Brazzers Shower Squirt Luna Star and Damon Rise

Brazzers Shower Squirt

Brazzers Shower Squirt
Damon Dice and Luna Star

Luna Star is totally naked, wet and tanned.  I think this is one of her best Brazzers videos I’ve seen this year…maybe it’s her first video of 2021…still, it’s a fucking awesome shower sex porn video. [ WATCH FULL VIDEO ]  Luna shares the shower with her suction dildo that she sticks the the glass shower curtain.  She’s placed it at the perfect height to be able to back her pussy onto and fuck herself as the shower pours all over her amazing body.

In Brazzers Shower Squirt, Damon Rice can only look on in awe as Luna soaps herself up and give Damon one hell of a show.  She rubs her big tits and fingers her soaking wet pussy as Damon’s cock begins to throb in his pants.  When he can’t resist any further Damon strips off and join Luna in the shower.

Brazzers Shower Squirt – Video summary

Luna Star a.k.a. the goddess of porn, cannot take a shower without enjoying herself at least a little. She even stuck a dildo on the glass wall, so she can ride whenever she wants.

As she’s blissfully masturbating under the warm stream, the horny Damon Dice peeps on her. It doesn’t take too long before Luna finds him, and instantly decides to give him a show. Fierce Luna deepthroats the dildo, foreshadowing the crazy stuff she’ll do with his cock when he’ll finally join her in the shower.

Brazzers Red Flags Xander Corvus, Luna Star

Brazzers Red Flags

Brazzers Red Flags
Xander Corvus, Luna Star

Luna Star is feeling very romantic tonight.  She has decided to cook her boyfriend a romantic meal.  she is even wearing a sheer blouse so he can see her wonderful tits as soon as he walks in from work.  But as time ticks by, Luna stars to think that Xander is seeing another woman.

So when Xander Corvus returns home, Luna fires into him about her suspicions of his affair.  No matter how much he tries to defend himself, Luna continues to quiz him about who the other woman is.


Finally in Brazzers Red Flags, Luna decides that the best way to keep her man is to remind him of just how great at fucking she is.  Luna Star takes off her clothes and shows off her Latina body.  Her big sexy ass and big tits and flaunted in Xander’s face.

Luna is so fucking horny and angry, she performs some of the hardest and fastest blowjob and anal sex I have seen her perform in a while.  When she rides Xander’s cock in her arse I was worried she might pull up too far and land back down on his cock and destroy it.  But I need no fear.  Luna Star is a professional and knows just how to let a big dick fuck her Latina asshole.

In Brazzers Red Flags, Luna Star is making dinner for her boyfriend Xander Corvus. But it isn’t the oven that’s heating up the food, it’s Luna’s rage, because Xander is five minutes late. And there’s only one reasonable explanation: that jerk is cheating on her.

When Xander gets home, Luna confronts him, but Xander is adamant that there is no other woman in his life. And let’s be real: if you were dating someone as sexy as Luna Star, why would you possibly need to cheat? Luna’s still suspicious, so she reminds this potential cheater that his dick belongs to her.

Brazzers Red Flags In-Depth Description

The background is of a sitting room. The walls are white, with one section having a stone like effect. There is also a large window letting in bright light. In the room there is a large, blue sofa in an L shape. It has a criss cross pattern with circular indents. The flooring is a grey lament behind the sofa and there is a patterned rug of blue and brown in front of the sofa.

On the sofa there are two people, a Luna Star and Xander Corvus. They are both sitting on the sofa, with the Luna leaning over the Xander. Her hand is on his shirt, she has an angry expression on her face whereas the he seems defensive and has both hands in the air in confusion and he shows the same expression.

Xander Corvus has light brown and slightly curled, with a large, ruffled beard that is a darker brown. He wears a checkered shirt of light and dark blues and there is a watch on his left hand. His trousers are of light denim.

Luna Star has black curled hair, wearing a top that is black with red flowers on it and is slightly sheer and cropped. Her bottoms are light blue with white string that creates a ribbed effect, showing most of her legs.

