Brazzers The MILF Man Courtney Taylor

Courtney Taylor fucked in milf

I would fucking love to fuck a rich MILF.  Preferably in the ass.  I wouldn't even care if she was ugly.  But for this lucky milk man, he gets to fuck a stunning rich MILF called Courtney Taylor.

Van Wylde plays a guy who delivers milk to a rich neighbourhood.  He loves delivering in the morning when he see's all the rich husbands leaving their trophy wives at home.  He knows that all these rich MILFS are looking for a young guy with a big cock to fuck.

These sexy rich MILFS hardly ever get dressed.  They are always just walking around their houses with silky short dressing gowns on.  They don't seem to have a care in the world.  They certainly don't care for their husbands.  They just want their pay cheques at the end of the month and go for a day's shopping.

Courtney Taylor Sex in Milk

Courtney Taylor is so rich, that she orders a shit load of MILF just so she can bath in it.  Just like Cleopatra.  She thinks that bathing in milf all morning would keep her looking youthful and attract the younger guy.

Courtney Taylor Fucked in Milk

So when Van Wylde arrives to deliver the milk, Courtney Taylor demands that he takes it upstairs to the bathroom and full up her bathtub.  He explains that it is something that he does not do as part of the service, but Courtney makes him an offer he can't refuse.


She tells him that if her fills her bath tub with milf, she will let him pour the fresh milk all over her sexy body.  She wants somebody to pour milk over her and make her feel just like Cleopatra did back in the Egyptian times.

How could he refuse such a sexual offer.  Courtney Taylor does have one of the best pair of tits in the neighbourhood.  Van presumes that they are fake tits paid for by her rich husband.  Van doesn't care if they are fake of not.  He is just looking forward to seeing her naked in a bath tub of milk.

Check out Miss Taylor's stunning body in this MILFS Like it Big porn video called The MILF Man.  She gets her pussy fucked by her milk man in her bathroom while her husband is away on business.  Van Wylde fucks her tight cunt-hole as he pours fresh milk over her tits.  This is her sexual fantasy.  To be fucked just like Cleopatra back in Egyptian times.

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Brazzers Tied Up TittyFuck Makayla Cox

Tied Up TiffyFuck

Makayla Cox appearing in her 4th Brazzers porn video.  In this Mommy Got Boobs scene she is tied to a bed and is ready to be fucked by her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend is a married man.  Just as they were about to fuck, his phone starts to ring.  It's his wife.  This married man can no longer fuck his mistress.  He has to turn down the opportunity to fuck Makayla Cox.  How can he do that.  She is all tied up and gagging for cock.

But this guy has a change of heart and goes to find his wife.  However, he actually forgets to un-tie Makayla from the bed.  She is left naked and restrained to the bed with her legs wide open.  She struggles to get herself free.  She has no idea how long she will be left there for.

Makayla Cox Photos

As she starts to panic, she spots a younger guy looking at her from the bedroom door.  She is so embarrassed.  It's her boyfriends 20 year old son.  Makayla wonders how long he had been looking at her naked body.  She knows she is in very good shape.  She has been working out and being careful about what she eats.  She has one hot MILF body.

The young guy is Lucas Frost.  Makayla had never really paid any attention to him before.  She didn't want him to know that she was fucking his dad.  Makayla asks Lucas to help her un-tie her.  He refuses.  Lucas tells her that he is going to wait for his mother to come home so she can see what a cheating  skum bag his father is.  Makayla explains that his dad never actually fucked her and that he changed his mind.


Lucas does not believe her.  But eventually he decides to move closer to her to have a better look at her incrediable body.  He has never seen a hot MILF naked before.  He often fantasises about some of the sexy MILF that he see's on the beach.  Some of the MILF he see's can look very hot in sexy bikini's.

As he walks towards Makayla, she notices that there is a big bulge in his pants.  She ask's him if he has an erection.  Lucas confesses...he can hardly hide it.  Makayla is still in need of cock.  She explains to Lucas that if he helps her out of the leather restraints, then she will make it worth his while.

Lucas make Makayla tell him exactly what she means.  Makayla tells him that while his dad is out of the house, she would love to be fucked by a younger guy.  It would be even better to do it in his dads bed.

This was an offer that Lucas Frost was not going to miss out on.  He had her body all to himself.  He was worried that he might jizz in his pants, but Makayla took his cock and gently made him relax.

Makayla Cox and Lucas Frost fuck each other in the Brazzers video called Tied Up TittyFuck.

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Moms Bang Teens A Second Chance Blaten Lee, Kharlie Stone


Kharlie Stone has her boyfriend Bambino over to study for their college midterms. Kharlie's dad's new girlfriend, Blaten Lee, stops by to check on these tempting teens.

