An Anniversary Surprise Victoria Lobov

An Anniversary Surprise
JMac, Victoria Lobov

Wow, when I saw the body on Victoria Lobov I thought it was Nicolette Shea!  In my opinion they have very similar boobs and blonde hair.  But it wasn’t until I had a proper look at the screenshot and looked at the cast list, I realised this it was in fact a Brazzers debut video for Victoria Lobov.  In Brazzers An Anniversary Surprise Miss Lobov plays mac’s sister-in-law who has no problem in fucking her husbands perverted brother (Jmac).

An Anniversary Surprise

Victoria Lobov has big 34DDD tits, a big booty and a really fit looking body.  I’m wondering where this blonde MILF has not featured in a Brazzers video before. It is very rare to find such a great looking woman diving into pornography at a mature age.


In Brazzers An Anniversary Surprise we find Victoria in a tight fitted purple two piece workout outfit. She is already rather sweaty.  She has a couple of large sweat patches underneath her huge boobs.  Jmac is talking to his brother and complimenting on just how hot she is.  His brother warns Jmac off from trying to fuck her.  It looks as though Jmac as a reputation for fucking his brothers girlfriends in the past.

When Victoria Lobov finishes her workout she heads for the shower.  This is where we get to see that fantastic body.  She leathers up her body and rubs those huge tits in front of the camera.  It certainly is a body perfect for Brazzers porn videos.  She has left the bathroom door wide open and Jmac has entered to take a closer look at Victoria Lobov naked.

Victoria Lobov BrazzersJmac is very confident that he will be able to fuck his brothers hot new blonde wife.  He takes off his clothes and gets into the shower with the stunning blonde MILF.  During An Anniversary Surprise, when she wipes the soap from her eyes and finds her brother-in-law naked and in the shower with her, she gives the regulation OMG reaction.  But with one look at his big cock, she drops to her knees and gives Jmac a great sloppy wet blowjob.

When they both realise that the shower is not big enough for them to be able to perform all the sex acts that they want, they take their naked selves into Jmac’s bedroom and continue to fuck the shit out of each other.  I was really impressed with the hardcore fucking that Jmac and Victoria Lobov perform.  The doggy style fucking was really nice to watch, with her big tits hanging underneath her.

I seriously think we have a new MILF star in the making.  She has really impressed me in her Brazzers debut porn video called An Anniversary Surprise. She looks great doing her sweaty workout, fantastic naked in the shower and outstanding when riding a big cock in her pussy.  I’m already looking forward to seeing her second Brazzers video very soon!

Vengeful Exhibitionism Joslyn James

Vengeful Exhibitionism
JMac, Joslyn James

Vengeful Exhibitionism

Holy fuck, I think Joslyn James has had a new boob job.  Her tits look fucking huge.  I’m pretty sure that the last time that we saw Miss James in a Brazzers video, her MILF tits did not look that big.  In Vengeful Exhibitionism she gets her new boobs out and rides JMacs big cock.  Her large enhanced tits are hard as rocks, but that does not take anything away from this great MILF porn video.  Her boobs maybe fake, but there is nothing fake about the way Joslyn James can suck and fuck a big white dick.


Big-tittied MILF Joslyn James is preparing dinner for her husband JMac but he’s grumpy when he comes back home from work. In Vengeful Exhibitionism, the neighbor is being a dick again and parked in his spot! Joslyn also hates the fucker so they enjoy bitching about him in the comfort of their home. But you know what?

Fuck this asshole! It’s Friday after all, why not fuck? And why not fuck right in front of the windows facing his house, all over the kitchen, so the neighbour can get a good show for all the drama he’s been causing? In Vengeful Exhibitionism, sex bombs Joslyn and JMac sure are going to give him a good show because no one fucks quite like these 2 together!

If you can see passed the obvious fake boobs, you will enjoy watching this Vengeful Exhibitionism porn video.  Sure, we would all like to see a big pair of natural boobs bouncing on screen, but Joslyn Jame’s big fake tits will still keep you entertained throughout this MILF sex video. She uses that outstanding body to all it’s effect and JMac has a great time fucking her too.

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Getting Her Husband A Raise

Getting Her Husband A Raise
JMac and Leila LaRocco

Getting Her Husband A Raise

I’m pretty sure this is a Brazzers debut of Leila LaRocco.  I can’t find her profile on the Brazzers Network so she must be very new indeed.  In Getting Her Husband A Raise she is getting her pussy filled by JMac in and office setting with her husband boss.  As the title suggests Leila LaRocco is fucking her husbands boss in hope that her pussy can convince him to give her husband a pay rise.


