Strap-On With A Side Of Dick Threesome

Strap-On With A Side Of Dick
Phoenix Marie, Jane Wilde, Scott Nails

Strap-On With A Side Of Dick

I think I have said this a few times on my blog, but I’ll say it again, I am a big fan of watching women fucking each other with strap-on dildos.  I was senior porn video editor on a site called a few years ago, and I loved every minute of that job before it merged with SEXYhub.  So seeing Phoenix Marie armed with a huge strap-on in Strap-On With A Side Of Dick, was a great visual surprise first thing in the morning.


Jane Wilde’s boyfriend, Scott Nails, is out of town, so she’s decided to get a little action on the side with the sexy Phoenix Marie. Unfortunately for them, Scott has decided to come home early, with a bouquet of flowers no less. Although Phoenix hides the closet, Jane’s spread legs and exposed pussy make Scott think she was waiting for him all along.

Phoenix finds all of this rather humorous, and she gets a bright idea when she finds a strap-on in the closet. As Scott gets his dick sucked, Phoenix comes out of the closet wearing the big strap-on and totally shocks Scott, who quickly, and unsurprisingly, welcomes her presence. From there, Phoenix sneakily inserts the strap-on right into Jane’s pussy, leading to a scorching hot threesome and total satisfaction for everyone.

I think that Strap-On With A Side Of Dick has real potential to be a porn advert.  With Phoenix Marie’s big tits and massive strap-on cock, she certainly looks like a click-through material.  With the added bonus of this video being a threesome, there are plenty of different angles and some great shocked porn faces that are always a winner when it comes to porn adverts on tubes sites.

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Brazzers Joyride starring Phoenix Marie

Brazzers Joyride
Phoenix Marie and Xander Corvus

Brazzers Joyride

I think Brazzers release a Phoenix Marie video at least twice a month, an I’m not complaining!  With those big tits, and her big ass on display, Brazzers Joyride is another Phoenix Marie masterclass in porn performing!  She shows off her amazing hot blonde MILF body in the back of a limo.  Her driver loves watching in his rear view mirror but he is under strict instructions not to interact with his passengers.


But it’s very difficult for Xander.  Phoenix is shaking her big tits and bending over on all fours.  She is feeling so very horny.  She is on her way to a family party that she knows will be boring so she is making the most of her alone time in the back of her privately rented limo.  Brazzers Joyride, Phoenix is wearing a bright green dress that barely covers her big tits.  This horny blonde MILF makes herself cum in the back of the limo, but she is still in need of a big cock in her pussy and ass.

Eventually, Phoenix cannot resist dragging her limo driver into the back with her.  As soon as they reach her destination, Phoenix pulls her driver in to the back with her and tell him that she has no desire to go to her boring party.  She wants to be fucked hard in her pussy and her arse.

Xander step on the gas and drive her straight back to her house and gets dragged into her bedroom.  Phoenix Marie is at he dominant best, directing Xander wear to put his cock.  She loves a big cock in her ass and wants Xander to fuck it as hard as he can.

Brazzers Joyride is another superb Phoenix Maris hardcore Brazzers anal sex video.  As I said earlier in this blog post, we do get plenty of Miss Marie Brazzers videos, but that is never a bad thing at all!

Teaching Him By Scissoring Her Phoenix Marie Aften Opal

Teaching Him By Scissoring Her
Phoenix Marie, Small Hands and Aften Opal

Teaching Him By Scissoring Her

It’s a pleasure to see Aften Opal in her 2nd Brazzers porn video.  She is starring in a threesome with busty blonde dominant pornstar Phoenix Marie and experienced Brazzers male pornstar Small Hands.  This is a threesome where Miss Marie is dressed in a leather outfit. Her big boobs are almost hanging out.  She gets to have lesbian sex with Aften Opel and then get fucked by her boyfriend.


Aften Opal’s boyfriend, Small Hands, is getting ready for his old college roommate to arrive. He’s making everything perfect for her and it’s pretty suspicious. When it turns out his old roomie is Phoenix Marie, Aften can sense a dominate vibe right away.

Small Hands gets Aften to go grab them a snack, and immediately Phoenix reminds him how she trained his dick. She sucks his cock and lets him know she doesn’t care if they get caught. Seconds later, they do. And Aften isn’t about to be bullies by Phoenix. Aften takes Phoenix into her bedroom to teach her a lesson, which Phoenix thinks is very cute.

