Brazzers Smoke Show Phoenix Marie and Damon Dice

Brazzers Smoke Show

Brazzers Smoke Show
Phoenix Marie and Damon Dice

I’ll never get bored of watching Phoenix Marie porn videos.  Especially when she is dressed in some really sexy lingerie outfits.  In Brazzers Smoke Show [FULL VIDEO], she stands wearing a sheer lingerie set with thin black straps and thigh high stockings.

The tall, blonde MILF is once again in top form sucking and fucking Damon Ride’s big cock.  All he has to do in this video is lay back and let Miss Marie take control and use his cock like a sex toy.  In that beautiful and revealing sheer lingerie set up, Phoenix Marie is going to keep her fans very happy. ENJOY!

Brazzers Smoke Show – Summary

Who wouldn’t want to watch porn with the fierce and fearless Phoenix Marie? The legendary hottie loves to scroll on her phone, hunting for the hottest butts and the biggest cocks.

We envy the lucky Damon Dice, who spends the day by Phoenix’s side, in her bed, witnessing the lusty woman getting hornier by the minute. When Phoenix sets her phone aside and finally looks at Damon straight in the eyes, he knows damn well he just won the big prize at the sex lottery.

A Wet And Oily Massage Phoenix Marie

A Wet And Oily Massage
Phoenix Marie, Small Hands

In her latest Brazzers porn video, we get to see Phoenix Marie in a swimsuit.  I’m not sure whether to call it a bikini or not, but it sure is very sexy.   There are a few clips in the trailer where you get to see her nipples poking through the zip up top.  Miss Marie is swimming in a private indoor pool at her favourite luxury spa.


A Wet And Oily Massage she enjoys relaxing at this luxury spa because she knows she can get a full naked body massage by one of their hunky masseurs.  She just clicks her fingers and one of the eager masseurs will come running.

Phoenix Marie unzips her bikini top to reveal those massive MILF tits of hers.  She always insists on being massaged totally naked because she knows that she will get fucked at the same time.  Not one masseur has been able to not to resist rubbing his hands all over her big booty and fabulous big boobs.

In A Wet And Oily Massage it new Masseur Small Hands who gets to have a go at resisting Miss Marie’s hot body.  But within a few minutes, the lure of that great ass overwhelms him and he’s get his massaging hands rubbing sensual massage oil all over her round ass.

The background is of a swimming pool. The wall shows a painted scene of a tropical destination with palm trees, green mountains and golden sands. To the right of the painting there is a window with a black frame and to the left, two rectangular windows with a black frame also and they are showing a neon blue light.

During A Wet And Oily Massage, in the right hand corner there is a big green plant. There are two ceiling fans with brown fans and a bright light in the middle. Phoenix Marie stands in the swimming pool, it has a blue mosaic rim and is quite large.

The water is light blue and has a rippling motion. The Miss Marie wears a red bikini top, with a sip in the middle and thick straps. One hand is placed on her neck and her other arm droops into the water. Her hair is messily pulled back and blonde and she is wearing heavy eye makeup, dark shadow and false lashes.

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Divorce Fuck Phoenix Marie

Divorce Fuck

Divorce Fuck
Phoenix Marie and Johnny Castle

The stunning and unique Phoenix Marie returns to Brazzers go give you Divorce Fuck.  Starring along side Johnny Castle Miss Marie looks sexy as fuck in her lacy red lingerie.  She wants her husband to sign divorce papers whilst she is doing her best to seduce him into bed for one last fuck.

This tall blonde pornstar, rubs herself up and down when she finally realises that she can fuck whoever she wants to fuck from now on.  But as Johnny walks away, she thinks that she won’t ever get to be fucked by a cock a as good as Johnny’s…what is she throwing away?


In Divorce Fuck, hot bombshell Phoenix Marie has been trying to get husband Johnny Castle to sign the divorce papers for a while, but Johnny cannot stray away from Phoenix’s tight wet pussy so he’s not giving in.

