Thirsty For Squirt Sex Luna Star

Thirsty For Squirt Sex
Steve Holmes, Luna Star

Thirsty For Squirt Sex

Luna Star appearing in her 78th Brazzers porn video.  Her sexy Latina tits and ass have nearly appeared in 80 hardcore Brazzers videos.  This is her first Brazzers sex scene since we saw her in Booty Call from Luna that went live on 28th April, 2021.  As the title of Thirsty For Squirt Sex suggests, this is a squirting themed video.  Not only do we see her squirting all over Steve Holmes cock, we also see her famous Latina ass getting fucked.


Luna Star is home alone and horny, and when her masturbating leads to some surprise squirting, she grabs the nearest glass to collect the evidence! Moments later Steve Holmes comes home from a run and he’s thirsty… uh oh!

Steve sees the glass and attempts to take a sip, but Luna intervenes without an explanation, just in time. Steve’s curious though and when he finds out what he’s holding, he can’t help but want a taste… and when Luna sees how much Steven enjoys her sweet pussy juice, she’s just gotta let him have it straight from the source!

Another truly awesome Luna Star anal sex porn video.  Watching Luna’s perfect booty getting slammed is the perfect way to start the day, or finish the day off in style.

Booty Call from Luna

Booty Call from Luna
Johnny Sins, Luna Star

Welcome to Luna Star’s 77th Brazzers porn video.  Booty Call from Luna show us why this hot pornstar from Havana, Cuba is still one of todays most viewed Brazzers pornstar.  Her big tits and sexy Latina booty have been pulling in the viewing figures and click-throughs for Brazzers since April 5th, 2013 when she starred in Getting Loose in the Blue Room with Johnny Sins.  A little over 8 years later, Luna is once again getting fucked by Johnny Sins.

Booty Call from Luna

In Booty Call from Luna we get to watch her giving Johnny an awesome striptease.  she starts of wearing a sparkling green leotard that shows of her hot figure.  It is a very tight leotard that barely covers her pussy lips.  Dancing in from of a large red sofa with yellow cushions, Luna shakes her tits and ass in front of the camera to get this new Brazzers video going.  she teases Mr Sins by running her tongue up and down his erect cock through his pants.


During Booty Call from Luna, Luna Star becomes totally naked and lets her long dark brunette hair down.  Her hair is the longest I have seen it in previous Luna Star Brazzers porn videos.  Whether or not they are hair extensions, I couldn’t give a shit, because she looks simply stunning.  Johnny’s big white cock could not remain in his pants much longer.  Luna sticks her hands down Johnny’s pants and pulls out his whopping great cock.

Latina Pornstar Luna Star
More Luna Star Videos

The sex in Booty Call from Luna is simply fantastic.  It’s the kind of sex that you expect with nearly 800 Brazzers appearances between them.  These two highly experienced pornstar give us a porn performance that is worth every cent of the $1 Brazzers membership.

The POV blowjob and doggy style sequences are just perfect.  The shape of Luna Star’s arse as Johnny pushes his cock in to her during the POV doggy style looks mind boggling!

For me personally, I would liked to have seem more sex during the trailer.  Yes, it was nice to watch Luna Star show off her magnificent tits and and ass, but if I was the porn editor for Booty Call from Luna I would have not bothered with the fancy multi frame effects and given us more shots of her big boobs bouncing and her big Latina booty shaking.

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Brazzers Star Struck Luna Star and Mazee The Goat

Brazzers Star Struck
Luna Star, Mazee The Goat

brazzers star struck

We all know that Luna Star has a banging body, but in Brazzers Star Struck, it just looks like it’s getting better and better.  Starring with Mazee The Goat, Luna is wearing a very skimpy looking two piece set.  It’s not a bikini, but a short skirt and a boob holder that looks like a bikini.


In the opening few moment of Brazzers Star struck, Luna is worshipping Mazee the Goats body and preparing herself to be fucked by his big black cock.  You need to take a look at Luna Stars sexy looking body in her 76th appearance in a Brazzers video.  She looks like she has been taking care of herself through this lockdown period!

