Kianna Fulfills Your Fantasy POV Video

Kianna Fulfills Your Fantasy
Keiran Lee, Kianna Dior

It’s not very often that Brazzers produces a full POV porn video.  But with Kianna Fulfills Your Fantasy that’s precisely what you get.  Keiran Lee is behind the camera capturing every moment of Kianna Dior sucking and fucking his big cock.  This big breasted MILF has her tits covered up by a leopard skin print dress, but she is wearing no bra which produces a fantastic looking cleavage.  Of course, if she is wearing no bra, then you’re not going to be surprised that she is not wearing any panties either.

Kianna Fulfills Your Fantasy

This is the first time we have seen this hot brunette MILF since the very recent and excellent Hump and Splash the Nurse.  It’s very rare to find Brazzers leasing two videos starring the same pornstar so closely together.  But I’m not complaining.  Kianna Dior can appear in a new Brazzers video every week and I would be very happy indeed.  Those big tits and ass certainly know how to work the camera, and with male porn veteran Keiran Lee in control of the action, Kianna Fulfills Your Fantasy certainly does what it says on the tin.


One of the more difficult tasks of writing porn blogs about Brazzers videos is that the trailers are cut to show the intro and the hardcore sex interweaved with each other.  For me as a porn blog writer it would be far easier if the trailer had a beginning, middle and an end.  I could simply write the blog as I was watching it and review it much faster.

But they way that the Brazzers porn video editors cut the trailers is very clever.  Being able to tell a story and give as much of the best parts of the hardcore porn at the same time, is an art in itself.  When I am editing Fake Taxi porn videos, I tend to try and use the finniest lines from the intro and then show the sex in the second half of the video.

Kianna Dior MILF Pornstar
Kianna Dior MILF Pornstar

So in Kianna Fulfills Your Fantasy not only do we get to see her parading around her house in a very short leopard skin print dress, we also get to see her riding and sucking Keiran Lee’s huge white British penis.

I’m not 100% sure what character of role Kianna Dior is supposed to be playing, but she is leading Keiran in to the bedroom, fully intending to fuck his brains out.  I can only presume that she is some kind of sex worker that will carry out any sexual fantasy that you desire.

When I watching Kianna Fulfills Your Fantasy I’m wondering who is having more fun here.  I thought that she was suposed to be forefilling Keiran’s sexual fantasty, but the more I watch it, it looks as though it’s Kianna Dior who is enjoying this fantasy porn video.  Her pussy gets stretched by Mr Lee’s big long cock and he does a great job recording it in POV.  It must be a difficult job to maintain an erection, keep Kianna satisfied and keep everything in frame…and who says men cannot multi task?

Kianna Fulfills Your Fantasy is Kianna Dior’s 12th Brazzers porn video appearance.  Here are some of her other great performances in a Brazzers video :

Cleaning and Cumming

New To The Neighborhood

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Kendall Sweats It Out

Kendall Sweats It Out
Keiran Lee, Kendall Kayden

I seem to remember Kendall Kayden being a hot sexy blonde pornstar, and yet in Kendall Sweats It Out we find her with long hard brunette hair.  A quick look back at some of her previous Brazzers videos I can see that she was never the platinum blonde pornstar that I remembered.  In fact in her last appearance in a Brazzers movie called Letting a Stranger In,  she was a brunette and I never mentioned anything about her being a blonde back then!

Kendall Sweats It Out

So what does Kendall Sweats it Out have in stare for us?  Well, for starters it bring us Kendall Kayden with a deliciously shaven bald pussy.  As she plays with her pussy in front of the camera we can se that she must of shaven especially for this scene.  She look so smooth with no sign of growth anywhere, it’s very bald.


In the opening sequence we see the pretty brunette in a pink jogging outfit looking a little sweaty and jogging through a forest.  Her tits gently bounce as she pounds the pavement in a bid to keep fit.  She has jogged the gym and when she arrives, she jumps straight onto the exercise bike to continue her sweaty workout.  Her ass looks really hot in a pair of tight black hot pants that she has decided to wear to the gym.

kendall kayden pornstarKendalls aim is to get into shape for her husband.  She has been having doubts about her husbands feelings for her. Kendall has decide that she needs to make an effort to keep her man.  Miss Kayden is going to make her body to hot to resist.

There are some really great shots of Kendall Kayden jogging.  As she runs passed the camera we do get an awesome view of her sweaty body, bouncing tits and sexy little ass.

From watching the preview, it is difficult to figure out how the sex with Keiran Lee starts.  I can only guess that she returns home looking hot and sweaty, and that Keiran find her sweaty body a real turn on.  During Kendall Sweats It Out, Keiran Lee gets to fuck Miss Kayden in his favourite spooning position with his arm around her neck.  Her shaven pussy gets the fucking that she was looking for.

