Skylar Gets Wrapped And Tapped Skylar Vox

Skylar Gets Wrapped And Tapped
JMac and Skylar Vox

Skylar Gets Wrapped And Tapped

I knew that Brazzers would be adding more prank videos to their video releases. I called it in a post a week or so ago.  It seems  that the Brazzers guys are trying to develop this prank porn niche into their ever growing catalogue of outstanding porn videos.  This time it’s Skylar Vox and Jam who star in this latest pranking porn video called Skylar Gets Wrapped And Tapped.


The sexy blonde babe, Skylar Vox has decided that she would start play pranks on her boyfriend, JMac.  But what she doesn’t realise is that JMac used to be the Grand Master Prankster back in high school.  What ever Skylar could think of, JMac would always be able to go one better.

In Skylar Gets Wrapped And Tapped, when Skylar has thought she came up with a brilliant prank, JMac paid her back in style.  He masturbated in to her body wash, so when she went into the shower, she washed her whole body in JMacs cum.  I thought that was a brilliant idea.  Well played JMac.

But the best was yet to come.  Skylar had played yet another lame prank that JMac spotted coming from a mile away.  She was never going to outwit a guy who played pranks of his own school tutors and other official figures in is neighbourhood.  JMac wanted to make sure that Skylar knew she was never going to be a successful prankster.

During Skylar Gets Wrapped And Tapped, JMac knew that Skylar was naked in her bedroom, he ran in and covered her body in clingfilm.  There was no way that Skylar Vox was going to be able to escape.  When she was completely covered in clingfilm and unable to move, JMac teased her with his cock.  He bashed her on the head with his bell-end and then started to make holes where her nipples were.

Unable to move, Skylar had to squirt as Jmac licked her nipples.  She was powerless to stop him.  When he realised that Skylar was very horny, he unwrapped his sexy girlfriend and the fucked so hard and fast that the neighbours presumed they were in a fight!

Tight Shirt Tight Ass AJ Applegate

Tight Shirt Tight Ass starring JMac and AJ Applegate


I’m delighted that AJ Applegate’s return to Brazzers was not a fleeting one.  We last saw Miss Applegate in a Brazzers video a few weeks ago after an absence of nearly two years.  So this new AJ video is like a London bus, you wait for ages for one and then two come along in quick succession.


In Tight Shirt Tight Ass we find her in the famous Brazzers laundry room where all sorts of mischief seems to happen.  I’ve lost count of how many pornstars have found themselves with cock in their pussy or ass whilst innocently doing the laundry.

AJ Applegate takes off her silky red robe to reveal her naked body.  She is going to put the robe in for a quick wash because she thinks she is all alone in the house for a good 3-4 hours.  We get a great view of her outstanding ass as she bends over to put the robe in the washing machine.

AJ Applegate Anal Sex Brazzers Video

But when she takes out yesterdays laundry from the dryer, she discovers that she has shrunk all of her clothes.  Her t-shirt barely covers her small breasts and all her panties are far too small and don’t cover her butt.  She puts on the panties to show her boyfriend JMac when he got home from work.  As much as he was gutted of AJ for shrinking her clothes, he did find seeing her in tiny panties and a tight t-shirt very sexy.

In Tight Shirt Tight Ass AJ Applegate looks so sexy in clothes that are far too small for her that JMac cannot resist pulling her onto the bad and start taking her sexy body.  He slides her panties to one side and lubs up her arse and gives her an afternoon of hardcore anal sex to make her feel better.

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Chores Suck And So Do I Maya Farrell

Chores Suck And So Do I starring Maya Farrell and JMac.

Chores Suck And So Do I

When Maya Farrell wants to do the cleaning she likes to do it wearing as little clothing as possible.  In Brazzers Chores Suck And So Do I she is trying to clean up, but her roommate, JMac, is not being very helpful.  He is refusing to move from his chair. He is quite happy sitting, relaxing and reading his book.


