Fucked Out Of House and Home Part 1

This Hot and Mean lesbian porn video called Fucked Out Of House and Home Part 1 stars two hot pornstars called Victoria Cakes and Kenzie Reeves.  This is ebony pornstar Miss Cakes very first Brazzers HD porn video.


Victoria Cakes has hired Kenzie Reeves to babysit for her because she wants to head out for a hot date, which is long overdue.

However, Kenzie has invited her boyfriend, Small Hands, over to hang out, even though Kenzie knows this is strictly against Victoria’s house policy.

In Brazzers Fucked out of House and Home Part 1, although Small Hands manages to sneak past Victoria, she catches them making out on the couch upon her early return after her date goes south.

After dragging Small Hands out of the house, Victoria finds that Kenzie has made a mess and needs some disciplining if she wants to collect her babysitting fee.

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Close Quarters Demi Sutra and Lana Sharapova

Demi Sutra and Lana Sharapova star in this lesbian porn video called Close Quarters.  It is a We Live Together HD girl on girl video produced by Reality Kings. It was released on August 13th, 2019.


If you saw Demi Sutra in the popular Brazzers Blown Through The Roof, then you also enjoy her having lesbian sex in this new pussy licking video from called Close Quarters.


It’s the end of a long day and Demi Sutra is stuck on a rattling, rough, raucous subway ride. The jostling and crowd is forcing her uncomfortably close to the patient Lana Sharapova.

In We Live Together Close Quarters, each bump gets sympathetic smiles, quick apologies, and embarrassed glances away… But the close quarters just seem to electrify the air between them. Demi and Lana seem a bit pleased by the physical contact…

Are they being patient and polite, or restrained and eager?

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Abella Danger Master Debater RealityKings Hardcore

This is Abella Danger Master Debater which is a new RealityKings porn video that was released on 11th August, 2019.  She is tip top form as she gets naked for sex.

Abella Danger Master Debater

No war but class ware! I mean, war! Ugh… Things aren’t going well for Abella Danger in the regional debates…

Capitalist Alex Legend just seems to be appealing to the lowest common denominator and actually manages to WIN THE CUP, despite being a horrible pig!


Well, the moderator definitely took some interest in Abella’s rousing speech and left-leaning views, maybe she can provide a little comfort back stage?

Together, gorgeous Kit Mercer and stunning Abella Danger might be able to turn the tables on this pizza and porn-loving male…

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My Room My Rules Bitch Darcie Dolce Lesbian Video

Top lesbian performer Darcie Dolce stars with Chloe Cherry in My Room My Rules Bitch. We would all love to see Darcie Dolce in her first boy, girl Brazzers video, but I’m afraid that’s never going to happen…is it?

My Room My Rules Bitch

Darcie Dolce and Chloe Cherry are new stepsisters who have to share a room. The girls aren’t too happy about having to bunk with one another, and that’s because Darcie can’t stand Chloe!

While not an ideal situation, Chloe is willing to give it a shot but when her stepsister is insulting her and being a general brat, Chloe decides that she’s had enough and teaches her rude, disobedient stepsister a lesson she’ll never forget!

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Brazzibots Uprising Part 1 Angela White and Luna Star

Wow what a lesbian pair Brazzers have put together in Brazzibots Uprising Part 1.  A fantastic way to kick out a new Brazzers Series.  Big boobs and big ass all gong on right here.

Brazzibots Uprising Part 1

Three resistance fighters set off on a mission to destroy the Brazzibot manufacturing plant. Angela White leads Xander and Small Hands across the desert when they are stunned and captured by a Brazzibot scouting unit.

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Angela wakes up and finds herself locked inside a jail cell, guarded by sexy jail bot, Luna Star. After demanding to be set free, Angela is introduced to the leader of the Brazzibot Empire, Romi Rain.

In Brazzibots Uprising Part 1, Romi takes delight in antagonizing Angela, dashing her hopes of completing her mission, but this only motivates Angela to break free. Once Angela is left alone with Luna Star, she tricks Luna into entering the jail cell and quickly subdues the jail bot with her voluptuous body.

Now free, Angela goes further into the depths of the Brazzibot Factory to rescue her friends and blow up the facility!

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Brazzers My House My Rules Lesbian HD Video

Brazzers My House My Rules stars two hot pornstars called Molly Stewart and Desiree Dulce.  Brazzers have put them together for this Hot and Mean 1080p porn video.

Brazzers My House My Rules


Molly Stewart walks into her house early to find her husband cheating with his house calling escort.  She goes batshit and kicks him out of her house.

