Pervy Prank Master Cory Chase and Jimmy Michaels

Pervy Prank Master
Cory Chase and Jimmy Michaels

Pervy Prank Master

Well it seems like Pranking is going to be the new niche that Brazzers are going to be pushing over the next few months.  I have already reviewed a couple of other prank themed Brazzers videos so I’m presuming that their stats show that pranking videos are generating click-throughs and converting to memberships.

I’m always happy to see new niches make a break-through.  It keeps the industry fresh.  I think the biggest break-through niche in most recent times was the emergence of the stepmom, step daughter or just plain ‘step porn’.  The ‘stuck in a’ niche, I believe will fizzle out very soon once there is nothing left to get stuck in!

Who Pranks Who in Pervy Prank Master?

In Pervy Prank Master, we find Cory Chase dressed in a very sexy blue floral dress.  She looks like a typical stay at home housewife.  She is in the process of moving house and has hired some guys coming to help move some of her heavier household appliances.  Being a frustrated housewife, having men in the house is a real turn on for Cory Chase.

Cory likes tall, mature guys and does her very best to flirt with the older, taller and domiant handy man that she has in the house.  But when her reveals that his is not interested in no strings sex with her, she quickly turns her attention to the man-boy looking Jimmy Michaels.  She was shocked to find that Jimmy has a huge cock hidden underneath his overalls.

In Pervy Prank Master it was difficult to figure out who in fact was the prank master.  With the trailer for this new Cory Chase hidden behind the pay wall, it is going to be difficult for non-members to know.  I am going to assume that Cory Chase is he one doing the panking in this Brazzers video.  I’m thinking that she plays pranks on Jimmy to get him all flustered.

What we don know is that Cory gets her great tits out and Jimmy has a lot of fun playing with them before she drops to her knees and give the young looking male pornstar a blowjob.

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Safe To Say I Fucked Your Stepmom Katie Morgan

Safe To Say I Fucked Your Stepmom

Safe To Say I Fucked Your Stepmom
Katie Morgan and Jimmy Michaels

Crikey, imagine turning up to your new girlfriends house and being greeted by a hot MILF like Katie Morgan.  In Brazzers Safe To Say I Fucked Your Stepmom Jimmy Michaels can barely take his eyes off Miss Morgan’s stunning cleavage.  Miss Morgans’ step-daughter knows that her hot step mom can be a bit of a flirt, but she never imagined that she would flirt with her boyfriend.


Manboy Jimmy Michaels grows a semi hard-on in his pants every time Katie Morgan thrusts her tits towards his face.  He’s never seen such a great pair of boobs in his life.  All his previous girlfriends had small boobs so he’s never even felt a pair of whoppers in his hands.

Safe To Say I Fucked Your Stepmom – SUMMARY

Safe To Say I Fucked Your Stepmom when Michael was finally alone in his girlfriends room to study, he slips on a condom and start waving his cock around her face!  His nerdy girlfriend is not interested in fucking, she just wants to study.  Jimmy decides to wonder off to the bathroom to have a cheeky wank to subside his sexual needs.  But as he walks into the bathroom, she find Katie Morgan bending over the bath tub exposing her pussy.

Katie Morgan explains that she never wears panties around the house.  She like to keep her pussy fresh for moments just like this.  As Jimmy stands there looking at Miss Morgans MILF tits he ejaculates into the condom hanging off his cock.  He is very embarrassed, but tells Katie that he can easily cum again if he got a blowjob from a hot blonde MILF.

In Safe To Say I Fucked Your Stepmom, Katie Morgan and Jimmy Michaels make their way to her master bedroom, where she shows him just how to fuck a real woman.  She sits on hi face and demands that he sticks his tongue deep into her wet pussy.  There is a great sequence at the end when Jimmy’s girlfriend enters the room and finds the bed covered in condoms.

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Coach Peepers Lends A Big Hand Clara Trinity

Coach Peepers Lends A Big Hand

Coach Peepers Lends A Big Hand
Jax Slayher, Jimmy Michaels and Clara Trinity

Clara Trinity makes her Brazzers debut in an interracial threesome porn video.  Jax Slayher and baby face Jimmy Michaels are the delighted two male pornstars that get to pop Clara’s Brazzers cherry.


