Which Ex Is Best Part 1 and Part 2

Which Ex Is Best Part 1 and Part 2
Lauren Phillips, Cecilia Lion and Steve Holmes

Which Ex Is Best

It’s a two part porno called Which Ex Is Best.  The redheaded MILF Lauren Phillips is looking her usual busty self and Cecilia Lion is looking very much like a hot college babe.

Which Ex Is Best Part 1

Sexy ebony and fun time college student Cecilia Lion recently started fucking an older woman, curvy redhead MILF with big boobs, Lauren Phillips. After a passionate make out session in the bedroom, Cecilia goes to the kitchen to pour herself a glass of water and runs into Steve Holmes, Lauren’s “loser ex-husband” who’s crashing on her couch after a rough breakup with another woman.


After flirting with Cecilia, Steve decides to try his luck at seducing her and succeeds, if only for one quick blowjob. Lauren enters and catches them, then runs out of the room, really angry. Cecilia goes to make it up to Lauren Phillips and proves that she really does like girls better than men… at least she thinks she does!

Which Ex Is Best Part 2

After waking up with her girlfriend, Cecilia goes to shower only to be interrupted by Steve, who joins her like it’s no big deal. Lucky for Steve, Cecilia is craving another taste of his big, hard cock and the two sneakily fuck in the bathroom before Cecilia crawls back into bed with her girlfriend, Steve’s ex-wife.


I’m hoping that they turn one of these Which Ex Is Best episodes into a porn advert.  I think any video with Steve Holmes makes a great porn ad.  Lauren Phillips amazing tits always impress me when they bounce all over the screen too!

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Shut Your Mouth And Fuck Me Ava Sinclaire

Shut Your Mouth And Fuck Me
Lauren Phillips and Ava Sinclaire

Shut Your Mouth And Fuck Me

We have a Brazzers debut for Ava Sinclaire in Shut Your Mouth And Fuck Me.  She is making her very first appearance in a Brazzers lesbian porn video with the redheaded fire racker Lauren Phillips.  What a way to make your entrance into the world of Brazzers.  Getting fucked by Lauren Phillips with that flaming red hair and fantastic rack.

Ava Sinclaire Brazzers Debut Video

So who is Ava Sinclaire I hear you ask.  Well let me enlighten you.  It’s Sinclaire (with and ‘e’).  She is a pretty blonde who looks very sexy in underwear.  Ava has a top notch looking body and an ass to die for.  She is one of the smallest pornstars on the circuit right now.  She is only 4 foot 11 inches in height, which makes her a perfect pornstar to be thrown around playfully on set.

I’m sure she will be used as a fuck doll in plenty more porn video is the very near future.  Ava Sinclaire can be dressed up to look like a pretty little teen, and she would be perfect for a college slut role.  I’m sure we’ll be seeing her performing both of these types of porn niche roles very soon.

So what do we find Miss Sinclaire getting up to in Brazzers Shut Your Mouth And Fuck Me?  Well she gets her face buried in a ginger chuff box, that’s what she gets up to.  In her Brazzers debut, she gets her wet tight pussy fingered and licked by the experienced bi-sexual pornstar Lauren Phillips.

Lauren Phillips is trying to get some sleep but all she can hear from the other room, is Ava moaning and groaning and having multiple orgasms.  Lauren presumes that she has a man in her bedroom and is getting fucked.  So Miss Phillips decides to investigate.  when she enters Miss Sinclaire’s bedroom room, she finds Ava all alone and fucking herself with a huge dildo.

Ava apologises and explains that she has not had sex for awhile and even though her dildo can make her cum, she needs something extra before she can relax and get some sleep.  Lauren Phillips asks her if she has ever been with a woman.  Ava explains that she is not a lesbian but Lauren is having none of it.  Miss Phillips show Miss Sinclaire just how great a lesbian orgasm can be.

The incredible lesbian sex in this Ava Sinclaire’s Brazzers debut takes place on a bed with silk sheets.  It’s definitely a perfect setting to have your first encounter with an experienced lesbian lover.

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Stiff Roommate Massage Lauren Phillips

Stiff Roommate Massage

Stiff Roommate Massage
Johnny Castle and Lauren Phillips

It’s not very often that I see a redhead and want to click on the video as soon as possible.  but when that redhead has great tits and and ass, then I’m all over it.  Lauren Phillips is one of the sexiest redheaded pornstars that I have seen.  I have a very select number of favourite redheads, along with Ella Hughes and Lenina Crowne.


