Theres Nothing Like Tinas Tits

Theres Nothing Like Tinas Tits

Theres Nothing Like Tinas Tits
Jordi El Nino Polla, Tina Fire

Well, I’m writing this blog post on Christmas Eve at 0645am.  What better way to spend a quiet morning than by looking at Tina Fire’s great big hanging titties.  I first laid eyes on these swing tits when she appeared in a Spanish version of Public Agent that I had the pleasure of editing.  When she took that bra off and revealed those massive natural tits, I knew I was in for a great day of porn editing!


So I’m delighted to see that she is making her Brazzers porn debut along side Jordi ENP.  Tina Fire is trying on a lot of new lingerie sets in order to please her man.  She is desperate to keep her Spanish boyfriend with a big cock.  Not only does he have a big long cock but he knows how to use it and can fuck her all night and cum on demand.

In this Theres Nothing Like Tinas Tits video, you get to see the delightful Tina Fire get her big natural boobs out and make them swing all over the place.  Tina Fire makes them bounce and wobble as much as she possibly can.  This is a great way to make your Brazzers debut.

The sweet and sexy Tina Fire has just received a shipment of lingerie and bikinis she ordered. Her lucky boyfriend (Jordi) gets to watch as she tries on a bunch of them in the bedroom, showing off her amazing tits in various bras and tiny tops. In Theres Nothing Like Tinas Tits, Jordi isn’t shy about pointing out how horny this show is getting him, and Tina rewards her patient boyfriend with a good fucking afterwards.

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Sheer Wet Pussy Madness Kesha Ortega

Sheer Wet Pussy Madness

Sheer Wet Pussy Madness
Jordi El Nino Polla and Kesha Ortega

Wow, thank you Brazzers. Waking up to see the huge ass from Kesha Ortega right in my face was a great way to start the day. It’s yet another Brazzers porn debut and yet and other outstanding yoga themed porn video.  The screenshot of Jordi hanging out the back of this Venezuelan pornstar caught my attention straight away.

In the opening moments of Sheer Wet Pussy Madness, we watch the curvy Kesha Ortega dancing in a pair of white panties and white vert.  Kesha grabs both of her big boobs and gives that an almighty squeeze right in front of the camera.  She is dancing in her small living room with a small sofa and a flat screen T.V.


This dark haired Latina pours baby oil over her wet vest to make it see-through and we get to see her beautiful looking large nipples.  Again, she rubs those big boobs to make her nipples erect and poke out towards our eager eyes.

In Sheer Wet Pussy Madness, once the opening titles are finished, we see Kesha Ortega completed soaked in baby oil and sucking the big Spanish cock of Jordi El Nino Polla.  Jordi is wearing a pair of long bright orange shorts as Kesha sits on the floor with her white panties and vest still on.  She is sucking his cock hard whilst playing with her pussy through her sheer white panties.

The blowjob cuts to some awesome shots of Kesha shaking that big beautiful ass of hers.  The camera gets up close and personal to that big chunky Venezuelan booty.  Finally Brazzers trailer editor shows us Miss Ortega’s big heavy tits.  She has the wrapped around Jordi’s big cock and wanking it for all it’s worth.

During Sheer Wet Pussy Madness, Kesha gives a world class tit wank as she stare’s up at the camera in POV.  It at the this stage of the trailer that I remove my eyes from her great tits and ass and notice just how beautiful her eyes are.  For a moment I am totally lost in them.

After a some fine looking clips of Kesha rubbing her pussy, we get to see her big ass bouncing up and down on Jordi’s cock in POV in reverse cowgirl.  Her ass bounces up and down like a fucking basketball.  It’s a truly awesome sight to see.  As you might notice whilst reading this Sheer Wet Pussy Madness video review, I am already starting to become a fan of this South American pornstar!

I can’t decide which view I liked best in this short trailer.  Did I enjoy watching her big ass bouncing in reverse cowgirl, or did I prefer watching her big ass whilst Jordi fucked her in the doggy style position?  It’s a tough one!  Either way, what I can slo say is that I fell in love with her sexy dark eyes.

I’m really hoping that this is not the only time we see Kesha Ortega in a Brazzers video.  I have really enjoyed watching the trailer to write this 500 word porn review.  Who knows…I may even get to edit one of her videos for FakeHub.  Fingers crossed.

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Domestic Stripping Katrina Moreno and Jordi

Domestic Stripping

Domestic Stripping
Jordi El Nino Polla and Katrina Moreno

Finally, we get to see Katrina Moreno making her Brazzers porn video debut.  I have been waiting for this for a while now.  Ever since I edited Miss Moreno in her FakeTaxi video, I have been expecting to see Brazzers snap her up and get her featured in one of their videos.  I’m really surprised it has taken them this long to get her booked.