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Fuck This Dinner Party Up Gia Derza

Fuck This Dinner Party Up
Keiran Lee and Gia Derza

When you see the screenshot of this hot brunette below, with her long hair down wearing a hot looking red dress, you’re going to click on it right?  How can you resist Gia Derza bending over with Keiran Lee’s head stuffed in her ass?  In Fuck This Dinner Party Up you will get to see this wonderful pornstar from Ohio get her splendid looking ass fucked by Keiran’s big white cock.

Fuck This Dinner Party Up

Fuck This Dinner Party Up is Miss Derza’s 8th Brazzers porn video.  This time she is getting fucked deep in her tiny butthole.  She makes an entrance to her new boyfriends dinner party wearing the shortest of red dresses.  she really wanted to impress her new boyfriends family, but all she has done is made herself looking like a slut.


Everyone at the party could not believe how short her red dress was.  The other women at the party started to talk about her which really pissed her off.  Gia Derza decided to make sure that this was going to be a dinner party that was going to be remembered for a very long time.  When her boyfriend left the party early to attend a work emergency, Gia was left to fend for herself.  But she was not going to be treated like a dickhead any longer.

In Fuck This Dinner Party Up Gia knows that she has drawn the attention of Keiran Lee.  She has caught him several time eyeing up the fabulous looking body.  So when she knows that everyone was looking at her, she bends over right in front of Keiran’s face and gives him the perfect view of her ass in a tiny g-string.  With Keiran being a red-blooded alpha male, he could not resist sticking his face in to her asshole for a better look.

Gia Derza Pornstar Profile
Click for more Gia Derza Videos

Keiran Lee’s girlfriend went bat-shit crazy seeing her boyfriend with his nose deep in Gia’a butt.  But Keiran was passed caring. He was far too interested in the Gia Derza’s amazing ass.  Who can blame him?

That sexy ass does  look very inviting indeed.  Keiran’s girlfriend finally flips and thrown her glass of wine all over Gia’s short red dress.  A girl on girl fight breaks out, but Keiran steps in and takes Gia upstair to cool off and dry off her red dress.

Of course, Kieran has other plans for Gia once he gets her upstairs.  He is on a mission to make sure he fucks that ass.  Gia Derza loves getting fucked in the ass.  When Keiran makes his move, she is never going to say no.  In Fuck This Dinner Party Up Keiran Lee and Gia Derza have hardcore anal sex.  It is a fast and frantic sex scene that sees Gia getting her ass fucked by Keiran’s big toe!

For hardcore anal sex fans this latest Brazzers anal sex video is a must see.  Gia does have an amazing looking ass.  When she pulls her g-string to one side to show off her beautiful looking butthole, I’m sure there will be plenty of screen shooting going on!

FOOTQUEEN69 Blake Blossom and Keiran Lee

Keiran Lee, Blake Blossom

When I first read the title of this new Blake Blossom Brazers video, I thought “What the fuck is this all about?”.  Had the Brazzers writers made a bit of a cock-up when entering the scene details in the content management system? No, it’s actually a very clever title.  FOOTQUEEN69 is Blake Blossoms online foot fetish queen account name.  She is the star of online feet worshipping.  FOOTQUEEN69 has thousands of fans who pay good money to watch her play with her feet in front of her webcam.  What a great way to earn money!


This is going to be hard for me to write a 1000 word blog post about this new foot fetish Brazzers porn video.  As I has mentioned in other porn blog posts, I am not a big fan of the foot fetish niche.  Spitting, squirting and feet are some of the niches that I am not overly keen on.  But, 1000 words is my new aim per blog post so I need to have a good go at trying to reach that target.


One thing that does help me out is the fact that FOOTQUEEN69 stars the sexy blonde pornstar Blake Blossom.  This is her 3rd Brazzers video since making her debut in January 2021 when she starred in Fucking her Girlfriend’s Dad with Jmac.  She has quickly gained an army of fans.  Blake Blossoms Twitter account currently stands at 160.5K followers, and I fully expect that figure to grow very quickly over the next few days with this new Brazzers scene goes live on April 25th, 2021.

Blake Blossom Footqueen69Standing at 5 foot 7, we find Blake Blossom teasing her foot lovers on her web cam.  She is rubbing her tits through her white top and greeting her fans to her webcam show.  Blake is wearing some red ruby earrings and a gold neckless that has SLUT written on the centre piece.  We don’t actually get to see her feet during this short introduction, but it’s enough to make you aware of who Blake Blossom’s alter ego is as the video fades too black.