Horny and hoping to catch them naked, Blaten is annoyed that they seem to be boring bookworms. Kharlie kicks Blaten out of the living room and Ms. Lee goes to masturbate by herself.

Only, Kharlie is actually really horny and decides to suck Bambino's dick rather than study! Her boyfriend, however, is unimpressed with his girlfriend’s skills and leaves the living room in disgust.

Bambino then discovers Blaten flicking her clit on the couch and can't help but be impressed with how fucking hot Ms. Lee is! When Kharlie catches them in the act, will Blaten be willing to share Bambino with her inexperienced stepdaughter?

Or will Kharlie be willing to give Bambino, and her future stepmother, a second chance?

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YesPornPlease How To Train Your MILF

How to Train your MILF

What a great title for a porn video. Brazzers have come up with How To Train Your MILF.

Krissy is doing her friend a favor when she tells her she'll check up on the house when she's away. After hearing some noises upstairs, she decides to check out what all the racket is about.

When she stumbles upon a bunch of sex toys and whips in Small Hands' room - she can't help but be a bit intrigued. Small Hands happens to catch Krissy in the act toying around with his BDSM stuff.

Krissy figures she can give Small Hands a bit of a tutorial in how this stuff works- maybe he'll finally learn how to train his MILF.

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YesPornPlease My Slutty Stepmom’s Wedding Brazzers

My Slutty Stepmom's Wedding

Would you tell your dad that your new step mom is a slut? If your new step mom wants to fuck you just before she is due to marry your dad, would you still stick your cock in her pussy?

These are questions that Justin Hunt has to ask himself as he fucks his step mom, Raven Hart just minutes before the wedding. He fucks his slutty step mom in the arse while she is still in her wedding dress.

When Raven can’t quite zip up her tight fitting wedding dress, she enlists the help of Justin, her soon-to-be stepson.

After she catches him sneaking a peek at her huge tits and juicy ass, Raven decides she needs one last fuck as a free woman.

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Brazzers My Pool My Rules Interracial Threesome

Brazzers My Pool My Rules Interracial Threesome

Two hot British porn stars get fucked by Spanish skinny male porn star Jordi El Nino Polla. Stunning redhead Ella Hughes and hot Ebony babe Jasmine Webb get there wet snatches fucked next to the family indoors pool.

Ella wants to spend the day swimming and fucking her boyfriend Jordi, but her plans are ruined when she finds her dad's girlfriend Jasmine lounging by the pool. Jasmine orders Ella to clean the pool and fetch her a drink so she can take a crack at Jordi.

Brazzers My Pool My Rules

Jasmine loves younger men, especially ones with big cocks. She asks Jordi to rub tanning oil all over her body. Jordi is confused, especially seeing as how this pool is indoors.

But he doesn't want to displease such a sexy ebony milf. When Ella catches Jordi licking Jasmine's pussy she's PISSED, but quickly realizes Jasmine is the boss here - her pool, her rules!

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RealityKings Gimme That Cock

RealityKings Gimme That Cock

Phoenix Marie and Seth Gamble star in this RealityKings Gimme That Cock porn video. Phoenix Marie is a wild as ever in this MILF porn video.

RealityKings Gimme That Cock

Fitness fanatic Phoenix Marie is training Seth Gamble to help him train for his military test and this dominant MILF is literally training him like it's boot camp!

Private Gamble's skinny and out of shape, he can’t take it anymore and can’t complete his workout.

That's not going to cut it for Phoenix, who is absolutely furious! Come on! How the hell is Seth going to get into the military if he can’t even finish this workout?

Phoenix Marie Gym Instructor Sex

Phoenix demands to see his cock to prove that he’s a man, and when she does, she can’t help but want to wrap her dick sucking lips around his big piece!

Phoenix realizes that the only way for Mr. Gamble to prove his manliness is to manhandle him and his big dick through rigorous sex-ercise!

Busty, dominant Ms. Marie drops and gives Seth the greatest blowjob of his life before sticking his cock between her massive tits and then riding him until he covers her body in cum

Now that's the effort, and dicking, cock hungry Phoenix Marie was hoping for!

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Brazzers An Aptitude for Ass Anal Porn

Brazzers An Aptitude for Ass

Natasha Nice stars in Brazzers An Aptitude for Ass.  An anal sex video from the Big Tits at School brand.

Brazzers An Aptitude for Ass

Justin Hunt wants some guidance on his career path now that he’s graduated from school.

Anal Sex at School

Natasha nice is just the career counsellor he needs to sort himself out. With his chiseled muscles and youthful looks, Justin is exactly what a horny MILF like Natasha has been looking for.

