Brazzers Power Bangers: A XXX Parody Part 4

Power Bangers: A XXX Parody Part 4 Danny D and Abigail Mac

OK folks it’s time for more Power Banger XXX action from Brazzers.  This Power Rangers porn parody has really been a huge success.  The cosplay fans must be jizzing in their pants over this awesome porn series.

Power Bangers: A XXX Parody Part 4 see’s Abigail Mac star as the Yellow Banger.  Her fit body loos out of this world in her tight fitting yellow Power Banger outfit.  This best thing about this Power Rangers porn parody episode is that Abigail Mac is able to keep her outfit on ad just get fucked through a whole in her crutch.

It’s so nice to see a super hero getting fucked in her super hero outfit. It’s what the cosplay porn fans really want to see.  Their is no point in dressing up a sexy pornstar in a sexy super hero outfit, only for her to take it off during the sex.

So when the Yellow Banger is fighting Danny D, her tight fitting trousers develop a hole and exposes her pussy.  This distracts her arch enemy and she is able to defeat him.  But with her pussy exposed, she notices that there is a huge bulge in Danny D’s pants.  Even as arch enemies, there has always been sexual tension between them.  With Danny’s erection showing no signs of subsiding, and Abigail’s pussy ready and waiting, these two cosplay role players start fucking.

Danny D is able to fuck Abigail Mac without taking her outfit off.  The hole in her uniform is in a perfect position for him to be able to fuck her brains out is any position that he chooses.

I’m already looking forward to Brazzers Power Bangers episode 5 – I’m guessing that it will be a gangbang scene.

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Morricunt vs. Dr. Poon – A XXX Parody

Brazzers Morricunt vs. Dr. Poon – A XXX Parody Charles Dera & Abigail Mac.

It’s time for another awesome Brazzers cosplay parody. I fucking love these videos. They are great. Morricunt vs. Dr. Poon is obviously a parody of Dr Strange. Although this is quite a different name. Normally Brazzers would try and matc the name to something that sounds very similar. Personally I would of gone for something like Dr Strangecock or Dr Cockstrange.

But as I look closer at the photos, I realise that this might not even be a Dr Strange parody at all. On close inspection of the costumes, I notice that Charles Dera is wearing some kind of medieval armour. I don’t recall Dr Strange wearing something like that in the real Marvel movie.

But on the other-hand, Abilgail Mac does look fucking horny in her outfit. She’s wearing a stunning blue wig that is the stuff of cosplay wet dreams. Her fantastic body is on full show as she is getting fucked by Dr Poon (or whoever he is).

I apologise to all comic book fans for not quite understanding this scene. I’m sure all you Marvel geeks out there will be able to put me straight about the Brazzers parody. I’m not even sure if it is Marvel or DC.

Who know, maybe Brazzers are creating their very own porn comic book heroes. Noe their’s and idea just waiting to happen.


Hamilfton: A XXX Parody Katie Morgan & Isiah Maxwell

Hamilfton: A XXX Parody Katie Morgan & Isiah Maxwell
There’s nothing like taking the wife out for a night at the theater, especially when it’s the hottest ticket in the country.

The only problem is she might be in for a bit of a surprise when Katie and Isiah hit the stage. It’s a story of betrayal, deceit, and the core values this country is built on wrapped inside a massive fuckfest.

The tale of a MILF that truly changed the world… by having Isiah stick his colonial cock deep inside her treasury. One thing is for certain – Katie’s not gonna miss her cum shot.

The Princess’s Peach: A XXX Parody Markus Dupree & Harley Jade

The Princess’s Peach: A XXX Parody – Some outstanding anal sex action here from Big Wet Butts.  Combining a video game parody and anal sex is a wonder stroke. from BRazzers.  Gamer nerds will love watching Harley Jade getting her big wet butt fucked.

Congratulations, you have saved the Princess! How can the beautiful Princess Harley ever repay the man who rescues her from the castle? By letting him lube up her perfect peach butt and fuck it, of course. Mamma Mia!

The Princess’s Peach: A XXX Parody >> 

Power Rack: A XXX Parody Johnny Sins & Peta Jensen

power rangers xxx parody
Power Rack: A XXX Parody Johnny Sins & Peta Jensen

This was bound to happen.  As soon as I saw the new Power Rangers trailer, I just knew that Brazzers would be releasing a Power Ranger XXX Parody within days.  I was proved to be right.

I was so happy to see that Peta Jensen is appearing in this new parody video.  She looks fucking awesome in Power Rangers outfit.  The tight fitted costume really shows off her amazing figure.

I’m not 100% convinced about the short blonde wig.  I would of preferred to see the gorgeous Peta Jenson in her brunette glory.

The Blurb.

Johnny Sins is robbing a bank and has taken the employees hostage. Suddenly, super busty Power Rack (Peta Jensen) arrives on the scene to save the day! Peta decides to test out her newly acquired powers—her super big tits! Once Johnny’s been disarmed, there’s only one thing left to do: busty Peta decides to finish Mr. Sins off—by sucking and fucking his big cock, that is!

DigitalPlayground Star Wars Underworld: A XXX Parody

star wars underworld xxx parody
DigitalPlayground Star Wars Underworld: A XXX Parody.

With another Star Wars film to be released very soon, it’s time for DigitalPlayground to produce another quality Star Wars XXX Parody. This parody is set to coincide with the release of Rogue One a Star Wars Story.

Once again DigitalPlayground are pulling out all the big hitters to make sure that their money does not go to waste. DP have plenty of porn parody experince. I’m sure that there will be plenty of porn adverts doing the rounds very soon to promote this latest in a long line of porno parodies that have been huge hits for DigitalPlayground.

The scene is set as Upstart bounty hunter Danni Ori is tasked with protecting a corrupt Senator’s sexy daughter. When a night of partying spirals out of control, Danni must join forces with the legendary Dengar to get her bounty back.

This XXX Star Wars parody stars porn stars Alessa Savage, Aria Alexander, Ella Hughes, Eva Lovia and Misha Cross

Ghostbusters XXX Parody: Part 2

ghostbuster parody part 2
Ghostbusters XXX Parody: Part 2 Nikki Benz, Monique Alexander, Michael Vegas, Romi Rain, Abigail Mac & Ana Foxxx

The Nutbusters tackle their first big case, but not everything is what it seems.

Their new clients, a husband and wife, are convinced they are being haunted, but as the Nutbusters soon discover, there’s nothing going on here that a little bit of strategic sucking and fucking can’t solve!

Full Service Station: A XXX Parody Nikki Benz & Sean Lawless

Full Service Station: A XXX Parody
Full Service Station: A XXX Parody Nikki Benz & Sean Lawless

Sean Lawless’s car has broken down and goes to see a mechanic in the middle of the desert. Nikki Benz comes out and inspects Mr. Lawless’s car.

Ms. Benz says how she’d hate to charge him for the damage but that she has to keep her business afloat.

Sean figures Nikki’s teasing him with her huge tits so that he’s willing to pay any price she throws at him.

But when a monstrous troll appears, Nikki fights off the creature. Busty Nikki Benz soon realizes she still has another monster to tame—Sean’s big cock, that is!