Anal With Her Sister’s Husband Paige Owens

Anal With Her Sister’s Husband
Charles Dera, Paige Owens

Anal With Her Sister's Husband

I’m back porn blogging after having a hard drive failure on my iMac.  It’s great to be able to write a porn blog post about Anal With Her Sister’s Husband starring Paige Owens.  Her sweet little ass gets penetrated by Charles Dera and his experienced big hard cock.  The screenshot shows a great view of Charles cock banging away at Paige’ amazing looking backside.


From the very start of Anal With Her Sister’s Husband we see Paige Owens walking towards the sisters house wearing no panties.  She has a very short skirt on and the camera catches a glimpse of her ass as she walks passed.  Carrying a shopping back in each hand she walks up the flight of stairs with the camera looking at her beautifully formed booty.

When she gets to the guest room in her sisters house, she empties her shopping onto the bed.  She is very excited to look at the new butt plugs that she has bought.  Some of them are sliver butt plugs with black fur on them, and others are butt plugs with a jewell on the end.  She really loves having butt plugs inserted in her ass.

In Anal With Her Sister’s Husband, thinking that she is all alone in her sisters house, Paige decides that it was a perfect time to use these new anal sex toys.  She slides a silver jewell encrusted butt plug into her asshole and then immediately starts masturbating at the same time.  This is what Paige Owens loves to do.  With a butt plug inserted and the fingers in her pussy, she doesn’t realise that Charles Dera has entered the bedroom in just a towel.

He is fresh out of the shower and catches is hot sister-in-law with naked on the bed masturbating with a butt plug in her ass.  The vision of this hot babe with her ass filled and her wet pussy looking staring at him, Charles doesn’t think twice when Paige invites him onto the bed for some hardcore anal action.

Charles Dera and Paige Owens star in this Brazzers anal sex video called Anal With Her Sister’s Husband.   A full blown ass fucking video that will please anal sex fans.  There is not a lot of time wasted with fore play.  Miss Owens is an anal loving sex queen and just loves her butthole stuffed with cock.

Get On All Fours Emily Willis Paige Owens

Get On All Fours
Emily Willis, Paige Owens

Oh what a treat it is for me to write this review on this Brazzers lesbian porn video called Get On All Fours.  Emily Willis and Paige Owens are two of the hottest girl on girl performers that you could wish to put together in a lesbian featured romp of a video.  If you like your lesbian videos to have totally natural babes, then these two little sex kittens will be right up your street.

Get on all fours

All Emily Willis wants to do is to be accepted into the ZZA sorority.  She is so desperate that she would do anything to be apart of this illustrious group.  Emily arrives at the ZZA sorority house to be interviewed by Paige Owens.  Paige is very demanding and very fussy about who she allows to join her very popular college group.  After answering a series of questions about her life, Paige decides to refuse Emily entry into her sorority.


Emily is devastated.  She was convinced that wearing a short skirt, knee high socks and no bra under her white vest top would gain her entry.  Paige is not convinced that Emily is slutty enough to join.  So when Emily admits that she would do anything to be a ZZA girl, Paige decides to put that commitment to the test.

In Get On All Fours, Paige Owens instructs Emily to get on the floor on all fours.  She tells her to act like a dog and beg at Paige’s feet.  At first, Emily thought this was a joke, but if it gained her membership to ZZA sorority, then she was going to swallow her pride and do as she was told.  First of all she was led around the floor by Paige holding her hair like a dog on a lead.  Strangely Emily enjoyed this much more than she thought she would.  Has she just discovered that she likes to be dominated by other women?

Emily Willis Sorority Test

I was when Paige Owens produced a rainbow colours dildo that Emily released that she might be a little bit lesbian. She was about to embark on her first ever girl on girl encounter.    She was ready to be controlled and fucked by a college girl for the very first time.  For the first few years of her sexual life, she thought that she only enjoyed getting fucked by big cock, but now it seems she will swing both ways.

Emily Willis DildoDuring Get On All Fours, Paige puts the rainbow dildo into Emily’s mouth and tries her best to get it as far down her throat as she possibly could.  Miss Willis gagged as the dildo tested her gag reflex to the maximum.  There was no way that Emily was going to back down on this challenge.  If she knew that she ha to perform lesbian sex acts to get into this sorority, then she would be happy to do so.