When the video fades back in, we find Miss Blossom being introduced to her dad’s business partner, Keiran Lee.  she is busy on her phone so she doesn’t pay much interest in Keiran Lee at all.  Her dad explains that she is back home for a week from college.  The dinner table is the next location in FOOTQUEEN69 and it’s where we find out that Keiran Lee is a secret foot worshipper.  He drops his fork onto the floor (accidentally or intentionally, I’m not sure, probably the latter), just to get a closer look at Blake’s feet.

Blake Blossom Foot Fetish Queen

When Keiran goes under the table to collect his fork, her notices Blakes feet.  He cannot resist touching them and slowly kissing her feet.  Blake Blossom does a great job in not reacting over the top and alerting her father to the fact that his business partner is under the table caressing her feet.   It’s then that she realises that her cover has been blown and that Keiran knows all about her secret webcam show.  As soon as Blake’s dad leaves the dinner table, Keiran confesses that he knows all about her.

Blake Blossom cleavageBlake decides to confirm Keiran’s knowledge by rubbing his cock through his pants using her feet.  this is too much for Keiran.  He has been watching her web am shows for a while and has fantasised about spunking all over her pretty feet.  He would give anything to be able to have his cock jerked off by her famous sexy feet.  Blake makes some suggestive motions with her eyes and walks upstairs to her bedroom.  As soon as her dad take an office call, Keiran shoots up the stair and walks into Blake’s bedroom.  The get haired Keiran Lee, informs the blonde Blake Blossom that he knows her bedroom like the back of his hand.

It’s now that we start to see just how much Mr Lee loves Blake’s feet.  He takes a foot by the hand and start to treat it like I treat my wife’s tits.  He caresses, kisses, rubs and worships Blake’s feet. This is all his sexual fantasies coming true…he can barely believe it!  Blake is more than happy for him to enjoy the moment.  She lays back and exposes her sexy blue panties.

When Blake Blossom suggests that Keiran helps her film film a few video clips of her feet on her phone, Keiran’ cock became rock solid. What an offer!  He thought he must be dreaming.  Maybe he fell asleep watching her web cam show and that this was all just going on in his mind.  Either way, he was going to make the most of it.  Keiran took hold of Blakes silver phone and laid back and waited for Blake to start using her feet to wank him off.  sure enough, its then that we get a good close up of Blakes feet with Keiran’s cock between them.  She was using her feet like they were her hands.

Blake Blossom Cum FeetWhen Blake had enough new footage for her foot fetish OnlyFans page, she decided to pay Keiran by giving him more than just a footjob.  We get to see Blake Blossom giving Keiran Lee and fantastic POV blowjob.  She takes his big white British cock down her throat like the pro that she is!  I fucking love the way that she looks into the camera with those blue eyes with dark eye shadow.

To be fair the sex in this FOOTQUEEN69 Brazzers porn video is fucking great!  Watching Blake Blossom riding Keiran Lee’s big dick is a one of the highlights for me in this foot fetish video.  As I’ve already confessed, I’m not a fan of foot worshipping, but watching Blake’s ass and tits bouncing when she rides cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, more than makes up for it!

This new Blake Blossom video is a must see for all foot fetish fans out there.  Even though I’m not a foot fan, I can appreciate that there is a large fan base out there for beautiful looking feet.

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Banging The Boss On Her Anniversary Abigail Mac

Banging The Boss On Her Anniversary
Abigail Mac, Keiran Lee

Banging The Boss On Her Anniversary

Abigail Mac is the pornstar of pornstars.  Her amazing body with perfect tits and ass have been gracing the Brazzers porn site since 2013.  She has now appeared in 66 Brazzers videos and I believe I have seen every single on of them.  Just don’t ask me question on ay of them, as I have a memory like a fish.  However, I do recall some classic Abigail Mac Brazzers videos such as, Morricunt vs. Dr. Poon – A XXX Parody and her last video called Big Tits Try On Haul

The amazingly sexy Abigail Mac is looking forward to getting out of the office and meet her boyfriend for their fifth anniversary date. Unfortunately, that boyfriend is a total knob head who cancels on her at the very last minute, leaving her horny and pissed off at work.


In Banging The Boss On Her Anniversary, Abigail’s boss, Keiran Lee, is in the right place at the right time and finds his sexy assistant now ready to have sex with him instead. You’ll love seeing Abigail dominant in sexy red lingerie, and ridung Keiran’s huge dick!

Watching Abigail Mac showing off her incredible body in a red lingerie set is one of the best sights you will see.  That body will go down in Brazzers history one day.  If there is ever a Brazzers Hall of Fame then Abigail Mac will certainly be one of the first names on that list!

In Banging The Boss On Her Anniversary we get to see Miss Mac 100% naked and getting fucked by Keiran Lee in her office.  There is some outstanding footage of her riding his big cock in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl position on the office sofa.  I love the way Keiran Lee spreads Abigails ass cheeks apart so we can get a close u of that sexy little asshole.

