No Turkey Just HAM Molly Stewart Lacy Lennon

No Turkey Just Ham

No Turkey Just HAM
Molly Stewart with Lacy Lennon

Wow, here’s a treat for all you redhead lovers out there.  Brazzers have given you Molly Stewart and Lacy Lennon in a girl on girl video.  These two ginger babes are preparing dinner, but with the sexual tension at boiling point, there was no way that they would not end up naked together.


I think I might of mentioned before that I’m not a huge fan of redheads, but I have to admit having Molly Stewart and Lacy Lennon together in a lesbian romp does look very appealing indeed.

No Turkey Just HAM starts off a little on the rough side.  There is a little bit of ass slapping and some face slapping as this scene gets going.  Molly Stewart is not very impressed with Lacy’s cooking and she makes her know about it.

No Turkey Just Ham turns into a very hardcore lesbian fuck fest.  There is some great footage of nylon pantyhose being ripped open and the ass on show is simple incredible.  Molly and Lacy both have fabulous looking asses and I really enjoyed watching them licking each others assholes.  Great rimming action all round.

Og course, with this being a girl on girl video, there is plenty of oral sex on display,  Both of these hot ginger pornstars have their pussies licked until they have female orgasms in the kitchen.

The ginger 69 sequence in this video is amazing.  watching two mops of ginger hair shaking around and they both frantically lick each other ginger cuff boxes look really great from the birds eye view angle.


Girlsway Keeping Calm Under Pressure

Girlsway Keeping Calm Under Pressure

Keeping Calm Under Pressure
Skylar Snow and Sovereign Syre

Skylar Snow arrives for her job interview. She looks nervous but excited as manager Sovereign Syre shows her in and invites her to sit down. Sovereign seems firm but polite, asking pertinent questions about Skylar’s work experience.

But Sovereign wants to make sure that Skylar can perform under pressure, so she decides to test this by fingering Skylar as Skylar has to explain various marketing strategies. Trying to fight through the pleasure, Skylar answers Sovereign’s question successfully as Sovereign rubs her clit.


During Girlsway Keeping Calm Under Pressure, as Skylar gasps with pleasure, Sovereign’s landline phone rings. Sovereign grins mischievously and asks Skylar to take the call.  Skylar is flustered but agrees. Sovereign lowers her head and begins eating Skylar’s pussy as Skylar picks up the phone. She introduces herself to the accountant, explaining that she will be handling the call since Sovereign is unavailable.

In Girlsway Keeping Calm Under Pressure, Skylar speaks to the accountant, talking about various cost-cutting measures, such as scaling back expense accounts, and company-wide layoffs, all the while struggling to maintain her composure as Sovereign eats her pussy.  There are a couple of moments during the conversation when Skylar gasps or lets out a moan and has to make excuses to the accountant so that she doesn’t get caught.

Sovereign is impressed and wants Skylar to demonstrate that she can take the initiative. Skylar takes her meaning and begins to eat Sovereign’s pussy.  This is clearly not an average job interview!

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Pay Attention To My Pussy Gabriella Paltrova Luna Star

Pay Attention To My Pussy

Pay Attention To My Pussy
Gabriella Paltrova and Luna Star

If you were faced down by Luna Star trying to make you eat her pussy, how long would you be able to resist burying you face into her sweet juicy pussy?  Gabriella Paltrova is not doing a very good job at friend listening to luna’s problems.  Luna is fed up with her husband, but Miss Paltrova is too busy listening to her music on her ear pods to give a damn about Luna’s problems with her marriage.

Luna Star gets really angry about the fact that one of her besties is not interested in hearing about her woes.  She really needed somebody to off load to.  Miss Star has been having problems in the bedroom department with her husband.  It was as though he was no longer interested in fucking her hot Latina body anymore…maybe he was having an affair.

In Pay Attention To My Pussy, Luna wanted Gabriella’s help in deciding how to get her husband to start fucking her again.  But Miss Paltrova was in no mood to be a listening post.  Luna had enough of being ignored.  She confronts Gabriella by taking out her ear pods.  Not only does she take them straight out of ears, Luna Star sticks the ear pods straight up her pussy.  It was up to Gabrialla Paltrova to retrieve them if she wanted them.

Luna Star Sex with Gabriella Paltrova

Gabriella Paltrova and Luna Star have rough lesbian sex in the kitchen.  By the time they are finished fucking each other, they are both completely naked and shattered by multiple orgasms that they have given each other by fingering and licking each others pussies.

Watching Pay Attention To My Pussy, I loved seeing Luna trying to talk to Gabriella.  Luna is wearing a low cut dress that really exposes that fine looking Latina cleavage.  It’s fucking perfect.  This is one of those videos where you are continuously asking yourself why the hell wouldn’t her husband want to fuck her every day…I would be trying to fuck her twice a day…at least.

