Brazzers Movie Night with Charlotte Rayn

Brazzers Movie Night
Jimmy Michaels, Charlotte Rayn

It’s always great to see a new Jimmy Michaels video being released.  It means that there is a potential new Brazzers advert on the way.  Brazzers love to use Jimmy’s baby face on their porn tube adverts, they must provide a great click-through ratio.  Once again Jimmy is being used as a stepson.

Brazzers Movie Night

You can’t really blame the casting guys for type casting Jimmy as a stepson in most of his Brazzers videos.  It’s probably why they made him a contracted male pornstar.  Plus, I don’t think Jimmy Michaels will be complaining too much about being able to fuck all the top rated MILF in the porn industry.


In Brazzers Movie Night we are treated to the first appearance in a Brazzers video by this hot blonde from Florida called Charlotte Rayn.  I must admit that I had to make sure that her name wasn’t misspelt and should have been Charlotte Ryan, but a quick search on Twitter revealed that there was no typo, and I was proven wrong.

The Charlotte Rayn Brazzers Debut

So what happens in this Charlotte Rayn Brazzers debut porn video?  Well, jimmy is playing the role of Charlotte Rayn’s stepson.  His stepmom has arranged for herself and Jimmy’s Dad to have some quality time together watching some movies on TV complete with a big bucket of popcorn.  However, Jimmy is not playing ball.  He is constantly interrupting the movie with silly requests.  Jimmy is told to go into his room and tidy up.

Jimmy Micheals with hoover on his cockWearing a mustard yellow t-shirt and some shitty looking  white briefs, Jimmy starts to hoover up his bedroom.  But when he accidentally gets his cock caught in the hoover, his stepmom walks in to find Jimmy getting sucked off by the hoover.  This leads to a great WHAT THE FUCK expression from Charlotte Rayn.  It’s a perfectly timed shot.  Jimmy is very embarrassed but she promises not to tell his dad as long as he gives them some time alone in the living room.

Jimmy reluctantly agrees and finished tidying his room.  But when he goes into the kitchen, his Dad orders him to make him a drink.  Jimmy really wants to be a pain in the ass, so he decides to add some laxatives to his old man’s drink.  The drink has the desired effect and within a few minutes, Jimmy dad races off to the toilet and is not seen again.  This give Jimmy the opportunity to get to know his stepmom a lot better.

Using the good old cock in the box technique, Jimmy gets his cock felt by his stepmom when she went to grab a handful of popcorn.  Finding a big hard cock in her popcorn was a bit of a shock at first, but when she felt the size of it, she was more than happy to start sucking on her stepsons cock.  After all, she was not going to get any action from her husband who was going to be spending the whole night in the toilet, shitty through an eye of a needle.

It did not take long for Charlotte Rayn to get completely naked.  She was very keen to get fucked by her stepson’s big fat cock.  She never realised that she would get so turned on by having a sneaky fuck behind her husband’s back.  Miss Rayn has a completely natural body.  Watching her natural boobs bouncing whilst she rides Jimmy’s cock on the sofa is a great watch.  I’m always happy to see a new Brazzers pornstar fucking.  I really enjoyed seeing her getting fucked doggy-style.   She was bent over on the sofa and Jimmy really gives her a good pounding from behind.

Charlotte Ryan shocked faceIt’s not just her tits that look great in this Brazzers Movie Night video.  Her whole body is given a good going over.  I especially liked seeing her ass giving a good about of wobble every time she jumped up and down on Jimmy’s big dick.  Once she got her rhythm, there was no stopping this sex starved stepmom from breaking into several orgasms on her stepsons cock.

With this being a Brazzers stepson on stepmom video, there was always going to be one type of ending.  Yes, the dad finally emerges from the toilet to find his stepson spunking all over Charlotte Rayn’s face.  I think that Brazzers know that we were all expecting this ending, because just as Jimmy was caught by his dad, his spins around to face the camera with a big beaming smile on his face.