In Getting Her Husband A Raise, Leila LaRocco isn’t about to just let her husband’s boss, JMac, go another year without giving him a raise, and she’s fed up of her meek husband just letting himself get walked all over, so she takes matters into her own hands! Leila likes the finer things in life that comes with making more money… she also likes a big cock… thankfully for her, JMac can offer her both! How can JMac say no to such a hot and horny wife?

I really liked the underwear that Leila LaRocco is wearing.  That purple lingerie set really suits her body.  When she is laid out on the office desk, her wonderful body creates an awesome curve as she stretches to get JMac’s cock deep down her throat.

Leila LaRocco also has a fine set of natural tits.  you’ll enjoy seeing them hanging and swinging when she rides JMac’s big cock.  I’m hoping that we will be seeing ore of this natural pornstar that has certainly grabbed my attention in her very first Brazzers appearance.

The Cost Of Play Paisley Paige

The Cost Of Play
JMac, Paisley Paige

The Cost of Play

To be honest, I though Paisley Paige had already appeared in a Brazzers video.  It turns out that I am wrong.  The Cost Of Play is in fact her Brazzers debut.  I think I might have been thinking about Paisley Porter.  It’s always nice to see another Brazzers debutant, so I’m not to bothered about getting the names mixed up.


Paisley Page is a petite sweet babe with a tight bod and glasses. When she drops her purse and accidentally reveals to JMac a pink wand, he’s curious. He asks what it’s for and Paisley assures him he wouldn’t understand. She heads to her room for some alone time. But really, she’s excited to do a little cam work for her fans.

In The Cost Of Play, with the help of a pretty pink wig and kitty headphones she transforms into her naughty camgirl persona and busts out the new wand. She puts on a show that makes all her fans drool. JMac investigates after hearing some moaning. He walks in and peeps her private show, unable to resist rubbing his cock while he watches her work that tight pussy. Paisley catches him and decides to give her fans an all access pass to her sexcapade.

Paisley Paige is a fine looking 19 year old teen pornstar.  She has two blue streaks of blue hair that make her very recognisable. It’s usually Keiran Lee who gets to fuck the Brazzers debutants but in The Cost of Play, it’s the experienced goatee bearded Jmac who gets the pleasure.  She looks really sexy when she slips into her camgirl outfit.  That pink hair and cat ears really suit her teenage looks.

One Bathroom Full House Kiki Klout

One Bathroom Full House
JMac and Kiki Klout

One Bathroom Full House

This is advertised as Kiki Klout’s first anal.  I presume it means that it’s her first anal on camera?  I would struggle to believe that it is her first anal sex encounter in her life.  Would a pornstar really of taken so long to get a big cock in her ass.  Whatever the circumstances, this Brazzers One Bathroom Full House anal sex video is a great watch.


Have you ever been stuck waiting for a bathroom? Isn’t it amazing when you can just walk right in at your leisure? Well, Kiki Klout is not so lucky. Yes, she’s beautiful, curvy, and full of attitude… But that doesn’t solve the problem of Jmac wasting time in the tub with a bunch of rubber ducks!

In One Bathroom Full House, with dreams of shower heads spraying warm water on her clit, Kiki bangs and shouts for Jmac to get the hell out. It’s her private time and she needs it. Fine. Fine! If he doesn’t want to move… Kiki climbs into the tub and starts unashamedly stroking her wet pussy, closing her eyes and moaning in pleasure. Jmac, not one to be left out, eagerly jumps in to lend a helping hand — and a lot more…

One Bathroom Full House is the first time that we have seen Kiki Klout in a Brazzers porn video.  Will we be seeing her again anytime soon?  I’m wondering how Brazzers select which pornstars to bring back. Do they really on their web site statistics to figure out with pornstars bring in more memberships, or do they need to take who ever is available at the time?

There has been a new new faces appearing on the Brazzers web site over the last few months.  It’s always nice to see new starlet pornstars, but how long does it take for them to make another appearance.  I’m looking forward to seeing Paisley Porter again!

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Skylar Gets Wrapped And Tapped Skylar Vox

Skylar Gets Wrapped And Tapped
JMac and Skylar Vox

Skylar Gets Wrapped And Tapped

I knew that Brazzers would be adding more prank videos to their video releases. I called it in a post a week or so ago.  It seems  that the Brazzers guys are trying to develop this prank porn niche into their ever growing catalogue of outstanding porn videos.  This time it’s Skylar Vox and Jam who star in this latest pranking porn video called Skylar Gets Wrapped And Tapped.