Brazzers do not use many lesbian porn videos on their ad network, but I would hazard a guess and say that we might be seeing Luna Star inserting ear pods inot her pussy used in a tube site advert in the near future.  It is one of those porn moments that really catches the eye.

We will be able to watch this full length girl on girl lesbian lust fest called Pay Attention To My Pussy on November 3rd, 2020.

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Girlsway Welcome To The Neighborhood

Welcome To The Neighborhood

Girlsway Welcome To The Neighborhood
Laney Grey, Kiarra Kai and Khloe Kapri

Laney Grey has invited her new neighbor, Kiarra Kai, to stay over to welcome her to the neighborhood. As Laney and Kiarra are chatting, Laney’s friend Khloe Kapri arrives at the house. She has also been invited to stay over. The trio decide to watch a movie.

A little later, the three girls are spread out in front of the TV. They are all wearing long oversized t-shirts as pajamas. When they get cold, the three girls begin to spoon each other. The physical closeness of the spooning gives Khloe an idea, and she suggests that they all compare boobs. Despite some shyness, the other girls agree.


In Girlsway Welcome To The Neighborhood, Khloe goes first and takes off her shirt, revealing her bare breasts. Laney and Kiarra’s eyes go wide. They tell Khloe how nice her breasts are.  Next, it’s Laney and Kiarra’s turn to reveal their breasts. They look at each other excitedly. Finally, they take deep breaths and remove their shirts, revealing their bare breasts.

The three of them appraise each other’s breasts, obviously becoming increasingly horny as they do so.  With the sexual tension rising, the girls can’t help getting curious about how each other’s breasts feel. Before long, all three girls are touching each other’s breasts in an increasingly sensual way.

During Girlsway Welcome To The Neighborhood, soon, with the sexual tension reaching its peak, Khloe suggests that they try kissing each other’s nipples, since none of them has ever done that before either. Swept up in the moment, any inhibitions the other two girls had are gone now, and they quickly agree.  Welcome to the neighborhood, Kiarra!!!

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Sister Strap Sandwich Girlsway Video

Sister Strap Sandwich

Sister Strap Sandwich
Casey Calvert, Keira Croft and Zoe Sparx

Casey Calvert and Keira Croft are two step-sisters who just found out that they’re dating the same girl! It seems that Zoe Sparx has a thing for sisters and deceived them by dating both of them at the same time. But instead of cutting ties with Zoe completely, they have an idea on how to get back at her. Casey and Keira aren’t going to let Zoe get off THAT easy!

Casey gets Keira to call Zoe and invite her over. Of course, they keep the fact that Casey will be there, too, a secret so that they can confront Zoe together. Once Keira connects with Zoe and extends the invite, the game is on.


When Zoe shows up and greets Keira, she has NO IDEA what’s in store… until Casey reveals herself. Keira knows she’s been busted and begs for forgiveness, insisting that she didn’t mean to hurt either of them. She cares about them both but got a bit greedy…

However, the step-sisters aren’t convinced about Zoe’s sincerity and insist that if she wants to make it up to them, she’ll have to be punished… Zoe’s eyes widen as Casey and Keira break out strap-ons and, though she knows it’s supposed to be a punishment, she can’t help but get excited!

Things get hot and heavy as Casey and Keira vent their frustrations with a fiery double-penetration session. Although Zoe is being scolded, being teamed up on by two hot sisters is her fantasy come true! But after everything is said and done, will she be able to win them back over?

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Latina MILF Munching Hairy Pussy

Latina MILF Munching Hairy Pussy

Latina MILF Munching Hairy Pussy
Canela Skin and Caomei

Welcome to the world of the sexy bubble buttied latin MILF Canela Skin.  Wow, what a woman.  She is a pure sexual animal.  I have enjoyed editing a few of her video for the FAKEhub site, but today I bring you Canela Skin linking on the vagina of Caomei.

Here’s what my porn editing buddy Pete had to say when editing this Latina MILF Munching Hairy Pussy video for FAKETaxiForum.

Quite a nice scene this, bit like a mini break from my desk to edit a scene filmed in a villa in Spain rather than a bedroom in Prague. The rooms are bigger, the sun is shining, everyone is relaxed and the prawns are massive.

Not seen this model before; Caomei, very nice I thought, naturally very sexy. Not too many porn cliches going on here. And I sadly can’t remember the last time I saw a normal hairy pussy in front of the camera, it looks lovely. And especially so when there is a hungry MILF like Canela who is not shy at all about devouring it.