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We Love Luna Star Porn Videos

This is my latest in the We Love…series of porn blog posts.  Today I have created this We Love Luna Star post.   With her big tits and amazing ass, there’s little wonder why she is one of the most recognisable pornstar on the planet. 

Born in Cuba, Luna star departed her birth home and headed for the bright lights of Miami in search of a college degree but she soon found herself in hot demand for porn that she believes she was born to do.

Here are some of my personal favourite Luna Star porn videos from top rated porn site on the internet :

In Reunited And She Looks So Good Luna Star wears a stunning dark red dress that shows off her incredible figure.  With her fantastic cleavage on show, she looks a million dollars as she steps into a college reunion ball.  Those dark brown eye and long brunette hair, catches all the guys attention and there is a scramble to inside her dress.

Reunited And She Looks So Good

But it’s Isiah Maxwell who is the lucky bastard who gets to get his big black cock buried deep inside Luna Stars Latina pussy.  Luna Str and Isiah Maxwell reignite their old flame by having hardcore sex in the rest room and leaving their current partners in the party.

My next choice of Luna Star porn videos is a classic.  In Grocery Store MILF, Miss Star gets her arse fucked on the floor of a real grocery store.  I hadn’t seen anything like it before.  It was a crazy anal sex video.  A totally insane show of anal sex in a public place.

Grocery Store Milf

Ricky Spanish is the male pornstar that watches Luna fuck herself with a big long cucumber.  She teases him by inserting it deep into her pussy and then rubbing her arsehole with it.

I’m was amazed to see these two pornstars having anal sex in the grocery store.  It’s such an insane porn video.  Definitely a must watch for all new and old fans of this Cuban babe.

For my final selection for this We Love Luna Star video collection, I have chosen a video called Latina Hiker Makes Outdoor Sextape.  I like this outdoor hardcore sex video because it a Luna Star video where she has dyed her hair blonde.  These is something about seeing Luna with blonde hair that shakes up her videos a little.

One of the many things I remember about this outdoor Latina ex video (apart from her sexy blonde hair) was the magnificent POV tit wank that she does. She is wearing a pink baseball cap and sticks her boyfriends big cock between her big boobs and slowly performs a really sexy POV tit wank.

You’re My Sex Toy Now Luna Star and Kayla Kayden


You’re My Sex Toy Now
Luna Star, Kayla Kayden

I love watching women using strap-ons.  There is just something so sexy about watching women fucking each other just like a man and a woman would do.  Here we have two amazing pornstars fucking the shit out of each other in You’re My Sex Toy Now.


Luna Star and Kayla Kayden are picture perfect pornstars.  Both have great tits and ass, and know precisely how to perform in front of the camera.  Blonde sweetheart Kayla has an awesome set of fake boobs that she loves to have licked on a regular basis, and Luna is the famous Latina babe with the big Latina booty that is famous for it’s twerking action.

You’ll love seeing Miss Kayden in an all pink outfit that shows off her spectacular figure.  I’m ot sure whether it is a tracksuit or not, but I would love to see her go jogging in it and watching  her big tits bouncing.

In You’re My Sex Toy Now, Kayla Kayden snoops around Luna Star’s bedroom and finds her drawer full of sex toys, deciding to give her wand vibrator a try. Kayla’s clearly enjoying the sensation of having it vibrating against her pussy, but when she breaks it and is caught by an angry Luna.

She just as soon finds herself replacing the sex toy, being instructed to lick Luna’s sweet wet pussy on their way to a hot lesbian fuckfest that will include rimjobs, anal play, dildos and strap-ons!

This is truly a wonderful lesbian porn video.  I’m sure that the porn fans around the world will rejoice at seeing these two sexy pornstars fucking each other with strap-on cock.

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Luna Under Pressure Luna Star

Luna Under Pressure

Luna Under Pressure
Luna Star

This brand new awesome looking Luna Star Brazzers video opens up with some classical music.  It’s a refreshing change to hear some great sound music opening a porn video.  When I’m editing porn, I often listen to classical music to help me focus.

Luna Star has built herself a hairdressing studio in her own house.  She has a secret desire to become a hairdresser and she has a brand new customer in through the door.  Luna is wearing an orange vest, blue jeans, black trainers all covered by a black apron.  She stands in front of a traditional looking red leather barbers chair.


