Naughty Spy Girls Part 1 and 2

Naughty Spy Girls Part 1 and 2
Ava Sinclaire and Anna Bailey with Johnny Sins

Naughty Spy Girls

Stunning Ava Sinclaire is horny and bored. She decides to tease her girlfriend, the dark-haired Anna Bailey, with a string of sulfurous selfies. Her steamy shooting is interrupted when, trough her bedroom window, she catches a glimpse of her hot neighbor having sex.


In Naughty Spy Girls, Ava grabs her binoculars and starts spying on the obscene individual, until Anna walks within Ava’s sight and shows off her new strap-on. Aroused Ava is torn apart. On one hand, the sexy stranger next door gives quite a show, but on the other hand, Anna is a skilled domme who’s ready to do anything to please her lustful girlfriend.

During Naughty Spy Girls, after knocking on their hot neighbor’s door and waiting a bit too long, naughty Ava Sinclaire and Anna Bailey finally decide to break into Johnny Sin’s home. They’re shocked when they find out Johnny has been fucking a sex doll all along, but don’t shy away from playing with the plastic lady themselves.

At the end of Naughty Spy Girls, they’re caught right on the spot by a hard to read Johnny. Will he kick the two girls out? Will he join them for a decadent threesome? One thing is sure: Ava and Anna’s seduction skills will be put to the test.

Booty Call from Luna

Booty Call from Luna
Johnny Sins, Luna Star

Welcome to Luna Star’s 77th Brazzers porn video.  Booty Call from Luna show us why this hot pornstar from Havana, Cuba is still one of todays most viewed Brazzers pornstar.  Her big tits and sexy Latina booty have been pulling in the viewing figures and click-throughs for Brazzers since April 5th, 2013 when she starred in Getting Loose in the Blue Room with Johnny Sins.  A little over 8 years later, Luna is once again getting fucked by Johnny Sins.

Booty Call from Luna

In Booty Call from Luna we get to watch her giving Johnny an awesome striptease.  she starts of wearing a sparkling green leotard that shows of her hot figure.  It is a very tight leotard that barely covers her pussy lips.  Dancing in from of a large red sofa with yellow cushions, Luna shakes her tits and ass in front of the camera to get this new Brazzers video going.  she teases Mr Sins by running her tongue up and down his erect cock through his pants.


During Booty Call from Luna, Luna Star becomes totally naked and lets her long dark brunette hair down.  Her hair is the longest I have seen it in previous Luna Star Brazzers porn videos.  Whether or not they are hair extensions, I couldn’t give a shit, because she looks simply stunning.  Johnny’s big white cock could not remain in his pants much longer.  Luna sticks her hands down Johnny’s pants and pulls out his whopping great cock.

Latina Pornstar Luna Star
More Luna Star Videos

The sex in Booty Call from Luna is simply fantastic.  It’s the kind of sex that you expect with nearly 800 Brazzers appearances between them.  These two highly experienced pornstar give us a porn performance that is worth every cent of the $1 Brazzers membership.

The POV blowjob and doggy style sequences are just perfect.  The shape of Luna Star’s arse as Johnny pushes his cock in to her during the POV doggy style looks mind boggling!

For me personally, I would liked to have seem more sex during the trailer.  Yes, it was nice to watch Luna Star show off her magnificent tits and and ass, but if I was the porn editor for Booty Call from Luna I would have not bothered with the fancy multi frame effects and given us more shots of her big boobs bouncing and her big Latina booty shaking.

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Sinning with Azul Hermosa A Porn Goddess

Sinning with Azu
Azul Hermosa and Johnny Sins

Sinning with Azul

All the Azul Hermosa fans out there will be rejoicing when they see that the porn goddess is appearing in a new Brazzers video called Sinning with Azul.  She is paired with the legendary male pornstar Jonny Sins.  Miss Hermosa enjoys sucking on muscular Johnny sin’s big white cock before spreading her legs for a good ol’ fashioned pounding.


Azul Hermosa looks stunning in her bright little dress. Watch as she performs a slow and sensual striptease, down to a cute white thong. This grabs the attention of pro perv Johnny Sins, who peeks into the room. Johnny works his magic to get Azul out of her thong and onto his dick. These two make for a hot fucking pairing!

In Brazzers Sinning with Azul, she looks really hot in a tight fitting red dress.  She performs some outstanding dances wiggling her ass and bending over right in front of the camera.  We really get to see just how incredible her body is.

I’m pretty sure we won’t be seeing Brazzers Sinning with Azul being turned into a viral porn advert.  the camera position remains fixed through most of this video.  We have a good wide angle view, but that’s just about it.  There are no shocked faces or funny clips in this pure one on one sex video.

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Brazzers Going Wilde On Him Johnny Sins Jane Wilde

Going Wilde On Him
Johnny Sins and Jane Wilde

Going Wilde On Him

Jane Wilde returns for her 9th outing in a Brazzers porn video.  In Brazzers Going Wilde On Him, she is joined by famous male pornstar Johnny Sins.  We haven’t seen Mr Sins in a new Brazzers video since New Years Eve 2020 when he fucked Abella Danger in Abella the Sinner.


This is A Day with a Pornstar set up style Brazzers video.  Jane Wilde is busy getting herself ready for a fuck with Johnny.  She is very excited about the prospect of getting her pussy pounded by the muscular, bald pornstar who has managed to make a good go of creating his own YouTube Channel.  Something that is very difficult for anybody in the adult industry to pull off.