In Stiff Roommate Massage Lauren gets her kit off for a fuck session with Johnny Castle. She knows that his body aches after his workout.  Miss Phillips has been living with Johnny and his wife for a while now and she has been desperate to get her hands on his big cock after accidentally seeing in the shower.

Lauren took her opportunity by offering to give Johnny a full body massage.  she lied about taking a massage course whilst in college so Johnny let her use her skills on his tired body.  After a few minutes Johnny realised that Lauren has no idea what she was doing.  But when her hands started to wonder under the towel onto his cock, Johnny let her continue.

In Stiff Roommate Massage, with Mr Castle now fully relaxed, Lauren Phillips too the opportunity to get her clothes off and rub her big tits all over him.  Johnny was not sure he was doing the right thing, but he sure was enjoying every second of those big boobs sliding over him.

Stiff Roommate Massage – SUMMARY

Johnny Castle hasn’t had a peaceful moment since his wife’s friend, Lauren Phillips, moved in with them. After Johnny comes home stiff from an intense workout, Lauren convinces him that a nice, oily massage would do him some good. When Johnny agrees, Lauren treats him to a full body experience he’ll never forget.

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A Crash Course In Independence

A Crash Course In Independence

A Crash Course In Independence
Lauren Phillips and Vanna Bardot

Lauren Phillips is in her bedroom. She is attempting to make her bed but she clearly has no idea what she’s doing. She sighs with frustration as her step-daughter Vanna Bardot happens to be walking by in the hall. Seeing Lauren get frustrated, Vanna pops her head in.


When Vanna asks her what’s wrong, Lauren laments to Vanna that she doesn’t know how to do basic household chores since her husband (who is now gone) used to do everything. Vanna offers to teach her. Lauren accepts.

In A Crash Course In Independence, first, Vanna walks Lauren through making a bed. As Lauren leans over to tuck in a corner, Vanna catches herself looking at Lauren’s body but shrugs it off, and Lauren doesn’t seem to notice. Meanwhile, Lauren finds herself doing the same thing, sneaking peeks at Vanna’s body when Vanna isn’t looking, but Lauren also shrugs it off.  Eventually, they are finished making the bed. Lauren is beaming proudly.

Over the course of the next several days, Vanna shows Lauren how to do various household chores as an attraction steadily builds between them.  Finally one day, Vanna is showing Lauren how to vacuum. Vanna gets behind Lauren and puts her arms around her to grab the vacuum.

During A Crash Course In Independence, Vanna is claiming to show her the proper stance but in reality, she is using this as an excuse to get close to Lauren. As Vanna shows Lauren how to stand, pressing herself against Lauren, the atmosphere quickly becomes charged. Soon, Vanna makes her move, gently turning Lauren’s face toward her and kissing her.  Looks like Vanna has a few more things to teach Lauren!

Estranged Bedfellows – PureTaboo

Estranged Bedfellows

Estranged Bedfellows
Lauren Phillips, Jane Wilde and Tyler Nixon

Evelyn (Lauren Phillips) is anxiously pacing in the living room. She seems nervous as she keeps looking at the door. Bella (Jane Wilde), Evelyn’s step-daughter, passes through the room, cheerfully greeting her but then becomes worried when she sees Evelyn’s anxiousness. When Bella asks her what’s wrong, Evelyn admits that she’s nervous to meet her new step-son, Ty, who is also Bella’s estranged step-brother. He is coming to stay at the house and should be arriving soon.


In Estranged Bedfellows, they are interrupted by a knock on the door. They both sit up, with Bella looking excited and Evelyn looking even more nervous. Ty (Tyler Nixon) steps inside with a grin. Bella excitedly runs to Ty and hugs him tightly. He seems just as excited to see her as he spins her around then sets her down. His hands lingers on the small of her back, though Bella doesn’t seem bothered by this, as if she’s too naive and excited to sense the sexual nature. Evelyn notices Ty’s touch and looks slightly weirded out, though she doesn’t address it.

During Estranged Bedfellows, Ty rubs the small of her back a bit, a lustful look crossing his face. Bella doesn’t catch the lustful look because his head is on her shoulder. Evelyn becomes more uncomfortable and interrupts, smiling.