But she did’t say the the escort could leave.  Molly wants Desiree to stay and give her a sexual massage.  Surely she won’t mind sticking around and earning herself a few extra dollars.

Here’s the Full Brazzers My House My Ruled Description.

After a particularly long day at work, Molly Stewart wants nothing more than to come home, put her feet up and relax with her loving, trustworthy boyfriend. However, when she walks in, she finds her boyfriend getting ready to massage his mistress, Desiree Dulce!

In Brazzers My House My Rules, Molly Stewart kicks her no good cheating husband out the door and tries to figure out a suitable punishment for this slutty homewrecker…

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The Babysitters Anal Initiation Lesbian Video


The Babysitters Anal Initiation is a hardcore lesbian porn video starring Ariella Ferrera and Emily Willis.  Produced for Hot and Mean, this young on old girl on girl video will have you masturbating in minutes.


If you want to see a lesbian porn video where one of them gets a huge dildo in the ass, then The Babysitters Anal Initiation is the perfect porn video for you.  Ariella Ferrera is the dominant MILF that show Emily Willis just how to take a sex toy deep in the ass.

This is the classic babysitter porn scenario.  Emily thinks she is all alone in the house when Miss Ferrera goes out for the night with her husband.  So just like all good teen babysitters do, she starts watching porn and masturbating.

But of course, Ariella had to come home early for some reason and catch Emily with her fingers deep in her tight teen cunt.  Ariella was so surprised to see her babysitter masturbating on her sofa, that she could hardly speak.  Emily begged for forgiveness and said that she would never do it again.

Ariella Ferrera had other ideas for Miss Willis.  See a sexy teen babe half naked in her living room, made her feel very dominant.  She had not been with a woman since her experimental days in college.  See in Emily Willis in just her bra and panties really brought back some erotic memories.

This Hot and Mean porn video becomes one of this years raunchiest lesbian videos produced by Brazzers.  It’s the first time in 2019 that I have seen a strap-on dildo scene when the sex toy is used for anal sex between two women.

Thank you Brazzers for making this scene.  I really enjoy watch women fuck each other with strap-ons.  I was once the proud senior video editor for Strapon.xxx.

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Brazzers Lapdancers Last Laugh Full HD



Today we have a special treat, it’s Madison Ivy and Monique Alexander in Brazzers Lapdancers Last Laugh.  This is a lesbian video not to be missed!

Two of the world most popular pornstars star together in this Hot and Mean lesbian HD porn video.  It’s fantastic to see Brazzers get these to top rated sexy babes together for a girl on girl video.

Madison Ivy takes a seat in the VIP room at the strip club and loves what she sees when the sexy Monique Alexander makes a grand entrance and privately performs for her.

In Brazzers Lapdancers Last Laugh, Monique rubs her hot body over Madison’s, sensually teasing her during a lapdance, but she has a surprise in store for her. Madison wronged Monique in the past, and Monique has not forgotten about it, now seizing the opportunity to get even, and get off!

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Brazzers Get Your Own Room Eliza Ibarra and Sabina Rouge


Brazzers Get Your Own Room stars Eliza Ibarra and Sabina Rouge in a Brazzers Hot and Mean HD lesbian porn video.  They have hardcore girl on girl sex together.


Sabina Rouge has been feeling really horny all day.  Her boyfriend is away on a college trip so her usual daily fucking is not around to satisfy her pussy.  All she could think about was getting to bed early and playing with her pussy.  She was hoping that masturbating would satisfy her sexual cravings until her boyfriend returned.

Laying in her bed totally naked, she was just about to slip her fingers into her wet pussy.  But just before she reached her clit, there was a knock at her bedroom door.  It was her step mom and her step sister.  Her step sister, Eliza Ibarra, could not stay in the guest room because the decorations where not finished, so she would have to share a bed with Sabina.

This was not good news.  After waiting the whole day to start masturbating, she would now have to wait until the morning.  With Eliza now in her bed, and also completely naked, Sabina tried desperately to get to sleep, but she just couldn’t stop thinking about cock.  When she thought that her step sister was asleep, she tried to silently masturbate.

Miss Rouge got so carried away fapping, that she started to moan and groan her way to an orgasm.  Her loud moans woke her step sister up.  Miss Ibarra caught Sabina with her hand over her pussy.  Sightly embarrassed, Sabina explained that she just needed to cum before she could get to sleep.

With a sly smirk on her face, Eliza explained that she had just discovered that she was bi-sexual.  Sabina, slightly shock by this revelation, thought that maybe she could try and see if she could be turned to girl on girl loving.

Brazzers Get Your Own Room is a lesbian experimental video where two step sisters, share a bed and try lesbian sex together.

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