Maya needs to up her cleaning game.  She doesn’t really enjoy it, but she takes pride in making sure that he chores are done to a certain standard. She like to live in a clean and tidy house, but JMac is ruining her efforts.

There is only one thing that Maya Farrell can think of doing and that is to show off more of her sexy body in the hope that it will convince JMac to help her out a little more.  She is already wearing just a tiny pair of lacy panties and a sheer tank top, so most of her body is already on show.

JMac is used to seeing Maya walk around the house in very revealing clothing.  But when Maya starts to stick her ass in his face, it becomes a whole new ball game. JMac has never touched her all the time they have lived together.  He has often fantasised about bending her over, so here was his chance.

In Chores Suck And So Do I, Maya Farrell is taking to opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. She will be able to clean the whole house from top to bottom and she will get some big cock in her pussy that hasn’t seen any action for a while.  JMac and Maya Farrell fuck on the living room sofa and try as many sexual positions that they can think of.

This is the Maya Farrell Brazzers debut porn video.  She certainly does not disappoint when it comes to her sexual perfomance.  A really impressive first tie out in the Brazzers studios.

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The Cumpany Of Strangers Mary Jean

The Cumpany Of Strangers – JMac and Mary Jean

The Cumpany Of Strangers

The boobilicious pornstar Mary Jean is back in a Brazzers video for the first time since October 2019.  This time she is starring alongside JMac in a video called The Cumpany Of Strangers.  In this red hot fuck fest we get to see Mary Jean in all her naked glory.  That curvy body will be sending you wild and making you ready to cum.


Mary Jean has a great pair of tits and ass, and you will be able to see every inch of sexy Latina body and she strips of to get ready for a hardcore dicking with JMac.  What a truly magnificent body she has.  You have to see it!

Latina stunner Mary Jean is dragged to a mysterious and sexy masquerade party by her friend, who quickly disappears in the crowd. Mary Jean goes off exploring on her own, leading her to a secluded room where she runs into JMac.

In The Cumpany Of Strangers, it quickly becomes clear that this party is for more than just dancing, as JMac seduces Mary jean on the spot. Though timid at first, Mary Jean gives into the sexual energy of the party and is quickly sucking JMac’s dick. JMac then delivers a hard fucking that will surely make Mary Jean a masquerade regular.

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Danger’s Dirty Laundry JMac and Abella Danger

Danger's Dirty Laundry

Danger’s Dirty Laundry
JMac and Abella Danger

This laundry room must have some kind of magic sexual power.  We’ve seen plenty of pornstars getting fucked in a laundry room lately.  It must be a new niche that porn producers have stumbled upon.  I’m sure we’ve all heard stories of women sitting on a washing machine and getting cheap thrills from the vibrations as it goes into it’s final spin cycle.


I never thought I would be writing so much about laundry and washing machines on a porn blog. But if the porn land keeps releasing it, I’ll keep on writing about it.  Today’s laundry room visitors are Jmac and Abella Danger.

Brazzers Danger’s Dirty Laundry – SUMMARY

When will clueless Jmac realise that the hottest babe in the neighbourhood, Abella Danger, is hitting on him? Will it be when she invites herself at his place, claiming her washing machine broke and she has to do laundry?

Will it be she’ll bend down in front of his machine, almost brushing her sweet butt against his crotch? It seems like Abella will have to go as far as fingering herself on top of Jmac’s appliance. Tickled, Jmac accepts Abella’s invitation to her horny party of two.

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Get Your Dick Out And Shut Up Serena Santos

Get Your Dick Out And Shut Up

Get Your Dick Out And Shut Up
JMac and Serena Santos

This is the third time that we have seen this cute brunette in action in a Brazzers porn video.  She is so cute.  She has such a beautiful little smile and a great little ass.  Serena Santos is a sexy Cuban pornstar [FULL VIDEO HERE].

In Get Your Dick Out And Shut Up we get to see her take a big cock in her pussy in a Brazzers video for the first time.  Her previous other two videos were both lesbian videos.

