Amber and Mystique Show Off Their Big Tits

Amber and Mystique Show Off Their Big Tits

Amber and Mystique Show Off Their Big Tits
Amber Alena and Ebony Mystique

It’s big tits, big tits and more big tits with Amber Alena and Mystique.  They swap big boobs stories over a video chat together.  Of course, these two busty babes cannot tell tales of tits without exposing their massive boobs to each other.

Amber and Mystique unleash their huge bobs and perform sexy toys acts to each other and watch each other have orgasms live on web cam.  Watch these two cock starved beauties stick huge dildos and sex toys deep into their wet pussies to show off just how horny they both are.


This is a real treat for fans of pornstars with big tits.  They certainly know how to please themselves when they have no cock to play with.  They both know how to make the most out of all the sex toys they have on offer.

Brazzers pulled some strings to get the wild and sexy Amber Alena and Ebony Mystique on a video chat together. The quirky cuties hit it off right away by showing off their colourful bras to each other… which naturally leads to showing off their big tits.

It’s not long before the pair are horny and egging each other on to get more wild. Oil comes out, then some giant sex toys. Amber and Mystique know how to keep a video chat engaging!

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Fucking The Bratty Roomie Brazzers

Fucking The Bratty Roomie

Fucking The Bratty Roomie
Abella Danger and Emily Willis

Some Brazzers lesbians action featuring two absolute little darlings.  Abella Danger and Emily Willis star in a girl on girl video called Fucking The Bratty Roomie. It’s a real hardcore lesbian video that features all the lesbian sex acts you can throw a stick at.

If you want some female squirting orgasms, then you see plenty of those.  Emily Willis loves to shout jets of pussy juice as far as she can when Abella Danger rams a big fat dildo deep into her gapping pussy hole.


Abella Danger has a very bratty roomie, Emily Willis. Not only is she a brat, she’s a dirty little perv too. When she thinks that Abella is out for the night, she sneaks into her room and gets into her toys.

She loves sticking Abella’s anal beads up her ass and sucking on her suction dildo – they even smell like Abella! But this time Emily is not getting away with it. When Abella catches her fucking and sucking her toys, she’s had enough. She decides to punish Emily they way she deserves, by spanking her.

In no time it seems both girls have forgotten what they even started fighting for and are just enjoying some hot girl on girl scissor action. Emily uses a dildo and makes Abella squirt again and again and Abella returns the favor. Turns out both girls are really good at squirting. See Abella – sharing toys with roomies is caring!

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Girlsway 2-For-1 Special

girlsway 2-For-1 Special

Girlsway 2-For-1 Special
Evelyn Claire, Olive Glass and Veronica Valentine

Evelyn Claire is at work and bored. Her latest client canceled on her and now she has nothing to do! But as she laments to her fellow masseuse, Olive Glass, one of Olive’s clients walk in.

Evelyn is immediately taken by how beautiful and bubbly Veronica Valentine is and, without warning Olive, insists that Veronica is the 69th customer! Because of that, Veronica gets a free massage done by BOTH of them at the same time! Although Olive is confused, she backs Evelyn and Veronica is all-too-excited to get her special massage.


In Girlsway 2-For-1 Special, Once Veronica is in the private room, Veronica eagerly strips down and makes herself comfortable. Evelyn and Olive are secretly delighted as they both massage her at the same time, gliding their hands sensually along Veronica’s body. Veronica is delighted by all the attention, thinking that this is the best massage she’s ever had.

By the time Evelyn and Olive feel up her ass, Veronica is feeling the heat. Evelyn and Olive exchange mischievous looks since that’s exactly how they wanted Veronica to respond. That’s when they finally offer a happy ending, which Veronica’s all for!

During Girlsway 2-For-1 Special, it doesn’t take long for things to get fiery as Evelyn and Olive strip down as well. Veronica is over the moon to have BOTH of the meticulous masseuses working her pussy with their tongues. Of course, she’s going to do everything in her power to make sure the masseuses have their own happy endings, too!


Huge Squirt Ruins The Prank Jane Wilde

Huge Squirt Ruins The Prank

Huge Squirt Ruins The Prank
Jane Wilde, Zac Wild

With Brazzers releasing 4 new upcoming videos, there is no way I’m going to be able to write 400+ words on each of them in the time I have in the mornings.  So I’m just going to leave this one in the hands of the Brazzers scene description writers and hope that Google doesn’t penalise me too much!


In Huge Squirt Ruins The Prank, when Zac Wild peeks through Jane Wilde’s door and sees her cute ass facing the doorway, he gets an idea for a hilarious prank! He crawls into the room a minute later with a water gun, ready to get her ass all wet… but he hasn’t noticed that Jane started playing with her pussy.

Zac pops up next to the bed, just in time to be pre-emptively splashed by Jane’s squirt. Jane’s pissed when she turns around and sees a soaking wet Zac next to her bed, but she’s still horny and realises she can make use of his hard cock before throwing him out of the room.

This is truly a wet and WILD squirting fuck of a porn video.

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Are You Good Enough For My Daughter?

Are You Good Enough For My Daughter

Are You Good Enough For My Daughter?
Aila Donovan and Rebecca Vanguard

Aila Donovan is cleaning when she finds her daughter Emma’s cellphone. She uses it to text Emma’s new girlfriend, Rebecca Vanguard, posing as her daughter to lure Rebecca to the house. A little later, Rebecca arrives and is surprised to see Aila. Aila invites her inside, playing dumb about the text.

