Choose Your Pornstar Phoenix Marie

Choose Your Pornstar
Phoenix Marie and Johnny Castle

Choose your Pornstar

This is the best idea for a Brazzers video I’ve seen for a while.  It’s a change from the Stuck in a.., yoga, workout or home isolation videos that have been doing the rounds.  Phoenix Marie is the perfect choice for this type of video.  Her versatility makes her the ideal pornstar to play a gaming character in the Choose Your Pornstar porn video.


Johnny Castle uses his special Brazzers video game controller to help him choose his very own pornstar, and you get to watch him decide which version of the one and only Phoenix Marie he gets to fuck!

Johnny watches Phoenix instantly switch into different sexy outfits and personas until he lands on the version he truly desires, leading to a cock worshiping blowjob and hardcore sex in his very own living room! If only all video games were this much fun!

Stiff Roommate Massage Lauren Phillips

Stiff Roommate Massage

Stiff Roommate Massage
Johnny Castle and Lauren Phillips

It’s not very often that I see a redhead and want to click on the video as soon as possible.  but when that redhead has great tits and and ass, then I’m all over it.  Lauren Phillips is one of the sexiest redheaded pornstars that I have seen.  I have a very select number of favourite redheads, along with Ella Hughes and Lenina Crowne.


In Stiff Roommate Massage Lauren gets her kit off for a fuck session with Johnny Castle. She knows that his body aches after his workout.  Miss Phillips has been living with Johnny and his wife for a while now and she has been desperate to get her hands on his big cock after accidentally seeing in the shower.

Lauren took her opportunity by offering to give Johnny a full body massage.  she lied about taking a massage course whilst in college so Johnny let her use her skills on his tired body.  After a few minutes Johnny realised that Lauren has no idea what she was doing.  But when her hands started to wonder under the towel onto his cock, Johnny let her continue.

In Stiff Roommate Massage, with Mr Castle now fully relaxed, Lauren Phillips too the opportunity to get her clothes off and rub her big tits all over him.  Johnny was not sure he was doing the right thing, but he sure was enjoying every second of those big boobs sliding over him.

Stiff Roommate Massage – SUMMARY

Johnny Castle hasn’t had a peaceful moment since his wife’s friend, Lauren Phillips, moved in with them. After Johnny comes home stiff from an intense workout, Lauren convinces him that a nice, oily massage would do him some good. When Johnny agrees, Lauren treats him to a full body experience he’ll never forget.

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Pussy Is Served Johnny Castle Skye Blue

Pussy Is Served

Pussy Is Served
Johnny Castle and Skye Blue

This is a good old fashioned cheating wife porn video.  With her husband away on business, Skye Blue can’t help herself craving another mans cock [WATCH FULL VIDEO].  She fantasises about having sex with her next door neighbour.  She invites Johnny Castle into her house for some late night supper.  She dresses like a whore and gets the cock she so desperately desires.

Pussy is Served – SUMMARY

What’s the one thing a good wife does while her husband is away? Certainly not invite a stranger home to fuck on the married couple’s table! It’s a good thing that gorgeous spinner Skye Blue is not a good girl. Yep, tonight she made dinner for her hot date Johnny Castle and she hopes he’s hungry… because pussy is going to be served!

Pussy is Served is Skye Blue’s fourth full feature porn video for Brazzers.  She has has starred in two other’s in 2020 after making her Brazzers debut in 2019.  She is easily recognisable with her striking short blonde hair and fantastic natural boobs.

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Caught In Her Net Emma Hix

Caught in her Net

Caught In Her Net
Johnny Castle and Emma Hix

Fishnet stockings are one of the most sexiest garments that a women can wear.  The thought of a woman ripping open a pair of fishnets in front of your face sound fucking awesome.  So when I was that Emma Hix was going to be appearing in a Brazzers video called Caught In Her Net, I was really looking forward to seeing it.

Brazzers Caught in her Net starts just the way you would hope.  No messing about, it just starts with Emma Hix sporting blonde hair and give us a sexy dance and showing off that perfect pornstar body.  She is wearing a full body fishnet stocking outfit with nothing to hide her tits, ass or pussy.


Miss Hix slowly rubs her big boobs before bending over and slipping a couple of fingers into her moist wet pussy.  Johnny Castle is the ponytailed male pornstar who will be the lucky stud to fuck Emma Hix whilst she where’s that sexy black all in one fish net body stocking.