Clara is wearing a black and white pleated short skirt and white t-shirt.  she looks like the typical innocent college girl next door.  But obviously in Pornland, no college girl is so innocent.  Miss Trinity is of course a cock hungry little slut that loves to take on big cock.

Clara Trinity Brazzers Debut

Unfortunately, this is about all I can say about this Brazzers Coach Peepers Lends A Big Hand porn video.  At the time of writing this porn blog entry, there is no scene description and the trailer is not appearing on the site either.  So we will just have to presume that Clara Trinity gets bent over and fuck hard by Jax Slayher, Jimmy Michaels and Clara Trinity.

I’m thinking that the coach walks in on Clara and Jimmy having sex and the coach offers to help with their sexual technique.  The coach joins in and Clara gets her pussy fucked by two cock.  Whether or not there is any double penetration involved….we’ll have to wait and see!

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Brazzers A Room With A Cock 2 London Rose


Brazzers A Room With A Cock 2
Jimmy Michaels and London Rose

Well I’m not surprised to see Jimmy Michaels fucking another older looking woman.  He’s got that baby face that is going to see him appearing in lots of Brazzers and Reality Kings porn videos in 2021.


Checkout London rose wearing her sexy lingerie and showing off her big boobs.  In Brazzers A Room With A Cock 2, this hot blonde married woman takes so much pleasure in having the young looking male pornstar ravishing her body and worshipping her big tits and ass.

Brazzers A Room With A Cock 2 Summary

The highlight of London Rose’s day is when young stud Jimmy Michaels sneaks past her clueless husband to give her the sexual satisfaction she craves. However, on this particular morning, London’s husband is being especially nosy and persistent in his annoying requests and intrusions.

In Brazrers A Room With A Cock 2, London quickly realizes that she needs to redirect her husband’s focus if she wants enough alone time with Jimmy to take every inch of his hard cock, so she uses his peculiar obsession with his wardrobe to draw his attention to the mountain of laundry in their bedroom.

But before that, London and Jimmy are forced to play a tense version of musical chairs, with Jimmy finding as many creative ways as possible to hide in a small space. Once they get rid of London’s husband, the only way to properly celebrate is with intense sex.

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Training her Throat MacKenzie Mace and Jimmy Michaels

Training her Throat

Training her Throat
MacKenzie Mace, Jimmy Michaels

When Jimmy Michaels tweeted that he was off on his travels to shoot more porn, I cheekily tweeted a reply to say that “I hope you have fun fucking your stepmom’s”.  I wrote that because I presumed he would be shooting a lot of step mom niche porn.  However, in this new Jimmy Michaels video, he is actually not playing a step son, but he’s actually playing the role of a TV repair guy.

Training Her Throat Summary

Do not disturb the naughty MacKenzie Mace when she’s doing her sexercises! You might put yourself in trouble like TV repair guy Jimmy Michael. In Training her Throat poor Jimmy simply wants to fix the TV set while MacKenzie is determined to “train her throat”, whatever that means.

In Training her Throat, eyes fixated on the cables behind the TV, Jimmy starts hearing what he can only describe as “deep throat sounds” behind him. Shocked Jimmy surprises the horny MacKenzie shoving down ginormous dildos in her mouth. As at trained repairman true to his code of conduct, handy Jimmy can certainly help MacKenzie train her eager throat!

I still have trouble believing that this guy is older than 16.   His baby face is going to win him a lot of porn roles for the foreseeable future!

Rim Like You Never Rimmed Before Bailey Base

Rim Like You Never Rimmed Before

Rim Like You Never Rimmed Before
Bailey Base and Jimmy Michaels

Child-like male pornstar Jimmy Michaels is just trying to get the dishes done, but his horny roommate Bailey Base has other ideas.  She licks his asshole while his hands are in the sink cleaning the dishes.  She tries to masturbate to take her mind off fucking her very young looking male roommate, but she needs cock in her pussy.


She has her hands down her tiny pink panties and does her best to make herself cum and subdue the need to fuck, but she’s just not able to reach her orgasm.  Bailey thinks that the only way to get her satisfaction is to fuck her new roommate Jimmy Michaels.

In Rim Like You Never Rimmed Before, Miss Base spots Jimmy cleaning up the dinner plates and pulls his pants down and buries her tongue into his asshole.  Jimmy cannot believe that his sexy female roommate has her tongue deep in her arse and giving him his first ever rimjob.  Bailey Base loves rimming and licks Jimmy ass for a for a while before he turns around and fucks her all over the kitchen.

