Fucking The Slutty Scrunchie Lickalikes

Fucking The Slutty Scrunchie Lickalikes
Kyle Mason, Kayley Gunner, Jenna Starr

Fucking The Slutty Scrunchie Lickalikes

I didn’t think it would be too long before we saw the sexy Jenna Starr return for another appearance in a Brazzers video.  Today she stars alongside Kyle Mason and Kayley Gunner who is also making only her 2nd appearance for Brazzers too.  This hardcore threesome video called Fucking The Slutty Scrunchie Lickalike show off Miss Starr’s beautiful big ass and Miss Gunner’s wonderful boobs.

Watching Jenna Starr crawling around on the floor in a pair of tight green hot pants is a real treat in the opening scene of this 3way video.  It is equally just as nice seeing the ex-female army officer Kayley Gunner on her all fours, totally naked in a high pony tail.


Jenna Starr is having a steamy affair with her roommate, Kayley Gunner. And Kayley isn’t afraid to get caught. But when boyfriend Van Wilde almost catches them making out in the kitchen, Jenna wants her to hide.

In Fucking The Slutty Scrunchie Lickalikes, she plays nice for a minute, but Van won’t beat it, so Kayley takes down Jenna’s shorts and eats her pussy while Jenna tries to play it cool. Van wants his big spoon to come to bed. So, Jenna agrees.

Kayley feels left out and comes up with a plan to change outfits and slide up next to Van and snuggle him. Van doesn’t mind and when he realises he’s in a slut sandwich, he’s more than happy. It’s like his dreams have come true.

I think watching the opening few moments of this awesome threesome will get you hooked straight away.  Both of these fledgling Brazzers pornstars have really hot bodies that make this scene a much see.  I think that it could easily be turned into a porn advert that will bring in plenty of click through members.

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Where The Sun Shines Abella Danger

Where The Sun Shines
Abella Danger and Kyle Mason

Where The Sun Shines

Even though I get no search engine hits or social media interaction when I post a Abella Danger porn blog post, It’s still great to see her in action.  We all know that Miss Danger can take a big cock in her arse and squirt pussy juice all over the place.  So Brazzers have put her in a scene with Kyle Mason where we get to see her do just that called Where The Sun Shines.


Wherever you are in the world, there’s nothing quite like a curvy girl in a sundress flashing you a bright smile. Whether you’re in blistering cold winds or sweltering heat, take a little break with Abella Danger bouncing around, flashing you quick glimpses of what’s underneath!

Bright fabric draped over a round juicy butt, perky tits begging to get some daylight! And if you’re good, maybe Abella will turn the playful chase into something a bit more naughty… Ah, sexy summer days are here with callipygian cuties!

Where The Sun Shines is another awesome display from Abella Danger.  She is still able to produce such energy and great personality in her Brazzers videos.  This is her 92 appearance in Brazzers video (including compilations).

Sinner At Dinner Kendra Sunderland

Sinner At Dinner
Kyle Mason and Kendra Sunderland

Sinner At Dinner

The blonde bombshell Kendra Sunderland is getting her awesome natural boobs out for her latest Brazzers porn video called Sinner at Dinner.  Just take a look at those sweet ass titties! What a pair of front bumpers she has on her.  It’s always a delight to watch those bad boys bouncing on the screen when Kendra rides cowgirl.


In Brazzers Sinner at Dinner she is performing with Kyle Mason.  They play a newly formed couple.  They have only been dating for a short period, but Kendra is keen to get inside his pants and see what type of cock her has waiting for her.  Miss Sunderland has arranged a quiet night in and a special dinner.  It’s not very often that she cooks, but tonight she wants to get her pussy fucked.

Kendra Sunderland wants to be Fucked at Dinner

In Sinner at Dinner we watch Miss Sunderland getting ready for her hot date.  She is pampering herself with all the right relaxation oils and tries on some new sheer underwear.  The underwear she is wearing is very see-through. It’s barely worth wearing at all.  We can see those big natural boobs and her sweet pussy.  She gives her tits a gentle squeeze in front of the camera which I thought was a nice touch.

She finishes off her outfit with a tie-dye top with a very low chest line.  Her spectacular cleavage is out on show and she is definitely making a statement to her date.  Kendra is putting out all the signs that she is ready for a real hard fucking tonight.  But Kyle is not showing any sign of coming onto her.  Kendra Sunderland decides to up the anti during dinner.