A week later. Ty and Bella are chatting when he reveals that he came home because he’s broke. He also comes on more to Bella, who notices and becomes a little uncomfortable. Evelyn interrupts them and asks Bella to leave so that she can speak privately with Ty. Bella leaves.

In Estranged Bedfellows, Evelyn then confronts Ty about his inappropriate behaviour towards Bella, telling him to stop. But Ty isn’t threatened, instead revealing that he has dirt on Evelyn and will expose her if she doesn’t do whatever he wants. He tells Evelyn he wants her to seduce Bella.  Evelyn is shocked but reluctantly agrees, calling Bella back into the room.

When Bella returns, Evelyn starts coming onto her, leaning in to kiss Bella. Bella’s confused and shocked, pulling away. As Evelyn struggles to explain what’s going on, Ty makes Evelyn reveal her secret to Bella. Bella is crushed but Evelyn assures her she still loves her.  During Estranged Bedfellows, Ty orders them to have sex or he’ll reveal Evelyn’s secret, taking away everything she has, including her relationship with Bella. Despite their misgivings, the ladies reluctantly agree.

Peace Offering Silvia Saige Emily Willis Lauren Phillips

girlsway peace offering

Girlsway Peace Offering
Starring Silvia Saige, Emily Willis and Lauren Phillips

Silvia Saige and her stepdaughter Emily Willis walk up to the front entrance of a home. Emily seems nervous, while Silvia looks stern and determined. They are there to confront the parents of a bully who has been teasing Emily for being a lesbian.

Silvia rings the doorbell.  A moment later, the bully’s mom, Lauren Phillips, opens the door, smiling pleasantly and dressed in sexy workout clothes. When Silvia and Emily see Lauren, their eyes go wide, both obviously surprised by how hot she is. Silvia and Emily shoot each other a very brief ‘wow’ glance. Lauren looks puzzled, clearly not recognizing Silvia and Emily.


In Girlsway Peace Offering, when Silvia tells Lauren why they’re there, Lauren is immediately apologetic and invites them in.  Lauren, Silvia, and Emily sit on the couch as Lauren tells them that her daughter isn’t home at the moment.  There is then a somewhat uncomfortable silence as the three sit there. Finally, Lauren speaks up, revealing that she has recently come out as a lesbian.

Expressions of surprise cross the faces of Silvia and Emily. The hints of attraction towards Lauren flash in each of their eyes as they check out Lauren again. Almost unconsciously, Silvia and Emily then glance at each other for a second, clearly aroused. They lock eyes for a moment, an attraction between Silvia and Emily now blossoming too. After a moment, Silvia looks away.

During Girlsway Peace Offering, Lauren goes on to explain that her coming-out has caused her daughter to be angry with her and act out in various ways, such as bullying. Lauren offers to make it up to Silvia and Emily with a threesome. Emily is interested, and after a little reluctance, Silvia can’t resist.

This is one hell of a peace offering!!

Sucking Up To The Teacher Lesbian Video

Sucking Up to the Teacher

Sucking Up To The Teacher
Becky Bandini, Lauren Phillips, Lily Larimar

Becky Bandini shows up to a meeting called by Lauren Phillips, her 18-year-old step-daughter Lily Larimar’s teacher. Lauren is worried that Lily has grades so bad that she won’t graduate from high school. Lily is also there for the meeting. To Lauren’s shock, Becky is disappointed that Lily hasn’t sucked up to Lauren (as Becky instructed her to do). Resolving to show Lily how it’s done, Becky begins to seduce a flustered Lauren.

In Girlsway Sucking Up To The Teacher, Becky waves Lily over instructing her to ‘do as Mom does’. As Becky kisses Lauren’s neck, Lily follows Becky’s lead and goes to the other side of Lauren and begins to kiss her ear. Any protests that Lauren had are now silenced…she is putty in their hands.  Becky guides her daughter through seduction techniques. Lauren is still hesitant, but now lost in the physical pleasure of it, she doesn’t resist.

Soon, at Becky’s instruction, Lily kneels down and pulls up Lauren’s skirt and begins to eat Lauren out. As Lily licks Lauren’s pussy, Becky stands beside Lauren, kissing her ear.  This mother-daughter combo is giving a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘sucking up to the teacher’!