Her first ever customer walks in.  It’s a black dude in a tight white t-shirt, tattoos and pink trainers.  Luna prepares this guy to have his hair cut.  She put an apron around him and places a warm towel over his face.  He becomes very relaxed and chilled.

Luna disappeared out of the room.  Her customer is unaware that she has left.  He is so relaxed right now.  When she reappears, she is wearing, well it’s hard to describe what she is wearing.  All I can say is that Luna Star has a sparkling bikini top on , the shortest denim hot pants I have ever seen, and some silver sparkly thigh high boots.

It’s difficult to explain why she has suddenly transformed into a futuristic looking slut.  In Luna Under Pressure Brazzers trailer it is hard for me to figure out what this video is all about.  Obviously there is great looking sex.  Luna take charge and gets her Latina pussy hole fucked by a big black cock, but the scenario is a little lost on me.  Maybe there is no storyline, and Brazzers just wanted to try something different.

As the sex in this trailer starts to unfold there are hints and clues to show that Luna may of transformed herself into a stripper rather than a hairdresser.  It also maybe that the black guy in the barbers chair is actually her boyfriend and she is playing out a fantasy for him.

In Luna Under Pressure, I like the fact that Luna Star keeps those thigh high silver boots on as her wet slit is being pounded by a big black dick.  Her bikini top is pulled to one side and she rides reverse cowgirl and those great tits are bouncing around like crazy.

To be fair…even thought he storyline loos a little crazy, I must say that the sex does look incredible.  Luna Star is able to get herself into lots of sexual positions that arse very well showcased in this Brazzers trailer.

Towards the end of Luna Under Pressure, there is also a hint that the whole sex scenario may of just been a dream.  The black dude might of fallen asleep in the barbers chair and dreamt about fucking his sexy Latina hairdresser.

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Fuck Me My Meeting Luna Star and Keiran Lee

Fuck Me My Meeting

Fuck Me My Meeting!
Luna Star, Keiran Lee

I don’t usually include the male pornstar in the title of my blog posts, but as it is Keiran Lee, I’ll make and exception.  I don’t exclude them for any other reason apart from other than I only have a certain amount of characters to use in a title.

Fuck Me My Meeting takes place in Luna Star’s house.  She is dressed in long brown boots and a sexy black all in in fishnet bodysuit!  It is a truly wonderful sigh seeing this hot Latina in such a stunning outfit.


She is not happy that Keiran Lee is in the way and she is going to miss an important meeting on her laptop.  She runs into her office and puts on a pair of gaming headphones and tries to connect to her Zoom call.

Keiran Lee is having none of it.  He wants to fuck.  He’s not going to play second fiddle to a Zoom call.  Keiran gets underneath the desk and play’s with Luna Star’s pussy.  She is wet in no time.  Me Lee knows just how to simulate her clit to get her wet.

In Fuck Me My Meeting, Luna cannot resist the urge to fuck.  She disconnects from her Zoom call and drags Keiran to the sofa and gets to work sucking his big British cock.  She deep throats and gags all over his bell-end.  Her spit is dripping all over Keiran’s cock.

Keiran Lee and Luna Star fuck like rabbits on the sofa.  You’ll fucking enjoy seeing this hot Latina pornstar getting her pussy fucked hard and fast in her black fishnet body stocking.  Her tits and ass are looking in such great shape right now.  I’m really looking forward to seeing her back in action very soon.

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It’s My Fucking Wifi Luna Star in Pantyhose

It's My Fucking WiFi

It’s My Fucking Wifi
Xander Corvus and Luna Star

In my house the WiFi is king.  I think I have about 20 devices connected to the WiFi at times.  Mobile phones, Alexa devices, computers, and games consoles all eat up the WiFi bandwidth.  I’m lucky I can plug my work station straight into the home Ethernet port and get extreme download and upload speeds thanks to having a ‘fibre to the house’ internet connection.

