Sneaky Shower Sex Gabbie Carter

sneaky shower sex

Sneaky Shower Sex
JMac, Gabbie Carter

Brazzers have treated us to two natural looking pornstars today.  I have already written 465 words about Indica Monroe’s Brazzers debut in Downblouse Yoga 2, and now we have Gabbie Carter in Sneak Shower Sex as well.

Gabbie gets undressed with the camera giving use extreme close ups of her big natural tits and great looking ass.  When she peels off her thong, you can almost smell that sweet looking pussy.  She walks into the shower room but walks straight into her boyfriends best friend already taking a shower.


The are both a little embarrassed to see each other naked, but Gabbie is intrigued by JMac’s big cock and wonders why t is already erect.  JMac explains that he enjoys masturbating in the shower, especially in the morning.

In Sneaky Shower Sex, Gabbie Carter pushes him back into the shower, drops to her knees and starts sucking on Jmac’s cock.  this is a much better way to start the day rathe then jerking off.  When Gabbie has had enough cock sucking, she pours shower gel onto her big naturals and tells Jmac to rub it all over for her.  Watching her big 100% real tits getting soapy is a great piece of footage.

Once the soapy foreplay is over, Jmac’s cock is a hard as a rock and it has no problem sliding deep into Gabbie Carter’s soaking wet pussy.  They try as many sexual positions that they can in the small shower cubical before moving onto the bathroom floor.

In Sneaky Shower Sex, Brazzers certainly give us a lot of great visuals of Gabbie huge bouncy tits hanging and swinging as she gets well and truly pounded by Jmac and his rock solid cock.  They have no guilt whatsoever when Gabbie’s boyfriend comes back from the gym.  Gabbie just wipes spunk off her face and goes and makes breakfast.

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Pink Pleasure Kendra Sunderland and Keiran Lee

Pink Pleasure

Pink Pleasure
Kendra Sunderland and Keiran Lee

When I opened up Brazzers this morning and noticed that there is another Kendra Sutherland video on the way, I was truly delighted.  Just looking at the screenshot of her is a set of stunning pink lingerie made my dick twitch.

Seeing Kendra laying on her bed in wonderful pink underwear with her big tits hanging out, along with her exposed pussy, was a great way to start the morning.  It’s Brazzers videos like this, make it worth while to get up at 0530 to write the review of Brazzers Pink Pleasure.


Even the opening shot in this new Kendra Sutherland video is pure class.  It’s just her bend over on the bed in a pink g-string on and showing off that awesome looking ass.  We are then treated to Kendra Sutherland shaking her big natural boobs at us in close up fashion.

Miss Sutherland takes Keiran Lee’s cock into her mouth and gives him a world class POV sloppy blowjob.  She is able to reach the back of her throat with ease and barely gags.  She is then bent over and fucked from behind as she talks dirty begging him to fuck her harder.

More beautiful natural hanging and swinging tit action is followed by Kendra riding Keiran Lee’s cock in a reverse cowgirl position.  She is jumping up and down on his cock like she’s riding a wild bull.

This fast rough sex is interrupted by more outstanding views of Kendra’s stunning tits and ass.  The cameraman must of really enjoyed this shot with Kendra Sutherland’s perfect natural boobs very close to his face.  We are also treated to some great piece of twerking from Kendra in that pink g-string!

As the trailer comes closer the the end, we watch Keiran Lee fucking Kendra Sutherland in more and more sexual positions including missionary and spoons.  But the main attraction for me in this Brazzers Pink Pleasure porn video, is just marvelling at Kendra Sutherland’s amazing body.  She has all the right lumps and bumps in all the right places.

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Big Tits Shower Surprise Summer Hart

Big Tits Shower Surprise

Big Tits Shower Surprise
Xander Corvus, Summer Hart

Here’s a novelty from Brazzers.  It’s a porn video where a sexy girlfriend with big tits just wants to be fucked by her boyfriend.  Yes, no cheating, no stepmoms or stepdads, no accidental threesome…just a good old fashioned couples sex video.

Summer Hart is feeling in the mood for some pussy pounding from her bearded boyfriend Xander Corvus.  I’m not sure whether his beard is one of those ‘lockdown beards’ or whether he is turning himself in a hipster…either way, I wish he would shave it off.


Miss Hart is looking forward to waking her boyfriend up with a sexual surprise.  She loves having her hairy ginger pussy fucked as much as possible by Xander’s big cock.  He has so much sexual stamina and Summer Hart makes the most of it.  She has been known to be fucked for four hours before with no break…it was pure heaven for her.  So whenever she gets the chance to get fucked like that, she takes it with both fucking hands.