The Katrina Brazzers debut video is called Domestic Stripping.  She is starring alongside Spanish male pornstar Jordi.  In the opening shot, we find her walking around the living room area in a very short black leather skirt.  It’s so short that she has to be very careful every time she bend over.  I’m already wondering is she is wearing any panties under that short black leather skirt.


She stands in front on an unlit fire place in black high heeled shoes and starts to show off that hot Uruguayan body of hers.  As Miss Moreno shake her booty, she lifts up her leather skirt and shows that she is wearing a tiny bright yellow thong that matches her laced up yellow bra.  She is performing a hot Latina strip show just for you.

In Domestic Stripping, Katrina Moreno loves to shake and twerk her booty for you.  She has been told a million times that she has such a great ass.  She knows her fans will enjoy every second of this ass exhibition that she is giving.  Kneeing down on the floor, Katrina pulls out her fabulous big round boobs.  Her tits look great.  They maybe fake tits, but they have a really good natural look to them.  I think they are some of the best looking fake tits in the adult industry.

Once the twerking, booty shaking and tit teasing is over, this video switches to a POV blowjob.  Katrina Moreno is looking straight at the camera and sucking on Jordi’s big Spanish cock.  Her luscious lips wrap around his cock and make it erect in seconds.

During Domestic Stripping, totally naked we then get a close up on this stunning babe riding Jordi’s cock.  Her body is fucking awesome and her pussy is freshly shaven.  There’s not a pubic hair in sight as Katrina rides Jordi’s massive cock deep into her Latina pussy.  For me the best part is next where Miss Moreno sticks Jordi’s cock between her big boobs and gives him an outstanding tit wank.  Jordi’s cock slides effortlessly in and out of her oiled up cleavage.

For all you Latina booty lovers, there is some great footage of Katrine’s big ass bouncing up and down when she rides reverse cowgirl in POV.  Her ass does make some amazing shapes and she pounds down on Jordi’s cock, trying to reach her orgasm.

In Domestic Stripping, for a change of scenery, Jordi bend her over the piano and fucks her stand up doggy style.  This is a great position.  Katrina has her hands on the piano keys and Jordi pounds her from behind.  The noise of he piano and her sexual moans and groans are a great combination.

Katrina has one more trick up her sleeve and that’s her ability to make herself squirt.  We get a close up of her pussy as she squirts very near to the camera. This is a great Brazzers debut.  I fully expect to see many more Katrina Moreno porn videos in the very near future.


Fucking Her Batter’s Box
Lacey London, Johnny The Kid


Mischievous Lacey London just moved in with her sister and brother-in-law, Johnny the Kid. Lacey is snooping around in their bedroom when she finds Johnny’s baseball uniform. She’s crushing on him and takes a big whiff from his uniform before wearing it. That just turns her on even more.

Fierce Lacey can’t help but grinding on Johnny’s bat for a quick orgasm. The brother-in-law bursts into the room just as Lacey climaxes. The awkward situation turns raunchy when Lacey boldly seduces the nervous Johnny until he plays with her batter’s box

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Torn Tights Anal Shower Canela Skin

Torn Tights Anal Shower

Torn Tights Anal Shower
Jordi and Canela Skin

In life there is ass, great ass, and then there is Canela Skin!  If you are looking for a fine piece of ass then look no further than this wonderful Latin babe with the hottest booty in the adult industry right now.  Watch Torn Tight and Anal Shower and then decide whether you agree that Canela’s Ass is right at the top of the great ass list.

Her beautiful booty is one of that I have had the pleasure of editing.  I have edited her in a FakeTaxi video and more recently when creating great ass compilation videos for FAKEhub.


So, I’m delighted to be able to walk you through what to expect in this new Brazzers anal sex video called Torn Tights Anal Shower.  As the title suggests, we are going to see Jordi rip open Canela’s nylon tights and get his cock buried deep inside her wonderful rear end.

The scene opens up with Canela Skin getting her clothes off.  She takes off her top to reveal her tits and tattooed body.  Then we get a quick glimpse of her giving a sloppy blowjob, before watching her getting into the shower with her purple nylon tights on.  Quite why she is showering with nylon tights on, is not explained, but we can run with it.

We then find the ponytailed Miss Skin pulling down her soapy wet purple nylon tights over her big ass.  This is wen you can truly see what a fantastic ass she has.  It’s a the perfect example of Latina bubble butt!  The action heats up with a close up of Canela Skin rubbing her soapy pussy.

