Dressed To Empress Bridgette B and Mick Blue

Dressed To Empress

Dressed To Empress
Mick Blue and Bridgette B

It’s always a joy to wake up to see that there is another Bridgette B porn video coming soon.  I’ve been a fan of hers for quite a while now. I even wrote a special blog post about Bridgette B that she retweeted on her person Twitter account.

In Dressed To Empress Bridgette B is sporting her sexy blonde hair, and has plenty of boob on show.  She has a pink top on but I’m sure she is nor wearing a bra underneath.  This blonde sexy Latina babe is being shown around a holiday chalet by her man, Mick Blue, but she is not very impressed by it at all.


The only thing Bridgette will be impressed by is Mick Blue’s big cock and sexual stamina. When Mick has enough of her complaining, he gets his award winning cock out and treat Bridgette B to a hardcore fucking in the sofa.

Mick Blue has just rented a vacation house for the weekend, but his sexy, high-maintenance wife Bridgette B… not so much. Bridgette sulks and complains about everything in the house. Luckily, Mick is an expert at dealing with Bridgette’s moods and knows how to cheer her up.

In Dressed To Empress, he fetches a bottle of massage oil and starts rubbing her feet, before massaging her beautiful ass. Once Bridgette has softened, Mick pulls out his dick to give her a good fucking, which is a surefire way to solve any conflict.

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Its Full Of Starrs Rachel Starr

its full of starrs

Its Full Of Starrs
Mick Blue and Rachel Starr

Just by looking at the splash screen for Rachel Starr’s latest Brazzers video, I knew I was going to really enjoy reviewing Its Full Of Starrs.  Seeing one of my favourite pornstars straddling a big cock wearing nothing but a pair of thigh high fishnet stockings and pulling her shaven pussy open is a great way to start the day.

In the opening frames of Its Full Of Starrs we witness the sexy Rachel star giving us a sexy dance wearing some beautiful looking underwear.  It’s a floral black lingerie set.  It really looks stunning on Rachel Starr’s wonderful body.  Rachel turns around and moves her sexy ass wearing a thong.


This opening sequence is fucking hot as fuck, guys and girls!  Top top it all off those thigh high fishnet stockings really looks great on her.  Rachel Starr’s sexy outfit is finished off with a pair of black high heels too.

She begins to straddle a black leather sofa that is situated in a room full of body length mirrors.  I counted six tall mirrors at first glance.  All the mirrors had the sexy image of Rachel Starr looking straight back at the camera.  Now I realise why this new Brazzers Rachel Starr video is called It’s Full Of Starrs – the room is full of reflections of Rachel Starr.

Rachel peels off her bra and panties and stands in front of those mirrors in just those hot thigh high fish nets and black high heel shoes.  She twerks for your enjoyment with that tight firm ass of hers. Rachel Starr is looking in fantastic shape!

Mick Blue is the lucky male pornstar who is going to fuck this sexy famous and experiences pornstar.  Because of all the mirrors in this scene, you really get to see just how great Rachel looks as she gets fucked by Mr Blue’s big cock.  In reverse cowgirl, Rachel’s arse is fucking mesmerising.  But the good thing is that you are also able to watch her tit bounce by looking in the refections in the mirror.

There is some cleaver porn editing and camera work involved in Its Full Of Starrs.  The way it shot had to be well planned.  Making sure that the camera’s were not spotted in the mirrors, would have, I imagine, been a pain in the ass.  The Brazzers porn editors would have had to go through this edit with a fine tooth comb to make sure that had not got any shots of a camera in the mirrors.

In the stripping part of this trailer, the editors have included some special effects showing numerous Rachel Starr duplicates on the same screen, which was a nice touch I feel.

Back the sex in Its Full Of Starrs, and we get to see Rachel perform all the sexual positions that Mick Blue get her into.  It’s a full on boy/girl hardcore sex video.  I’m happy to report that Miss Starr kept those fishnet stockings on throughout the whole video.

For me the stand out feature of this first Rachel Starr Brazzers video since August 2019, was seeing just how great Rachel Starr looks.  She is one of my favourite pornstars and she is not losing any of that immense sex appeal.

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  • Hot And Mean Gia Derza Alexis Tae Squirting Material Part 1

Squirting Material Part 1 and Part 2

Squirting Material Part 1

Squirting Material Part 1 and Part 2
Gia Derza, Alexis Tae and Mick Blue

This looks like another outstanding two part Brazzers series.  It’s rare to find Brazzers releasing a two part porn series on the same day, so I’m wondering whether it’s actually an admin error and part 2 will be recalled and released on another day.  But I’m going to write about both parts in order to beat other porn bloggers to the scoop on this one.

Squirting Material Part 1 – Looking at the screenshot for part 1 we find Gia Derza with a large red strap-on cock in her throat.  She doesn’t look too comfortable about it either.  Wearing a light blue thin sweater Alexis Tae is inserting the strap-on into her perverted friend throat.


Alexis has known for a while that Gia is a bit of a pervert.  She has worked her way around most of the jocks and college but she never realised that she wanted cock all of the time.  So when she walks in to her bedroom masturbating, Alexis decides to help her out with her thirst for cock.

In the opening sequence with join Gia Derza playing with her pussy and looking at a photo of her fantasy man.  She has her panties pulled tone side and is wearing a black dress with silver chains holding it together.  She is talking to the photo as she strokes her pussy.  As the camera moves in for a closer look, we can see that she has also been using a shiny silver butt-plug and she makes herself squirt.