Aila tells Rebecca that she’s worried that Rebecca might not be fully committed to her daughter since this is Rebecca’s first lesbian relationship. Aila goes on to explain that she’s worried that this is just a PHASE for Rebecca. She knows there are many bi-curious girls out there who will get with a girl and then decide it’s not for them. She doesn’t want Emma to have her heart broken in such a way.

In Girlsway Are You Good Enough For My Daughter, Rebecca insists that she’s fully committed to Emma. But Aila isn’t convinced, voicing concern that her daughter’s sex life might be lacking while with Rebecca. Rebecca is flustered, in disbelief of Aila getting so personal.

Rebecca claims that their sex life is doing very well. Aila still isn’t convinced, worried about Rebecca’s inexperience, since Rebecca is only in her 20s, and Rebecca asks what she can do to prove her commitment to Emma.

Aila states that she will accept Rebecca dating her daughter…IF Aila and Rebecca have sex! That way Aila sees firsthand that Rebecca can handle being with a woman. Rebecca is shocked but agrees, determined to prove herself.

Aila’s going to find out once and for all if Rebecca’s good enough for her daughter…

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Gaming Gets Jenna Horny – Jenna Fox

Gaming Gets Jenna Horny

Gaming Gets Jenna Horny
Jenna Fox

I’m starting to wonder whether it’s actually worth adding these Brazzers solo girl videos to my porn blog.  To be honest they are the worst performing blog posts in terms of search engine results.  It seems as though nobody is interested searching  for these COVID 19 isolation type masturbation videos.

So I’m not going to waste too much time in reviewing and describing this ebony gaming pornstar sex toy video.  It’s Jenna Fox playing on her games console and then getting very horny and deciding to get her wand out and play with her pussy.

I suppose this Gaming Gets Jenna Horny video is appealing towards those guys and girls who fantasise about having a gamer girlfriend who will have sexy whilst playing computer games.  There has been a growing gamer girlfriend niche that always needs catering for.


Jenna Foxx is playing an online game with some friends; her webcam shows her chilling in a cute loungewear outfit. After a few minutes of gaming, Jenna says goodbye to her team and disconnects from the game.

Jenna then strips down and starts playing with her pussy (with her hands and some toys). Gaming and masturbation make a great combo… but she should probably double check her webcam!

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Latina MILF Munching Hairy Pussy

Latina MILF Munching Hairy Pussy

Latina MILF Munching Hairy Pussy
Canela Skin and Caomei

Welcome to the world of the sexy bubble buttied latin MILF Canela Skin.  Wow, what a woman.  She is a pure sexual animal.  I have enjoyed editing a few of her video for the FAKEhub site, but today I bring you Canela Skin linking on the vagina of Caomei.

Here’s what my porn editing buddy Pete had to say when editing this Latina MILF Munching Hairy Pussy video for FAKETaxiForum.

Quite a nice scene this, bit like a mini break from my desk to edit a scene filmed in a villa in Spain rather than a bedroom in Prague. The rooms are bigger, the sun is shining, everyone is relaxed and the prawns are massive.

Not seen this model before; Caomei, very nice I thought, naturally very sexy. Not too many porn cliches going on here. And I sadly can’t remember the last time I saw a normal hairy pussy in front of the camera, it looks lovely. And especially so when there is a hungry MILF like Canela who is not shy at all about devouring it.

Not particularly keen on the use of toys in scenes, not sure you’ll ever convince me. But this effort is not too bad I guess, seen much worse.
Fun fact: Canela Skin’s ass is so big it has its own moon.

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Girlsway Just Can’t Keep Them Apart

Just Can't Keep Them Apart

Just Can’t Keep Them Apart!
Gianna Dior, Hazel Grace and Katie Morgan

Gianna Dior greets Hazel Grace, a friend who has arrived to stay over for the night. They’re both 19 and haven’t seen each other for a while. Gianna’s step-mom Katie Morgan joins them to greet Hazel as well and it becomes immediately obvious that Katie and Hazel have the hots for each other. Gianna becomes stressed, breaking them up by leading Hazel away to drop off her stuff.

In Girlsway Just Can’t Keep Them Apart, Gianna and Hazel are watching movies together. Katie joins them. But when Katie Morgan starts to move to sit in the middle of the couch to be closer to Hazel, Gianna sees this and panics, quickly scrambling to the middle of the couch, almost getting sat on. Katie and Hazel are both surprised and Gianna beams seated squarely between Katie and Hazel. Katie reluctantly sits on the end. Gianna looks pleased with herself while Katie and Hazel look dejected.

Later, Gianna and Hazel get ready for bed. Katie visits to give a goodnight kiss to Gianna and Hazel asks for one, too. Gianna interrupts them and shoos Katie away.
A short time later, Gianna is still laying in bed with her eyes open. She glances over and sees that Hazel has her eyes closed.

‘Oh my god, FINALLY! Now I don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on her,’ Gianna whispers to herself.  Gianna hurries quietly out of the bedroom.

During Just Can’t Keep Them Apart, Gianna freshens up in the bathroom, but when she arrives back at the room, she catches Katie and Hazel enthusiastically fucking. Gianna is exasperated. There are a confrontation and Gianna accidentally let’s slip that she doesn’t want Katie and Hazel to be involved…because SHE wants Katie!

Now that they know the truth, Katie and Hazel don’t delay, bringing Gianna into the fold for a steamy threesome!

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