Sinner At Dinner Kendra Sunderland

Sinner At Dinner
Kyle Mason and Kendra Sunderland

Sinner At Dinner

The blonde bombshell Kendra Sunderland is getting her awesome natural boobs out for her latest Brazzers porn video called Sinner at Dinner.  Just take a look at those sweet ass titties! What a pair of front bumpers she has on her.  It’s always a delight to watch those bad boys bouncing on the screen when Kendra rides cowgirl.


In Brazzers Sinner at Dinner she is performing with Kyle Mason.  They play a newly formed couple.  They have only been dating for a short period, but Kendra is keen to get inside his pants and see what type of cock her has waiting for her.  Miss Sunderland has arranged a quiet night in and a special dinner.  It’s not very often that she cooks, but tonight she wants to get her pussy fucked.

Kendra Sunderland wants to be Fucked at Dinner

In Sinner at Dinner we watch Miss Sunderland getting ready for her hot date.  She is pampering herself with all the right relaxation oils and tries on some new sheer underwear.  The underwear she is wearing is very see-through. It’s barely worth wearing at all.  We can see those big natural boobs and her sweet pussy.  She gives her tits a gentle squeeze in front of the camera which I thought was a nice touch.

She finishes off her outfit with a tie-dye top with a very low chest line.  Her spectacular cleavage is out on show and she is definitely making a statement to her date.  Kendra is putting out all the signs that she is ready for a real hard fucking tonight.  But Kyle is not showing any sign of coming onto her.  Kendra Sunderland decides to up the anti during dinner.

She starts to send Kyle some very sexy text messages.  She is flirting with him via text.  This certainly gets Kyle Mason’s attention.  When Kendra takes a topless photo of herself from the bathroom, Kyle knows he is in for a treat with Kendra.  When Kendra arrives back from the bathroom, they waste no time on waiting for desert.  Kyle dives into her cleavage and Kendra knows she has finally got her man.

Kendra Sunderland and Kyle Mason head straight for the living room to have some wild first time sex together.  They explore each others bodies but it is obvious that they both know what they are doing.  In Sinner at Dinner, Kendra Sunderland is looking very sexy indeed.  I loved the way she was able to tease and please Mr Mason with her outstanding tis and ass.

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Draped Over Kendra Starring Kendra Sunderland

Draped Over Kendra

Draped Over Kendra
Small Hands, Kendra Sunderland

I think we have a winner here.  The stunning Kendra Sutherland is back in this awesome new Brazzers video called Draped Over Kendra FULL VIDEO.  If you want to see Miss Sutherland all chained up and restrained, then this hardcore video will be right up your alley.  We get to see her sexy natural body restrained and dominated by Mr Small Hands.

Kendra Sunderland is a bombshell. A body that won’t stop, and an angelic face framed by flowing blonde hair… All hiding a devious nympho inside. Kendra teases us through veiled curtains, all curvy shapes and shadows, before pulling them aside to show off her pristine beauty amid matching silk sheets.

In Draped Over Kendra, she poses with her big natural tits barely contained in tiny lingerie, overflowing and begging to be free. Small Hands enters to worship Kendra but as soon as they get their hands on each other you can tell the energy changed. It’s not about teasing, now it’s about sliding her tongue along every inch of his cock, burying his face between her bouncy tits, and a bird’s-eye view of Kendra as she moans, writhes, and begs for more!

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Pink Pleasure Kendra Sunderland and Keiran Lee

Pink Pleasure

Pink Pleasure
Kendra Sunderland and Keiran Lee

When I opened up Brazzers this morning and noticed that there is another Kendra Sutherland video on the way, I was truly delighted.  Just looking at the screenshot of her is a set of stunning pink lingerie made my dick twitch.

Seeing Kendra laying on her bed in wonderful pink underwear with her big tits hanging out, along with her exposed pussy, was a great way to start the morning.  It’s Brazzers videos like this, make it worth while to get up at 0530 to write the review of Brazzers Pink Pleasure.


Even the opening shot in this new Kendra Sutherland video is pure class.  It’s just her bend over on the bed in a pink g-string on and showing off that awesome looking ass.  We are then treated to Kendra Sutherland shaking her big natural boobs at us in close up fashion.

Miss Sutherland takes Keiran Lee’s cock into her mouth and gives him a world class POV sloppy blowjob.  She is able to reach the back of her throat with ease and barely gags.  She is then bent over and fucked from behind as she talks dirty begging him to fuck her harder.

More beautiful natural hanging and swinging tit action is followed by Kendra riding Keiran Lee’s cock in a reverse cowgirl position.  She is jumping up and down on his cock like she’s riding a wild bull.

This fast rough sex is interrupted by more outstanding views of Kendra’s stunning tits and ass.  The cameraman must of really enjoyed this shot with Kendra Sutherland’s perfect natural boobs very close to his face.  We are also treated to some great piece of twerking from Kendra in that pink g-string!

