Trading Up From Porn To Brandi’s Pussy

Trading Up From Porn To Brandi's Pussy

Trading Up From Porn To Brandi’s Pussy
Brandi Shagwell and Brad Humpin

Oh hello, it’s Brandi Shagwell’s Brazzers debut in a video called Trading Up From Porn To Brandi’s Pussy.  I’m pretty sure it’s her first appearance on the Brazzers Network.  I’m hopefully not wrong, that would be embarrassing!  I’ve had a look on her Brazzers model profile and cannot see another video with her name on it.  Let’s just roll with it for now.  If I’m wrong, I can just come back and edit this blog post about it being Miss Shagwell’s Brazzers debut.

Anyway, what’s this new video all about then?  Well, Brandi walks into the bedroom to find her boyfriend, Brad Humpin masturbating over an online porn video.  She was not expecting to see that first thing ion the morning, but she is not ashamed of him at all.  Brandi confesses that she often fingers herself watching hardcore porn on the internet.


Brad explains that he was feeling really horny that morning and was feeling a little sexually frustrated.  Brand Shagwell was happy to listen to her boyfriends sexual needs.  She made him describe how often he need to fuck her pussy.  When she realised that she had not been satisfying her boyfriend, she put plans into action.

In Trading Up From Porn To Brandi’s Pussy, Brandi striped down to her colourful thong and started to expertly twerk her firm ass in front of Brad’s face.  He had never seen her do that before.  By now Brad knew he was in for a sex session of his life.  Brandi whipped of her bra to reveal those perky natural breasts that Brad loves to suck on.

Bradi Shagwell then whispered into Brad’s ear that she wanted him to fuck her brains out in any position he wanted to, but he had to record the whole thing on his camera.  Bradi said that whenever he was feeling horny, she wanted him to watch their sex tape and masturbate to that.

This Brazzers Trading Up From Porn To Brandi’s Pussy is a great example of a real life couple creating a genuine POV sex tape and getting as many people to watch it as possible.   There is some great footage of Brandi getting fucked from behind in the stand up doggy position.  Your really get to her her ass slapping against his thighs!

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Codi’s Tit Bouncing Workout Codi Vore

Codi’s Tit Bouncing Workout
Codi Vore

codi's tit bouncing workout

The big tit gods are smiling down upon us once again and bringing us Codi Vore in Brazzers Codi’s Tit Bouncing Workout.  This is just a solo girl porn video but if you are a fan of big bouncy boobs, then you are in for a real treat.

Codi Vore is really into her fitness routine.  She has a morning workout before she even has breakfast.  So today, she thought she would she her morning workout with all the guys and girls who enjoy watching a big pair of breasts bouncy around the screen.


In Codi’s Tit Bouncing Workout, she makes sure that we all get a good eyeful of cleavage to get us warmed up.  Her massive natural boobs are hiding underneath her workout t-shirt, but you can just how much they are being jiggled around as Codi get’s on with her workout routine.

Once Codi is all sweaty, she strips out of her gym gear and get totally naked.  Her boobs are so big and heavy and she knows just how to touch and run them to make you want to shoot your jizz over them.

Feeling horny, Codi reaches for her dildo and inserts it into her wet and sweaty pussy and gets as close the camera as she can so you get to she her wetness wrap around a big sex toy.

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En JOI Sofia’s Perfect Tits Sofia Rose

En JOI Sofia's Perfect Tits

En JOI Sofia’s Perfect Tits
Sofia Rose

OMG look a the size of these fucking massive tits.  Sofia Rose gets her gigantic boobs out for Brazzers En JOI Perfect Tits.  If you don’t know what JOI means, it’s stands for jerk off instructions.

This video is more than just a solo girl video.  It’s Sofia Rose telling you how to masturbate for her.  She’ll tell you everything that she likes to see man do for her.  Sofia will guide you to you climax by rubbing her huge natural tits in front of your face.

I can’t begin to explain to you just how big these tits are.  I think they maybe the biggest tits that I have seen in a Brazzers video.  I can’t think of another pornstar with tits this big.  Maybe Maserati can compete but I don’t think they are as big.

When Sofia Rose thinks you are ready to cum, she will slow you down so you don’y cum too quickly.  She will tell you when the time is right to unleash your cumshot over her whopping great big tits.

Brazzers En JOI Sofia’s Perfect Tits is the ideal porn video to watch if you want to let your cock explode over a pair of boobs that fill the whole screen.

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Remember When We Used To – Girlsway

remember when we used to

Remember When We Used To
Alex Coal and Serena Blair

Alex Coal and Serena Blair, two step-sisters, are busy cleaning up a house and getting it ready to go on the market. It’s their childhood home but since they’ve moved on, and their dad has passed on, it’s just too big for their mother to manage alone.

As they clean up the bathroom, Alex and Serena fondly recall memories of them sharing the bath when they were younger. It was a way for them to bond as new step-sisters, even if they liked to give each other a hard time. Who HASN’T dunked their sibling’s head in the water once or twice??