That being said, there’s nothing some serious deep throatin’ and hard pounding can’t fix, right? Phoenix’s got more than one trick up her sleeve when it’s time to get what she wants, and what she wants, she will get!

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Cum And Fuck on Our Door Phoenix Marie

Cum And Fuck on Our Door

Cum And Fuck on Our Door
Phoenix Marie and Steve Holmes

Phoenix Marie gets her ass fucked in her denim jeans.  She is wearing a pair of those blue denim jeans with the zipper at the back.  Steve Holmes unzips her from behind and slips his cock in her ass whilst she is talking to he roommate.  Miss Marie’s big tits are half hanging out as she argues with her sexy roomie about Mr Holmes moving in.


In Brazzers Cum And Fuck on Our Door, Phoenix Marie and her lover and roommate have it made with only woman in their house. But Phoenix has decided to add an old friend, Steve Holmes, to the mix. Phoenix assures her roomie that it’ll be a blast to have a hard cock in the house, but her roomie worries about the change in dynamic a dick may bring.

Which is only confirmed when Steve shows up wearing nothing but a jaunty hat. Phoenix gives him a squeeze and he immediately gets hard. Her roomie is not down and wants to discuss with Phoenix. Steve sneaks into the room while they argue and plays with Phoenix’s irresistible ass while he hides in the closet.

During Cum And Fuck on Our Door, the annoying roomie keeps interrupting but that doesn’t stop these two pervs from doing some sneaky anal right in front of her. Eventually Steve has both Phoenix’s pussy and ass to himself and they get down to business. Turns out Steve’s a freak and Phoenix loves it. Too bad roomie, can’t beat ’em, you should join ’em.

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A Messy House Is A Horny House

A Messy House Is A Horny House

A Messy House Is A Horny House
Phoenix Marie and Mini Stallion

Petite ebony pornstar Mini Stallion gets the Phoenix Marie treatment in Brazzers A Messy House Is A Horny House.  Her tiny little body is used as a personal sex toy by one of the worlds most dominating pornstars, Phoenix Marie.

Miss Stallion is supposed to be tidying the house.  She has been given strict instructions from her new blonde stepmom.  The house is a little untidy after the weekend of having friends stay over.  But Mini is not in the mood to be told what to do by a stepmom that she has only known for a few months.  She is tired of being bossed around by her Dad’s busty new trophy wife.


In A Messy House Is A Horny House, Mini gets a call from her BF.  He wants to come and fuck her, but he is stuck out of town.  Mini decides that if her can’t come to the house, she would put on a show for him using her mobile phone.  She live streams herself fingering and playing with her pussy.

When she got very close to orgasm, Phoenix Marie returns to find Mini with her fingers in her pussy and live streaming all of it on her phone.  Miss Marie is furious.  She snatches the phone away and demands that Mini gets on with the housework.  Mini does and she is told. She has never seen Phoenix Marie so angry.  Mini gets on her knees a start picking things off the floor.

This is when Phoenix noticed that Mini Stallion has a jewelled butt-plug inserted up her tight little ass.  Phoenix suddenly becomes aroused and her old high school lesbian experiments suddenly come rushing bak into her head.

During Brazzers A Messy House Is A Horny House, Mini is order to get back on the sofa and open her legs.  Her stepmom now wanted her to continue fingering herself.  Phoenix watches her ebony stepdaughter masturbate while she rubs her big boobs.

Noticing that Mini is still a little nervous about playing with her pussy in front of her, Phoenix take off all of her clothes and starts masturbating too.  But Phoenix is not anywhere near climaxing, so she orders Mini to lick her pussy.  This is the first time that teen babe, Mini Stallion has ever licked a MILF pussy.

Phoenix Marie has to guide Mini through how to lick a pussy properly.  She gets very frustrated with her lack of enthusiasm, so she has to be very dominating over her stepdaughter to make sure that she got the orgasm that she wanted from her.

