Deep Blue Shea Nicolette Shea Brazzers Hardcore Video

Deep Blue Shea

Deep Blue Shea
Nicolette Shea

I’ve probably said it before, but it’s always a pleasure to wake up in the morning to find that Brazzers have another Nicolette Shea video on the horizon.  This former Instagram model, now famous pornstar is a huge porn pleaser.

Wearing a very short sexy blue dress, Nicolette walks in high heels and her pantyless arse hanging out the bottom of her dress.  The front of her blue dress has a zip that goes all the way down. It’s that type of zip that you just want to slowly undo so her tits slowly come into view.


In Brazzers Deep Blue Shea, she walks into the lounge area, rubbing her tits and stroking her arse.  She is obviously on the look for some cock.  Finally she sits on the sofa and unzips her dress herself.  This unleashes those world famous fake tits of hers.

Waiting for her man to arrive, she takes matters into her own hands and massages those incredible breasts and squeezes her erect nipples.  Finally she allows her long nailed fingers to glide over her pussy to give her clit a rub.

When her man, Marcus Dupree finally joins her, she is more than ready for his cock.  She wastes no time in getting down to business.  She wants him to fuck her really hard today.

Brazzers Deep Blue Shea will be available to watch on September 10th, 2020.  I’m sure it will keep all those many Nicolette Shea fans very happy.

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Nicolettes Biggest Fan Kyle Nicolette Shea

nicolettes biggest fan

Nicolettes Biggest Fan
Kyle Mason and Nicolette Shea

There will be thousands of guys out there proclaiming to be Nicolettes biggest fan.  Her amazing body is now world famous.  Her amazonian body is one of the most recognisable porn body on the internet.

So when Kyle Mason has to name his favourite pornstar, his mind immediately turn to Nicolette.  Not only does he enjoy fucking this busty blonde beauty, but he also enjoys watching any porn video that Miss Shea has appeared in.


When Nicolette Shea discovers that Kyle Mason has announced that he is her biggest fan, she arranges a special surprise for him.  Before their next shoot together, she sets up a lapdance for him.  She gives him the best lap dance of his life.

In Brazzers Nicolettes Biggest Fan, you will get to watch this hot blonde perform and once in a life time erotic dance all captured on camera.  Not only is it Kyle Mason who gets to see her in action, Nicolette has agreed to let the Brazzers production crew in to record this amazing piece of ass grind and twerk all over Kyle.

But of course, this wouldn’t be a Brazzers video without some hardcore fucking.  When the lapdance is over, Kyle Mason is left with a rock hard cock that Nicolette puts to good use.

Nicolette Shea Classic Brazzers Her First Anal Video

Her First Anal

Nicolette Shea Classic Brazzers Her First Anal Video
Nicolette Shea and Markus Dupree

This classic Brazzers video is all about Miss Shea and her first anal video.  Whether or not it’s actually the first time she has actually been fucked in the arse, I seriously doubt it.  I would be very surprised if this famous blonde pornstar would pop her anal cherry on camera.


So let’s presume that this is in fact her first anal sex video.  I can tell you that Brazzers have definitely come up trumps.  Getting this tall blonde with huge fake tits to agree to get fucked in the arse by Markus Dupree was a master stroke.  Ever since she made her Brazzers debut in 2017, her fans were ver eager to see her big ass fucked.

So it was Markus Dupree who had the honour to feel his cock inside her arse on camera for the very first time.  It must of been a privilege to be asked “How would you like to fuck Nicolette Shea in the arsehole today?”

This Nicolette Shea anal sex video was shot for the A Day with a Pornstar Brand.  It show Miss Shea giving you a glimpse into her glamorous life style for a whole day before going to the porn set for her first anal.

Its Not All About Beauty Nicolette Shea Scarlett Sage

Its not all about beauty

Its Not All About Beauty
Nicolette Shea, Scarlett Sage

This new lesbian porn video from Brazzers called Its Not All About Beauty stars petite pornstar Scarlett Sage and the dominant amazonian blonde pornstar Nicolette Shea.

When Scarlett decides she wants to become a pageant queen she enlists the help of Miss She to help her win.  Miss Nicolette Shea has won so many beauty awards in the past, so she was the obvious choice to coach Miss Sage through the selection process.

But Scarlett was not expecting was for Nicolette to tell her that winning a pageant competition was not all about beauty.  Scarlett would have to be able to bribe the judges with sexual favours.  That’s how Nicolette had one every year.

Scarlett agreed to fuck some of the male judges, but she had never been with a woman, so how could she win female judges votes if she doesn’t know how to have lesbian sex?

This is where Nicolette’s knowledge of a woman’s body came into good use.  She give Scarlett Sage a practical lesson in girl on girl intercourse.  She show how to make a woman cum with a few sex toys of her choice.

This Brazzers lesbian hardcore video has a a great contrast between the dominant Nicolette Shea and he shy timid character of Scarlett Sage.