They soon realise that they’ve lost track of time and that they’re going to be late for their dinner reservation. Worried that they might miss their dinner, they decide to share the bath so that they can get freshened up and on their way! It’s a bit awkward to think about but the bath is already filled, so…

Once they strip down and climb into the bath together, the room gets even steamier as they start washing each other down. The soft caresses as they lather each other’s bodies with soap soon trigger something deeper between them. Suddenly, they can’t resist each other as they come together for more exploration, soon tasting each other’s lips and pussies for the first time. But now that they’ve opened that door, will it be the last?


Blonde Brit Fucked by Euro Cabbie – Gina Varney

Blonde Brit Fucked by Euro Cabbie

Blonde Brit Fucked by Euro Cabbie
George Uhl and Gina Varney

Wow… I was gutted to miss out on editing this FAKE TAXI video.  My lucky colleague was the lucky guy to get his teeth stuck into this Gina Varney Fake Taxi video.  I’m so jealous!

A British blonde hottie called Gina Varney got into the taxi today. Gina told the driver she liked Czech men, because they gave her lots of attention. After meeting a friend online, Ms. Varney was here to meet them.

In Blonde Brit Fucked by Euro Cabbie, they got chatting, and when she asked if he had a girlfriend, he told her no. Gina was interested by this, and asked what he does for sex. He told her sometimes his clients do not have the money to pay, and they come to other arrangements. As fate would have it, Gina had forgotten her purse.

She agreed to show him her big boobs, and then turned around and shook her booty for the driver.  He found them a quiet place to park, and he turned her doggystyle so he could lick her tight ass and pussy. Gina gave him a sloppy deepthroat blowjob, then he fucked her hard. She was begging him to cum inside her, so he filled her up with a creampie!

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My Way All the Way Elisa Tiger Fake Taxi

my way all the way elisa tiger

My Way All the Way
Elisa Tiger

Elisa Tiger makes her Fake Taxi debut in a scene called My Way, All the Way.  She gets that wonderful arse out and her pussy gets pounded by a huge cock in this back seat hardcore fucking.

As you can see from the above screenshot, she does have a great looking ass.  Iy looks even better in a pair of hot demin shorts.

Fake Taxi description as written on Fake Taxi Forum.

Elisa Tiger loves a big dick. You can definately see just how much she longs to have a long hard penis deep in her pussy. In this Fake Taxi porn video, she is sure that her taxi man is not going the fastest way to her girl friends house.

She has to do her best to convince the driver to take her a quicker route. She gets her big natural boobs out and starts playing with her tight pussy in the back of the taxi. The driver has all the convincing he needs to change direction.

This Elisa Tiger video goes live on 16th October, 2020.

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Tit Wanks from MILF with Big Natural Boobs

Tit Wanks from MILF with Big Natural Boobs

Tit wanks from MILF with big natural boobs or to be fair a tit wank from any fit woman with big boobs would be a treat.  A pair of big knockers wrapped around your shaft and being stroked is one of those feels as a guy is truly heavenly.

I needed to specify a niche for this blog post so I decided to go with MILF.  There are plenty of top MILF pornstars out there who are able to pull over a masterful tit wank.  Most tit wanks are filmed in POV fashion.  it is a great view from the camera as your cock slides between a big pair of boobs and she looks into the camera talks dirty to you.

I always think that big natural boobs are the best of titty fucking.  For me, fake plastic tits are sometime just a little too firm for my liking.  In the porn world, a big cock is needed to give a great tit fuck video.  If the cock is not big enough then it can get lost in that cleavage.

In Tit wanks from MILF video, it’s quite rare to be honest to find a tit wank that ends in a cum shot.  I think porn directors worry about the cumshot between the tits getting lost, so it’s easy for the pornstar and cameraman to gets a better angle if the cock is withdrawn and the jizz propelled over her face or tits.

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Captain Stabbin Episode 8 The Finale Angela White

captain stabbin episode 8

Captain Stabbin Episode 8 The Finale
Xander Corvus, Sloan Harper, Angela White, Sofie Reyez

I immediately warmed to this Captain Stabbing Episode 8 video because I could see the huge tits of Angela White on display on the thumbnail of choice from Reality Kings.

Seeing the Australian pornstars big tits on display always warms my heart.  Those magnificent boobs are onboard the fucking boat for this finale of the Captain Stabbin porn series.

It’s not just Angela White who gets her pussy shagged.  She is also joined by Sloan Harper and Sofie Reyez too.  It’s an orgy where you will get t o see hot babes getting pounded onboard a boat.

I have really enjoyed watching the new Captain Stabbin porn video from Reality Kings.  They have featured some gorgeous looking babes that have enjoyed having big cocks in side if them.

In Captain Stabbin Episode 8 not only do we see Angela White’s big boobs, we also see her getting her arse fucked.  It’s always a privilege to see Miss White being fucked in her arse.  It’s even better when it is done with her on her back.  You really get to see those impressive breasts jiggling around.

I’m wondering whether we will see Captain Stabbin return again for Reality Kings.  I’m really hoping we do.  It’s an original series that is very appealing for RK fans.

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