In Brazzers Star Struck, the spotlights are on Luna Star and her jaw dropping body, glistening and wet as she sways seductively. A perfect ass, perfect tits, and a gorgeous face that will leave you wishing you were Mazee, who’s fortunate enough to have Luna all to himself in this fantastic anal sex scene. Luna truly is an all-star!

As much as I enjoyed watching Luna Star getting fucked in so many different positions, I’m still put off by Mazee the Goat’s name.  GOAT means Greatest Of All Time.  It really bugs me that somebody would call themselves that.  It comes across as big headed and arrogant.  I wish somebody would of told him that it was a very poor choice for a male pornstar name.

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Diamond Dolls Luna Star and Payton Preslee

Diamond Dolls
Luna Star, Zac Wild and Payton Preslee

Diamond Dolls

This is a threesome porn video with two absolute stunning female pornstars.  Luna Star and Payton Preslee star with Zac Wild in Brazzers Diamond Dolls.  Just looking at the screenshot above, you know this is going to be an awesome group sex porn video.  Payton Preslee is making only her 5th appearance in a Brazzers movie, but for porn veteran Luna Star, this is the 76th Brazzers production that she has got butt naked and fucked in.


The always sexy Luna Star and Payton Preslee look exquisite, decked out in diamonds and skimpy lingerie. In Diamond Dolls, after Luna and Payton share some sexy alone time together, Zac Wild shows up and the ladies are hungry for his big dick, sucking and fucking it until they’re all worn out. The ladies may have the diamonds, but Zac is treated to a wealth of pussy.

I love seeing hot brunettes in high ponytails, so you can imagine my delight seeing the busty brown haired hotty Luna Star with her hair up.  She looks stunning as she sucks on Zac’s big cock with Payton Preslee by her side.  Having these to hot pornstars starring together in this porn video call Diamond Dolls is a stroke of genius.  They really perform well together and give off some great sexual chemistry.

So if you want to settle down to watch some great threesome porn action, you have found the right video.  Released on March 26th, 2021, I think Diamond Dolls is going to go down a storm with the Brazzers members as they get to see the full un-cut video.

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Spunking Up Her Shower Time Luna Star

Spunking Up Her Shower Time
Steve Holmes and Luna Star

Spunking Up Her Shower Time

Well, here’s a partnership that sent my pulse rate soaring this morning.  Luna Star and Steve Holmes star in Spunking Up Her Shower Time.  Luna Star is looking as hot as ever as she takes a shower and shows off that incredible Latina body.  She truly is one of the hottest tanned, brunette babes in the fucking world!  Miss Star is caught naked by old man Steve Holmes in this squirting porn video.


Luna Star is just trying to give her banging bod the attention it needs when Steve Holmes shows up. Spying on her through a gloryhole in the shower, he can’t help but jerk off watching her perfectly round booty shake. And when that asshole starts to wink, Steve blows his load all over her towel.

Jokes on Luna when he hands her his cummed on towel and she’s covered in his spunk. Turn out, she’s not mad, she’s impressed. She gets back into the shower and touches herself, squirting waterfalls. Steve’s ready to go again and puts the gloryhole into action. Luna begs for anal and Steve joins her in the shower.

If you are a fan of squirting videos, then you are in for a treat.  Luna Star, one of the leading pornstars in the world, give you a prime example of her squirting skills in her 75th Brazzers porn video.  But I think that the true attraction of this video is watching Luna Star taking a big old man’s cock in her amazing Latina ass.

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A Naughty Nuru Massage – Luna Star and Azul Hermosa

A Naughty Nuru Massage starring Luna Star and Azul Hermosa

A Naughty Nuru Massage

Brazzers have managed to bring these to hot stunning beauties together for a outstanding lesbian nuru massage video.  Azul Hermosa is in desperate need of a relaxing massage after a very stressful couple of days.  Luna Star is the perfect masseur to perform a full body massage on her stunning body.