Final Thoughts about Brazzers Movie Night

Earlier in this porn blog post, I predicted that Brazzers Movie Night would be used as a porn advert.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the clip showing Jimmy Michaels with a hoover attached to his cock and the WTF moment from Charlotte Rayn did not feature heavily in a porn advert.  If was was editing a 20 second porn advert together from this stepmom porn video, then I would open up the ad with the hoover on cock moment and finished with him spinning around to the camera.  There are plenty of other moment that could be used, such as Jimmy pouring laxatives into his dads drink, the cock in a popcorn box moment and some great shots of Charlotte’s natural tits bouncing up and down.

Jimmy Michaels NakedAs this is the very first time that we have seen Charlotte Rayn in a Brazzers porn video, I cannot give you any link to her previous Brazzers videos.  So, make the most of watching her 100% natural looking body in Brazzers Movie Night.  Hopefully it wont be the one and only time we get to see her getting fucked, but just in case it is, I recommend watching this video as soon as you can.

If you want to see more of Jimmy Michaels, you can see his other great performances in this other great Brazzers tittles, below :-

Hard Drive, Harder Dick

Cleanliness Is Next To Fuckliness

Burying The Dick 10 Inch Deep

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Hard Drive Harder Dick Osa Lovely

Hard Drive Harder Dick
Osa Lovely and Jimmy Michaels

Hard drive Hard Dick

Whenever I see a Jimmy Michaels Brazzers video released online, I immediately think that it will be a porn advert straight away.  His baby faced fresh looks make him the perfect guy to play a step son getting fucked by his step mom or, as in Hard Drive Harder Dick he gets fucked hard by his girlfriends hot mom instead.  As a male pornstar, Jimmy Michaels is blessed to have the ability to play many roles in porn.  He can go from fucking hot MILF to sexy co-eds as a college guy himself.  This guy is going to be around for a very long time.


In Hard Drive Harder Dick, Osa Lovely has a peculiar seduction strategy when it comes to Jimmy Michaels, who just happens to be dating Osa’s boyfriend’s daughter. After she bakes a majestic laptop made completely of chocolate, Osa pretends that she’s having computer troubles. Luckily, Jimmy is tech savvy and eager to make a good impression because he’s meeting Osa for the first time.

During Hard Drive Harder Dick, Jimmy, though, can’t believe what he’s seeing, and tasting, when faced with the infamous “laptop”. From there, Osa shows Jimmy that she’s far more interested in his hard cock than her hard drive, leading to big tits worship, sneaky sex, a tasty dessert of cum.

Osa Lovely has that ebony body that makes her instantly recognisable.  Her big tits and huge ass is a must see when browsing Brazzers videos.  She has appeared in 12 Brazzers porn videos now, so there are plenty of videos to see her bouncing this big black boobs around.  But I think you’ll be more eager to watch that big ass shaking around when she gets fucked from behind or rides a big cock cowgirl style.

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Cleanliness Is Next To Fuckliness

Cleanliness Is Next To Fuckliness
Casca Akashova, Jimmy Michaels

Cleanliness Is Next To Fuckliness

Oh lovely, a busty blonde MILF fucking a much younger guy is just what the doctor ordered.  I spent a long day droning yesterday which involved a lot of walking, so it’s a sight for sore feet to see Casca Akashova starring in a porn video called Cleanliness Is Next To Fuckliness.  Check out her wonderful big boobs.  They look fucking awesome as she rides Jimmy Michaels’ big young dick.  You must know Jimmy Michaels by now.  He’s the new male pornstar that has a genuine baby face.


Casca Akashova is a big breasted blonde babe with a real desire for cleanliness. She’s a clean freak! She even irons her towels. When she walks in on Jimmy Michaels post cum in his filthy room she’s appalled. She just wants him to tidy up but he’s too busy playing video games.

In Cleanliness Is Next To Fuckliness, Miss Akashova decides to take matters into her own hands and tries to clean it for him. Only takes a second for her to end up knuckles deep in his splooge sock. Next, she finds his laptop and dirty search history. She realizes not only is his room dirty, his mind is filthy. Casca decides there’s only one way to deal with a dirty perv like him; to fuck and suck him clean.