In Big Tits Shower Surprise, Summer Hart is not quick enough to catch her boyfriend in bed.  He is already up and hitting the shower.  Perfect, she hasn’t been fucked in the shower for a while, now is the time to get wet with Xander and let him fuck the shit of her totally naked and wet in the shower…what a morning treat for both of them.

Summer Hart Fucked in the Shower

I truly love the shape of Summer Harts big natural tits.  We first saw them in a Brazzers video called My Trainer Loves Big Natural Tits where she has lesbian sex with Codi Vore.  It you haven’t seen that, you need to check it out now.

I’m not usually a fan of redheads, but I’m starting to warm to Sumer Hart.  I fucking love her all natural body, complete with a busy pussy, a rarity in porn these days, but I believe the bush is making a comeback.  I think I hear that rumour a few times a year, but it never materialises.

As a fan of big natural boobs, I’m so happy to watch Miss Hart getting her pussy fucked from behind and seeing her big tits wobbling around like crazy.  With the camera directly underneath her, we get a fantastic view of those juicy boobs bouncing around uncontrollably.

This is only the second time that Summer Hart has been in a Brazzers video, and I am already a fan of her marvellous real tits…now if only she wasn’t so ginger… ;-). You can see this busty and curvaceous redheaded pornstars getting fucked in the shower on November 5th, 2020.

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The Clumsiest Girl In The World Kendra Sunderland

The Clumsiest Girl In The World

The Clumsiest Girl In The World
Zac Wild and Kendra Sunderland

I’ve just been to the gym and I ache like fuck, so it’s so nice to be able to chill out and write about awesome porn videos before I start my porn editing schedule for the day.  Today Brazzers bring us Kendra Sutherland starring in The Clumsiest Girl In The World.  Just by looking at the screenshot, I can tell that it is going to be a great video.  I love to see the brazzers pornstars on all fours.  But in the beginning of this new porn video, Kendra is on her knees cleaning.

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In The Clumsiest Girl In The World, she’s not the greatest cleaner in the world and she is constantly knocking things over with her big sexy ass and big boobs.  Doing the housework in a tiny white see through vest and short panties, is not the best way to clean the house.  She is also not wearing a bra so her tits bounce and jiggle all the time she is trying to get the house looking clean for her boyfriend, Zac Wild.

There is a great piece of footage when for some strange reason Kendra Sutherland get stuck in what I think is a cat’s play tower.  She leaves her arse exposed in the air and her tits hanging with her cleavage there for all to see.

Kendra Sutherland in Stuck

During The Clumsiest Girl In The World, Kendra Sunderland is the complete package. She’s got brains, she’s got beauty, and she’s got sarcasm drier than Mars. But nothing in this world is perfect… She’s a clutz. She spills her drinks, backs into trash cans, gets stuck in washing machines… You name it, she’s probably spent an uncomfortable amount of time stuck inside it.

We follow Kendra during her typical Sunday routine – cleaning up around the house in a comfy-yet-hot outfit that only she could pull off… Bashing into furniture, soaking her shirt, and maybe doing more harm than good…

I this Brazzers The Clumsiest Girl In The World, however, perhaps she can use this perception to get something a little bit more out of her day. A convenient cat tree, a believable backstory, giant tits hanging and round delicious ass wiggling… Zac will never know what hit him.

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Sommer’s Big Dick Delivery Sommer Isabella

Sommer's Big Dick Delivery

Sommer’s Big Dick Delivery
Jovan Jordan, Sommer Isabella

It’s hard being a sex addict in these time of COVID-19.  Sex toys can only do so much to satisfy a horn woman like Sommer Isabelle.  In Brazzers Sommer’s Big Dick Delivery she tries all kinds of new toys to keep her pussy happy.  But as good as her orgasms were, she still craved the genuine article.  She was so eager for a big real cock deep int her throbbing pussy.


Eventually, she has no further option but to ring her friend with benefits, Jovan Jordan.  If anyone is going fuck her the way she needs to be fucked, it will be Jovan.  His big hard cock has always left her sexually satisfied…at least for a few hours!

As soon as Jovan Jordan arrives at er house, she gets straight on to her knees and starts sucking on his big black cock.  His cock is not only long but her has so much girth too.  It’s the girth that Sommer Isabelle wants.  She needs to feel her pussy lips being spread apart and pounded as hard as they possible can.

Sommer’s Big Dick Delivery is a black on black porn video that features Jovan Jordan and Sommer Isabella fucking indoors.  Her pussy really gets the attention it craves during this sex session.  This is only the 2nd time that we have seen Miss Isabella being fucked in a Brazzers video.  Her first video was released back in April 2020.