The sexy blonde babe, Skylar Vox has decided that she would start play pranks on her boyfriend, JMac.  But what she doesn’t realise is that JMac used to be the Grand Master Prankster back in high school.  What ever Skylar could think of, JMac would always be able to go one better.

In Skylar Gets Wrapped And Tapped, when Skylar has thought she came up with a brilliant prank, JMac paid her back in style.  He masturbated in to her body wash, so when she went into the shower, she washed her whole body in JMacs cum.  I thought that was a brilliant idea.  Well played JMac.

But the best was yet to come.  Skylar had played yet another lame prank that JMac spotted coming from a mile away.  She was never going to outwit a guy who played pranks of his own school tutors and other official figures in is neighbourhood.  JMac wanted to make sure that Skylar knew she was never going to be a successful prankster.

During Skylar Gets Wrapped And Tapped, JMac knew that Skylar was naked in her bedroom, he ran in and covered her body in clingfilm.  There was no way that Skylar Vox was going to be able to escape.  When she was completely covered in clingfilm and unable to move, JMac teased her with his cock.  He bashed her on the head with his bell-end and then started to make holes where her nipples were.

Unable to move, Skylar had to squirt as Jmac licked her nipples.  She was powerless to stop him.  When he realised that Skylar was very horny, he unwrapped his sexy girlfriend and the fucked so hard and fast that the neighbours presumed they were in a fight!

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Tight Shirt Tight Ass AJ Applegate

Tight Shirt Tight Ass starring JMac and AJ Applegate


I’m delighted that AJ Applegate’s return to Brazzers was not a fleeting one.  We last saw Miss Applegate in a Brazzers video a few weeks ago after an absence of nearly two years.  So this new AJ video is like a London bus, you wait for ages for one and then two come along in quick succession.


In Tight Shirt Tight Ass we find her in the famous Brazzers laundry room where all sorts of mischief seems to happen.  I’ve lost count of how many pornstars have found themselves with cock in their pussy or ass whilst innocently doing the laundry.

AJ Applegate takes off her silky red robe to reveal her naked body.  She is going to put the robe in for a quick wash because she thinks she is all alone in the house for a good 3-4 hours.  We get a great view of her outstanding ass as she bends over to put the robe in the washing machine.

AJ Applegate Anal Sex Brazzers Video

But when she takes out yesterdays laundry from the dryer, she discovers that she has shrunk all of her clothes.  Her t-shirt barely covers her small breasts and all her panties are far too small and don’t cover her butt.  She puts on the panties to show her boyfriend JMac when he got home from work.  As much as he was gutted of AJ for shrinking her clothes, he did find seeing her in tiny panties and a tight t-shirt very sexy.

In Tight Shirt Tight Ass AJ Applegate looks so sexy in clothes that are far too small for her that JMac cannot resist pulling her onto the bad and start taking her sexy body.  He slides her panties to one side and lubs up her arse and gives her an afternoon of hardcore anal sex to make her feel better.

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Chores Suck And So Do I Maya Farrell

Chores Suck And So Do I starring Maya Farrell and JMac.

Chores Suck And So Do I

When Maya Farrell wants to do the cleaning she likes to do it wearing as little clothing as possible.  In Brazzers Chores Suck And So Do I she is trying to clean up, but her roommate, JMac, is not being very helpful.  He is refusing to move from his chair. He is quite happy sitting, relaxing and reading his book.


Maya needs to up her cleaning game.  She doesn’t really enjoy it, but she takes pride in making sure that he chores are done to a certain standard. She like to live in a clean and tidy house, but JMac is ruining her efforts.

There is only one thing that Maya Farrell can think of doing and that is to show off more of her sexy body in the hope that it will convince JMac to help her out a little more.  She is already wearing just a tiny pair of lacy panties and a sheer tank top, so most of her body is already on show.

JMac is used to seeing Maya walk around the house in very revealing clothing.  But when Maya starts to stick her ass in his face, it becomes a whole new ball game. JMac has never touched her all the time they have lived together.  He has often fantasised about bending her over, so here was his chance.

In Chores Suck And So Do I, Maya Farrell is taking to opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. She will be able to clean the whole house from top to bottom and she will get some big cock in her pussy that hasn’t seen any action for a while.  JMac and Maya Farrell fuck on the living room sofa and try as many sexual positions that they can think of.

This is the Maya Farrell Brazzers debut porn video.  She certainly does not disappoint when it comes to her sexual perfomance.  A really impressive first tie out in the Brazzers studios.

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