She starts to send Kyle some very sexy text messages.  She is flirting with him via text.  This certainly gets Kyle Mason’s attention.  When Kendra takes a topless photo of herself from the bathroom, Kyle knows he is in for a treat with Kendra.  When Kendra arrives back from the bathroom, they waste no time on waiting for desert.  Kyle dives into her cleavage and Kendra knows she has finally got her man.

Kendra Sunderland and Kyle Mason head straight for the living room to have some wild first time sex together.  They explore each others bodies but it is obvious that they both know what they are doing.  In Sinner at Dinner, Kendra Sunderland is looking very sexy indeed.  I loved the way she was able to tease and please Mr Mason with her outstanding tis and ass.

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Vibing 2 Bella Rolland Brazzers Anal Video

Vibing 2 starring Bella Rolland and Kyle Mason.

Vibing 2

We are blessed with a great anal sex video from Brazzers today.  Vibing 2 starring Belle Rolland looks to be an absolute belter of a video.  Just be the look of the screenshot alone, I’m really looking forward to seeing Bella’s ass getting penetrated by Kyle’s big dick.


Using a Vibration platform, Bella makes her ass wobble.  I’m not sure how these vibration devices are supposed to help people get into shape, but they sure make and interesting way to turn her boyfriend on.

In Vibing 2, wearing a tiny pair of sky blue shorts, Bella walks around the house with some of her butt cheeks on show.  She is getting ready to do her daily workout routine in the living room.  She begins with some gentle stretches that include touching her toes!  We get to see a fantastic close up of her juice round bubble butt, before she step onto the vibration platform.

Bella Rolland and her Great Bubble Butt

Bella soon discovers that she really enjoys the vibrations running through her body.  She slowly slips out of her sky blue shorts and tries to get her clit onto the vibration platform.  Surely that will make her cum very quickly.  It’s at this point that Kyle Mason appears and offers his cock to help her achieve the orgasm she desires.

In Vibing 2, it’s not her clit that Kyle is going to stimulate.  Kyle is more interested in Bella big butt.  Watching it vibrate on the vibration machine has made him desire her ass.  He pours oil all over her big butt and slips his cock deep into her round ass for a Brazzers anal sex video.

I’m wondering whether this video will be suitable to be transformed into a porn advert for tube sites.  I think it offers something unique in terms of the vibration platform and there are some great close ups of her face as her ass gets fucked.

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Prank Me and I Will Fuck Your Friend Mona Azar

Prank Me and I Will Fuck Your Friend starring Kyle Mason and Mona Azar

Prank Me and I Will Fuck Your Friend

The guys at Brazzers have written a really long description for this new Mona Azar video.  In the past I would have just copied and pasted it straight into this blog post.  But now that I am starting to see better search engine traffic results from posts that are 100% original I’ve decided just to keep on writing original text.

In Prank Me and I Will Fuck Your Friend Mona lives with a prankster.  Kyle Mason is always doing his best to prank her whenever possible.  Most of the time he pranks her in the bedroom which is just a good excuse to try and catch her naked.  But Mona has a boyfriend. So when he arrives to pay a surprise visit, Kyle Mason remains hidden in Mona’s bedroom closet.

Don’t Prank on your Girlfriend

Mona does not want her boyfriend to to think that Kyle is hiding because she has been cheating, so she stands in front of the closet for extra security.  But Kyle has a better idea.  With Mona Azar’s sexy ass right in front of his face, he cannot resist fingering her from behind.  there is nothing Mona can do about it.

In Prank Me and I Will Fuck Your Friend, finally she decides to let Kyle Mason out of the closet in a ‘gotcha’ fashion.  Her boyfriend finds the funny side and thinks it was a good prank.  Mona is not so impressed.  She has had enough of pranking in her house and goes for a shower.  The two guys decide to pay one more pranks.  Mona’s boyfriend tells Kyle to join her in the shower by pretend that it’s the boyfriend.

The joke is turned around on her boyfriend.  Mona is not happy that her boyfriend has decided to try and become a prankster too.  She reverses the roles and decides to fuck Kyle while her boyfriend watches.  This is the best revenge she can get to pay bak a prankster.

Prank Me and I Will Fuck Your Friend is only Mona’s third Brazzers Network porn video.  She looks to be growing in confidence and gives a great performance in this latest Brazzers video.

