Brunette Pornstar Fucking on a Couch HD Video

Brunette Pornstar Fucking on a Couch

Dana DeArmond Brazzers video

Keiran has been sent over to his Boss' wife house to have dinner. He thinks it's a bit weird when his boss isn't even there, and he sits down alone with Mrs. DeArmond.

Things start to become clear why he's been invited as Dana begins coming onto him under the table. Keiran has never been one to disappoint a gracious host, so he begins munching on Dana's delicious snatch.

It would only be polite of Keiran to offer up a deep dicking for Mrs. DeArmond's dessert!


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Brazzers The Allure of Azure Vivian Azure

Vivian Azure Brazzers Debut

Another day, another Brazzers debut.  Today we get the first look of a stunning brunette with big tits.  Her name is Vivian Azure and she is getting fucked by Keiran Lee.  She gets her pantyhose ripped open and her pussy penetrated.

Vivian Azure's big boobs maybe fake, but at first glance they look like a really good pair of fakes.  I had to double check her stats just of confirm whether or not her juicy big breast were fake or not.

So Vivian is making her Brazzers debut in a Brazzers Exxtra scene.  Just by looking a the photos, I am instantly drawn to her sexy blue eyes.  The POV blowjob is fantastic. When this beautiful brunette rookie pornstar looks up at the camera with those baby blue eyes, erections everywhere will be at maximum stiffness.  

Brunette with Blue Eyes Vivian Azure

I'm really taken in by Vivian Azure.  I really hope that this is not the last we see of her.  I do like brunettes, and it's not very often you get a hot brunette with sparkling blue eyes. 

In this Brazzers The Allure of Azure scene, she is wearing a pair of black nylon pantyhose that go from her toes all the way up to her waist line.  Her body is oiled up and is shinning under the studio lights.  At first I thought this was a Big Wet Butts scene.

The way her body is oiled, it looked as though she was getting prepared for an anal sex video.  It's not very often that a pornstar make her Brazzers debut with an anal sex scene.  I think Brazzers like to hold that back for another day.  If the pornstar becomes popular then an anal sex scene will create a lot of interest in the future.


There is not much to tell about the storyline of Vivian Azure's Brazzers debut.  The sex takes place on a white leather sofa.  Keiran Lee has to rip open her black pantyhose to reveal her pussy and ass.  Not only does she has a big pair of tits, but when her pantyhose are ripped open, you get to see her wonderful big round ass.  

The I look at this porn scene, the more I am impressed with Vivian.  Brunette, blue eyes, big tits, and a stunning rear end. Yep, she is going to be keep me waiting for more.  I really hope that Brazzers bring her back very soon.  I really want to see more of those blue eyes looking up a the camera while sticking a big cock in her mouth.

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Brazzers The Second Cumming: Part 1 Brett Rossi

Brazzers Second Cumming Part 1

When I first saw this title of Brazzers latest porn video, I thought they were going to be controversial and make a religious porn video. The title The Second Cumming staring Brett Ross and Keiran Lee could of been a porn video about the second coming of Jesus Christ.

But not even Brazzers would dare to make a religious porn parody! Could you imagine the uproar if ANY porn producers decided to poke fun at Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Sikhism, etc etc.. They would probably get a huge amount of publicity, but would it be the right kind of publicity? They do sat that any publicity is good publicity.

Fear not, because Brazzers The Second Cumming: Part 1 is not a religious porn parody. It's actually a new scene from Pornstars Like it Big. Blonde babe Brett Rossi genuinely believes she is the second cumming of super star porn star Brandi Love.

Second Cumming photos

She has to go and see Dr Keiran Lee to find out if she can rid herself from this crazy idea.  Even in the doctors surgery, Brett Rossi acts as though she is a big boobed MILF pornstar.  She just wants to show Dr Lee that she can fuck just like Brandi Love.

Dr Keiran Lee is a big fan of pornstar Brandi Love, so he locks the door and decides to find out how much like Miss Love Brett Rossi is.  Can Miss Rossi make her pussy grind on his cock just like Brandi does in all her porn videos.


Watch as Brett Rossi does everything she can to convince Keiran Lee that she is in fact the second cumming of Brandi Love.  She is wearing a full body fish net stocking that is very tight on her perfectly formed body.    Keiran Lee has no problem what-so-ever in maintaining her impressive erection as he fucks Brett Rossi in her wet cunthole, as she tries to show off her impersonation of Brandi Love.

Will Brett Rossi be able to copy all the sexual moves that Brandi Love pulls off in over 30 exclusive Brazzers videos?  Keiran Lee has fucked many pornstars so he knows all their little tricks.   He must find out whether Brett Rossi really is the Second Cumming or whether she is just a fucking crazy-assed-bitch.

Brett Rossi certainly does do a great job in trying to copy porn moves from Brandi Love, but will it be enough to make Keiran Lee believe in the Second Cumming?