As the trailer comes closer the the end, we watch Keiran Lee fucking Kendra Sutherland in more and more sexual positions including missionary and spoons.  But the main attraction for me in this Brazzers Pink Pleasure porn video, is just marvelling at Kendra Sutherland’s amazing body.  She has all the right lumps and bumps in all the right places.

The Clumsiest Girl In The World Kendra Sunderland

The Clumsiest Girl In The World

The Clumsiest Girl In The World
Zac Wild and Kendra Sunderland

I’ve just been to the gym and I ache like fuck, so it’s so nice to be able to chill out and write about awesome porn videos before I start my porn editing schedule for the day.  Today Brazzers bring us Kendra Sutherland starring in The Clumsiest Girl In The World.  Just by looking at the screenshot, I can tell that it is going to be a great video.  I love to see the brazzers pornstars on all fours.  But in the beginning of this new porn video, Kendra is on her knees cleaning.

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In The Clumsiest Girl In The World, she’s not the greatest cleaner in the world and she is constantly knocking things over with her big sexy ass and big boobs.  Doing the housework in a tiny white see through vest and short panties, is not the best way to clean the house.  She is also not wearing a bra so her tits bounce and jiggle all the time she is trying to get the house looking clean for her boyfriend, Zac Wild.

There is a great piece of footage when for some strange reason Kendra Sutherland get stuck in what I think is a cat’s play tower.  She leaves her arse exposed in the air and her tits hanging with her cleavage there for all to see.

Kendra Sutherland in Stuck

During The Clumsiest Girl In The World, Kendra Sunderland is the complete package. She’s got brains, she’s got beauty, and she’s got sarcasm drier than Mars. But nothing in this world is perfect… She’s a clutz. She spills her drinks, backs into trash cans, gets stuck in washing machines… You name it, she’s probably spent an uncomfortable amount of time stuck inside it.

We follow Kendra during her typical Sunday routine – cleaning up around the house in a comfy-yet-hot outfit that only she could pull off… Bashing into furniture, soaking her shirt, and maybe doing more harm than good…

I this Brazzers The Clumsiest Girl In The World, however, perhaps she can use this perception to get something a little bit more out of her day. A convenient cat tree, a believable backstory, giant tits hanging and round delicious ass wiggling… Zac will never know what hit him.

Unhappily Married And Horny Kendra Sunderland

Unhappily Married And Horny

Unhappily Married And Horny
Manuel Ferrara, Kendra Sunderland

The beautiful blonde pornstar Kendra Sunderland stars a cheating wife who needs her pussy fucked hard, just like the way her husband used to do.  Miss Sunderland gets her big natural boobs out in this new Brazzers video called Unhappily Married And Horny.

Manuel Ferrara is the guy who is to provide the big cock that her pussy is craving.  Kendra’s husband used to be able to fuck her all night long and give her multiple orgasms.  Nowadays, she’s lucky if she gets fucked once a week for more than ten minutes.


In Unhappily Married And Horny, To satisfy her pulsing pussy, Kendra Sunderland invites well-known womaniser Manual Ferrara to her house when her husband is away on a business trip.  For some reason Kendra gets in to a warm bubble bath wearing a very tight evening dress.  I think she is so pissed off at not getting regular sex, that she is losing her mind a little.

So when Manual arrives, she is soaking wet in a dress in the bath.  But Manual doesn’t give a fuck.  He knows why he is there.  He is just there to give Kendra Sunderland a good hard fuck that she will remember for the rest of her life.  Do get Mr Ferrara’s cock hard and ready, she gets on her knees and gives him a world class sloppy blowjob.

During Unhappily Married And Horny, from here, you will get to see Kendra’s big natural tits swinging, bouncing and hanging as he gets fucked in all sorts of sexual positions.  Manuel is able to fuck as fast and as hard as he likes.  He has just incredible sexual stamina.  Kendra Sunderland breaks out into several orgasms, especially when she rides on top.  You can see just how hard she creams all over his big thick cock.

If you like women with pieced nipples, then you are going to love watching Kendra Sunderland getting fucked as both of her big tits and there nipples pierced with a bar.  You will be able to watch the full video when it is released on September 28th, 2020.

Bodacious Bikini Threesome Brazzers

Bodacious Bikini Threesome
Mick Blue, Madison Ivy, Kendra Sunderland


Kendra Sunderland and Madison Ivy are two hot as fuck ladies in string bikinis just discovering each other’s perfect bodies. Kendra with her pale ivory skin, blonde hair, and big natural boobs.

Bodacious Bikini Threesome

Madison with her long brunette hair, big tits, and perfect tan. It’s no wonder they can’t keep their hands off each other! Madison breaks out a double-ended dildo and it’s a party. Both ladies show their cock sucking skills on the toy when Mick Blue shows up, naked, with a rock hard dick and ready to satisfy.

In Brazzers Bodacious Bikini Threesome Kendra and Madison are happy to share his cock and they start with a double blow job. Mick makes sure to give both girls equal time riding his dick, and Madison and Kendra keep both their mouths busy on each other. Both ladies love to share so much, they share a big facial load and end it with a lovely French kiss. Hot.

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