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Dicking Around The Kitchen Chores Sybil Stallone

Dicking Around The Kitchen Chores

Dicking Around The Kitchen Chores
Sybil Stallone and Kyle Mason

Holy fucking shit balls. Look at the fucking size of Sybil Stallone’s huge boobs.  They are fucking gigantic.  I love a big pair of knickers so let’s all enjoy this Brazzers video called Dicking Around The Kitchen Chores where Miss Stallone plays the big breasted stepmom of your dreams.

Sybil is busy doing the day to day chores.  She has decided that because she has the house to herself, she is going to do the housework in a very very short dress and no panties.  Her blue dress is so short that her huge ass sticks out at the bottom and barely covers that BBW ass at all.  She doesn’t care.  She’s home alone, so why should she care.

Miss Stallone is busy going about her business, washing the clothes, cleaning the fridge and making sure that everything is spik and span.  She is cleaning the fridge when she feels something brush up against her big beautiful ass.  It was he stepson Kyle Mason.  Her huge exposed ass was too much for his ragging hormones to take.

Fucked with her Head in the Fridge

Sybil Stallone had not realised that Kyle had decided to take a day off college and he had been watching her bend over whilst doing the housework.  He could not resist pushing his erect penis against her wobberly big booty.  Sybil was delighted that she was still able to attract a younger guy.  She pushed back against his cock and allows her stepson to fuck her from behind with her head in the fridge.

In Dicking Around The Kitchen Chores, Kyle Mason makes the most of the time he has to fuck such a horny BBW in his own house.  His dad won’t be back for a few days, so Sybil will be able to teach him all the right moves when it comes to fucking the larger lady.

Watching this outstanding hardcore BBW porn trailer, I can see that Miss Stallone never takes off her pink marigolds until the very end.  She even continues to clean the kitchen whilst Kyle cock her leg up for a great angle for the cameraman to see her big pussy.

Dicking Around The Kitchen Chores is another welcome BBW porn video from Brazzers.  I have noticed that they are becoming more and more frequent.  Maybe they have noticed a rise in web site traffic when they release a BBW video on their mega porn site.

Hime Brings Her Dildo To Bed Hime Marie

Hime Brings Her Dildo To Bed

Hime Brings Her Dildo To Bed
Kyle Mason, Hime Marie

If she wants to fuck herself with a dildo, then let her crack on with it.  Some guys work to hard all day to be able to keep up with a nymphomaniac for a girlfriend.  It sounds like a dream to have a girlfriend who just wants to fuck all the time.

But for Kyle Mason, it’s very tiring.  He spends 10 hours a day at work and then has to satisfy Mime Marie and her cock hungry wet pussy.


The sexy Hime Marie and boyfriend Kyle Mason are messing around before bedtime. Hime wants to get fucked, but Kyle is being a total nerd and wants to rest. When Kyle turns away, Hime decides to take matters into her own hands, by loading some porn on her phone and bringing a big dildo into bed.

Kyle realizes what’s going on and starts sneaking peeks at Hime. Now too turned on to sleep, Kyle decides to get involved and give Hime the good fucking she’s been craving.

Katy Jayne Massage Porn Video with Kyle Mason

katy jayne massage porn anal

On September 12th, 2020 Brazzers released a video called A Very Happy Ending which is a Katy Jayne massage porn video.  She gets her pussy licked and fucked by Kyle Mason.

This latest Katy Jayne Brazzers video starts with her doing some yoga exercises in her house wearing really tight white yoga pants and a white see through workout top.  She is grunting and groaning her way through her morning workout routine.


Kyle Mason is her local postman and her can hear Katy’s workout music coming out of her window.  He stops to looking to see what the music was for.  As he peeps inside, he can hear Miss Jayne on her phone talking to her masseur.  The masseur is explaining that he will not be able to make her appointment until a lot later.

Kyle climbs into Katy’s house and pretend to be her replacement masseur.  He gets his hands all over Katy Jaynes hot body.  He gets her turned on as he slides his hands over her perfect white booty.

In this Katy Jayne Massage Porn, when Kyle slips a finger into her arsehole, Katy realised that this was not ordinary masseur.  She gleefully allowed Kyle to continue to finger her arse hole and she pulled out Kyles cock and slowly gave him a deepthroat blowjob.

When Kyle had finished loosening Katy’s ass, he bent her over the massage table and fucked her deep in her tight butthole.  Kyle’s big fat cock made Katy Jayne cum very quickly.  She wanted more.  Kyle continued to fuck Katy in the arse in as many positions that her could get her into.