With her all natural ebony body, I’m hoping to see more of Sommer Isabella.  he has a very sexy all natural look and can take a big cock all the way down the the balls….what a trooper.

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Trading Up From Porn To Brandi’s Pussy

Trading Up From Porn To Brandi's Pussy

Trading Up From Porn To Brandi’s Pussy
Brandi Shagwell and Brad Humpin

Oh hello, it’s Brandi Shagwell’s Brazzers debut in a video called Trading Up From Porn To Brandi’s Pussy.  I’m pretty sure it’s her first appearance on the Brazzers Network.  I’m hopefully not wrong, that would be embarrassing!  I’ve had a look on her Brazzers model profile and cannot see another video with her name on it.  Let’s just roll with it for now.  If I’m wrong, I can just come back and edit this blog post about it being Miss Shagwell’s Brazzers debut.

Anyway, what’s this new video all about then?  Well, Brandi walks into the bedroom to find her boyfriend, Brad Humpin masturbating over an online porn video.  She was not expecting to see that first thing ion the morning, but she is not ashamed of him at all.  Brandi confesses that she often fingers herself watching hardcore porn on the internet.


Brad explains that he was feeling really horny that morning and was feeling a little sexually frustrated.  Brand Shagwell was happy to listen to her boyfriends sexual needs.  She made him describe how often he need to fuck her pussy.  When she realised that she had not been satisfying her boyfriend, she put plans into action.

In Trading Up From Porn To Brandi’s Pussy, Brandi striped down to her colourful thong and started to expertly twerk her firm ass in front of Brad’s face.  He had never seen her do that before.  By now Brad knew he was in for a sex session of his life.  Brandi whipped of her bra to reveal those perky natural breasts that Brad loves to suck on.

Bradi Shagwell then whispered into Brad’s ear that she wanted him to fuck her brains out in any position he wanted to, but he had to record the whole thing on his camera.  Bradi said that whenever he was feeling horny, she wanted him to watch their sex tape and masturbate to that.

This Brazzers Trading Up From Porn To Brandi’s Pussy is a great example of a real life couple creating a genuine POV sex tape and getting as many people to watch it as possible.   There is some great footage of Brandi getting fucked from behind in the stand up doggy position.  Your really get to her her ass slapping against his thighs!

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Codi’s Tit Bouncing Workout Codi Vore

Codi’s Tit Bouncing Workout
Codi Vore

codi's tit bouncing workout

The big tit gods are smiling down upon us once again and bringing us Codi Vore in Brazzers Codi’s Tit Bouncing Workout.  This is just a solo girl porn video but if you are a fan of big bouncy boobs, then you are in for a real treat.

Codi Vore is really into her fitness routine.  She has a morning workout before she even has breakfast.  So today, she thought she would she her morning workout with all the guys and girls who enjoy watching a big pair of breasts bouncy around the screen.


In Codi’s Tit Bouncing Workout, she makes sure that we all get a good eyeful of cleavage to get us warmed up.  Her massive natural boobs are hiding underneath her workout t-shirt, but you can just how much they are being jiggled around as Codi get’s on with her workout routine.

Once Codi is all sweaty, she strips out of her gym gear and get totally naked.  Her boobs are so big and heavy and she knows just how to touch and run them to make you want to shoot your jizz over them.

Feeling horny, Codi reaches for her dildo and inserts it into her wet and sweaty pussy and gets as close the camera as she can so you get to she her wetness wrap around a big sex toy.

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En JOI Sofia’s Perfect Tits Sofia Rose

En JOI Sofia's Perfect Tits

En JOI Sofia’s Perfect Tits
Sofia Rose

OMG look a the size of these fucking massive tits.  Sofia Rose gets her gigantic boobs out for Brazzers En JOI Perfect Tits.  If you don’t know what JOI means, it’s stands for jerk off instructions.

This video is more than just a solo girl video.  It’s Sofia Rose telling you how to masturbate for her.  She’ll tell you everything that she likes to see man do for her.  Sofia will guide you to you climax by rubbing her huge natural tits in front of your face.

I can’t begin to explain to you just how big these tits are.  I think they maybe the biggest tits that I have seen in a Brazzers video.  I can’t think of another pornstar with tits this big.  Maybe Maserati can compete but I don’t think they are as big.

When Sofia Rose thinks you are ready to cum, she will slow you down so you don’y cum too quickly.  She will tell you when the time is right to unleash your cumshot over her whopping great big tits.

Brazzers En JOI Sofia’s Perfect Tits is the ideal porn video to watch if you want to let your cock explode over a pair of boobs that fill the whole screen.

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