Alexis For Breakfast with Keiran Lee and Alexis Tae

Alexis For Breakfast with Keiran Lee and Alexis Tae

Alexis For Breakfast

We find the gorgeous Alexis Tae preparing some breakfast.  She is wearing a short yellow silky slip and is getting her eggs ready to whisk.  Her tiny pair of blue panties barely cover her cute little ass.  Alexis is getting this all prepared to surprise her boyfriend with breakfast in bed.  What she doesn’t realise is that her boyfriends perverted father, Keiran Lee, has been watching her.


Keiran asks her what she is doing up so early in the morning.  She explains that she just wants to so a nice gesture for her boyfriend.  But she has not realised that her BF has already left the house for work.  So she is all alone in the house with Keiran Lee.  So will the cooked breakfast go to waste or will she offer it up on a plate for her BF’s dad?

Of course, she offers it to Keiran on a plate…and not only the breakfast.  Alexis Tae is at her most horny in the morning and she was hoping the cooked breakfast would be rewarded with a hard morning fuck.  So her wet pussy is going to waste.  When Keiran starts to compliment her on her sexy little ass, her mind was made up, she was going to fuck her boyfriends dad in the breakfast table.

While Keiran continues to eat his cooked breakfast, Alexis goes under the table and sucks his cock.  This is her breakfast.  There’s nothing better than a big cock in her mouth.  She craves cock every morning and Keiran’s cock is far bigger than her boyfriends, so she is going to get her appetite fore-filled.

Keiran Lee waste no time at all in eating his breakfast and then eating Alexis Tae’s wet, cock hungry, young pussy.  She buries his face in her pussy juice just after she treats him to a morning rimjob.

The final scene of Alexis For Breakfast see’s Alexis Tae with a full load of Keiran Lee’s spunk all over her face.

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Alone With BF’s Pervy Roommate Adria Rae

Alone With BF’s Pervy Roommate starring Adria Rae and Keiran Lee

Alone With BF's Pervy Roommate

Adria Rae finds herself waiting for her boyfriend to get home from work. She had arranged to meet him at his apartment.  When his roommate opens the door to let her in, Keiran Lee had other plans in his head.  What Adria doesn’t realise is that her BF had already phoned ahead to say he was stuck at work and would be very late.  Adria had not got his message because her phone had ran out of power.


With the absence of Adria’s boyfriend, Keiran was going to take full advantage of his alone time with her. He has secretly fantasised about getting her naked and fucking her sweet tight pussy for a while now.  Keiran has also been known to sniff the sofa after he listens to Adria Rae and her boyfriend having sex on his.  He likes to think that he can small her pussy juices.

Creep Roommate to Sexual Saviour

In Alone With BF’s Pervy Roommate, eventually Adria realises that her phone is off and plugs in her charger.  She receives the message letting her know that she will need to wait a while for him to arrive.  Keiran over hears her refer to him as a creepy roommate and her gives a great shocked face.  Adria suspects that her BF is actually with another woman and Keiran offers a shoulder to cry on.

Adria explains that she is not entirely bothered by the new hat her boyfriend is cheating on her.  She tells Keiran the he BF has a very small penis and needs to find a new guy with a bigger cock.  Keiran unzips his pants and pulls out his erect big cock.  It’s the kind of cock that Adria has been longing for.  Keiran invites Adria to treat herself by letting him fuck her pussy with his big long white cock.

In Alone With BF’s Pervy Roommate, Keiran has gone from being that creepy roommate to a perfect rebound/revenge fuck in a matter of minutes.  It’s amazing what you can do if you have a massive cock.

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A Threesome By The Fire Sofi Ryan and Chloe Amour

A Threesome By The Fire – Sofi Ryan, Chloe Amour and Keiran Lee

A Threesome By The Fire

To be fucked next to a roaring log fire is a lot of women’s romantic sexual fantasy.  Having sex on a fur rug totally naked and being kept warm by the fire is most women’s idea of the perfect romantic sexual dream.


In A Threesome By The Fire, Chloe Amour and Sofi Ryan get to live out that sexual fantasy as they both get their pussies fucked by world class cocksmith Keiran Lee.  All threesome these popular pornstars are totally naked together and performing one of the best 2021 threesome videos so far.

Chloe Amour and Sofi Ryan are two very sexy ladies, who compliment each other fantastically. It’s a real treat when these two meet and find there’s an instant mutual attraction.  You’ll love seeing Chloe linking Sofi’s wet pussy as Keiran fucks her from behind in a doggy style position.

In A Threesome By The Fire, after stripping and teasing each other outdoors, Sofi and Chloe go inside, where they can warm up by a hot fire while exploring each other’s hot, oily bodies. After some steamy girl-on-girl action, Keiran Lee shows up and is quick to add his dick to the equation, leading to an unforgettable threesome.

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Brazzers Tia in the Wild

Tia in the Wild

Brazzers Tia in the Wild
Tia Cyrus and Keiran Lee

Here we have Tia Cyrus starring in her 15th Brazzers porn video (including compilations).  She looks absolutely stunning in green linger and black nylon stockings too.  In Brazzers Tia in the Wild she gets her wet pussy fucked hard and fast by Keiran Lee.


This beautiful brunette pornstar has not been seen in a hardcore Brazzers porn video since February 2020, so it is a welcome return.  Maybe she has been locked up during COVID for the last 12 months.