Nicolette Shea in Ok Boomer with Ricky Spanish,

nicolette shea ok boomer

Nicolette Shea in Ok Boomer also starring Ricky Spanish.  Fans favourite Nicolette Shea is a back in an awesome looking Reality Kings porn video called Ok Boomer.

I’m not sure if this is a Lil Humpers video or a MILF hunter style porno.  Either way, it’s got Nicolette Shea in it so it should be a quality sex video.

Miss Shea is dressed in a beautiful pink cotton dress with buttons undone at the top to show off her wonderful cleavage.  Ricky Spanish gets and erection as soon as he clamps eyes on this world famous pornstar with her tits half hanging out.


When hung zoomer Ricky is dragged to millennial MILF Nicolette’s house for tea, they discover something in common: their annoyance with boomers and lust for hot sneaky sex. Brunette Nicolette gives Ricky a taste of her thick juicy curves while his granny fixes them a snack in the kitchen. Looks like generational gaps CAN be a good thing… Sometimes.

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Banged by the Brand New Tool India Summer Nicolette Shea

Banged by the Brand New Tool

Banged by the Brand New Tool
India Summer, Nicolette Shea

Hot brunette India summer is in good hands! Bombshell doctor Nicolette Shea is giving her a thorough body examination. After carefully oiling up India’s pussy, Dr Shea is finally ready to use her new highly technological tool: a fuck machine. It doesn’t take too long before India starts to moan in pleasure.

Nicolette makes good use of her fingers and stimulates India’s clit until she squirts. Luckily, Nicolette’s goggles protect her from the storm. In Banged by the Brand New Tool,  things get even steamier. The women trade places on the chair and India has her chance to explore Nicolette’s depths. The scene culminates with depraved scissoring session. A nice reminder that you can’t really trust a doctor in a porn scene, but you can thrust them. Get it?

Nicolette Shea in Brazzers School Of Hard Knockers

School Of Hard Knockers
Jordi, Nicolette Shea


Jordi and Nicolette Shea are teamed up again for another Brazzers video.  This one is called School Of Hard Knockers and it show us all just why we all love it when Jordi and Nicolette get together.

Nicolette plays a personal trainer who is given the task of getting Jordi into shape.  His skinny body needs to be beefed up a bit ready for the summer.  But his motivation levels are not as she requires them to be.

In Brazzers School Of Hard Knockers, Miss Shea uses her big fake tits to help Jordi reach his full potential.  She gets fully naked and promises Jordi that if he can get into shape, he will get to fuck her perfect pink pussy as hard as he likes.

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Best of Nicolette Shea Brazzers Porn Videos

I’m going to guess that Brazzers will release a Best of Nicolette Shea video anytime soon.  They have been releasing other Best of Pornstar videos during this time of COVID-19 lockdown in the porn industry.

So I thought I was get in there first and give you my favourite Nicolette Shea HD porn videos that she has appeared in for the Brazzers Network.  Her very first appearance was back in April 2017.  Since then, she has performed in 73 hardcore Brazzers videos.

Nicolette Shea Best of Brazzers

My first recommendation is the awesome video called BabeZZ Watch: A XXX Parody.  This threesome porno also features the boobilicious Bridgette B.  Nicolette and Bridgette are both wearing the iconic red life guard uniform just like Pamela Anderson did in BayWatch.  Their big boobs are almost falling out of the uniform as they run along the beach.

Nicolette Shea and Bridgette B

My 2nd offering from the Best of Nicolette Shea is another threesome called All Dolled Up: Spring Break Edition.  this time Nicolette is joined by August Taylor.  They both give this guy the time of his life.  Dressed up a life size sex dolls, these two busty babes come to life and fuck the shit out of Justine’s big cock.

Nicolette Shea and August Taylor

Number 3 on my Best of Nicolette Shea is a video that was released on 6th August 2018 and featured Miss Shea getting fucked by Jordi El Nono Polla.  It’s called ZZ Kenfucky Derby and is shows Jordi dressed up like a horse jockey.  Nicolette is used to bribe Jodi into making sure he rides the favourite horse in the Kenfucky Derby.  Jordi fucks Nicolette wearing a full on horse jockey outfit including a horse whip.

Kenfucky Derby Nicolette Shea

A pornstar compilation blog post would not be complete with a good bit of anal.  This is labelled as Nicolette Shea’s First Anal – but I believe that she has probably had a big cock or two in her arse before.  Markus Dupree is the luck male pornstar that gets to sample his cock in her big ass for the first time.  If you believe that this is the first time that Miss Shea has taken a cock in her booty, then you will love watching this anal sex fantasy.

Nicolette Shea takes anal for the first time

My 5th and final Nicolette Shea recommendation is a threesome with the porn legend Lisa Ann.  This hardcore 3way porn video show Miss Shea and Miss Ann coming together and having their pussies fucked by Scott Nails in The Fuck Off.  These two porn babes are dressed up for a girl on girl wrestling match that turns into pure sex action right there live on camera.

Nicolette and Porn Legend Lisa Ann 3some

I can’t guarantee that Brazzers will be creating a Best of Nicolette Shea compilation, but if I was one of their editors, these 5 video would definitely be included.