no clothes to go out in and haven’t done laundry in quite some time.

The girls get to work and begin to sort through the giant pile. As they pull out different items from the pile, like shirts, underwear, and leggings, they inspect each item and recall an anecdote of how it got dirty, every anecdote reflecting their sexually wild lifestyle.

In Girlsway Wow We’re Kinda Sluts Huh!, finally, they stop looking through the pile, realising that finding something suitable to wear is hopeless, joking that sex seems to be the only thing they are good at. Not having clothes to go out in, Chanel cheekily suggests that they stay home and stick to what they’re good at. Jane grins back at her, biting her lip, obviously interested. They push the pile of laundry off the bed excitedly.