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Brazzers Getting Obscene On The Trampoline

Anal sex on a trampoline

So many people have a trampoline in their back garden these days.  I'm hoping it is just a craze that will fizzle out of time.  There is nothing worse, in my opinion, than a lovely big garden being ruined by a huge trampoline in the middle of it.

However, saying that, if I had a big enough garden where I could discreetly place a trampoline just to fuck the wife on, then I'll be all for it.

Bouncy Anal Sex on a Trampoline

Brazzers have the same idea in this Big Butts Like it Big anal sex video.  They have teamed up Keiran Lee and Kenzie Taylor to have anal sex on a trampoline.  Kenzie Taylor is a hot blonde who love getting a big cock in her butt, so when Brazzers approached her about this scene, she was over joyed to be apart of it (I would assume).

Anal Sex Kenzie Taylor

So when you take a sexy blonde anal sex lover and a male pornstar like Keiran Lee, then this scene should be a winner.  Add a bouncy trampoline into the mix and it gives an extra spring!

Watch smoking hot Kenzie Taylor get her body covered in sensual body oil as she prepares her arse for anal penetration.  Her arse needs to be totally relaxed if it is going to take Keiran Lee's 10 inch cock.


The sex starts with Miss Taylor giving Keiran a world class blowjob.  She loves to try and force his big cock down her throat as far as it will go before she starts to gag on it.  Even as she gags, she continues to try and get every inch of his cock down her throat.

The bright sunshine reflects off her long blonde hair as he head bobs up and down.  The sound of a sloppy blowjob can be heard through the close up microphone.  Keiran Lee's manhood is rock hard and ready for some anal action.

When the anal sex on a trampoline starts, it is certainly worth waiting for.  Kenzie is ready and waiting for Keiran's long cock to start squeezing into her tight butt-hole.  Her arse is very well lubricated and Keiran's cock is gently guided between her butt cheeks like a true pro.

Kenzie Taylor has her arse pounded just the way she likes it.  Her anal orgasms are intense and frequent.  Keiran Lee unleashed his load deep inside her anal passage to leave her with a generous anal creampie.

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Brazzers In The Lap Of Luxury Jessa Rhodes

In the Lap of Luxury

Being rich obviously has it's benefits when it comes to getting laid. As soon as women know that you have a lot of money, then I can only presume that they are willing to fuck you just to get a bit of the luxury lifestyle.

I'm not rich, so I can't say that every women would be happy to fuck a rich guy just to be able to be able to live like a queen for the rest of her life. But for some women, like Jessa Rhodes in Brazzers The Lap of Luxury, she would rather steal the cash rather than have to sleep with a rich guy for the rest of her life.

She has just woken up from a night with mega-rich Keiran Lee. She spent the night with hi when she found out that he had loads of cash and a big dick. The jackpot for most women. But Jessa was not the kind of girl that could stay in one place for too long. She was a professional con artist. She just wanted to fuck Keiran and then steal his jewellery from his house.

Jessa Rhodes sucking Keiran Lee's cock

Jessa did not realise that he was actually married, and his house was fully of expensive women's jewellery and clothing. Keiran explained that his wife was away on business so they had the house to themselves.

Jessa could not believe how hard she got fucked that night. He pussy had never been pounded for so hard and for so long. Most of the rich guys she fucks cannot last more than 10 minutes in bed. But Keiran Lee was a sex expert and gave Jessa multiple orgasms throughout the night.


When she woke up in the morning, all she could think about was how to gather as much jewellery as she could and then leave without be caught. She though she had just about got away when she finds Keiran Lee sitting downstairs in a chair with his big cock in his hand.

He explained that he knew that she would try and steal from him. He said he didn't care. He even said that he would let her have the jewellery if she fucked him again before she left.

This was a no brainer to Jessa Rhodes. All she had to do was to fuck a big cock once more and then she would be way with his wife's diamond rings and necklaces
One thing was for sure...Keiran Lee was not going to let her get away until he gave her a pearl necklace of his own..

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YesPornPlease Wish Upon A Pornstar Brazzers

Wish Upon a Pornstar

Briana Banks is seen here sucking Keiran Lee's big cock. THis video from Brazzers is called Wish Upon a Pornstar. It's taken from the Pornstar Like It Big porn site.

This is a porn video attempt at a fairy tale parody. Keiran Lee get to make a wish after helping a strange old lady across the street. So natural he wished for a big cock and to fuck a sexy pornstar.

Keiran stops scrolling through his Briana Banks spank bank to help a weird old woman cross the street. After, she looks up at him thankfully and tells him, "Tonight, I'll grant your biggest wish!"

When the clock strikes midnight, Briana herself appears in the doorway, ready to give Keiran the sneaky fuck of a lifetime. It's the ultimate fairytale ending for this horny husband.

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Return of Ivy Madison Ivy Returns for Brazzers

Madison Ivy Returns

Legendary porn star Madison Ivy Returns in a brand new exclusive Brazzers porn video. She tars with Keiran Lee in a Brazzers Exxtra video.