Emily knew that eventually the dildo would be slide into her wet pussy.  When Paige Owens decided that the time was right, she pulls down Emily’s panties to take a good look at her pussy. Paige was very happy to see that Emily’s pussy was already wet.  There was no need for any lubrication with this brunette babe.  Paige then introduced a second dildo.  She wanted to make sure that Emily was happy to give and not just receive.

Paige Owens Make Emily Squirt

In Get On All Fours, This two hot babes both totally naked and sitting opposite each other with their legs wide open.  They both insert their rubber dildo’s into each other wet pussy holes and fuck each other frantically.  The dildo’s were going in and out so fast they become a blur!  They both wanted to make each other cum as fast as they could.  Finally, as seen on most great lesbian porn videos, Paige Owens and Emily Willis cum together.  They both have loud female orgasms that make each other shudder and squirm!

Even though Emily had proven that she was willing to do anything to become a member of the ZZA sorority, there was still one thing left for her to perform to gain entry to this exclusive all female club.  Paige wanted to see if Emily Willis is able to squirt.  Emily admitted that it was something that she has never been able to do before.  But that was with men.  She suggested that she might be able to squirt with a women fingering her pussy.

Paige Owens Riding Emily WillisPaige was very happy to be the first female to try and make Emily squirt.  Emily sat back and opened her legs as wide as she could and Paige inserted a couple of fingers into her soaking wet pussy.  Paige used her fingers to search for Emily’s g-sport and sure enough, after a few moments, Emily was shooting pussy juice from her pussy like a fountain.

Finally in Get On All Fours, Emily Willis had performed all the necessary tasks to be a fully fledged member to her hottest sorority group on the campus.  She was also very sexually satisfied.  Would she ever go back to getting fucked by guys with big cocks?  Of course she would.  She is know happy to say that she is a true bi-sexual college babe and is willing to fuck anybody that she feels attracted too.  It was going to be a very happy college life for Emily Willis!

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A Test of Loyalty – Pure Taboo

A Test of Loyalty – Pure Taboo
Paige Owens, Victoria Voxxx and Whitney Wright


Paige Owens chats with her fiancee, Victoria Voxxx, who is browsing on her phone like always. Because Victoria Voxxx is so sociable, it’s often cause for arguments, and today is no exception. Paige Owens is suspicious that Victoria Voxxx is cheating but Victoria Voxxx assures her for the millionth time that she can trust her. They’re going to be MARRIED soon and Victoria Voxxx claims she’d NEVER hurt Paige Owens like that. Even so, Paige Owens’s insecurities nag at her as her imagination runs wild…


In A Test of Loyalty, a few days later, as Victoria Voxxx swings by a cafe to grab a coffee, she’s stunned as she runs into an old ex, Whitney Wright. Victoria Voxxx’s immediately remorseful, apologizing for how their relationship ended on such bad terms, and Whitney Wright is touched. Although Whitney Wright’s been hurt, she’s thankful for the apology and offers the chance for them to enjoy a coffee and catch up.

During A Test of Loyalty, as they chat, an old flame seems to be rekindled between them, even as Victoria Voxxx reveals her upcoming marriage to Paige Owens. Even so, when Whitney Wright starts to turn on the charm, inviting Paige Owens back to her loft, Victoria Voxxx is unable to say no. How can she when Whitney Wright brings up that them meeting again like this HAS to be fate? Surely Paige Owens will never find out, right?

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Booty Caller Unknown Crystal Taylor and Paige Owens

Booty Caller Unknown
Crystal Taylor and Paige Owens

Booty Caller Unknown

Crystal Taylor has a brand new cellphone and is secretly putting in a number for a potential booty call when her cute stepdaughter, Paige Owens, distracts her. Crystal is so flustered by how complicated organizing her new contacts is that when Paige offers to put in her own number, Crystal lets her. Unfortunately, little do they know, Paige accidentally puts her number under Crystal’s booty call’s contact info!


during Booty Caller Unknown, later that day, once she’s alone, Crystal sends a flirty text to her booty call… When Paige receives this unknown text, she’s surprised but feeling bold, so sends a flirty text back. As the days go on, the texts between them become more and more steamy. In fact, Paige even sends sexy topless pictures but because her face isn’t in them, Crystal never suspects that she’s looking at her own stepdaughter!