Not particularly keen on the use of toys in scenes, not sure you’ll ever convince me. But this effort is not too bad I guess, seen much worse.
Fun fact: Canela Skin’s ass is so big it has its own moon.

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Accepting Change Lily Larimar and Emma Starletto

accepting change girlsway

Accepting Change
Lily Larimar and Emma Starletto

Lily Larimar and Emma Starletto, two teen best friends, are ready to start the next chapter of their lives together. In their hands, they hold letters telling them whether or not they’ve been accepted into their college of choice. They’re both excited and hopeful as they eagerly open their letters together.


Lily is excited when she reads that she’s been accepted into the college. Unfortunately, her excitement is quickly squashed as it’s revealed that Emma WASN’T accepted. Emma’s heartbroken, though Lily tries to comfort her however she can. Lily can’t imagine going to college without her best friend by her side. In fact, she doesn’t even WANT to go to this college if they BOTH can’t be there TOGETHER!

As they share an emotional moment, something stirs between them. Before they know it, they’re locked in a sweet kiss. Lily’s loyalty to Emma has brought to surface their secret feelings for each other… As they press their bodies close, touching each other’s breasts and diving into each other’s pussies, it seems as though they’re going to start an entirely DIFFERENT chapter of their lives together — not as best friends but GIRLFRIENDS!

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Beautiful Tina Kay Erotic XXX Videos

Here are some top rated Tina Kay Erotic XXX Video from SEXYhub.  If you like to see Miss Kay get her body covered in massage oil, or performing erotic girl on girl sex or just gold old girl on boy porn, then this porn blog post has you covered.


Housewife has her plump pussy eaten
Tina Kay

Michael Fly lays Tina Kay down on the bed where he spreads her legs and pulls her panties to the side, revealing the delicious juicy peach between her legs. Turned on by Michael’s passion, Tina springs forward and unbuttons her man’s jeans before wrapping her hungry lips around his cock.

She’s got a whole lot of enthusiasm as she sucks that D, and Michael doesn’t know if he’s going to be able to last. But he’s a dedicated lover, and he wants to give this beautiful MILF the time of her life.


Husband loves wife’s big tits
Tina Kay

With all the epic titty-fucking sessions he regularly enjoys, Kristof Cale owes Mother Nature big time for the bountiful gifts she has bestowed on his wife Tina Kay. From her big naturals to her juicy peach, this busty Brit’s body is 100% real, and it looks absolutely perfect in every position, especially when Tina’s bending over and riding her husband’s face.

Kristof sticks out his tongue while Tina bobs her jaw-dropping innie pussy up and down on his mouth. Her pink snatch tastes as sweet as a ripe summer-time nectarine, but Kristof is aching to move onto the main event- hardcore penetrative sex.


Massive tits babe licked by stunner
Tina Kay, Lucy Li

Superstars Tina Kay and Lucy Li have found themselves paired up for a sexy massage scene this afternoon. With two powerhouse pornstars like these, the sex is bound to be life changing. Lucy begins by rubbing oil into her British client’s perky ass, getting her nice and relaxed for some hot and steamy lesbian fun.

This thick, all-natural Euro babe climbs up onto the the table to get a better view of Tina’s luscious butt cheeks and world-famous peach pussy. It may be Miss Kay’s time to relax, but this lusty beauty has a sexual fire burning within her. She takes charge of the situation, stripping her busty masseuse naked, and going to town on those massive big tits.


Cock hungry Milf gets heavy facial
Tina Kay

Tina Kay is feeling frisky, but she doesn’t want to waste time by seducing Nick Ross with her words. So, the British MILF makes her desires known by slipping into the slinkiest lingerie she owns and fuck-me pumps. When her boyfriend walks in the door, he gets Tina’s message loud and clear!

Of course, it helps when the mature vixen pounces on him for an energetic blowjob. Now fully erect and ready for action, Nick eats out Tina’s tight pussy before thrusting inside her. Their lovemaking is wild, passionate, and on fire tonight! So, seizing the moment to try opportunity kinky, Nick unleashes his cumshot as a big facial onto Tina’s gorgeous smile!


Beautiful Russian with older woman
Tina Kay, Mary Kalisy

Mary Kalisy is feeling self-conscious in her short shorts, but mature girlfriend Tina Kay wants to show the shy Russian just how beautiful she truly is. The flirty MILF invites Mary to come cuddle in bed, before slowing undressing her and playing with her pert little nipples.

As Tina begins eating out Mary’s tight pussy, the brunette writhes with delicious pleasure and quickly falls into a multi-orgasmic bliss. Then, it’s Tina’s turn to ride her lover’s face into climax. But the British hottie hasn’t had enough of the younger woman’s pussy-licking, and they keeping fucking in 69 until both lesbians are spent from their intense orgasms.