Caught Your Whaletail LaSirena69

Caught Your Whaletail
Michael Vegas, LaSirena69

caught your whaletail

Oh I do like a whaletail.  Seeing a hot babe wit ha great ass showing the top of her thong is fucking hot in my eyes.  In this Brazzers Caught Your Whaletail video LaSirena69 is walking around the house with a lot of whaletail on show and it is driving her roommate crazy.  Michael Vegas is also a big fan of babes with exposed thong on show and he just can’t help but to grab it ad try and convince LaSirena69 to let him see more of her amazing body!


When the sultry LaSirena wears her favorite g-string, its collateral whale tail is both a blessing and a curse. Sure, it looks damn good on her perfect butt, but the whale tail also becomes a target for LaSirena’s annoying roommate. In Caught Your Whaletail, any time he has a clear shot, Michael Vegas snaps the exposed fabric, until, finally, LaSirena snaps. She is so fed up that she chases him down and smothers him with her ass until he can’t take it anymore. After a stretch of ass spanking, butt worship and pussy eating, cathartic sex ensues.

LaSirena69’s ass sure does look sexy in her bright yellow thong.  There’s no way we can blame Michael Vegas for wanting to see more of her great ass.  During Caught Your Whaletail, this short brunette haired babe sure knows how to tease a guy, even though she claims she is not doing it on purpose!  Her tits also look fabulous.  They are half hanging out of her tight fitted white vest top.

Eventually she gives in to his constant requests to fuck her.  She pulls out those fabulous natural boobs and lets him motor boat them for all they’re worth!  There is some great 69 action in this LaSirena69 Brazzers porn video.  Maybe that where she gets her name from.  I’ve never been able to understand why she has a number in her name.

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Massage With A Strap-on Ending 2

Massage With A Strap-on Ending 2
Skylar Snow, LaSirena69 and AJ

Massage With A Strap-on Ending 2

Despite having a really strange pornstar name, LaSirena69 is growing to be one of my favourite pornstars.  Her big ass and fantastic natural boobs have slowing crept up on me since I first saw her in a Fake Taxi porn video.  Now she is one of Brazzers top performers and it’s easy to see why.  In this Brazzers Massage With A Strap-on Ending 2 LaSirena69 is joined by Skylar Snow and AJ in a great massage themed threesome.


LaSirena69’s injured boyfriend, AJ, is becoming a problem because he’s sore from too much fucking. She decides to book a massage to see if it’ll help his ailing back, but as soon as LaSirena catches a glimpse of sexy masseuse Skylar Snow, she decides that she’ll be better off taking AJ’s slot.

In Massage With A Strap-on Ending 2, LaSirena, eyeing some lesbian action, relishes Skylar’s hands all over her oily body, and she encourages Skylar to finger and eat her wet pussy. What LaSirena wasn’t expecting, though, is Skylar’s enthusiastic use of a surprise strap-on, which fills her up in unexpected ways. When AJ catches them, though, his back suddenly feels better, and he’s ready to join in for some hot threesome action.

If you haven’t already seen Massage With A Strap-on Ending  part one then you are in for a treat.  These massage porn videos are very popular.  However, this is the 2nd in this series and I really enjoyed watching both of these sexy pornstars with natural boobs making each other cum.  Even though the storyline was vey simple and obvious, Skylar Snow and LaSirena69 are two pornstars that I would be happy to watch over and over again.

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Selfies Before Sex LaSirena69

Selfies Before Sex

Selfies Before Sex
JMac and LaSirena69

I’m really starting to fall for LaSirena69.  Even though I’m still confused as to why she would have a number in her name, I’m really starting to fall for her infectious personality.  Not only does she has a great looking body, but I’m only now starting to appreciate her wonderful boobs too.

In Selfies Before Sex, we get to see her wonderful body in action.  She is in a playful mood as usual.  I think it’s her playfulness that I have come to enjoy about her Brazzers videos.  She really looks like she is having so much fun on set.

In Selfies Before Fucking, she is wearing a pink boob tube and tight white hot pants.  This horny short haired brunette is really enjoy herself as her boyfriend takes hot, sexy photos of her before they fuck each other.