If you like to hear pornstar gagging on a big cock, then you are going to really enjoy watching Caught In Her Net.  Emma Xix loves having Johnny Castles big cock slamming against the back of her throat.  There is a lot of great hardcore throat fucking action in this latest Emma Hix porn video for Brazzers.

Brazzers Caught in her Net Official Description.

Are you ready for hot blonde bombshell Emma Hix’s web of sensuality? The absolute babe wears fishnet like no other. Her outstanding looking body looks stunning through the black thread, and acts as a non resistant tease for the erect Johnny Castle, who soon splits open the fabric to have a better way into Emma’s delicious pussy.

Emma opens her legs and he pounds her without holding back. No matter how hard he fucks her, though, Johnny keeps most of Emma’s fishnet over her flawless skin, knowing full well that Emma’s outfit’s a big part of the action.

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Divorce Fuck Phoenix Marie

Divorce Fuck

Divorce Fuck
Phoenix Marie and Johnny Castle

The stunning and unique Phoenix Marie returns to Brazzers go give you Divorce Fuck.  Starring along side Johnny Castle Miss Marie looks sexy as fuck in her lacy red lingerie.  She wants her husband to sign divorce papers whilst she is doing her best to seduce him into bed for one last fuck.

This tall blonde pornstar, rubs herself up and down when she finally realises that she can fuck whoever she wants to fuck from now on.  But as Johnny walks away, she thinks that she won’t ever get to be fucked by a cock a as good as Johnny’s…what is she throwing away?


In Divorce Fuck, hot bombshell Phoenix Marie has been trying to get husband Johnny Castle to sign the divorce papers for a while, but Johnny cannot stray away from Phoenix’s tight wet pussy so he’s not giving in.

That being said, there’s nothing some serious deep throatin’ and hard pounding can’t fix, right? Phoenix’s got more than one trick up her sleeve when it’s time to get what she wants, and what she wants, she will get!

Cleaning Up His Act Katie Morgan

Cleaning Up his act

Cleaning Up His Act
Katie Morgan and Johnny Castle

Beautiful blonde pornstar Katie Morgan is appearing in her first Brazzers video since January 2019.  It’s a welcome return for such a sexy blonde babe.  In Cleaning Up His Act we get to see her playing a hot step mom who is fucked by her step son, Johnny Castle.

Wearing a short blue denim skirt and a cropped tie dye t-shirt, Katie Morgan is busy cleaning the house from top to bottom.  This hot blonde gets so pissed off cleaning whilst her lazy assed pony tailed step son just sits on the sofa playing video games.  Every time she had to get on her hands and knees to clean the tiled floor, she has the sneaking suspicion that he is looking at her ass.  Of course, she was right.  Who wouldn’t stare at such a great looking, tight firm ass, if she was on all fours!


In Cleaning Up His Act, every now and then, her wonderful looking tits would flop out as she cleans.  Johnny Castle gets an eyeful of his step moms boob and is immediately sexually aroused by his new step mom.  He struggles to hid his erection.

When he thinks Katie Morgan is out of the room Johnny gets his cock out and starts to jerk off about his blonde step moms tits.  When Katie walks back in the room she finds her step son with his cock in his hand trying to make himself cum.

During Cleaning Up His Act, the hot blonde MILF take pity on her new step son and makes him an offer he cannot refuse.  She offers to suck and fuck his big cock if he just helps her clean up the house and be a more helpful stepson.  Within seconds Johnny Castle had his pants around his ankles and waving his erect cock in Katie Morgans face.

This hot blonde stepmom does not disappoint.  She rides his cock like a true pro.  The sex all takes place in the living room sofa and Miss Morgan’s hot MILF body is a wonderful sight to watch when she is riding reverse cowgirl.

One Final Stroke Alexis Fawx and Johnny Castle

One Final Stroke

One Final Stroke
Johnny Castle, Alexis Fawx

Alexis Fawx is the MILF pornstar with a pair of the best tits on the internet.  I think I have mentioned it plenty of times before on this porn blog, that she has the best boobs for any MILF porn actress in the adult industry.  So it’s always a welcome sight to see Miss Fawx in an upcoming new Brazzers porn video, as it give me another opportunity to say just how great her boobs are!