Seeing Serena Santos wearing a pair is short denim hot pants and a cozy blue vest is a pure delight.  At 5′ 2″, she is a perfect height and weight to be fucked in all sorts of sexual positions.

Get Your Dick Out And Shut Up – SUMMARY

Serena Santos is really into the season finale of her favourite show while she munches on a bowl of cereal, and she has no time to make small talk with JMac, nor answer any of his annoying questions.

While blatantly checking out Serena’s hot bod and tits, JMac soon learns that Serena is as blunt as they come: telling him to whip out his dick and shut up so they can fuck while she finishes watching her show!

I’m really looking forward to seeing this hot Cuban babe getting fucked again.

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Follow The Squirt AJ Applegate

Follow The Squirt

Follow The Squirt
JMac and AJ Applegate

It’s more squirting fun from the Brazzers team today.  Miss AJ Applegate is flooding the bedroom with her squirt juice as JMac does his best to contain the flow. [WATCH FULL VIDEO]  AJ has left a snail trail of flang throughout the house that leads into the the bedroom where he finds her still frapping as fast as she can.

In Follow The Squirt Miss Applegate is surely in need of a big cock inside that dripping wet minge.  So JMac is the lucky guy who will be making sure that AJ does not dehydrate to death by squirting all her bodily fluids all over the bed.


JMac is in for a big surprise when he follows a wet trail into his roommate AJ Applegate’s bedroom, where he finds her squirting up a storm, peeping on her while she plays with her pussy! Luckily for JMac, when AJ catches him, she orders him inside to finish the job she’s started!

Follow The Squirt is AJ Applegate’s 20th Brazzers video, but her first since March 2019.  I’m hoping that we get to see more of this highly popular pornstar in the very near future, or is this just a fleeting appearance?

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Fucking Her Girlfriend’s Dad Blake Blossom

Fucking Her Girlfriend's Dad

Fucking Her Girlfriend’s Dad
JMac and Blake Blossom

Well this is a stroke of luck.  I’m getting to write about two hardcore Blake Blossom videos in one morning.  I’ have just finished writing about her debut for Reality Kings called Big Bouncing Morning Naturals, and now I’m writing about Blake Blossom’s Brazzers debut called Fucking Her Girlfriends Dad.


It’s easy to see why these two porn giants have released her videos as soon as possible.  Blake Blossom is going to be in high demand when her brand new hardcore videos start hitting your screens.

With her blonde hair and big natural boobs, Blake is going to be sky-rocketed into the porno star lights.  I’m sure that we will be seeing a lot more of this sexy busty blonde debutant pornstar….or I fucking hope we do!

In Depth Scene Description of Fucking Her Girlfriend’s Dad

In Fucking Her Girlfriend’s Dad, the background is a kitchen. There are several rectangular white cabinets that have long silver handles and a smaller endated rectangle in the outline. On the left hand side, there is a small piece of brown granite worktop.

There is also an open door frame that leads into the kitchen where Blake Blossom is standing. Her hair is blonde and she wears a pink crop top with short sleeves and a bright red mini skirt. Blake Blossom is watching JMac who is also in the kitchen. JMac is bald, with a graded black beard.

During Fucking Her Girlfriend’s Dad, he wears a bright blue shirt and has a colourful tea towel over his left shoulder that has different types of fruits on it. JMac is cutting up some fruit and has a look of concentration on his face. There is a silver ring band on his left hand on his index finger. Behind him to the left, there is a large American style fridge that is a reflective silver.

In Fucking Her Girlfriend’s Dad, busty babe Blake Blossom is invited to her new girlfriend’s place for dinner and the dreaded dad introduction – turns out her GF’s dad, JMac, is actually pretty hot! After the girls fool around upstairs, Blake sets her sights on JMac, coming on to him in the kitchen as he prepares dinner and coaxing him into a hot, sneaky fuck.

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