DigitalPlayground Guardians of the Gonads

DigitalPlayground Guardians of the Gonads starring Cassidy Klein & Michael Vegas.

Well DigitalPlayground have done it again.  They have produced another top quality porn parody to keep al you cosplay porn lovers happy.  Guardians of the Galaxy has been transformed into Guardians of the Gonads.  Such a great title for a porn parody.

The porn galaxy is in danger, and only the Guardians can save the day – if Quill can keep his dick out of Gamora long enough to finish off the sexy and mysterious Matriarch, that is.

What could be next to be given a porn make over?

Power Bangers: A XXX Parody Part 5

Power Bangers: A XXX Parody Part 5

Is the end for the Power Rangers porn parody pornstars?  Can Abigail Mac, Katrina Jade, Kimmy Granger, Lucas Frost and Xander Corvus save the day and keep on fucking to save the world.

A Brazzers cosplay fuck-fest.  Some the leading pornstars on the planet all together dressed in Power Rangers outfits.  If you are a cosplay porn fan then you will jizz in your pants over this super hero porn scene.

The Power Bangers come together once more and use their powers to overthrow the evil space witch! After saving the world and their friend, it’s time to celebrate – with a crazy orgy!

Power Bangers: A XXX Parody Part 5

Die Hard Fucker Harder DigitalPlayground

Die Hard Fucker Harder is a porn advert from DigitalPlayground that is promoting their new Die Hard porn parody porn video.

Danny D looks to be the man in the vest pretending to be Bruce Willis in this Dies Hard porn XXX Parody.  In this very short porn advert, you get to see squirting, gun shots, twerking and a great blowjob shot.

DigitalPlayground always go the extra mile to get their porn parodies looking authentic and spend quite a bit of money producing them.  They have been doing this kind of porn parody for a number of years now.

So if you have been a fan of the last 4 Die Hard films, you may want to see what the film look like when they have real hardcore porn scenes in them.

Morricunt vs. Dr. Poon – A XXX Parody

Brazzers Morricunt vs. Dr. Poon – A XXX Parody Charles Dera & Abigail Mac.

It’s time for another awesome Brazzers cosplay parody. I fucking love these videos. They are great. Morricunt vs. Dr. Poon is obviously a parody of Dr Strange. Although this is quite a different name. Normally Brazzers would try and matc the name to something that sounds very similar. Personally I would of gone for something like Dr Strangecock or Dr Cockstrange.

But as I look closer at the photos, I realise that this might not even be a Dr Strange parody at all. On close inspection of the costumes, I notice that Charles Dera is wearing some kind of medieval armour. I don’t recall Dr Strange wearing something like that in the real Marvel movie.

But on the other-hand, Abilgail Mac does look fucking horny in her outfit. She’s wearing a stunning blue wig that is the stuff of cosplay wet dreams. Her fantastic body is on full show as she is getting fucked by Dr Poon (or whoever he is).

I apologise to all comic book fans for not quite understanding this scene. I’m sure all you Marvel geeks out there will be able to put me straight about the Brazzers parody. I’m not even sure if it is Marvel or DC.

Who know, maybe Brazzers are creating their very own porn comic book heroes. Noe their’s and idea just waiting to happen.


Brazzers Power Bangers: A XXX Parody Part 2

Power Bangers: A XXX Parody Part 2 Jessa Rhodes and Katrina Jade

More Power Rangers (sorry I mean Power Bangers porn ;-)) . This time Jessa Rhodes and Katrina Jade battle it out by having hardcore lesbian sex.  This is a cosplayers wet dream.  Two hot pornstar dressed up on Power Rangers outfits and kissing each other before having girl on girl action.

The Bangers have found special powers and accepted their mission, but one of them has a different mission in mind: seduce the hot robotic humanoid!

Power Bangers: A XXX Parody Part 1 Kimmy Granger

Brazzers Power Bangers: A XXX Parody Part 1 Kimmy Granger.

Power Ranger must be a parody writers wet dream.  Tight clothing, mixed race cast, and an endless supply of porno situations that can be produced in a flash.

Kimmy Granger is the first to play a porn Power Banger in this XXX Power Rangers parody.  Kimmy Granger is invites to a party that she feels uncomfortable to be at.  She is confronted by two other college girls with big tits who tell her to leave and pour a glass of water over her head.

Kimmy is then seen to be getting fucked hard in a bedroom as mysterious objects fall from the sky.  This is a build up to more Power Bangers episodes to be released very soon.

DigitalPlayground Fuck Hard or Die Tryin’

DigitalPlayground Fuck Hard or Die Tryin’

Thieving ain’t easy. Jasmine Jae learns that the hard way when Danny, her lover and partner in crime, betrays her to the cops to land her behind bars. With the help of three badass inmates, Jasmine Jae busts out of prison and plots to steal a rare jewel worth millions.

Watch the nonstop action unfold as these sexy criminals go head-to-head with Danny’s armed gang as they hunt down the priceless gem… and each other.

Hamilfton: A XXX Parody Katie Morgan & Isiah Maxwell

Hamilfton: A XXX Parody Katie Morgan & Isiah Maxwell
There’s nothing like taking the wife out for a night at the theater, especially when it’s the hottest ticket in the country.

The only problem is she might be in for a bit of a surprise when Katie and Isiah hit the stage. It’s a story of betrayal, deceit, and the core values this country is built on wrapped inside a massive fuckfest.

The tale of a MILF that truly changed the world… by having Isiah stick his colonial cock deep inside her treasury. One thing is for certain – Katie’s not gonna miss her cum shot.

Girth In Her Shell: A XXX Parody Nicole Aniston & Markus Dupree


Girth In Her Shell: A XXX Parody – Well after seeing the Ghost in a Shell trailers, I knew somebody would have to come up with a XXX parody version.

Even in the trailers for Ghost in a shell, Scarlett Johansson looks naked.  So it probably didn’t need much imagination to bring Ghost in a Shell to porn life.

I’m really glad that Brazzers have decided to use Nicole Aniston as the main lead.  Her body is a perfect match for this Ghost in a Shell porn parody.  Her fantastic tits and landing strip pussy look fantastic, and no CGI is required!

Busty Sex-tor 69 officer Major Nicole Aniston, a human cyborg policewoman programmed by a tech corporation, is ordered to track down a terrorist cyber hacker known as “The Pussy Master” (Markus Dupree).

Only, Nicole has been plagued by unexplained, sexual memories which causes her to lose focus on her mission. When Ms. Aniston has The Pussy Master in her sights, he lets her know a secret: he holds the key to Nicole’s mysterious pornographic past! But can she trust him?

Girth In Her Shell: A XXX Parody – WATCH FULL VIDEO