In the opening screenshot, we find Alexis sitting on a chair in a red dress and a paint brush on her pussy.  She’s wearing glasses and her dress and panties are pulled to one side so you can see her pussy lips and a tuft of her pubic hair.  Her big tits are on full display and are looking just as firm and juicy as ever!  Alexis is wearing a pair of beige coloured high heels and what looks like a pearl neckless, but the pearls do look a little small.

A close looking at the screenshot reveals that Miss Fawx also has a glass of wine on the side and there is a painters canvas just about in the fore ground.  It looks as though she is sitting for a live model painting or drawing.  The artist must be having a great time sketching her amazing breasts.

As the Brazzers One Final Stroke starts to play, it becomes clear that Alexis is not the model, but she is fin fact the artist.  You watch her pouring herself a glass of wine as she sits in her sexy red dress with plenty of cleavage on show.  You can also see that she is not wearing a bra as her nipples are erect and poking through like a couple of forgotten lost peanuts.   Her beautiful red dress has one of the lowest cut fronts I have ever seen.  It’s obvious that she if using her low cut red dress to seduce somebody into fucking her.

The next shot in One Final Stroke, sees Johnny Castle on a blue dressing gown, preparing himself to be Alexis’s live model for the day.  Johnny takes off his robe and stands there in a pair of white boxer shorts.  Miss Fawx is very impress with his body and loves the look of his bulging groin area.  he busty artist leans forward to give her male model a great look straight down her amazing cleavage.

When Alexis starts to paint, she explains that she is an experimental artist.  Although she has the traditional looking paint brushes in her hand, she has no intention of using them to paint on the canvas.  Instead, she put paint onto her nipples and starts to paint her subject using her nipples!  The friction of her nipples against the canvas turns her on.

During One Final Stroke, she asks her male model to take his white boxer shorts off because she wants to paint him fully nude.  Watching Johnny’s big cock fall out of his underwear was the final straw for Alexis.  There was no way she would be able to concentrate while looking at Johnny Castle’s big cock.  Alexis walks over to him and lifts up her dress to reveal that she is wearing no panties at all.

At first Johnny is a little apprehensive.  He wanted to pose for a painting.  He was not expecting to be seduces and man handled by this horny cougar.  But when Alexis sat herself down on one the brown leather chair and spread her legs wide open, there was no way Johnny was going to say no to such an invitation.

In Brazzers One Final Stroke, the sex takes place in the artist studio.  The brown leather chair is made great use of.  Alexis Fawx is able to use it to lean on as Johnny fucks her pussy har from behind.  Of course we get some great looking views of Miss Fawx’s big boobs swinging around and her body is given what she wanted.

This is another great performance from top rated MILF porn actress Alexis Fawx.  She is one of those MILF’s that always delivers great value when it comes to on screen presence.   I like the fact that she doesn’t over act.  It would have been easy to turn this porn video into a cheesy fest, but she has the ability to find the fine line between keeping it believable BUT not too serious…after all, it’s a porn video, not an Oscar craving movie production.  BRAVO Miss Fawx…BRAVO

Fucking His Girlfriend’s Roommate Jazmin Luv

Fucking His Girlfriend's Roommate

Fucking His Girlfriend’s Roommate
Johnny Castle and Jazmin Luv

Jasmin Luv is busy studying on her bed.  She is trying to do as much craming as possible,  She has important exams coming up very soon.  She is wearing some very bright green panties and her mind soon wonders from her studies to her pussy.


Jazmin Luv has not had sex for a while and is very jealous of her roommate who has been bragging about how much she loves fucking her boyfriend, Johnny Castle.  Johnny apparently has the biggest cock in college and her roommate gets to ride it as much as possible.

In Fucking His Girlfriend’s Roommate, when Johnny arrive early to take her out, Jasmin Luv takes the opportunity to see just how big Johnny’s cock really is.  She flirts with him a lot and invites him into her bedroom to help her study.  But Jasmin’s panties keep catching Johnny’s eye.  When teen Jasmin Luv spots Mr Castle looking at her ass, she offers him a proposition he can’t refuse.

Miss Luv tells Johnny that he can fuck her tight college teen pussy if he helps her with her studies.  She lifts up her skirt to reveal that sweet little pussy that Johnny has been craving for.

In Fucking His Girlfriend’s Roommate, Jasmine Luv, wearing pink socks and a yellow vest and no bra, pulls Johnny Castle’s pants down to expose his big cock.  It is indeed a big cock and Jasmine Luv was going to make sure that she makes to most of every inch of it.

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