Picture-Perfect Seduction Girlsway

Picture-Perfect Seduction

Picture-Perfect Seduction
Candice Dare, Alison Rey and Casey Calvert

Candice Dare is excited as she shows her friend, Alison Rey, into her new massage parlor. Alison is there that day to help her with getting assets to promote the parlor. You see, Candice hired a marketer, Casey Calvert, who is coming in to get pictures and videos of Candice massaging Alison so that they can start bringing in customers!

When Casey arrives, she gets down to business, having Candice do a mock massage with Alison. Candice and Alison are willing to do whatever Casey says since she’s the one who knows what she’s doing. However, it doesn’t take long for the mock massage to turn into something a bit too real for them as Casey starts encouraging them into sexier and sexier positions.

It seems like Casey’s all about catching how sensual a massage is, which naturally builds heat between the two friends… Then Casey suggests giving Alison a happy ending to REALLY drive the point home! Although the friends are a bit nervous, who are they to argue with an expert??

Candice and Alison give it they’re all for the camera, although it doesn’t take long for them to forget Casey’s even there! As they hungrily eat out each other’s pussies, Casey is never far away. Candice isn’t sure how much of this she can REALLY use to promote her business, but she’ll definitely work with Casey again!


Mind Body Strap-On Abella Danger Ember Snow

Mind Body Strap-On

Mind Body Strap-On
Abella Danger and Ember Snow

Good lord, what a sight to see first thing in the morning.  I’m usually at my desk anywhere between 0600-0630 to start writing for this porn blog.  This morning I am greeted by the splendid sight of Abella Danger throat fucking Ember Snow with a big red strap-on dildo.


Not only do we see Ember’s throat being fucked, but the screenshot also shows Abella Danger’s big booty straight in your face.  What a great way to start the morning.  I have a feeling that Brazzers Mind Body Strap-On is going to be a very popular porn video indeed.

Mind Body Strap-On is a girl on girl video. It starts with Abella Danger practising her yoga skills as she waits for her first client of the day.  The dark haired and tanned skinned Ember Snow arrives for her very first yoga lesson.  She looks a little nervous about being instructed by such a beautiful woman.

Miss Snow is wearing a pair of peach coloured tight yoga pants with a bit of camel toes showing through.  Her body looks incredible with a white vest on, barely covering her great boobs.  When Abella starts to instruct Ember on how to stretch, we get to see these two outstandingly sexy women in all their glory.  They both have fantastic looking bodies.

In Mind Body Strap-On Ember is unsure about Abella’s yoga methods.  She seems to be spending a lot of time with her hands on her body. Abella touches Ember in places that she is not used to having women touch.  But she lets it fly as Miss Danger’s yoga classes come very highly recommended by her friends.

It’s only when Abella rips open Ember’s peachy yoga pants and exposes her big booty, that Ember realises that this is going to be no ordinary yoga session.  Abella fingers Ember’s pussy from behind and makes her pussy wet.  Ember Snow is going to be having lesbian sex with Abella Danger in the yoga class.

The Brazzers Mind Body Strap-On trailer shows so much lesbian porn.  Abella makes Ember squirt using a vibrator before revealing her big red strap-on that she uses to penetrate Embers soaking wet pussy.  In the short trailer I thing you get to see all the lesbian moves that Abella Danger can thinking of.  I especially enjoyed watching the doggy-style sequence with Abella fucking Ember from behind and making her cum.

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Girlsway Conning Mommy Chloe Cherry Sheena Ryder

conning mommy

Girlsway Conning Mommy
Chloe Cherry and Sheena Ryder

Chloe Cherry is a con artist hoping to hit the jackpot with Sheena Ryder, who is newly widowed. You see, Sheena’s step-daughter ran away a few years ago after she turned 18 and now Chloe is pretending to be that long-lost step-daughter to get an inheritance. If all goes well, this will be the best con she’s ever pulled!

When Chloe first meets Sheena, Sheena is skeptical but hopeful about potentially having her daughter back. Chloe tries her best to win Sheena over, and SEEMS to succeed… but then Chloe starts getting hints that she might be in over her head. When Sheena starts coming onto her, she’s shocked to learn that Sheena and her daughter were intimately involved!

In Girlsway Conning Mommy, since she’s in too deep and doesn’t want her cover to get blown, Chloe keeps going with the charade… and soon has her legs spread open wide with Sheena’s face in her pussy! Can Chloe keep up the ruse??