In Booty Caller Unknown, one day, Crystal finally sends her address to Paige to get together… and the gig is up. Mortified, they confront each other but after the initial shock wears off, they have to admit that there’s undeniable chemistry between them. They’ve come THIS far already, so why not go all the way??

Prank Battle Squirt Vs Cum Paige Owens

Prank Battle Squirt Vs Cum – Paige Owens and AJ

Prank Battle Squirt Vs Cum

It’s another Brazzers squirting video for us today.  Paige Owens has loaded herself up with plenty of water and is squirting all over the place in Prank Battle Squirt Vs Cum.  If squirting videos are your thing then you’ll be happy to see that Page can squirt out of her pussy as good as any other squirting pornstar.


Pranking videos are still very popular on the web.  Plenty of people have gained thousands of views and likes from the most random of pranking videos.  So college when Paige Owens and AJ get together to make a porno pranking video, it’s sure to be a winner.

In Prank Battle Squirt Vs Cum, roommates Paige Owens and AJ are a couple of college pranksters renting rooms from a kinky married couple. When Paige tries to blast AJ with squirt while he’s brushing his teeth, it sets off a prank battle with the ultimate showdown, squirt versus cum.

Turns out, though, that the landlord and landlady of the house are eager to help Paige and AJ get the upper hand, which leads to a series of near-misses and direct hits, with squirt and cum flying all over the place. With things already messy, Paige and AJ realise they should just settle their differences with a satisfying fuck.

Prank Battle Squirt Vs Cum is the 12th Brazzers porn video that Paige Owens has appeared in.  It’s the first time she has been in a Brazzers porn video since End Of The World Fuck.

End Of The World Fuck Paige Owens

End Of The World Fuck

End Of The World Fuck
Paige Owens and Isiah Maxwell

It’s Paige Owens pretending to be a virgin in her latest Brazers porn video.  She get her cherry popped by a big black cock in this fantasy porno. [WATCH FULL VIDEO] Isiah Maxwell stuffs his massive dick inside Paige’s tight pink pussy to make sure that she doesn’t die a virgin.  It doesn’t take long before Mr Maxwell realises that Paige Owens’ is not actually virgin at all, she has too many sexual skills.

Maybe they are slightly wrong and meant to say that Paige is an anal virgin.  Does Paige want to experience and big cock in her arse before the world ends?  I think that makes more sense to me.


In End Of The World Fuck, it’s the end of the world in Brazzersland. Everything has shut down and conservative couple Paige Owens and Isiah Maxwell will not have their planned wedding… nor their wedding night! It’s a shame because Paige was waiting for her special night to give up her virginity.

But hold on a second… If the world is coming to an end, then she doesn’t have to wait anymore, does she? Oh no she doesn’t! In End Of The World Fuck, watch as Isiah’s big, hard dick takes Paige’s virginity and turns her from amateur to squirter!

Pure Taboo Left Behind Lesbian Revenge

pure taboo left behind

Pure Taboo Left Behind
Mia Moore and Paige Owens

Mia Moore delivers food to someone and is surprised when she recognises the recipient as Paige Owens, an old friend. But their chat is cut short when Mia has to leave to drop off another order.

A few days later, Mia shows up again at Paige’s house to deliver more food. Much to Mia’s pleasant surprise, Paige invites her in to eat with her. Mia happily accepts her offer and goes inside.


In Pure Taboo Left Behind, as they eat, they reminisce about old times, and talk turns to the fact that they were both social outcasts in high school. Paige tries to hide her bitterness as she recalls that Mia grew to become more self-confident and eventually became popular.

They then drifted apart. Paige shyly brings up a pact they had to lose their virginity to each other – a promise that Mia didn’t keep. In fact, as Paige sheepishly admits, she is STILL a virgin. Surprised and taken-aback, Mia soon takes her leave, since she has to get back to work.

During Pure Taboo Left Behind, A few days later, Mia surprises Paige with another meal. She has also brought flowers to Paige to apologise for being a jerk to her in high school. Paige seems touched and it doesn’t take long for the vibe to become romantic, with Mia telling Paige that she wants to take her virginity. Paige is nervous and hesitant, but after a passionate kiss from Mia, she doesn’t need any more convincing.

But has Mia really changed her ways, or will she just leave Paige behind again?