This is only the fifth time that we have seen the sexy Casca Akashova appearing in a Brazzers porn video.  I would love to see much more of her.  I’m wondering whether the covid outbreak has slowed her porn output over the last 12 months.  I’m sure that this blonde MILF with huge boobs would have at least reach double figures if there was nothing holding her back.  I think that once the world gets back to normal, we will be seeing plenty more Casca Akashova Brazzers porn videos being released.

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Burying The Dick 10 Inch Deep Sally D’Angelo

Burying The Dick 10 Inch Deep
Sally D’Angelo and Jimmy Michaels

Burying The Dick 10 Inch Deep

Now this new GMILF Sally D’Angelo porn video certainly has potential to become a great porn advert.  I only have to look a the screenshot to see that this Burying The Dick 10 Inch video has all the hallmarks of a viral porn advert in the making.  Surrounded by five porn extras, the GMILF with huge boobs, Sally D’Angelo, is riding the big cock of man boy pornstar Jimmy Michaels.  She is riding reverse cowgirl with the rest of her family watching in disgust.


Some people say you can fuck your grief away, and that’s exactly what queen cougar Sally D’Angelo does at her husband’s funeral. Yes, she’s sad. Yes, she cries. But with the helping hand of the funeral director, Jimmy Michaels, she replaces the emptiness of loss with the fullness of a big dick in her pussy.

In Burying The Dick 10 Inch, the ever-horny Sally needs her daily dose of cock! She doesn’t care about her husband’s many friends who came at the funeral. Jimmy Michaels will fuck her on the spot, whether they like it or not.

I predict that we will be seeing much more of this video on all the porn tube sites very soon.  I think it will be a couple of weeks before we see this  Burying The Dick 10 Inch Deep converted into a 20 second porn ad and creating plenty of click-throughs to the main Brazzers porn site.   There are plenty of porn advert type moments in this GMILF video.  Plenty of shocked faces and eye catching insertions to make this a true classic Brazzers video.

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Pervy Prank Master Cory Chase and Jimmy Michaels

Pervy Prank Master
Cory Chase and Jimmy Michaels

Pervy Prank Master

Well it seems like Pranking is going to be the new niche that Brazzers are going to be pushing over the next few months.  I have already reviewed a couple of other prank themed Brazzers videos so I’m presuming that their stats show that pranking videos are generating click-throughs and converting to memberships.

I’m always happy to see new niches make a break-through.  It keeps the industry fresh.  I think the biggest break-through niche in most recent times was the emergence of the stepmom, step daughter or just plain ‘step porn’.  The ‘stuck in a’ niche, I believe will fizzle out very soon once there is nothing left to get stuck in!

Who Pranks Who in Pervy Prank Master?

In Pervy Prank Master, we find Cory Chase dressed in a very sexy blue floral dress.  She looks like a typical stay at home housewife.  She is in the process of moving house and has hired some guys coming to help move some of her heavier household appliances.  Being a frustrated housewife, having men in the house is a real turn on for Cory Chase.

Cory likes tall, mature guys and does her very best to flirt with the older, taller and domiant handy man that she has in the house.  But when her reveals that his is not interested in no strings sex with her, she quickly turns her attention to the man-boy looking Jimmy Michaels.  She was shocked to find that Jimmy has a huge cock hidden underneath his overalls.

In Pervy Prank Master it was difficult to figure out who in fact was the prank master.  With the trailer for this new Cory Chase hidden behind the pay wall, it is going to be difficult for non-members to know.  I am going to assume that Cory Chase is he one doing the panking in this Brazzers video.  I’m thinking that she plays pranks on Jimmy to get him all flustered.

What we don know is that Cory gets her great tits out and Jimmy has a lot of fun playing with them before she drops to her knees and give the young looking male pornstar a blowjob.

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Safe To Say I Fucked Your Stepmom Katie Morgan

Safe To Say I Fucked Your Stepmom

Safe To Say I Fucked Your Stepmom
Katie Morgan and Jimmy Michaels

Crikey, imagine turning up to your new girlfriends house and being greeted by a hot MILF like Katie Morgan.  In Brazzers Safe To Say I Fucked Your Stepmom Jimmy Michaels can barely take his eyes off Miss Morgan’s stunning cleavage.  Miss Morgans’ step-daughter knows that her hot step mom can be a bit of a flirt, but she never imagined that she would flirt with her boyfriend.