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A Messy House Is A Horny House

A Messy House Is A Horny House

A Messy House Is A Horny House
Phoenix Marie and Mini Stallion

Petite ebony pornstar Mini Stallion gets the Phoenix Marie treatment in Brazzers A Messy House Is A Horny House.  Her tiny little body is used as a personal sex toy by one of the worlds most dominating pornstars, Phoenix Marie.

Miss Stallion is supposed to be tidying the house.  She has been given strict instructions from her new blonde stepmom.  The house is a little untidy after the weekend of having friends stay over.  But Mini is not in the mood to be told what to do by a stepmom that she has only known for a few months.  She is tired of being bossed around by her Dad’s busty new trophy wife.


In A Messy House Is A Horny House, Mini gets a call from her BF.  He wants to come and fuck her, but he is stuck out of town.  Mini decides that if her can’t come to the house, she would put on a show for him using her mobile phone.  She live streams herself fingering and playing with her pussy.

When she got very close to orgasm, Phoenix Marie returns to find Mini with her fingers in her pussy and live streaming all of it on her phone.  Miss Marie is furious.  She snatches the phone away and demands that Mini gets on with the housework.  Mini does and she is told. She has never seen Phoenix Marie so angry.  Mini gets on her knees a start picking things off the floor.

This is when Phoenix noticed that Mini Stallion has a jewelled butt-plug inserted up her tight little ass.  Phoenix suddenly becomes aroused and her old high school lesbian experiments suddenly come rushing bak into her head.

During Brazzers A Messy House Is A Horny House, Mini is order to get back on the sofa and open her legs.  Her stepmom now wanted her to continue fingering herself.  Phoenix watches her ebony stepdaughter masturbate while she rubs her big boobs.

Noticing that Mini is still a little nervous about playing with her pussy in front of her, Phoenix take off all of her clothes and starts masturbating too.  But Phoenix is not anywhere near climaxing, so she orders Mini to lick her pussy.  This is the first time that teen babe, Mini Stallion has ever licked a MILF pussy.

Phoenix Marie has to guide Mini through how to lick a pussy properly.  She gets very frustrated with her lack of enthusiasm, so she has to be very dominating over her stepdaughter to make sure that she got the orgasm that she wanted from her.

At the end of A Messy House Is A Horny House, once both Phoenix and Mini both had lesbian sex act induced orgasms, Mini was still left to clean up the house.

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The Ends Justify The Means Emma Hix Nina Elle

The Ends Justify The Means

The Ends Justify The Means
Woman Seduces Egomaniac Boss For Mysterious Purposes starring Emma Hix and Nina Elle.

Vanessa (Emma Hix) is on a mission. When she arrives at Miranda (Nina Elle)’s office for a job interview, she is ready. She needs to ace this interview not only for herself but her mother.

Miranda is a cold, heartless, and self-absorbed boss. As Vanessa is interviewed, Vanessa tries to sell herself to get close to Miranda. Even if she doesn’t actually have the experience needed for this job, Vanessa shows how eager she is and how willing she is to do anything. Miranda is impressed and gradually lets her guard down… which is precisely what Vanessa needs.

In The Ends Justify The Means, Vanessa’s mother used to work for Miranda and was wrongfully let go. Vanessa is determined to find out exactly WHY Miranda terminated her and get proof to go along with it. She needs to avenge her mom and anyone else who has ever fallen victim to Miranda’s selfish ways.

But when Miranda ends the interview too soon for Vanessa to get anything concrete, Vanessa goes all in. Without missing a beat, she offers her body to Miranda to seal the deal. Miranda’s true colors show through as she readily accepts the condition, eager to get a taste of Vanessa’s sweet pussy…

Little does Miranda know, she’s just walked straight into Vanessa’s trap.

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Supernaturally Stacked Finding Goddess

Supernaturally Stacked: Finding Goddess

Supernaturally Stacked Finding Goddess
Sovereign Syre and Skylar Snow

Sovereign Syre is relaxing in her home when there is a knock on the door. She’s surprised since she’s not expecting anyone, but answers the door. Skylar Snow is standing there.

Skylar is awestruck, as if she’s seeing a celebrity. She’s so stunned she says nothing as she stares at Sovereign. Sovereign is amused but also a bit weirded out. She invites Skylar inside. Skylar squeaks with excitement and hurries inside.