At the end of A Messy House Is A Horny House, once both Phoenix and Mini both had lesbian sex act induced orgasms, Mini was still left to clean up the house.

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Hallowanal Starring Phoenix Marie and Xander Corvus


Phoenix Marie and Xander Corvus

It’s that time of year again when Brazzers roll out some fantastic Halloween themed porn videos.  This year is no exception, we have the stunning and always on form Phoenix Marie getting fucked in the arse in Hallowanal.

It’s always a pleasure to see this famous pornstar getting her clothes off, talking dirty and having hardcore anal sex in front of the camera.  She always provides us with some fucking hard sex that she loves every minute of.


Her tight asshole is fucked hard on Halloween by Xander Corvus.  Hs big cock gets deep inside Miss Marie and makes her cum aver and over again.  Not only do we see Phonix being fucked in the butt, we also get to see her big blonde milf tits bouncing around and she rides a dick in her arse in reverse cowgirl.

The always stunning Phoenix Marie is hosting a Halloween party… but she’s only expecting one special guest. The scene starts with Phoenix doing some sexy posing and ass-shaking for the camera. Things heat up when Xander Corvus arrives and gives Pheonix’s ass the holiday treat it’s been waiting for.

This brand new Phoenix Marie anal sex video will be available to watch on October 31st, 2020…of course..on Halloween, or HallowANAL.

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Stuck With Her Pussy Out Phoenix Marie

stuck with her pussy out

Stuck With Her Pussy Out
Phoenix Marie and Jayden Cole

It’s always a pleasure to see another Phoenix Marie lesbian porn video on Brazzers.  I know that if it’s a Miss Marie video, then we are all in for a dominating performance.  In this new Brazzers video, it’s Jayden Cole who gets the pleasure of being dominated by big tittied blonde MILF, Phoenix.

This is another one of those “Stuck in a” type videos that are becoming very popular.  I think I’ve seen Stuck in a Ladder and Stucking a Washing Machine quite a few times on the tube sites.  The FakeHostel Stuck Under a Bed was very popular indeed and is the most view Fake Hostel video on PornHub with over 13 million views.

I’m wondering what else women can find themselves stuck in to make a great new porn video.  Stuck in a taxi would seem the obvious choice to me!

Jayden Cole is fed up with her lazy sister-in-law Phoenix Marie, who’s staying over and doing nothing but messing up the place and masturbating to lesbian porn. When Jayden decides to clean up Phoenix’s mess, she finds stuck under her bed! With Jayden’s perfect ass and pussy on display, Phoenix decides to have some fun with her uptight, overbearing host.

You’ve got to love Phoenix Marie’s massive tits and adore Jayden Cole’s perfectly formed natural boobs in this video called Stuck with her Pussy Out that goes live on October 22nd, 2020.

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Best of Brazzers Phoenix Marie

Best of Brazzers Phoenix Marie

Best of Brazzers Phoenix Marie
Manuel Ferrara, Jordi, Phoenix Marie, Richelle Ryan, Julia Ann, Amara Romani, Danny D

If you like dominant females, then look  no further than Phoenix Marie.  This blonde pornstar with big tits has been at the top of her game in 128 Brazzers hardcore videos.  She loves to make male and female pornstar do as they are told.


I have seen some great lesbian porn featuring Miss Marie.  She controls a strap-on like no other.  She knows all the right moves when it come to fucking a submissive little teen with a huge strap-on sex toy.

But when it comes to fucking men, she take no prisoners.  She likes to make her men work for their cumshot.  She is no easy lay.  Phoenix Marie with ride hard cock all fucking day if she has too.  She won’t let any guy cum until she says they can come.

In this Best of Brazzers Phoenix Marie compilation, you will understand what I am talking about.  She does everything that a pornstar should.  She can deep throat and take the biggest cocks deep into her big ass too.

I would give the the title of an anal queen, but there is more to this cock loving, big breasted, blonde MILF than just taking a big cock in her arse.

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