In Brazzers Tia in the Wild, you will enjoy her riding Keiran Lee’s big cock in POV.  Her body is in tip top shape and her sexual stamina is there to behold.  It’s a good job that British professional male pornstar Keiran Lee has the ability to match her stroke by stroke.

Tia Cyrus looks simply stunning in her green lingerie. After teasing you out in her yard, the sexy brunette goes up to her bedroom to start fucking her pussy with a big dildo. But don’t worry, it’s not long before this beauty has some real company! Keiran Lee comes in and gives her a quivering pussy-eating orgasm before treating Tia to his massive cock.

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Sexpert Interview Alexis Fawx and Keiran Lee

Sexpert Interview

Sexpert Interview
Alexis Fawx and Keiran Lee

We have the current king and queen of Brazzers starring in Sexpert Interview.  These two giants of Brazzers porn are put together in this porn video that I’m sure will be a huge hit across the internet.  Alexis Fawx is dressed as a busty business women with most of her tits out on display.  She is interviewing the nervous looking Keiran Lee for a job.


During Sexpert Interview,Keiran is doing his very best not to look at Alexis Fawx’s massive tits.  Her magnificent boobs look in the perfect position to shoot your load over.  That’s the look Brazzers are going for and they have succeeded 100%.

You ever sat down for an interview and felt kind of… Picked through with a fine tooth comb? They’re checking out every detail – every possible angle – in meticulous detail to make sure you’re the perfect fit. And Alexis Fawx has the highest expectations of all.

If you plan on satisfying this curvy beauty – huge tits overflowing out of her blazer, bedroom eyes narrow and taking all of you in, skirt hugging her round ass. Eyes up, sir! Can you flirt? What is your cunnilingus technique? Endurance level? In Sexpert Interview, These are very strict requirements for maximum pleasure, and Alexis won’t pass just anyone. Let’s see how Keiran measures up…

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Sex With The Ex Keiran Lee and Holly Hotwife

Sex With The Ex
Keiran Lee and Holly Hotwife

Sex With The Ex

I love the look of this screenshot from Sex with the Ex.  Seeing Holly Hotwife with her short skirt lifted up and and being fucked from behind by Keiran Lee looks such a great position [FULL VIDEO]  She leans on a turquoise sofa and gleefully takes a big cock in her pussy in a doggystyle position.  You can just about see her wonderful boobs as she rests on her elbows.

Sex With The Ex – SUMMARY

Blonde bombshell Holly Hotwife is going about her horny single life: massaging her wet pussy with a vibrator until she is disturbed by a visitor: her ex-husband, Keiran Lee! Oh no! What does he want again?

Sex with the Ex it turns out he got kicked out of his place and needs to crash on her couch. Holly has decided to keep things civil, but that all quickly goes out the window when she sees Keiran’s throbbing boner under his boxers. One last dicking isn’t gonna hurt, right? … Okay maybe it will – but it hurts so good she doesn’t care!

Sex with the her last Husband is Holly Hotwife’s fourth Brazzers porn video.  It is her first appearance since May 2008.

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Big Bouncing Morning Naturals Blake Blossom

Big Bouncing Morning Naturals

Big Bouncing Morning Naturals
Ricky Johnson, Blake Blossom

Blake Blossom is a cute blonde pornstar who is making her very first step into the world of RealityKings porn.  First her first video she is fucked by Ricky Johnson in Big Bouncing Morning Naturals.  What a great porn title.  It tells you everything you need to know.  From the title, we find out that Blake Blossom has big natural boobs and the sex takes place in the morning.


At least the morning sex in this Reality Kings video is more realistic than most Hollywood mainstream movies.  How many times have we seen love making scenes in big budget Hollywood videos just taking place as soon as the wake up.  In Big Bouncing Morning Naturals, at least they brush their teeth first.  There’s nothing like trying to pretend your partners morning breath is not putting you off your stroke!

There’s nothing like a good hard passionate fuck in the morning.  When it comes to early morning fucks, there’s no one like the booby babe Blake Blossom. While cleaning her teeth, Blake shows off her beach babe boobs to horny black male pornstar Ricky and it doesn’t take more than that to convince him they should have sex.

Beside her unforgettable titwank, Blake gives awesome blowjob and rides a big black dick like a college girl on heat. When Blakes opens her legs wide, it’s a sight to behold. When cum splatters all over Blake’s big natural boobs, it’s the beginning of a sexually satisfied day.

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Oil Baroness Rachel Starr and Keiran Lee

Oil Baroness

Oil Baroness
Rachel Starr and Keiran Lee

In this Oil Baroness HD trailer, you never see Rachel Starr with a thread of clothes on.  She it 100% naked throughout the whole thing.  It will be interesting to see if she has any clothes on at all in the full video when it is released on 10th January 2021.

As the title would suggest, Rachel Starr gets her body totally oiled up in Oil Baroness.  Keiran Lee smothers Miss Starr in baby oil from head to toe.  What follows is a hardcore fucking with so many sexual positions, I lost count when trying to list them.

Rachel Starr has been performing for Brazzers since 2007 and has starred in 49 videos since then.  I still remember seeing her in her very first Brazzers video called Wish Upon a Starr where she got fucked by a youthful looking, bandana wearing Johnny Sins.

Rachel Starr’s killer body is covered in oil while she’s massaged by Keiran Lee’s skilled hands. Rachel can’t wait for Keiran to hit her G spot, watching him slowly and sensually tease her pussy with his fingers and mouth before sliding his dick deep inside, fucking her just the way she likes it on the massage table!

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