While Jimmy Michaels is stuck cleaning up the mess his roommate (Bailey Base) left in the kitchen, Bailey’s being lazy. Bailey’s feeling horny, however, and masturbates until she decides to have some fun with Jimmy instead, sneaking up behind him and pulling down his pants for a surprise rimjob!

During Rim Like You Never Rimmed Before, Jimmy tries to continue cleaning but it isn’t easy when he’s got Bailey’s tongue rimming his asshole while she fondles his dick and balls! It doesn’t take long before Bailey’s giving Jimmy a blowjob and is on all fours, panties to the side while she gets pounded doggystyle on the kitchen floor!

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Pillow Humpers Michelle Anderson and Jimmy Michaels

Pillow Humpers

Pillow Humpers
Michelle Anderson and Jimmy Michaels

It’s fucking 0430 and I’m at my desk writing about Pillow Humpers starring man-boy Jimmy Michaels and Michelle Anderson making her Brazzers debut.  I love my wife, but her fucking snoring has made me get up at stupid o’clock to start work.


Pillow Humpers sees Michelle Anderson getting caught grinding her pussy against her pillow.  She is caught and recorded by her roommate Billy.  Michelle is wearing a pink t-shirt and blue shorts as she tries to make herself cum by rubbing her pussy over and over against her pillow.  She has seen it on a porn video once and wanted to give it ago.

But as she was about to have an orgasm, she spots Billy out of the corner of her eye with his cell phone in her hand, filming her.  He believes this video will go viral once her uploads it.  Miss Anderson jump off the bed in embarrassment.  Billy’s cock was pointing out for her to see.

Billy Michaels has an erection that Michelle likes the look of.  She asks Billy if he would be interested in a sexual exchange.  She will let Billy fuck her tight pussy, if he agrees to delete the phone footage before her uploads it.

In Pillow Humpers, Billy delightfully agrees to Michelle’s offer.  He has wanted to sample his sexy roommates pussy ever since her moved in.  He was sure that he was a better sexual solution than dry humping the pillow anyway.

This video is a great introduction to teenaged pornstar Michelle Anderson.  Her straight brunette hair and petite body looks great on camera.  She is able to pull off the teen look very well, so I expect her to be be featuring in more Brazzers teen videos over the next few months.

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Nurse’s Threesome Cures All Lacey London Tori Montana

Nurse's Threesome Cures All

Nurse’s Threesome Cures All
Lacey London, Tori Montana and Jimmy Michaels

Here we have an interracial threesome.  Two stunning ebony pornstars take on a big cock from Jimmy Michaels.  With hot nurses being worshipped all over the world right now, its a good time to bring out some porn featuring nurses getting fucked hard.

Lacey London and Tori Montana are two really beautiful women.  They are home help nurses so unfortunately we don’t see them dressed up in full sexy nurse uniforms, a bit of  a shame…BUT…they are wearing really tight clothes to make up for it.


The first bit of sex we see in Nurse’s Threesome Cures All is Lacey and Tori scissoring.  Rubbing their pussies on each other.  What a glorious sight it is too!  Their wet pussy make all the right noises as Jimmy walks in to find them performing lesbian sex acts.

In Nurse’s Threesome Cures All, Jimmy is not going to let this opportunity get away, even if it does mean fucking his step sister.  Jimmy has never actually fucked a black girl before.  He does realise that it’s not going to feel any different than all the white girl pussy he has fucked in the past…or is it?

Sexy home care nurse Lacey London has her hands full with an aging patient, but what makes matters more complicated is the rivalry between stepsiblings Tori Montana and Jimmy Michaels – who both desperately want to fuck her.

As they vie for Lacey’s attention, Tori wins out thanks to some trickery, giving her alone time for some hot scissoring and pussy-eating. But when Jimmy stumbles in looking for Lacey, Tori decides on some next level trickery to show her seductive powers over Jimmy.  Brazzers Nurse’s Threesome Cures All, ultimately culminates in a scorching threesome after a shocking revelation under the blankets. After draining Jimmy’s cock of all his cum, it’s clear that Lacey has a healing touch.

If you are looking to watch an interracial porn video that has a bit of everything, then I think you are going to enjoy watching Lacey London, Tori Montana and Jimmy Michaels all fucking each other in Nurse’s Threesome Cures All.

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