Brazzers Featherfall starring Gabbie Carter

Brazzers Featherfall
Mick Blue, Michael Stefano and Gabbie Carter

Brazzers Featherfall

Good lord, check out the big bouncy tits on show in Brazzers Featherfall.  Gabbie Carter is topless and riding a big cock and letting those huge natural tits bounce uncontrollably.  It’s a fucking awesome sight.  I think whoever was lucky enough to edit this Brazzers porn video loved it too.  The trailer shows a great long clip of those fantastic REAL boobs bouncing up and down as she rides reverse cowgirl.


Glamorous Gabbie Carter has a romping good time planned for you, loyal fans! Encased in dripping pearls and vibrant lingerie, with pouty lips and round hips, Gabbie is the star of a burlesque inspired tease – dramatic feathers revealing dangerous curves and a desire for the attention of not one but two male suitors.

In Brazzers Featherfall, the tease is only half the show, and things really get roaring when Michael Stefano and Mick Blue get to caress, touch, and worship all of Gabbie’s fabulous natural assets. Overflowing boobs squeezed, juicy ass begging to be filled, and dark lips parted and moaning in pleasure! Are you ready to see this daring dame devour our dashing duo in every way possible? Tune in, guys and gals alike…

As you can probably tell, I really enjoyed seeing Gabbie Carter’s huge natural boobs bouncing all over the screen.  It’s also a genuine treat seeing her getting her sexy big ass penetrated by two big cocks too.  As threesomes go, this is one of those time that Brazzers really go to town and glam it all up to produce not only stunning porn, but great looking visuals.

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Brazzers Jean Queen 2 starring Aila Donovan

Jean Queen 2
Aila Donovan and Michael Stefano

jean queen 2

I’m pretty sure there has already been a Jean Queen themed video with Angela White.  A quick look through my porn blog archive confirms that on 16th of June 2020, big breasted Angela White did indeed star in a video called Jean Queen. Maybe this new version starring Aila Donovan should have been titled Brazzers Jean Queen 2.  I’ve actually renames it Jean Queen 2 on my blog in anticipation that the Brazzers content managers will realise the duplicate title and rectify it.

Aila Donovan’s Fantastic Ass in Jean Queen 2

To be honest, it doesn’t really matter.  Any pornstar in a tight pair of blue denim jeans is always going to draw attention. Personally, I am a big fan of tight white jeans.  Seeing a cute firm ass in a pair of white jeans, or white daisy jukes…even better!


In Brazzers Jean Queen, Aila Donovan struts around showing off her beautiful rear end.  She knows that her ass is one of her best features and uses it to tease her man and make his cock as hard as a rock.  She can’t wait to squat down on his cock and ride it until he cums.

In Brazzers Jean Queen 2, This long brunette haired MILF is also wearing a pink thing underneath those very tight denim trousers.  She stretches them out underneath her jeans just to give you a flavour of what we are going to see once she climbs out of those jeans.  As soon as the jeans are pulled down around her knees, Michael Stefano is bending her over and fucking her from behind.  He has been teased enough.  There was no holding him back.

Intertwined with the hardcore fucking, there are some great shots of  Aila Donovan using her oiled up feet to play with Michaels big erect cock.  To be honest though, with all that great footage of Aila teasing us with her fantastic ass, I was disappointed that there was no anal sex.  Maybe Brazzers Jean Queen 2 was intended to be an anal sex video, but when the scene started, plan might of changed if Aila’s asshole was not quite ready to be penetrated.  It can happen!

Sand And Sweat Part 1 and Part 2

Sand And Sweat Part 1 and Part 2 starring Alexis Fawx, Olive Glass and Michael Stefano


Another awesome looking two part Brazzers episode called Sand And Sweat.  On initial viewing, it looks like a military themed two part porn video featuring a couple of top MILF babes.  Dressing in camouflage outfits, Alexis Fawx, and Olive Glass are moving equipment from A to B in scorching hot conditions.

Sand And Sweat Part 1

In the first part of Brazzers Sand And Sweat, we have a full on lesbian video with just Alexis Fawx and Olive Glass.  With the heat making these two hotties hot and sweaty, they take a well-earned break in some shade.  They are so hot that they need to cool down by pouring cold water over each other.  They are both showing a lot of cleavage as the green tops are a little too small for the both of them and they are not wearing bra’s underneath.

Sand and Sweat part one is a lesbian porn video.  Seeing each other sweaty and cooling down with water has made their bodies glisten in the sunlight.  Olive is too tempted by Miss Fawx’s big tits and she cannot resist getting her hands on them.

Sand And Sweat Part 2

After being caught having hardcore lesbian sex,  Alexis Fawx is taken to a different part of the military barracks.  She is told to strip naked by Michael Stefano and do some press ups as punishment for not obeying orders.  Alexis is more than happy to get her kit off.  She is very proud of her sexy MILF body.  Pretty soon, Mr Stefano’s cock begins to throb in his tight pants.

sand and sweat part 2

Alexis Fawx spreads her legs a little wider so Michael can see that her pussy is still wet from fucking Olive Glass a few minutes earlier.   She has had the pleasure of fucking a woman, now she is ready to take on some cock too.  Michael Stefano buries his face in between Alexis Fawx’s ass cheeks and eats her ass.

Miss Fawx has a reputation for enjoying anal sex with some of the other officers, and now she is going to get her sexy ass fucked hard in Sand and Sweat Part Two, by her superior and love every minute of it.

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Bae Tae Michael Stefano and Alexis Tae

Bae Tae

Bae Tae
Michael Stefano, Alexis Tae

When she bends over in that pink thong, I knew we would be in for a treat with Alexis Tae in Brazzers Bae Tae.  I think this could be one of the shortest Brazzers video titles I’ve ever seen.  [WATCH THE VIDEO] She ends up with cum all over her pretty face after Michael Stefano dumps his load on it.

Bae Tae Summary

Alexis Tae is horny and showing off her hot body to her dominant boyfriend Michael Stefano. She takes off her sexy lingerie and entices her man to play with her nipples and start fingering all her holes. After extended foreplay, Michael’s big dick comes out. Alexis sucks it, then lets him fuck her hard in her ass and pussy.

About Alexis Tae

Adorable bae Alexis Tae was blessed with a tight body, perky tits, and one of the prettiest pussies in the smut biz. This card-carrying member of the itty bitty titty committee has got ass for days, and her petite frame is high-key goals. Don’t even try to throw shade at Alexis, because she’s so hot it’ll burn right off. With a taste for men with big cocks and a love of women with tight pussies, Alexis is right at home as one of porn’s newest starlets!