Meet The Sneaky Cheaters

Meet The Sneaky Cheaters
Kayla Kayden, Cherie Deville, Daya Knight and Van Wylde

Meet The Sneaky Cheaters

When Van Wylde’s girlfriend, Kayla Kayden, brings him home to meet her stepmom, Cherie Deville, and her step-grandmother, Van could never have imagined what would be in store for him. Determined to make a strong first impression, Van is taken aback by everyone’s sexual openness, especially Cherie’s.


What’s totally confusing, though, is when the big surprise awaiting everyone in the living room is the smoking hot Daya Knight, who clearly has a history with Kayla. In Meet The Sneaky Cheaters, when they take off to get reacquainted, Van is left with Cherie and the eccentric step-grandmother, who both insist on showing him a family album.

A sneaky handjob from Cherie under the photo album is distracting enough for Van, but then he gets a glimpse at the pictures: Cherie’s tits and ass on full display. Before Van knows it, he’s fucking Cherie and making the kind of first impression he never could have imagined.

In Meet The Sneaky Cheaters part 2, having fucked sexy MILF Cherie Deville, Van Wylde sets off to help put Kayla Kayden’s step-grandmother down for a nap and find out exactly what is going on in this horny house. As Van leads Kayla’s step-grandmother down the hallway, he catches wind of some noises coming from Kayla’s old bedroom.

Unbeknownst to Van, Kayla and Daya Knight have been inside fucking and scissoring the entire time. Soon, Van is faced with photographic evidence of Kayla’s secret relationship with Daya, but that pales in comparison to walking in on them scissoring.

Even better, they’re enthused for him to join in for a wild threesome, which happens to make a perfect new entry into the household’s sex-themed photo album. Nothing like making memories, especially when it comes to sharing big tits and a huge cock!

Valentine Vixens Romi Rain and Kayla Kayden

Valentine Vixens starring Romi Rain, Kayla Kayden and Xander Corvus

Valentine Vixens

Well I’m glad that Brazzers have released a special video for all the Valentine’s out there.  February 14th see’s Xander Corvus get to fuck two of the hottest pornstars on the planet.  Romi Rain and Kayla Kayden are all dressed up in red latex and giving us a great lesbian show before deciding to let Xander join in to create a perfect Valentine’s threesome for us all to enjoy.


As soon as I saw the screenshot for this video I knew we were going to be in for a treat.  Romi Rain and Kayla Kayden are certainly near the top of a lot of top rated pornstar lists out there.  Kayla has been very active recently on her porn Twitter account, showing off her hot body and fantastic tits.

Valentines Lesbian Beauties that Love Cock

Valentine Vixens starts off with Kayla and Romi giving individual striptease dances that have been skill-fully edited together.  Those matching red latex short dressed really suit both of these gorgeous pornstars.  The dresses are so short that you can see puss as soon as they touch their toes.  My favourite apart of the intro to Valentine Vixens is when they get their tits out.  As a fan of big tits, I’m really happy to watch Romi Rain and Kayla Kayden showing off their big boobs in front of the camera.

During Valentine Vixens, once they have given a superb showing of their fantastic pornstar bodies, they join together to give us some hardcore lesbians action.  They both go down on each other and lick each others pussies and enjoy intense screaming orgasms.  A big rubber dildo is introduces to give us some hot pussy insertion close up shots.

It’s not long before Xander Corus arrives and watches these pornstars getting naked and performing some insane Valentine’s Day lesbian sex.  Noticing that Xander has a huge bulge in his pants, Romi and Kayla invite him to join them.  They throw away the dildo and use Mr Corvus as their own personal sex slave.

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You’re My Sex Toy Now Luna Star and Kayla Kayden


You’re My Sex Toy Now
Luna Star, Kayla Kayden

I love watching women using strap-ons.  There is just something so sexy about watching women fucking each other just like a man and a woman would do.  Here we have two amazing pornstars fucking the shit out of each other in You’re My Sex Toy Now.


Luna Star and Kayla Kayden are picture perfect pornstars.  Both have great tits and ass, and know precisely how to perform in front of the camera.  Blonde sweetheart Kayla has an awesome set of fake boobs that she loves to have licked on a regular basis, and Luna is the famous Latina babe with the big Latina booty that is famous for it’s twerking action.

You’ll love seeing Miss Kayden in an all pink outfit that shows off her spectacular figure.  I’m ot sure whether it is a tracksuit or not, but I would love to see her go jogging in it and watching  her big tits bouncing.

In You’re My Sex Toy Now, Kayla Kayden snoops around Luna Star’s bedroom and finds her drawer full of sex toys, deciding to give her wand vibrator a try. Kayla’s clearly enjoying the sensation of having it vibrating against her pussy, but when she breaks it and is caught by an angry Luna.

She just as soon finds herself replacing the sex toy, being instructed to lick Luna’s sweet wet pussy on their way to a hot lesbian fuckfest that will include rimjobs, anal play, dildos and strap-ons!

This is truly a wonderful lesbian porn video.  I’m sure that the porn fans around the world will rejoice at seeing these two sexy pornstars fucking each other with strap-on cock.

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Getting Her Off With Anal Kayla Kayden [1080p]

Getting Her Off With Anal

Getting Her Off With Anal
Toni Ribas, Kayla Kayden

Wearing a sexy electric blue lingerie set, Kayla Kayden gets fucked in the ass by Toni Ribas.  Her tight asshole gets plowed by Toni’s big cock in this Brazzers video called Getting Her Off With Anal.

This horny great looking pornstar is in the mood for plenty of orgasms, but she knows only the big fat cocks really hit the spot.  She is not a believer that size matters, but when she is super horny, it’s only a big dick that can make her pussy stop craving cock for a few days.