Madison Ivy is wearing sexy red fishnet stockings and red high heel shoes. The scene starts with her at a pole dancing club. She is soon spotted my Keiran who wants a private dance just for himself.

Madison takes him into a private room to give him a lap dance that he will never forget. Keiran didn't know that he could have whatever he liked, just as long as he paid for it.

Watch Madisn Ivy in her first porn video for 2 years. I hope she is sticking around for a while longer.

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Alex Harper Brazzers Debut The Secret To Succ-sex

Alex Harper Brazzers Debut

The Secret To Succ-sex is Alex Harper brazzers debut porn video.  She stars with Keiran Lee in a Real Wife Stories episode.

Alex Harper Brazzers Debut

When a bored, horny housewife is given the opportunity to connect with a famous TV self-help guru. Alex hops on the phone and dials his direct 1-800 line without hesitation.

While she thinks he’s about to help her get a better handle on her life, the guru’s persuasive advice inspires her to get a grasp on something completely different – his big, hard, influential cock.

Watch Alex Harper give a great performance in her first appearance in a Brazzers porn video

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Brazzers A Side Piece Of Pornstars

Brazzers A Side Piece Of Pornstars

Wow this is a great line up of sexy pornstars.  Brazzers A Side Piece Of Pornstars features Alexis Fawx, Monique Alexander, Rachel Starr & Keiran Lee

Brazzers A Side Piece Of Pornstars

Keiran has got himself into a mess. His new hookup app keeps matching him up with beautiful women, but he can't keep track of them all.

When he's out for a run with Monique, Rachel catches him red handed. To make matters worse, Alexis shows up and the chase is on!

A Side Piece of Pornstars Group Sex

In Brazzers A Side Piece of Pornstars, Rachel isn't one to let a little competition get in the way of a hard dick and starts slurpin' down.

Alexis and Monique finally catch up and aren't giving up their dream dick either.

What better way to settle this than a free-for-all fuckfest?

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Brazzers Happy Anal-versary Jynx Maze

Brazzers Happy Anal-versary Jynx Maze

Oh dear.  Keiran Lee nearly misses out on the chance to fuck his girlfriend in the ass in Brazzers Happy Anal-versary.  Watch Jynx Maze tease Keiran Lee with her perfect round ass.

Brazzers Happy Anal-versary

Jynx isn't happy with Keiran. She's planned a romantic evening for their anniversary catering to him, planning to kick back and play some video games before letting Keiran pound her perfect pert ass.

Unfortunately, Keiran has completely forgotten and decides to take a nap instead. When he wakes up, he has to deal with the agonizing sight of Jynx teasing him and threatening to go back to her old fuck buddy.

It's hard to say how long he can last with that perfect ass shaking in his face before he can't stand it any longer.

Brazzers Porn for $1

Eventually Keiran Lee is permitted to fuck her in the ass.  Jynx Maze has one of the hottest asses in the porn industry right now.  Watching her arse twerk in from on a POV camera is quite a sight.  Keiran Lee really has to squeeze his cock into her tight butthole.

This the 22nd time that Jynx has appeared in a Brazzers video.  Male porn star Keiran Lee has now performed in over 1250 Brazzers videos.

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Julia Ann Doctoring the Results

Julia Ann Doctoring the Results

In this Brazzers video called Doctoring the Results, Julia Ann has to help Keiran Lee provide a sperm sample at her sperm clinic.

Plenty of guys have to go and have a sperm test for various reasons. We all know that trying to masturbate under pressure is not the most erotic of  situations.

Doctoring the Results

Dr Julia Ann is a voyeur nurse.  She has secretly set up hidden cameras in her sperm clinic.  She like to watch guys masturbate into a cup.  She would sit in the office and play with her pussy as she watched hundreds of guys cum.

Julia would just normally sit and watch until the gentleman has provided his sperm sample.  But today she has noticed that her latest patient, Keiran Lee is struggling to cum in the pot.  She has been watching him for a while and she knows that he will need a helping hand to ejaculate.

Brazzers porn

If she was honest with herself, she just really wanted an excuse to go and have a suck on his big cock.  It's not often that she gets to see such a big cock in her sperm clinic.

Julia Ann Fucking Keiran Lee

She lets herself into the wanking room and offers Keiran Lee some assistance.  Keiran Lee takes one look at Julia Ann in a sexy nurses uniform with her big tits hanging out and and let's her get on with her job.

Julia Ann gets her big boobs out and sucks on Keirans cock until it was rock solid.  She still had not made him cum.  So she has takes off her nurses uniform and slides her pussy around Keirans huge erect penis.  She rides his cock with her big MILF tits bouncing in his face.

If this doesn't make him cum, then nothing will.

WATCH Julia Ann fuck Keiran Lee in Brazzers Doctoring the Result.  The latest porn video from Doctor Adventures.

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