Jane Wilde One on One with Johnny Sins

In Brazzers Going Wilde On Him, there is no storyline other than Jane Wilde anticipating the arrival on Johnny Sins and his big cock coming to her house to create some porn content together.  How am I suppose to write 400+ words about this scene?  I could describe the bedroom as having one queen size bed and light purple paint on the walls.  If you look closely you will be able to see a dent in the wall.  Most bedrooms have some kind of damage to the wall.

When Johnny Sins arrives they get straight down to business.  They is no small talk, just pure one on one hardcore porn action.  Johnny’s cock is erect very quickly.  It never lets him down.  In Brazzers Going Wilde On Him, Jane takes her time to worship the cock that she had been waiting for all morning.  She is not going to waste this opportunity to spend the day with Johnny Sins and his massive dick.

If you want to watch some pure hardcore porn with no messing about with storylines or fancy editing, then Brazzers Going Wilde On Him is perfect for you.  Just two great pornstars fucking the shit out of each other.

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Johnny Sins Fucks Three Famous Pornstars

johnny sins fucks three wives

Yes, this is the hot Brazzers video where Johnny Sins fucks three famous pornstars in a video called My Three Wives.  This Brazzers video has now been remastered and rereleased for your viewing pleasure.


It’s true, Johnny Sins actually has three wives in this awesome Brazzers video.  He shares a bed with Peta Jensen, Kissa Sins and Kendra Lust.  When he marries Kissa, Kendra and Peta have to lay there and listen to Johnny fucking his latest bride in-between them.

The next day, Johnny is very disappointed to hear that Peta and Kendra have been bullying the new addition to the family.  They have been spending the day dominating Kissa.  The three wives stand there totally naked as Johnny expresses his huge disappointment at the treatment of Kissa.

Basically, the two previous wives (Peta and Kendra) were not happy with all the attention that Kissa Sin was getting from Johnny’s big cock.  They thought that they were not getting enough sex from him.

Johnny decides that the best course of action would be to fuck them all at the same time from now on.  There would be no more one on one sex, it would always be foursomes or nothing at all.

I wonder how long Johnny Sins fucks all three at the same time.  It must be very hard to keep that promise.  I wouldn’t personally be able to keep my hands off Kendra’s big MILF tits if I was left alone with her and she wanted sex on the spot!

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My Three Wives Remastered from Brazzers

My Three Wives

My Three Wives: Remastered
Peta Jensen, Johnny Sins, Kendra Lust, Kissa Sins

If you live in a dream world, then you would love to be dreaming about being in this My Three Wives Remastered porn video.  Johnny Sins manages to fuck three of the worlds hottest pornstars in one sexually charged porn movie.

Peta Jensen,  Kendra Lust, and Kissa Sins all get a chance to get fucked by Johnny’s massive white cock.  one of the many skills that Mr Sins has, is ability to retain a rock hard cock.  With a big that big it would be easy just to use it like a bit of old rope, but this bald headed male pornstar keeps his cock rigid and stiff throughout.

Brazzers My Three Wives was originally released on the Brazzers hardcore porn network on 5th January 2016 and generate over 2 million likes.  No wonder Brazzers decided to give this foursome porno the remastered treatment.

I think there is a bit for everybody’s taste in this Johnny Sins video.  There’s the blonde Kissa Sins, the brunette MILF Kendra Lust and the big boobed raven haired Peta Jensen.  I bet Jonny can recall every detail of this group sex video.

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The Last Dick On Earth Remastered from Brazzers

The Last Dick on Earth Remastered

The Last Dick On Earth Remastered
Johnny Sins, Anna Bell Peaks, Romi Rain, Nicole Aniston and Rachel Starr

Imagine waking up from a coma and being the only man left on Earth.  For some strange reason, johnny Sin is the The Last Dick On Earth and he is being hunted down by every horny woman on the planet.

He will have his pick of all the women in the world to fuck.  Every woman around the world would be in dire need of a cock inside their pussy.  Except the lesbians of course.  Lesbians would not give a fuck about there being only one last dick on Earth.


In Brazzers The Last Dick On Earth Remastered, Johnny Sins awakes from his coma to find three cock hungry babes surrounding his hospital bed.  Anna Bell Peaks, Romi Rain, Nicole Aniston and Rachel Starr are all highly qualified nurses that have taken care of this precious last cock on Earth.

Now that he is alive and well, they believe tat they deserve a reward for making sure that Johnny remains alive to repopulate the Earth.  Johnny is treated to a sponge bath from these four hot pornstars all dressed up as sexy hard working nurses.

But when it comes to washing his big cock, they all have a go and sucking it to make it hard hard as a rock.  As soon as Johnny is ready, is first job after waking up from a coma is to fuck four hot nurses one by one to get the male population back on track.

My GFs Niece

My GFs Niece

My GFs Niece Wants A Big Piece: Remastered
Johnny Sins, Aidra Fox

Well at least it makes a change from step daughter.  This time Brazzers have opted to go for a niece getting fucked by her uncle in this remastered version of My GFs Niece Wants A Big Piece.

Johnny Sins is the male pornstar who is seduced by teenage cutie Aidra Fox.  She is gagging for a big cock to be stuffed into her wet bald pussy.  She teases Johnny all day with her cute little ass and the hot body.  She loves to brush her arse up against Mr Sins when nobody is looking.


Uncle Sins does very well not to touch his niece’s hot little ass, but when she finally lays a wondering hand over his semi-erection, there was no holding back.  He takes her upstairs and pulls out his cock and wonders if she will be able to handle such a big cock.

In Brazzers My GFs Niece Wants A Big Piece: Remastered, he didn’t need to worry.  She was an expert in cock sucking and sloppy blowjobs.  Her lips and tongue made his cock stand to attention in no time whatsoever.  As soon as his cock was fully erect, Aidra Fox climbed on top and rode his cock like he was a stallion.