How to Make Porn GIF’s Using Premiere Pro 2020

I have been creating porn GIF’s using Premiere Pro for the last 2-3 months.  I am lucky enough to be able to use Premiere Pro 2020 Creative Cloud.  I use porn GIF’s on Twitter and occasionally on Reddit to promote some of my Adultforce affiliate links.

I have had some success using Fake Taxi GIF’s on my Twitter account.  To be honest, I have not made a penny in affiliate commission, BUT I have generated a lot of new followers who see my porn GIF’s.

So here is my best shot at explaining how I create Porn GIF’s using Premiere Pro.

There are some thing that you need to know at the start.  Twitter only allow file sizes for up to 16mb.  So when you come to export your final .gif you need to make sure that it does not exceed that file size. I am currently exporting my finished .gif in 640 x 640.  This means that my .gif can just about be 2 seconds in length.

Turning a porn clip to turn into a .gif

In this example I have used a Public Agent video clip starring Anissa Kate. What I want to do is to create a GIF of her big boobs.  So I scrub through the video looking for a suitable 2 second clip that will look good as a porn gif.

Once I have found s suitable 2 second clip, I drag that on to my time line and then change my sequence settings so that the dimensions are 640px  x 640px.  I then have to resize the video clip so that her boobs are bouncing around in the middle of the frame.  I then trim the video clip down to just 1 second.

The reason that I trim it down to 1 second is because I am going to copy and paste the same clips to my time line and then reverse the frames so that the second clip play’s backwards.  This technique makes the gif look seem less when play over and over.

Premiere Pro Timeline

I then place a FAKEhub watermark on to the timeline on a layer above the video clip and position it away from her face and boobs.  I think bottom centre looks good to me.

Next is the exporting of the actual .GIF itself.  As I explained earlier, you need to get the file size down to 16mb as a maximum. Anything higher and Twitter will reject it.  My settings are below.

Export Settings on Premiere Pro for Porn GIFS