Madison On The Prowl Madison Ivy & Johnny Sins

Madison Ivy is all ready for a day of fucking on film when the shoot is unexpectedly cancelled! Even though production’s halted, Madison needs her daily dose of dick.

Madison Ivy Riding Reverse Cowgirl

She leaves the set and begins to prowl the streets in her sexy lingerie, seeking the best average Joe (or Johnny) for the job.

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Personal Touch Ella Knox & Johnny Sins

Ella is a personal assistant with a great new job working for a successful mogul (Johnny). Lately, she’s developed feelings for him but kept her distance because he’s married.

Ella Knox

But when Johnny gives her a bonus surprise she wasn’t expecting, she can’t help but wonder if there’s a chance he feels the same way. Risking her job and her pride, she waits for him to return with a surprise of her own. Without risk there’s no reward, and Ella’s risk winds up getting a reward for everyone.

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Nicolette Shea Massage Mirage Hot Blonde with Huge Fake Tits

Fans favourite pornstar Nicolette Shea is a saucy masseuse who convinces Johnny Sins that she is just a sexy massage mirage and that he should just lay back and think of England.

Nicolette Shea Massage Miragee

Johnny shows up to a massage appointment at a new spa place where he meets masseuse Nicolette. Before the massage, she explains that they use heat from various sources to create an optimal environment for his muscles. It all sounds great, at first, except he quickly starts to overheat.

When Nicolette appears in his massage room, naked and unabashed, he’s unsure if it’s real or a hallucination from the heat, but as soon as he feels her sensual touch it no longer matters. He ends up getting the sexiest and most thorough massage he’s ever had—complete with cock-milking. But when he goes to thank her at the end, she’s nowhere to be found. Was it all just a beautiful mirage?!