Brazzers Greenhouse Drip Katie Kush

Greenhouse Drip

Brazzers Greenhouse Drip
Xander Corvus and Katie Kush

Are you ready for a beautiful, bouncy, big booty blonde to arch and twerk, to tease and flaunt, to crawl across your screen? She’s played the cutesy friend, the oblivious roommate…


But now Katie Kush wants to trap you in her gaze, enchant you with her tight body, and destroy you with her juicy bubble butt. She wants you to worship every inch of her soft curves, watching the light bounce off glistening wet skin. She wants you to imagine her cheeks overflowing your gripping hands, her tiny smirk as she arches over you…

In Brazzers Greenhouse Drip imagine her tight body before peeling off that bodysuit. All building up to a little taboo treat as she begs Xander to slide deep in her tight ass. But, before the ultimate reward, Katie is going to build you up with some steamy, dripping tease…

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Searching For A Fucking Connection Katie Kush

Searching For A Fucking Connection

Searching For A Fucking Connection
Xander Corvus, Katie Kush

We’ve all seen a scenario where the plumber turns up to fix the pipes, or the pizza delivery guy getting fucked, but I think this could be the first time I’ve seen an internet service guy getting lucky with a customer.

In Searching For A Fucking Connection Xander Corvus arrives at Katie Kush’s home.  He knocks on the door a few times, but Katie does not answer.  He decides to let himself in as the door was open and he was in a bit of a hurry.


Katie Kush is seen doing a lot of masturbating in the beginning of her new Brazzers video.  She is very horny after not having a good fuck for a few day.  She decides to turn to porn to help her achieve the orgasms she desires.

During Searching For A Fucking Connection, as she frantically rubs her pussy, her internet connection keeps dropping out.  This is leaving her very frustrated.  She rings her internet service provider to fix the problem.  They tell her that they are send a guy straight away.

Katie Kush continues to masturbate. She has removed all her clothes to really try and get herself worked up.  Every time she gets close to making herself cum, her WiFi connection drops out.

When Xander walks into her living room to fix the problem, he is greeted by the amazing sight of Katie Kush completely naked and fingering herself silly.  She turns around to find Xander staring at her naked ass.

Without wasting a breath, Katie reaches for Xander’s pants and whips out his cock. She really needs to be fucked hard as soon as possible.  There was no time to waste.  She was on the brink of an orgasm and needed a final push to get her over the line.  Xander Corvus’ big cock was just the tool to do the trick.

Must of the sex in Searching For A Fucking Connection is shot on the living room couch.  There are a lot of really great close ups of Katie’s pussy getting stretched by Xander’s big cock.  You really do get a great sense of pure hardcore penetration on those close up cock in pussy shots.

As for Katie Kush herself, I really like the look of her body.  She doesn’t have a big pair of tits, but she does have a great looking tightly toned body.  In Brazzers Searching For A Fucking Connection, Miss Kush also has a nice set of bikini tan-lines over herself too…a really nice touch.

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Chip-In To Her Pussy Katie Kush

Chip In To Her Pussy

Chip-In To Her Pussy
Katie Kush and Steve Holmes

Well, if you’re a golfing fan, then you are going to wet yourself over this new Katie Kush porn video.  If you have ever fantasised about inserting you putter into your wife or girlfriends pussy, then watch Chip-In To Her Pussy and see what it would look like.

Katie Kush thinks she has the whole house to herself for the morning.  She masturbates everyday in her bedroom, so today she wants to experiment with something new.  She looks around the house looking for something to fuck herself with.  She doesn’t want to use the usual suspects like a cucumber or a banana, she wants to find something that would be a little bit different.

Inm Chip-In To Her Pussy, Miss Kush stumbles upon her step dads brand new set of gold clubs.  Reaching into the bag, she pulls out a shiny new putter.  Katie wonders how much of the handle she has stuff into her tight little pussy.  Before she inserts it into herself, Katie Kush rubs it all over her wet fanny.  Katie loves the feel of the handle and the cold steel gliding over her clit.

Fucking herself with a Golf Club

This sexual teen babe lays herself onto the floor and pulls her pink panties to one side and slowly but surely pushed the putter handle into her teen tight pussy.  She is so happy to find that it reaches the parts most other objects have failed to do.  As her pussy starts to throb, Katie realises that she can reach orgasm easily with a golf club in her pussy.

During Chip-In To Her Pussy, as she gets close to climax, she hears the front door opening she doesn’t have time to hide or conceal what she is doing.  Luckily for her, it’s her perverted step dad who has come home to collect is golf clubs.  Steve Holmes can believe what he is seeing.  He has caught his teen stepdaughter fucking herself with his brand new golf clubs.  He is so turned on that he gets an erection in seconds.

Steve Holmes ad Katie Kush continue to push the golf club into her pussy.  Katie fucking loves it.  She gives her step dad a blowjob while he fucks her with the putter that he pend hundreds of pounds on.  When Mr Holmes is ready to fuck, he bends Katie Kush over and fucks her hard and fast from behind, giving her the most intense orgasm she has ever had.

Milf’s A Panty Perv Alexis Fawx and Katie Kush

Milf's A Panty Perv

Milf’s A Panty Perv
Alexis Fawx, Katie Kush

Oh fucking God yes!!  I do love a bit of Alexis Fawx.  I have been in love with her big MILF tits for years.  She has got a pair of the best boobs on Brazzers (IMHO).  So I’m very glad to see Miss Fawx in a new Brazzers lesbian porn video called Milf’s A Panty Perv.  This hot MILF with cracking tits discovers that Katie Kush has secretly been sniffing her underwear in the laundry room.


Expert level MILF Alexis Fawx is on all fours, cleaning the counters and the floors. She’s too busy to realize that her wiggling boobs and butts caught the eye of voyeur Katie Kush. Leaving a trail of dirty panties behind, Horny Katie baits her prey in the laundry room. There, Katie finally gets Alexis’ attention.

In Milf’s A Panty Perv, the younger babe sure knows how to use her fingers and her tongue. Alexis’ loud moans resonate in the room as devoted Katie explores her hole. It makes no doubt – Alexis’ chores will have to wait. She has a pussy to take care of.

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