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Yes I Fucked your Husband

Lapdancer Kayla Kayden teases Charles Dera in front of his wife.  In Yes I Fucked Your Husband Charles Dear has to try and not touch sexy blonde lap dancer in black underwear.

Yes I Fucked your Husband

Kayla Kayden does look so sexy in her black bra. Her big tits fit perfectly in her titty holders. She is a sexy lapdancer that wiggles her sexy arse of Charles's cock.

He really has to try and keep his cock from becoming erect. His wife is watching and she is not impressed by Kayla flirting with her husband.

Eventually his wife disappears to the ladies room, so Charles takes his chance by getting his hands all over this blonde lap dancing tease.

Kayla Kayden is supposed to stop her clients from touching her, but this time she wants anal sex.

Watch Charles Dear get his cock deep into her arse. This is a lap dancing sexual fantasy come true. Getting to fuck a erotic dancer in the arse after she teases your cock so it is close to ejaculating.

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Don’t Touch Her 3 Charles Dera & Kayla Kayden

dont touch her part 3

Charles Dera wants nothing more than just a relaxing lap dance from his boring girlfriend.  His girlfriend is just not he lap dancing type.  She says that she feels degraded when he demands anything sexual from her.  to her trying to perform a sex lap dance makes her feel like she is just as low as a whore.

So when the sexy young blonde Kayla Kayden comes into the room, from next door, Charles's cock went into hyper mode.  Her really wanted to see this hot cutie from next door naked as quickly as possible.  Her big firm teen boobs where just the thing that Charles needed to see in front of his face right now.

Naughty teen Kayla Kayden could see that a bulge was starting to appear between Charles legs and she knew what was going though his dirty mind.  Kayla took her time in teasing him even more by pretending to drop things on the floor so she would have to bend over and show off her perfect arse in her tight trousers.

This was all too much for poor Charles Dera and his throbbing cock.  He made sure that his frigged girlfriend could not see what was happening and he made Kayla sit on his lap.  Kayla could feel his erection through his trousers and she rubbed her wet pussy over it.  With his girlfriend now out of the way, Kayla took off her clothes to expose that perfectly formed 18 year old body that Charles wanted to fuck in every position possible.

In her sexy black underwear that barely covered her tit and ass, she gave a lap dance that nearly made Charles cum in his pants.  This teenage cock teaser could make a man jizz in his pants by just twerking her arse over is crutch.

With her pussy now wet, she slowly unzipped Charles pants and started licking on his cock like a lolly.  Charles thought he was in lap dance heaven.  It's not often that he gets a lap dance and a blowjob.  But the best was yet to come.  Once Kayla had finished giving him a world class blowjob, she slide her panties to one side and slowly lowered herself on to his bell-end.

Resisting the urge just to cum in her pussy, Charles let this hot babe slowly grind over his cock.  Her pussy juices started to run down the side of his shaft with every movement she made.

Kayla Kayden's soft blonde hair flowed as she bounced on his cock.  Charles could tell that his cock was one of he biggest cocks she had ever had.  Her pussy was stretched more than it had ever been stretched before.

Kayla did not want Charles to cum just yet.  She needed something extra from him before she would let him ejaculate.  She leaned over to him and whispered "Please fuck my tight teen ass, I've never been fucked in the arse before".  This was a lie. Kayla had been fucked int he arse many times before. In fact she was famous for it at her high school.  Most of the high school football team had cum in her are in her senior year.

Charles did not hesitate for one millisecond before bending her over his couch and started fingering her chocolate star fish.  Is his cock actually going to fit in her tiny little butt-hole?

Sure enough, Charles cock squeezed slowly into this teen whore's tushy-hole.  His long length disappeared into her arse as she groaned with pleasure.  It was at this stage that Charles knew she was a fucking anal queen.  There is no way her arse would be so accommodating with she was an anal virgin.  Charles did not care.  He fucked her arse knowing that he would never get a chance like this ever again.

Once her arse had taken enough of a pounding, and Kayla had had her fill of anal, she got on to her knees and told him to cum on her mouth.  This was an invitation that Charles was hoping he would get.  He was so close to cumming, that he needed just two or three strokes before he shot his load all over her face and into her wide open mouth.


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Neighborwhore Twatch Ramon & Kayla Kayden

Neighborwhore Twatch
Neighborwhore Twatch Ramon & Kayla Kayden

Neighborhood watch night is the most boring night of the week for Ramon. His wife insists that they make the monthly meeting.

Ramon finds it much more enjoyable to daydream about having his neighbor’s huge tits in his mouth. When no one believes him about a public nuisance, Kayla ushers him to the kitchen to give him a mouthful.

Before Ramon knows it, Kayla is gobbling up that cock while her husband blabbers on in the other room. She won’t let Ramon leave without a proper dicking, something that he is more than happy to oblige.

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My Wife’s Girlfriend Jessy Jones & Kayla Kayden

my wifes girlfriend
My Wife's Girlfriend Jessy Jones & Kayla Kayden

Kayla's so in love with her girlfriend she doesn't care she's married - not until her girlfriend's husband comes home early one day.

Jessy is furious to find this slut in his marital bed, but the good news is Kayla is willing to do anything and everything he says.

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