In the opening moments of this girl on girl A Naughty Nuru Massage video we find Azul Hermosa totally naked and waiting for her massage.  She is very comfortable to be naked in another women’s presence.  She has a flawless body so she is very confident indeed.  Luna starts her massage just wearing a short pair of panties and a cleavage revealing bra.

In A Naughty Nuru Massage, as the massage progresses, Azul lets out a few moans on pleasure. Luna’s magical hands are doing a wonderful job.  It’s when Luna’s expert hands slide over Azul’s sexy ass that Azul confesses to being really turned on by Luna’s massage technique.  This was music to Luna’s ears.  She has been hoping that she could have sex with this hot woman on her massage table.

What follows is a steamy girl on girl oily nuru massage porn video that will satisfy all the Luna Star fans and the growing army of Azul Hermosa admirers.  These two dark haired beauties get each other covered n massage oil and perform all the lesbian sex acts that they can think of.

In A Naughty Nuru Massage, they get each other so slippery and wet that I feel sorry for whoever has the task of cleaning up the set once they are finished giving each other female orgasms.  There are some great shots of Luna Star sliding her big tits up and down Azul’s body.  I also enjoyed seeing Luna fingering her own tight little Latina asshole too.

Anal For Your Bride Luna Star and Small Hands

Anal For Your Bride Luna Star and Small Hands

Anal For Your Bride

Ahh it’s the classic best man getting to fuck the bride scenerio.  But this one has a slight twist.  It’s hot Latina bride getting fucked deep in her ass for the first time.  Luna Star was planning on letting her new husband fuck her in her butt for the first time.  Waiting for her wedding night she has spend the last few weeks stretching her ass with butt plugs.


Anal For Your Bride, Luna was sure that her big bubble butt would be the perfect wedding gift a man could get.  But as this is a wedding in Pornoland,  her husband was not up to the task.  He got so drunk at the wedding reception, that he passed out before Luna had the chance to get her ass fucked.

Listening outside the bedroom, Small Hands could hear Luna Star sobbing.  He knocks on the door and Luna opens it still wearing her wedding dress but with her big Latina tits half hanging out.  Luna confides in her best man that she was hoping to have anal sex on her wedding night.  Her ass was perfectly prepared, but her husband failed to control his drinking.

In Anal For Your Bride, Small Hands was shocked that anybody would miss out on the chance of fucking Luna Star in the ass.  When Luna catches Small Hands taking an interest in her big boobs, she starts to run her hands over her cleavage and give out all the signs that so was willing to let her best man replace her husband for one night only and get her ass fucked after all.

This is a great anal sex sex.  The best part is that Luna keeps her wedding dress on all the time that she is getting fucked deep in her Latina butthole.

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Brazzers Shower Squirt Luna Star and Damon Rise

Brazzers Shower Squirt

Brazzers Shower Squirt
Damon Dice and Luna Star

Luna Star is totally naked, wet and tanned.  I think this is one of her best Brazzers videos I’ve seen this year…maybe it’s her first video of 2021…still, it’s a fucking awesome shower sex porn video. [ WATCH FULL VIDEO ]  Luna shares the shower with her suction dildo that she sticks the the glass shower curtain.  She’s placed it at the perfect height to be able to back her pussy onto and fuck herself as the shower pours all over her amazing body.

In Brazzers Shower Squirt, Damon Rice can only look on in awe as Luna soaps herself up and give Damon one hell of a show.  She rubs her big tits and fingers her soaking wet pussy as Damon’s cock begins to throb in his pants.  When he can’t resist any further Damon strips off and join Luna in the shower.

Brazzers Shower Squirt – Video summary

Luna Star a.k.a. the goddess of porn, cannot take a shower without enjoying herself at least a little. She even stuck a dildo on the glass wall, so she can ride whenever she wants.

As she’s blissfully masturbating under the warm stream, the horny Damon Dice peeps on her. It doesn’t take too long before Luna finds him, and instantly decides to give him a show. Fierce Luna deepthroats the dildo, foreshadowing the crazy stuff she’ll do with his cock when he’ll finally join her in the shower.