It’s during the squirting sequence that Alexis Tae walks in on her to find her mid orgasm.  Alexis drops the large bowl of pop corn that she was carrying in shock.  As soon as they realise what was going on, the action turns straight into an anal strap-on lesbian fuck fest.  Gia Derza can be seen riding a big red strap-on dildo in her big ass.  She rides it hard in a bid to achieve an anal orgasm.

When the action turns to see Alexis Tae fucking Gia in the ass from behind, I did notice that the photo that Gai was masturbating over was a photo of a grey haired and grey bearded Keiran Lee.  She is holding it as her college girlfriend continues to fuck her in the arse wit ha red strap-on.

The photo is obviously Alexis Tae’s dad, so towards the end of this Squirting Material video,  Gia confesses to wanting to be fucked by an older guy and says that she would be able to handle an older guy.

If you wanted to see two lesbians in a hardcore anal strap-on video with plenty of squirting, then part 1 of Squirting Material is going to satisfy your porn needs.

Squirting Material Part 2 – After watching part 1 I was fully expecting to see Keiran Lee arrive for part 2 and thought that maybe there was an admin error n the Brazzers site.  But no.  Part 2 does in fact star Mick Blue as the older guy who gets to fuck Gia Derza.

Squirting Material Part 2

Mick is casually sitting on the blue sofa reading his phone and just generally minding his own business.  Dressed smartly in a blue shirt and black trousers, he is unaware that Gia is watching him and rubbing her pussy.  Gia is wearing tight black hot pants and black top and look really hot indeed.

Even though her fantasy older man is Keiran Lee, she is more than happy to try and seduce Mick Blue into fucking her firm college co-ed body.  As Gia continues to rub her wet pussy, Mick soon senses that she is there watching him.  Miss Derza is startled when Mick finally opens his mouth to invite her into the living room.


To get the sex started, there is that classic porn scenario of Derza spilling some water onto Mick’s pants and helping him take them off.  When she removes his pants, she finds Mick’s cock already fully erect.

Part 2 of Squirting Material sees Mick Blue pound Gia Derza’s arse in a hardcore anal sex porn video.  Gia really loves being fucked hard in the ass.  There is so much rough anal sex in this trailer it is hard to keep track of.  Fair play to Mick Blue for being able to have the stamina to keep up with Gia Derza’s lust for cock in her arse.

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Morning After Masturbation Mona Azar

Morning After Masturbation

Morning After Masturbation
Mick Blue and Mona Azar

I decided to skip the Gaming Gets Jenna Horny video.  I just couldn’t bring myself to write about another Brazzers self-isolation masturbation porn video.  As soon as I saw Jenna Foxx with a sex toy on the thumbnail I made my mind up not to bother trying to write over 350 words about her ebony pussy getting pleasure by a hitachi wand.

I thought that my readers would be more interested in reading about Morning After Masturbation starring Mick Blue and Mona Azar.  I think that this Persian busty babe would be more appealing to my readers.  It’s nothing against the sexy black pornstar, Jenna Foxx, it’s just that solo girl videos just don’t pull in as much organic search engine traffic.


This Brazzers Morning After Masturbation porn video starts off with Mona Azar asleep on top of somebody’s bed.  She is wearing a pink PJ set that you can see her erect nipples through.  I think the idea is that she is having a wet dream and she starts to masturbate without even opening her eyes.  She has no idea that Mick Blue is watching her with her hand down her PJ bottoms and playing with her pussy.

Whatever she was dreaming about has made her super wet indeed!  Miss Azar looks hot in pink.  Her tanned skin makes a great contrast with those long knee high pink sock on too.  During Morning After Masturbation, when she wakes up from her dream, she is very horny as she didn’t quite reach orgasm.  So she was secretly delighted to find Mick Blue standing at the end of her bed.

Mona Azar wastes no time in displaying her need for cock.  She happily pulls her big natural tits out to give Mick Blue a massive hint that she was willing to fuck on his bed right now.  Mick was never going to say no to fucking a Persian hottie with a 100% natural body.

The sex in Brazzers Morning After Masturbation in fast and frantic.  Mick Blue certainly still has the stamina to keep up with Mona.  Her body loves riding cowgirl and reverse cowgirl to give the best camera angles of her big ass shaking about.

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Bodacious Bikini Threesome Brazzers

Bodacious Bikini Threesome
Mick Blue, Madison Ivy, Kendra Sunderland


Kendra Sunderland and Madison Ivy are two hot as fuck ladies in string bikinis just discovering each other’s perfect bodies. Kendra with her pale ivory skin, blonde hair, and big natural boobs.

Bodacious Bikini Threesome

Madison with her long brunette hair, big tits, and perfect tan. It’s no wonder they can’t keep their hands off each other! Madison breaks out a double-ended dildo and it’s a party. Both ladies show their cock sucking skills on the toy when Mick Blue shows up, naked, with a rock hard dick and ready to satisfy.

In Brazzers Bodacious Bikini Threesome Kendra and Madison are happy to share his cock and they start with a double blow job. Mick makes sure to give both girls equal time riding his dick, and Madison and Kendra keep both their mouths busy on each other. Both ladies love to share so much, they share a big facial load and end it with a lovely French kiss. Hot.