We don’t actually get to see Jordi enter the shower, but Canela is complimenting him on the size of his cock.  It looks so big compared to his skinny Spanish body.  What Jordi lacks in weight, her can certainly make up in stamina.  He rips apart Canela Skins purple tights and gets to work by rimming her ass.

Jordi helps himself to a good ass fucking. He is anal heaven during this scene.  Getting his big Spanish cock in her Latina asshole must be one of the best experiences of his porn career.  Jordi finishes the scene off by cumming in her arse and watching Canela Skin pushing Jordi’s cum out of her arse.

I’m still not convinced by the use of of vocals on the background music.  This is something new that Brazzers have done over the last few weeks… it doesn’t work for me to be honest.

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Anal Sex Doesn’t Happen In A Vacuum

Anal Sex Doesn't Happen In A Vacuum

Anal Sex Doesn’t Happen In A Vacuum
Jordi and Canela Skin

What a fucking treat we have in store today!  Canela Skin gets her big latin booty out for an anal sex video with Jordi.  This Spanish male pornstar has the pleasure of sticking his freakishly large cock deep in to an ass that was born for anal porn videos.

Canela Skin has one of the best examples of Latin booty that I have ever had the privilage to edit.  I remember very well editing a scene with her in the back of the Fake Taxi.  It was not an anal sex video unfortunately, but I certainly remember that fine peice of ass.

Canela Skin likes to keep her place clean, but unfortunately for her, her boyfriend Jordi ENP – a real man of leisure – is a total slob – and a horny one at that. Although Canela’s thick, juicy ass proves tempting as she vacuums, Jordi has no interest in getting up off the couch, where he’s enjoying a box of cookies and tall glass of milk.

With Canela forced to vacuum around Jordi, he clearly enjoys the proximity to her tits and ass a little too much, leading to him sticking his finger right up Canela’s ass as she cleans! Despite her initial annoyance, Canela is eager to take every inch of Jordi’s cock right up her ass, and once they’re actually fucking and Canela is squirting, Jordi proves to be a surprisingly capable multi-tasker.

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Lil Barista Dana DeArmond and Layton Benton

Lil Barista

Lil Barista
Jordi, Dana DeArmond, Layton Benton

Jordi is working as a barista, under the watchful management of hot MILF Dana DeArmond. Little does Dana know, Jordi has an odd habit of grinding the spare coffee beans with his dick. Jordi’s behavior catches up to him when he makes a mess of sexy Layton Benton’s drink order.

In Reality Kings Lil Barista, Dana and Layton yell at Jordi and Dana catches him with a bag of coffee beans hanging from his dick! Unwilling to fire Jordi before the lunch rush, Dana decides that the best way to get her horny barista under control is to drain his cock. Layton joins in on the fun because… well, it’s not like she has anything better to do while waiting for her drink. Some lil humpers have all the luck!

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Kinuski Sucking And Fucking A Kind Stranger


Sucking And Fucking A Kind Stranger
Jordi, Kinuski

MOFOS bring a classic looking Public Pickups video called Sucking And Fucking A Kind Stranger starring Kinuski and Spanish male pornstar Jordi.  They meet at an airport and fuck outside in the street.


The reason why they fuck in the street is because Kinuski as arrived a few days too early for her flight.  She is left wondering around the airport trying to figure out what to do.  She has her suitcase dragging behind her but nowhere to stay.  The airport is mostly locked up because of the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020.

Luckily for Kinuski, Jordi is on the prowl for lost tourist looking for some where to stay.  He has heard that there have been plenty of stranded babes waiting at the airports to try and get home.

When he sees Kinuski, he knows that she will be looking for somebody to help her out.  He approached her and offers her some cash and some where to stay until her flight is arranged.  She is so happy that she sucks Jordi’s cock outside the airport and she sits on his big dick and makes him cum.

Sucking And Fucking A Kind Stranger is a perfect example of COVID-19 themed porn that uses the current crisis to create a porn video out of nothing.

Bridge To Pussy Petite Princess Eve and Lou Lou

Bridge to Pussy

Brazzers Bridge To Pussy
Jordi, Lou Lou and Petite Princess Eve

This Brazzers threesome porn video is called Bridge To Pussy.  It stars two sexy blonde MILF and Jordi El Nino Polla.  They both suck and fuck his big Spanish penis.


Petite Princess Eve and Lou Lou Petite are playing bridge at a snobby friend’s house… though they’d prefer be out chasing cock. The host’s son (Jordi) lives there and gains the attention of both Eve and Lou Lou, who flirt with him to their friends’ annoyance. When the others are away, the girls convince Jordi to eat them out under the card table as they’re playing, before sneaking off to get a taste of his cock.

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