Manboy Jimmy Michaels grows a semi hard-on in his pants every time Katie Morgan thrusts her tits towards his face.  He’s never seen such a great pair of boobs in his life.  All his previous girlfriends had small boobs so he’s never even felt a pair of whoppers in his hands.

Safe To Say I Fucked Your Stepmom – SUMMARY

Safe To Say I Fucked Your Stepmom when Michael was finally alone in his girlfriends room to study, he slips on a condom and start waving his cock around her face!  His nerdy girlfriend is not interested in fucking, she just wants to study.  Jimmy decides to wonder off to the bathroom to have a cheeky wank to subside his sexual needs.  But as he walks into the bathroom, she find Katie Morgan bending over the bath tub exposing her pussy.

Katie Morgan explains that she never wears panties around the house.  She like to keep her pussy fresh for moments just like this.  As Jimmy stands there looking at Miss Morgans MILF tits he ejaculates into the condom hanging off his cock.  He is very embarrassed, but tells Katie that he can easily cum again if he got a blowjob from a hot blonde MILF.

In Safe To Say I Fucked Your Stepmom, Katie Morgan and Jimmy Michaels make their way to her master bedroom, where she shows him just how to fuck a real woman.  She sits on hi face and demands that he sticks his tongue deep into her wet pussy.  There is a great sequence at the end when Jimmy’s girlfriend enters the room and finds the bed covered in condoms.

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Coach Peepers Lends A Big Hand Clara Trinity

Coach Peepers Lends A Big Hand

Coach Peepers Lends A Big Hand
Jax Slayher, Jimmy Michaels and Clara Trinity

Clara Trinity makes her Brazzers debut in an interracial threesome porn video.  Jax Slayher and baby face Jimmy Michaels are the delighted two male pornstars that get to pop Clara’s Brazzers cherry.


Clara is wearing a black and white pleated short skirt and white t-shirt.  she looks like the typical innocent college girl next door.  But obviously in Pornland, no college girl is so innocent.  Miss Trinity is of course a cock hungry little slut that loves to take on big cock.

Clara Trinity Brazzers Debut

Unfortunately, this is about all I can say about this Brazzers Coach Peepers Lends A Big Hand porn video.  At the time of writing this porn blog entry, there is no scene description and the trailer is not appearing on the site either.  So we will just have to presume that Clara Trinity gets bent over and fuck hard by Jax Slayher, Jimmy Michaels and Clara Trinity.

I’m thinking that the coach walks in on Clara and Jimmy having sex and the coach offers to help with their sexual technique.  The coach joins in and Clara gets her pussy fucked by two cock.  Whether or not there is any double penetration involved….we’ll have to wait and see!

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Brazzers A Room With A Cock 2 London Rose


Brazzers A Room With A Cock 2
Jimmy Michaels and London Rose

Well I’m not surprised to see Jimmy Michaels fucking another older looking woman.  He’s got that baby face that is going to see him appearing in lots of Brazzers and Reality Kings porn videos in 2021.


Checkout London rose wearing her sexy lingerie and showing off her big boobs.  In Brazzers A Room With A Cock 2, this hot blonde married woman takes so much pleasure in having the young looking male pornstar ravishing her body and worshipping her big tits and ass.

Brazzers A Room With A Cock 2 Summary

The highlight of London Rose’s day is when young stud Jimmy Michaels sneaks past her clueless husband to give her the sexual satisfaction she craves. However, on this particular morning, London’s husband is being especially nosy and persistent in his annoying requests and intrusions.

In Brazrers A Room With A Cock 2, London quickly realizes that she needs to redirect her husband’s focus if she wants enough alone time with Jimmy to take every inch of his hard cock, so she uses his peculiar obsession with his wardrobe to draw his attention to the mountain of laundry in their bedroom.

But before that, London and Jimmy are forced to play a tense version of musical chairs, with Jimmy finding as many creative ways as possible to hide in a small space. Once they get rid of London’s husband, the only way to properly celebrate is with intense sex.

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