Getting Her Off With Anal, Kayla Kayden is horny, but rubbing her pussy in bed and in the bath just isn’t getting her off – she needs a big cock to finish the job! A quick booty call to Toni Ribas will take care of that problem!

Kayden puts on her sexiest lingerie and waits for her fuck buddy’s arrival, leading him to the bedroom where she deepthroats and bounces on his dick, letting him have his way with her pussy and her ass for an unforgettable anal fucking… and you get to watch all of the hardcore action from his POV!

Fucking Her Through The Shower Curtain

Fucking Her Through The Shower Curtain

Are you looking for that Brazzers video of that guy fucking her through the shower curtain.  Here are the details that you need to know about.


This video where you she a hot babe with big naturals, backing up against the shower curtain and having a big cock stuck in her pussy stars the wonderful Kayla Kayden, Small Hands and LaSirena69.

It is a threesome porn video that is split into two parts as the video is so long.  You can find Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd part one and two on this web site.

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Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd Part 1 and Part 2

Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd

Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd Part 1 and Part 2
LaSirena69, Kayla Kayden and Small Hands

I have decided to merge both of these new Brazzers videos together under one porn post.  I thing it would be wise to just have these two Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd videos together instead of making separate posts.  I enjoy watching any porn video that features the hot blonde pornstar Kayla Kayden.  To me, she is one of the most naturally good looking pornstars on the adult industry at the moment.

Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd Part 1 – When LaSirena69 walks in on Kayla Kayden masturbating in her bed, she climbs on top of her, surprises her, and decides to take over. Kayla is happy to let LaSirena finger and eat her tight, wet pussy, but what she doesn’t know is that LaSirena’s roommate, Small Hands, is lurking – and also eager to fuck. When Small Hands sneaks into the bedroom, LaSirena does her best to sexually distract Kayla while dealing with Small Hands’ disruptive presence.


After nearly getting caught, Small Hands escapes and leaves LaSirena and Kayla to scissor their way to multiple orgasms. But once they settle down for a nap, Small Hands sneaks back in and wakes an eager LaSirena up with a finger in her pussy, picking up where he nearly left off before. Can they keep their sexy secret from Kayla?

Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd Part 2 – With Small Hands nearly disrupting LaSirena69 and Kayla Kayden’s intense lesbian sex in the bedroom, LaSirena drags Small Hands to the bathroom so they can start fucking. But just as they’re getting into it, Kayla comes to the bathroom thinking that she’s about to join LaSirena for a sexy shower.

After hiding Small Hands behind the shower curtain, LaSirena tries to keep Kayla out of the shower by initiating more hot fucking, but Small Hands can’t contain himself. He rips a hole out of the polka dot shower curtain, creating a glory hole where he can spy on the lesbian action.


Small Hands, though, gets too turned on, and he can’t help but stick his hand, and then dick, through the opening to tease and fuck LaSirena. Although LaSirena manages to hide Small Hands’ cock by sticking it up her pussy, Kayla quickly discovers what’s going on – which turns out to be beneficial to everyone in the form of an intense threesome.

Is That Exercise Ball Stuck Up Your Ass?

Is That Exercise Ball Stuck Up Your Ass

Is That Exercise Ball Stuck Up Your Ass?
Xander Corvus and Kayla Kayden

Kayla Kayden and her stunning pornstar body star in this new Brazzers anal sex video called Is That Exercise Ball Stuck Up Your Ass?.  Fuck knows how she would fit an exercise ball up her ass, they are fucking huge.

But this Brazzers anal sex video title is a slight play on words.  She really does have a portion of an exercise ball in her arse.  This exercise ball has a special feature.  It has a big dildo attached to it, so yes, you could say that Kayla Kayden really does have an exercise ball stuck in her butthole.


Kayla Kayden loves to exercise, and she’s decided to take her workout routine to the next level with a dildo exercise ball. The problem is that her husband, Xander Corvus, doesn’t know about it. Although Kayla is able to hide the dildo ball from Xander at first, when she rips her tights open and sticks it up her ass, it gets stuck.

Kayla, though, makes a wise choice in enlisting Xander’s help, because once he gets the ball unstuck, he fills Kayla’s tight ass with his massive cock, proving that intense anal sex is the ultimate workout.

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Kayla’s Ass Oiled Up And Fucked

Kayla's Ass Oiled Up And Fucked

Kayla’s Ass Oiled Up And Fucked
Toni Ribas, Kayla Kayden

Kayla Kayden is one of those naturally sexy pornstars with a really pretty face.  I have been following her on Twitter for quite some time and really enjoy seeing all her candid tweets.  She has the perfect face and perfectly formed body for porn.

So I’m delighted when Brazzers cast her in any of their hardcore porn videos.  It’s always a pleasure to watch such a sexy body getting fucked hard by a big fat cock.  At the start of Kayla’s Ass Oiled Up And Fucked, you get to see this hot pornstar rubbing oil all over that tip top body.  As she rubs her hands up and down er tits and ass, she strokes her pussy and gets herself incredibly horny.

So by the time Toni Ribas arrives, she is gagging for cock in her wet pussy.  This new Brazzers video is brilliant.  It’s not just because it features such a hot looking adult film star, but it’s also because it has some fuck hardcore, fast rough sex too.

The sexy Kayla Kayden teases the camera by dancing seductively in her hot rainbow-colored outfit and pouring oil all over herself. She fingers her pussy and ass to get ready for a fucking from Toni Ribas; starting with a good pussy pounding, before moving on to some hot anal action!

I’m already looking forward to seeing much more of Kayla Kayden in the very near future.  I seriously cannot get enough of this wonder-babe!