Together they discover his talented hands and aptitude for ass, both of which are certain to help him land the career he wants.

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RealityKings Getting Dirty With Ms Croft

RealityKings Getting Dirty With Ms Croft

Alena Croft and Kyle Mason star in RealityKings Getting Dirty With Ms Croft from the Milf Hunter site.

RealityKings Getting Dirty With Ms Croft

Yard work can be grueling and hard, but what's even harder is when your boss is a busty MILF who doesn't wear any panties!

Kyle Mason and his friend are working on Ms. Alena Croft's flower bed. Alena is a bitchy boss who just wants Mr. Mason and his friend to do some proper yard work.

But what's really wrong with Ms. Croft is that she's got a thorn in her side. She hasn't been fucked in months and is clearly in need of some dick!

Blonde MILF Fucked in the Shower

After watching Alena show off her naked snatch while on her hands and knees, the guys notice her getting naked in the bathroom!

With her massive tits and tight pussy on full display, Kyle decides to sneak into the shower.  He and get a closer look at his hot as fuck boss!

Alena showers and gets herself nice and wet but soon begins fantasizing about one of her yard workers.  She wants them to sneak in and giving her the dicking she desires.

Luckily for Ms. Croft, Kyle has been watching her masturbate in the shower, getting turned on by this sexy slut as she rubs the shower head all over her dripping wet pussy!

But when Alena catches Kyle peeking in on her flicking her clit, will she be upset or pleasantly happy that he's the big dick she's been waiting for?

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Hot MILF Lingerie Photoshoot Sex Video

RealityKings video called Hardcore Centerfold - RK Prime - Ariella Ferrera, Chad White. Chad White has forgotten that he rented out his bedroom for a hot MILF lingerie photo shoot.

The photographer enters the house, followed by the sexiest model you’ll ever see: the one, the only Ariella Ferrera!

Hot MILF Lingerie Photoshoot Sex Video

Hot MILF Lingerie

Mr. White is in awe of this busty bombshell’s drop dead gorgeous curves and her massive tits!

The photographer, however, doesn't want his model to get distracted by the attention Mr. White is giving her.

Ariella is a professional model, after all, and she's got a job to do: pose provocatively and look sexy as fuck--without getting turned on!

RealityKings Banner

But when Ms. Ferrera catches Chad jacking off to her in her sexy lingerie with her massive boobs exposed, Ariella can't help but get excited just thinking about sucking and fucking his big cock!

Ariella goes to work, giving Mr. White's dick the greatest blowjob he's ever gotten before wrapping her huge tits around his cock and titty-fucking him!

But when the photographer returns, will Ariella be ready for her close-up, or will Mr. White be ready to give this busty nympho her much desired cumshot?

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Brandi Love Making a Mess on StepMom

Brandi Love Making a Mess on StepMom

Brandi Love has one of the best pairs of MILF tits on the planet.  Her big bouncy MILF tits are on full display in Brazzers Making a Mess on StepMom.  This is a Brazzers Mommy Got Boobs classic porn video.

Making a Mess on Stepmom

Brandi Love's stepson Lucas Frost accidentally breaks his stepmom's case whilst in a frenzied masturbation session.  He jerked him self off so hard and fast that his hand slipped and broke the vase.  To repay her, Brandi Love decides to give Lucas a long list of chores to do.

But instead of doing the chores, Lucas finds Brandi's phone.  On her phone he finds some really sexy selfies that she must of been sending to his dad.  Some of these selfies where totally nude.  As soon as he saw his sexy stepmom's nudes his cock needed to be wanked off again.

So he pulls out his cock and masturbates looking at his step mums photos.  But of course, as this is a Brazzers stepmom porn video, Lucas gets caught masturbating by his step mom.  Brandi Love catches him with his cock in one hand and her naked photos in the other.

Brandi Love fucks her Stepson

To make things harder for Lucas, Brandi has just got out of the shower and watch just standing in a towel.  Her big MILF boobs where bulging out of her tight towel.  He could not stop masturbating.  He needed to cum and cum fast.  Brandi Love could not believe that he continued to jerk off.  Understanding that he really needed to cum, she thought the best course of action would be to give her stepson a helping hand.

She takes his cock hand slowly puts it in her mouth.  Her towel falls off and she is not 100% naked.  Lucas Frost cannot believe that his sexy stepmom with huge boobs is now sucking his cock

Know that this might be the only chance he will ever get to fuck his stepmom, he begins to relax and just enjoy the whole experience.  He did not want to cum too soon.  He wanted to show his sext stepmom that he can fuck her better than his dad can.

Watch hot MILF porn star Brandi Love get cum all over her tits as she fucks her stepson in Brazzers Making a Mess on Stepmom.

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