So if a up and coming business woman is going to be doing a lot of video meetings due the the COVIS situation, then she will need a great WiFi connection.   Unfortunately, this is not the case for Luna Star. In It’s My Fucking Wifi her video calls keep cutting out due to her poor WiFi quality.  Luna is getting so pissed off with her Wifi dropping out every few minutes.


in a bid to try and get her connection sorted out, she calls a technician to come to the house and investigate her problem.  Xander Corvus is the lucky internet tech guy who visits this sexy babe and is immediately fantasising about fucking her as he tries to fix her problem.

In It’s My Fucking WiFi, we are greeted with a fantastic view of Luna Star in a suit jacket and not much else.  During her video calls, the cleavage is fully on show.  Whoever is on the other end of the conference call is getting a good eyeful of Luna’s great pair of tits.  She gets more and more frustrated every time the WiFi connection drops.

Luna Star Fucking in Ripped Pantyhose

As she waits for Xander to arrive, she sits at her desk with her arms folded and her skirt riding up her ass.  She doesn’t care that her pantyhose are on display and that her panty’s are visible.

As soon as Mr Corvus arrives, his eyes are diverted to her cleavage. Luna notices that he is not concentrating on his job.  She wants the WiFi sorted as soon as possible.  She decides that the best way to get the job done, would be to let the internet guy shoot his load over her and then he will be able to pay full attention to the job in hand.

Luna Star sticks Xander’s face straight into her pussy.  She demands that he licks her pussy to get her as wet as possible.  She wants to get this over and done with.  But when she finds out how big his cock is, Luna decides to make the most of having a huge cock to play with for the morning.

The star attraction of this Brazzers It’s My Fucking WiFi is not only Luna Stars cock fucking abilities, but it’s also that fucking amazing booty of hers!  It’s incredible how she manages to get that ass moving as she rides all over Xander Corvus’s rock hard cock.  There are some great close up views of Luna’s big ass thumbing down on Xander’s thighs as she straddles him cowgirl style on a chair.

It’s My Fucking Wifi has all the ingredients of a great porno, big tits, big ass and a plenty of sexual stamina!

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Pay Attention To My Pussy Gabriella Paltrova Luna Star

Pay Attention To My Pussy

Pay Attention To My Pussy
Gabriella Paltrova and Luna Star

If you were faced down by Luna Star trying to make you eat her pussy, how long would you be able to resist burying you face into her sweet juicy pussy?  Gabriella Paltrova is not doing a very good job at friend listening to luna’s problems.  Luna is fed up with her husband, but Miss Paltrova is too busy listening to her music on her ear pods to give a damn about Luna’s problems with her marriage.

Luna Star gets really angry about the fact that one of her besties is not interested in hearing about her woes.  She really needed somebody to off load to.  Miss Star has been having problems in the bedroom department with her husband.  It was as though he was no longer interested in fucking her hot Latina body anymore…maybe he was having an affair.

In Pay Attention To My Pussy, Luna wanted Gabriella’s help in deciding how to get her husband to start fucking her again.  But Miss Paltrova was in no mood to be a listening post.  Luna had enough of being ignored.  She confronts Gabriella by taking out her ear pods.  Not only does she take them straight out of ears, Luna Star sticks the ear pods straight up her pussy.  It was up to Gabrialla Paltrova to retrieve them if she wanted them.

Luna Star Sex with Gabriella Paltrova

Gabriella Paltrova and Luna Star have rough lesbian sex in the kitchen.  By the time they are finished fucking each other, they are both completely naked and shattered by multiple orgasms that they have given each other by fingering and licking each others pussies.

Watching Pay Attention To My Pussy, I loved seeing Luna trying to talk to Gabriella.  Luna is wearing a low cut dress that really exposes that fine looking Latina cleavage.  It’s fucking perfect.  This is one of those videos where you are continuously asking yourself why the hell wouldn’t her husband want to fuck her every day…I would be trying to fuck her twice a day…at least.

Brazzers do not use many lesbian porn videos on their ad network, but I would hazard a guess and say that we might be seeing Luna Star inserting ear pods inot her pussy used in a tube site advert in the near future.  It is one of those porn moments that really catches the eye.

We will be able to watch this full length girl on girl lesbian lust fest called Pay Attention To My Pussy on November 3rd, 2020.

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