In Supernaturally Stacked Finding Goddess, Skylar explains that she’s been tracking Sovereign, insisting that she knows her true identity as an ancient goddess of sex and sensuality. Sovereign casually tries to play it off, though doesn’t seem too concerned. But Skylar pushes, insisting that she KNOWS Sovereign is a goddess and that she’s been tracking Sovereign for as long as she can remember. She’s built her entire career around Sovereign, in fact.

During Girlsway Supernaturally Stacked Finding Goddess, Sovereign is touched by how devoted Skylar is being. Finally, she admits to being the goddess that Skylar has been searching for, revealing that she disappeared among humans once they stopped believing in gods. Skylar, overcome with happiness, insists that SHE still believes in Sovereign. Sovereign is so touched that she offers to reward Skylar for her faithfulness and dedication – by making passionate love to her.

Skylar’s long search is finally over, but can she keep up with an all-powerful goddess?

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Girlsway Keeping Calm Under Pressure

Girlsway Keeping Calm Under Pressure

Keeping Calm Under Pressure
Skylar Snow and Sovereign Syre

Skylar Snow arrives for her job interview. She looks nervous but excited as manager Sovereign Syre shows her in and invites her to sit down. Sovereign seems firm but polite, asking pertinent questions about Skylar’s work experience.

But Sovereign wants to make sure that Skylar can perform under pressure, so she decides to test this by fingering Skylar as Skylar has to explain various marketing strategies. Trying to fight through the pleasure, Skylar answers Sovereign’s question successfully as Sovereign rubs her clit.


During Girlsway Keeping Calm Under Pressure, as Skylar gasps with pleasure, Sovereign’s landline phone rings. Sovereign grins mischievously and asks Skylar to take the call.  Skylar is flustered but agrees. Sovereign lowers her head and begins eating Skylar’s pussy as Skylar picks up the phone. She introduces herself to the accountant, explaining that she will be handling the call since Sovereign is unavailable.

In Girlsway Keeping Calm Under Pressure, Skylar speaks to the accountant, talking about various cost-cutting measures, such as scaling back expense accounts, and company-wide layoffs, all the while struggling to maintain her composure as Sovereign eats her pussy.  There are a couple of moments during the conversation when Skylar gasps or lets out a moan and has to make excuses to the accountant so that she doesn’t get caught.

Sovereign is impressed and wants Skylar to demonstrate that she can take the initiative. Skylar takes her meaning and begins to eat Sovereign’s pussy.  This is clearly not an average job interview!

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Pay Attention To My Pussy Gabriella Paltrova Luna Star

Pay Attention To My Pussy

Pay Attention To My Pussy
Gabriella Paltrova and Luna Star

If you were faced down by Luna Star trying to make you eat her pussy, how long would you be able to resist burying you face into her sweet juicy pussy?  Gabriella Paltrova is not doing a very good job at friend listening to luna’s problems.  Luna is fed up with her husband, but Miss Paltrova is too busy listening to her music on her ear pods to give a damn about Luna’s problems with her marriage.

Luna Star gets really angry about the fact that one of her besties is not interested in hearing about her woes.  She really needed somebody to off load to.  Miss Star has been having problems in the bedroom department with her husband.  It was as though he was no longer interested in fucking her hot Latina body anymore…maybe he was having an affair.

In Pay Attention To My Pussy, Luna wanted Gabriella’s help in deciding how to get her husband to start fucking her again.  But Miss Paltrova was in no mood to be a listening post.  Luna had enough of being ignored.  She confronts Gabriella by taking out her ear pods.  Not only does she take them straight out of ears, Luna Star sticks the ear pods straight up her pussy.  It was up to Gabrialla Paltrova to retrieve them if she wanted them.

Luna Star Sex with Gabriella Paltrova

Gabriella Paltrova and Luna Star have rough lesbian sex in the kitchen.  By the time they are finished fucking each other, they are both completely naked and shattered by multiple orgasms that they have given each other by fingering and licking each others pussies.

Watching Pay Attention To My Pussy, I loved seeing Luna trying to talk to Gabriella.  Luna is wearing a low cut dress that really exposes that fine looking Latina cleavage.  It’s fucking perfect.  This is one of those videos where you are continuously asking yourself why the hell wouldn’t her husband want to fuck her every day…I would be trying to fuck her twice a day…at least.

Brazzers do not use many lesbian porn videos on their ad network, but I would hazard a guess and say that we might be seeing Luna Star inserting ear pods inot her pussy used in a tube site advert in the near future.  It is one of those porn moments that really catches the eye.

We will be able to watch this full length girl on girl lesbian lust fest called Pay Attention To My Pussy on November 3rd, 2020.

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