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Sweating Cleaning and Cheating Nella Jones

Sweating Cleaning and Cheating
Keiran Lee, Nella Jones

Sweating Cleaning and Cheating

Keiran Lee gets his hands on another Brazzers debutant pornstar.  Nella Jones is the latest cutie to be put in front of the Brazzers cameras and fucked by British male pornstar Kieran Lee. In Sweating Cleaning and Cheating, Nella Jones plays a sexy housekeeper who has a killer body.  As she tries to carry out her housekeeping duties, Keiran cannot take his eyes off her ass.  Nella can sense that Keiran is eyeing her up, so she teases him even more with her sweaty body.


With someone as sexy as Nella Jones working as his housekeeper, it’s amazing that Keiran Lee can get any work done from home on a hot Sunday afternoon. The fact that the AC isn’t working doesn’t make it any easier, seeing how it’s making Nella’s soft skin glisten with sweat as she cleans Keiran’s office.

In Sweating Cleaning and Cheating, Keiran’s bossy wife, on the other hand, would rather Nella work even harder and Keiran not work at all! Maybe if this husband and wife fucked more often, they wouldn’t argue so much… and maybe if Keiran fucked Nella’s sweet ass instead he’d have a good reason to take a break! Luckily for Keiran and Nella, that day has finally come, leading to sneaky hardcore anal office sex behind his wife’s back!

I’m always impressed with a pornstar makes her Brazzers debut with an anal sex video.  Nella Jones takes Keiran Lee’s big dick in her ass with ease.  she is certainly not a novice when it comes to getting her asshole penetrated.  I certainly enjoyed the way Nella liked to tease Keiran but lifting her skirt and showing off her sexy ass in a black thong.  I’d be very happy to see Nella Jones return again very soon!

Big Natural and Simply Lovely!

Big Natural and Simply Lovely!
Keiran Lee, Gabbie Carter and Skylar Vox

Big, Natural and Simply Lovely

Keiran Lee must be in heaven in this new Brazzers video. In Big Natural and Simply Lovely he has the company of Gabbie Carter and Skylar Vox who treat him to a big natural boobs massage routine.  These to natural boobed pornstars get covered in oil and rub their huge real boobs in front of Keiran Lee who knows that he will be getting his face buried in those real tits whenever he wants.


Gabbie Carter and Skylar Vox’s big natural tits look even better when they’re covered in oil and getting massaged by each other. This gorgeous pair warm each other up on the massage table, sensually rubbing one another until their mouths and pussies are wet and ready for Keiran Lee’s big cock… and a wild threesome!

From the very start, the director of Big Natural and Simply Lovely treats us to watching Skylar Vox walking around the outdoor swimming pool.  She is totally naked and her big boobs are bouncing up and down with every stride. I have the feeling that she is giving them and extra bounce just for the camera.

We are then taken straight into the massage parlour where Skylar and Gabbie Carter are already naked and getting down to business.  Gabbie is laid out flat on the massage table and Skylar is enjoying rubbing massage oil all over Gabbies big natural breasts.

This is perfect combination of blonde on brunette lesbian love making.  With them both having large natural boobs makes it even more appealing.  Keiran Lee arrives wearing the brightest yellow pants I have ever seen.  I’m surprised the girls don’t need sunglasses to look at them.

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Alone And Waiting Cecilia Lion Hardcore Porn

Alone And Waiting
Keiran Lee and Cecilia Lion

Alone And Waiting

Cheating videos rate very highly on a lot of popular porn web sites.  The thought of having a fling with the neighbour or fucking their spouses best friend feature very heavily.  I suppose it must be a fantasy for many people.  I’m lucky to have a sexy wife with big boobs so may mind never needs to stray.  In Brazzers Alone and Waiting, Cecilia Lion is desperate to have sex with her husband’s best friend, and with a smoking hot ebony body like hers, it’s not going to be difficult to get what she wants.


Cecilia Lion has grown tired of being left alone by her busy husband. She’s had her eyes on his best friend, Keiran Lee, for a long time now, and this hot and horny wife has made it no secret that she wants to cheat on her husband and fuck him. Keiran is a loyal friend and it’s going to take something special for him to cross that line… and that special something is Cecilia!

Watch Keiran Lee use his big British cock to penetrate Cecilia’s tight pussy.  She does not possess the big ass of today’s poplar pornstars, instead she has a tidy little ass that look awesome when she bends over for some doggystyle action.

Brazzers Alone and Waiting is Cecilia Lion’s 8th Brazzers porn video. She made her debut in March 2018 in a lesbian porn video with Ariana Aimes.  The lesbian romp was called Horny Vs Homebody and was a very successful debut.