LaSirena69 is fucking hot and she knows it. Ain’t nothing wrong with taking a couple selfies before sex, right? She’s so horny, she will dirty talk to you in English, in Spanish, but her favourite language of all… Sex!

During Selfies Before Sex, there is a good POV of LaSirena69 as she gets face-fucked hard by JMac’s big dick. Watch her get wet and moan as she gets pounded until she gets the good facial she’s craving!

Glistening And Dripping LaSirena69

Glistening And Dripping

Glistening And Dripping
Charles Dera and LaSirena69

I’m still unsure why she called herself LaSirena69.  It’s a strange stage name to give yourself.  why she decided to put 69 at the end of her single name, I will never know.  Who knows, maybe one day I’ll get to ask her in person.  Maybe it was lost in translation at some point when she was asked to create a stage name when she first go into the porn industry.  Coming from Venezuela there might have been some language issues for her in her early days.


In Glistening and Dripping we get to see this pint-sized pornstar getting fucked by Charles Dera.  Charles is a veteran male pornstar who gives hope for a lot of us men of a certain age.  He has managed to keep his body looking in tip top shape, giving us guys something to aspire to…or maybe it’s just me.

In the very first shot we see LaSirena69 introducing herself wearing a very hot looking bright green bikini.  We can immediately see what a stunning body this little Latina has . The bikini really highlights just how sexy she is!  She explains that she is here for Brazzers and pours baby oil over her body.

This Glistening And Dripping video turns into an exhibition of LaSirena69 showing off her hot body.  She gives her booty and slap and rubs her oiled up glistening tits in front of the camera for us to worship.  She is kneeling down in front of a blue leather sofa as she licks both of her nipples. On closer inspection, I can see that she has one nipple pierced…not both!

She is joined by Mr Dera who helps her to to keep her body oiled up and slippery.  He uses his hand to rub oil all over her sexy Venezuelan tits and ass.  Charles takes his time and puts in a little ass worshipping.  He loves slapping and rubbing her Latina ass for all it’s worth.

The reason why LaSirena69 is using so much oil is so that Charles Dera can slide his big cock effortlessly into her asshole.  Glistening And Dripping is an anal sex video, showcasing just how well LaSirena69 can take a big cock deep in her booty hole.  All 5 foot 11 of her enjoys having Charles’ cock buried in her cute booty.

In the trailer for Glistening And Dripping we really do get to see just how many great positions Charles is able to fuck LaSirena69 in the from.  She is no mood to let him stop.  She begs him to keep fucking her in the ass.  The action does cut away a few times to show more of her body in that superb looking bikini.

Towards the end of this Brazzers video, Charles spends a lot of time spanking her ass.  He loves to watch her big booty wobble every time his gives it a firm slap.  Her arse must of been a little sore in all departments after shooting this Latina anal sex video.

Looking thorough LaSirena’s back catalogue of Brazzers videos, I can see that she has appeared in 10 video now.  She looks to be a versatile pornstar too.  She as appeared in anal, threesomes, lesbians and group sex videos.

Although this is a great anal sex video, I’m still going back to look at her in that bikini.  I don’t think this video will be used as a viral Brazzers porn advert, but I’m happy to watch her in that beautiful bright green video over and over again.

Fucking Her Through The Shower Curtain

Fucking Her Through The Shower Curtain

Are you looking for that Brazzers video of that guy fucking her through the shower curtain.  Here are the details that you need to know about.


This video where you she a hot babe with big naturals, backing up against the shower curtain and having a big cock stuck in her pussy stars the wonderful Kayla Kayden, Small Hands and LaSirena69.

It is a threesome porn video that is split into two parts as the video is so long.  You can find Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd part one and two on this web site.

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Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd Part 1 and Part 2

Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd

Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd Part 1 and Part 2
LaSirena69, Kayla Kayden and Small Hands

I have decided to merge both of these new Brazzers videos together under one porn post.  I thing it would be wise to just have these two Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd videos together instead of making separate posts.  I enjoy watching any porn video that features the hot blonde pornstar Kayla Kayden.  To me, she is one of the most naturally good looking pornstars on the adult industry at the moment.

Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd Part 1 – When LaSirena69 walks in on Kayla Kayden masturbating in her bed, she climbs on top of her, surprises her, and decides to take over. Kayla is happy to let LaSirena finger and eat her tight, wet pussy, but what she doesn’t know is that LaSirena’s roommate, Small Hands, is lurking – and also eager to fuck. When Small Hands sneaks into the bedroom, LaSirena does her best to sexually distract Kayla while dealing with Small Hands’ disruptive presence.


After nearly getting caught, Small Hands escapes and leaves LaSirena and Kayla to scissor their way to multiple orgasms. But once they settle down for a nap, Small Hands sneaks back in and wakes an eager LaSirena up with a finger in her pussy, picking up where he nearly left off before. Can they keep their sexy secret from Kayla?

Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd Part 2 – With Small Hands nearly disrupting LaSirena69 and Kayla Kayden’s intense lesbian sex in the bedroom, LaSirena drags Small Hands to the bathroom so they can start fucking. But just as they’re getting into it, Kayla comes to the bathroom thinking that she’s about to join LaSirena for a sexy shower.

After hiding Small Hands behind the shower curtain, LaSirena tries to keep Kayla out of the shower by initiating more hot fucking, but Small Hands can’t contain himself. He rips a hole out of the polka dot shower curtain, creating a glory hole where he can spy on the lesbian action.


Small Hands, though, gets too turned on, and he can’t help but stick his hand, and then dick, through the opening to tease and fuck LaSirena. Although LaSirena manages to hide Small Hands’ cock by sticking it up her pussy, Kayla quickly discovers what’s going on – which turns out to be beneficial to everyone in the form of an intense threesome.

Luna Star Escandalo 2

Luna Star Escandalo 2

Escandalo! 2
Luna Star and LaSirena69

Sit back and enjoy this Brazzers Luna Star Escandalo 2 porn video.  This hot Latina threesome video also stars LaSirena69 and Chris Diamond.  The video is set in a hospital ward where Chris has to decide which of these hot brunette babes he has the go home with.

Luna Star gets her big boobs out and in convinces that if she sticks her tits on his face then surely he will want to take her home and fuck her hard.  But LaSirena69 has a better idea.  She takes off her panties and shows off her big perfect booty.

Chris Diamond has such a hard decision to make!  The only logical outcome would be for him to fuck them both at the same time and figure out for himself which hottie fucks him the best.

This LaSirena69 and Luna Star Escandalo 2 porn video is all done in the Spanish language and has English subtitles.  But that does not distract you from the hot porn action that takes place in this threesome.

If you are a fan of hot Latina pornstars with big tits and ass, then you are going to enjoy Escandalo 2 very much indeed!

Fingering her Big Ass in Front of the Dinner Guests

When Xander Corvus gets an eyeful of LaSirena69’s big ass in her purple dress, he knew he would end up fucking her.  There was no way that he was gong to let her leave without fucking her in the ass.


LaSirena69 walks into the dinner party looking as hot as fuck.  Her big booty looks amazing as she flirts with the dinner guests.  She is well-known to be a terrible flirt but she always leaves without getting fucked.  She is what I like to call a “PrickTeaser”.

Getting her Arsehole Fingered at a Party

So when Xander Corvus starts touching her up and she sips on her win, she does her best not to say anything.  She is going to let him feel her ass as much as he likes.  But when he lifts up her skirt, she forgets she is wearing no knickers.

Instead of walking away, she continues to enjoy Xanders wandering hands.  He gets his had deep into the crack of her butt before sticking a finger into her tight butthole.  He is doing this in secret while LaSirena69 continues to talk to the dinner guests.

When Xander attempts to slide two fingers in her asshole, LaSirena69 decides to take him into the bedroom to really get stuck in.  LaSirena69 loves getting her arse fucked.  This time she was not going to leave without getting her arse stuffed with a big fat cock.

This scene called Party Like a Finger’s Up Your Ass was a very popular porn video for Brazzers back in April 2020.

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