Mia Rose a Czech 18 Year Old has First Massage

czech 18 year old mia rose

Czech 18 year old has first massage
Mia Rose

Feast your eyes on the gorgeous Mia Rose.  I have already had the pleasure of editing her Public Agent video, but now you get to see her in her very first MassageRooms erotic porn video.


Video editor Studly Smalls  wrote this about blog article about the hot Czech 18 year old over at Fake Taxi Forum…

A really gorgeous new model in a very sensual massage scene, what a delight it was to edit one of Mia Rose’s first shoots. She’s young, but she sure knows how to have fun because the passion on display in this session is very real. Massage Rooms was a perfect fit for this pretty teen as the shimmering oil highlights her natural tits and great ass. Pairing her up with a very experienced expert lover like Steve made this one guaranteed for success!

Czech doll Mia Rose has just turned 18, and decided to celebrate by getting her first massage. Noticing how handsome her masseur is, Mia removes her towel, letting him feast his eyes on her big tits.

Lying face down on the bed, Mia giggles when Steve covers her booty with a towel, then starts to rub her back. Steve oils up Mia’s thighs and booty, then moves to the head of the bed to rub her shoulders.

The 18 year old notices that Steve is getting hard, so she takes it upon herself to undo his drawstring and take out his cock! The 18 year old gives the masseur a blowjob, then lets her fuck her freshly-legal pussy.

Fuck the Location Fee – Fake Hostel

fuck the location fee

Fuck the Location Fee
Mia Rose and Steve Q

What a fantastic pair of knockers.  I’ve very quickly become a huge fan of these wonderful pair of natural breasts.  I’m really hoping to get another chance to see these big banging bouncing on my editing screen very soon again.  Watching Mia Rose and her huge boobs performing is a true delight, one of the reasons why I love my porn editing job so much!

I was delighted to get given the chance to edit another porn video featuring Mia Rose. I had already edited her in a Public Agent video and immediately fell in love with her big natural tits.

This Fake Hostel video sees Mia Rose dancing and recording a video of herself on her phone. When the Hostel manager catches her, he asks whether she is planning to sell the video online. When she confesses that she will be selling her sexy video online, the Hostel manager explains that she will have to pay a location fee.

In Fuck the Location Fee, Mia decides that she can convince him not to charge the fee and uses her big titties to pay him for his trouble. This scene is live on FAKEhub on 18th September, 2020.

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Mia Rose and her Big Teen Boobs

Mia Rose 2

Feast your eyes on Mia Rose and her big beautiful teen boobs.  I have been fortunate enough to edit some of her latest porn videos for FAKEhub.  Her impressive chest has made editing a real pleasure indeed!

She is a hot brunette European pornstar that has now appeared in Fake Taxi and Public Agent videos which I edited.  I was really impressed by just how great her tits were.

Mia Rose 2It’s always a pleasure to discover a new pornstar.  Public Agent has a new pornstar in every scene that is shot.  More recently recognised pornstars have been used which is always exciting, but for me it’s always a joy to find a new pornstar that I think will go on to be very well-known in the future.

I was particularly impressed by how Mia Rose exposes her boobs.  In both Public Agent and Fake Taxi videos when she got her tits out, they did not just hang.  They have a very nice firm look to them.

I have just finished editing another Mia Rose porn video, but because it has not been released yet, I am not permitted to give you anymore information about it.  But I can assure you that you will be to see a lot more of her wonderful big teen tits very soon.

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Face Mask Fucking with Big Boobs

Face Mask Fucking

Face Mask Fucking with Big Boobs
Martin Gun, Erik Everhard, Mia Rose

Well it had to happen didn’t it.  Sooner or later there had to be some porn featuring face masks.  This Public Agent video feature teen babe with big boobs, Mia Rose giving a blowjob through her face mask.


This is the first video that I have edited a porn video that features Mia Rose.  I was really impressed by her composure whilst filming out in public, just after lockdown had finished in Czech Rep.  She gave no indication that she was nervous even when cyclists raced passed in their tight fitted lycra.

Mia Rose in Face Mask Fucking with Big Boobs gives us all an eyeful of those big teen tits.  Public Agent offers her a cash incentive to follow him to a private place where she can get her big natural boobs out in the hopes of a modelling contract.

Mia Rose has the perfect pair of big boobs to help promote swimwear for busty women.  But when Public Agent offers her more cash to get the snatch out, she take the money with pleasure.

The scene where Mia Rose makes a hole in her face mask and then sticks a cock in her mouth should be viral by now.  It’s the perfect image of what the CoronaVirus post lockdown will loo like in a post COVID-19 world.

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He Cums Four Times in One Fake Taxi Video

All I can say is well-played.  Being able to cum four times in one 30 minute porn video is an amazing achievement even by today’s porn standards.


Not only does he shoot a good load of spunk each time, but he is also able to maintain his erection after shooting his load over Mia Rose.  It’s a true pleasure to edit this kind of video.  This Taxi driver picks up a gorgeous brunette teen with fucking awesome tits.  She is not wearing a bra and you can quite clearly she her big nipple poking through her white top.

Mia Rose with Cum on her Arse

Mia Rose was still wearing a face mask.  She didn’t need to, but she felt safer wearing it.  During the scene, Mia Rose let it slip that she was just 18 years old.

She was on her way to met a man that she met on a dating app.  It was the first time that she had been out of Corona Virus isolation and her pussy was gagging for a big cock inside her.  Unfortunately she she arrived at his house, he was already fucking some other woman.

So with her pussy still in need of some post Corona Virus sex, she started flirting with the taxi driver.  He was more than happy to step in and fuck this sexy brunette teen with great tits.

Like I said at the start of this porn post, the taxi driver cums four times.  Once in her mouth, once in her pussy and twice over her sexy big ass.  This scene shows that it is possible for men to have multiple orgasms one after the other!

I believe it’s all a matter of train the body and mind.  It takes time to master, but I’m sure the reward is very pleasing for both male and females alike.