They scissor and Small Hands enjoys the show. Phoenix trains Aften Opel how to suck cock and puts her throat to work. Phoenix whips out her strap-on and shows her who’s in charge. Aften gets thrown around all over the place and she likes it. Talk about a bossy house guest!

It’s always a pleasure to see Phoenix Marie training a young women how to suck and fuck a big cock properly.  We have seen her do it in many Brazzers porn video over the years.  I think this Teaching Him By Scissoring Her video has potential to be a great viral porn advert in the near future.

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Brazzers Shower Swap Phoenix Marie and Desiree Dulce

Brazzers Shower Swap
Phoenix Marie, Desiree Dulce and Quinton James

brazzers shower swap

When it comes to threesomes, you will be really happy to see that Brazzers have put Phoenix Marie and Desiree Dulce together.  We all Phoenix as the busty, blonde Amazonian looking pornstar, and now we get to see her having sex with Desiree Dulce and Quinton James.


In Brazzers Shower Swap, Phoenix Marie is left feeling disappointed when Quinton James cuts their morning sex short, cumming quickly before he heads to the shower to get ready for work.

Quinton’s roommate, Desiree Dulce, however, is in a rush too, and when he doesn’t want to let her shower first, she says “Fuck it!” and joins him… which obviously leads to a sneaky shower blowjob!

What will Phoenix do when she finds out? Well, get them both to finish the job in the bedroom by having a wild threesome, of course!

That’s all I have time for today, folks.  I’m up to my eyeballs editing porn some some sexy new clients.  It’s all fun so I can’t complain.  It just means that I have less time to write 350+ words per porn blog post. I hope you enjoy Brazzers Shower Swap.

Choose Your Pornstar Phoenix Marie

Choose Your Pornstar
Phoenix Marie and Johnny Castle

Choose your Pornstar

This is the best idea for a Brazzers video I’ve seen for a while.  It’s a change from the Stuck in a.., yoga, workout or home isolation videos that have been doing the rounds.  Phoenix Marie is the perfect choice for this type of video.  Her versatility makes her the ideal pornstar to play a gaming character in the Choose Your Pornstar porn video.


Johnny Castle uses his special Brazzers video game controller to help him choose his very own pornstar, and you get to watch him decide which version of the one and only Phoenix Marie he gets to fuck!

Johnny watches Phoenix instantly switch into different sexy outfits and personas until he lands on the version he truly desires, leading to a cock worshiping blowjob and hardcore sex in his very own living room! If only all video games were this much fun!

Brazzers Smoke Show Phoenix Marie and Damon Dice

Brazzers Smoke Show

Brazzers Smoke Show
Phoenix Marie and Damon Dice

I’ll never get bored of watching Phoenix Marie porn videos.  Especially when she is dressed in some really sexy lingerie outfits.  In Brazzers Smoke Show [FULL VIDEO], she stands wearing a sheer lingerie set with thin black straps and thigh high stockings.

The tall, blonde MILF is once again in top form sucking and fucking Damon Ride’s big cock.  All he has to do in this video is lay back and let Miss Marie take control and use his cock like a sex toy.  In that beautiful and revealing sheer lingerie set up, Phoenix Marie is going to keep her fans very happy. ENJOY!

Brazzers Smoke Show – Summary

Who wouldn’t want to watch porn with the fierce and fearless Phoenix Marie? The legendary hottie loves to scroll on her phone, hunting for the hottest butts and the biggest cocks.

We envy the lucky Damon Dice, who spends the day by Phoenix’s side, in her bed, witnessing the lusty woman getting hornier by the minute. When Phoenix sets her phone aside and finally looks at Damon straight in the eyes, he knows damn well he just won the big prize at the sex lottery.

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A Wet And Oily Massage Phoenix Marie

A Wet And Oily Massage
Phoenix Marie, Small Hands

In her latest Brazzers porn video, we get to see Phoenix Marie in a swimsuit.  I’m not sure whether to call it a bikini or not, but it sure is very sexy.   There are a few clips in the trailer where you get to see her nipples poking through the zip up top.  Miss Marie is swimming in a private indoor pool at her favourite luxury spa.


A Wet And Oily Massage she enjoys relaxing at this luxury spa because she knows she can get a full naked body massage by one of their hunky masseurs.  She just clicks her fingers and one of the eager masseurs will come running.

Phoenix Marie unzips her bikini top to reveal those massive MILF tits of hers.  She always insists on being massaged totally naked because she knows that she will get fucked at the same time.  Not one masseur has been able to not to resist rubbing his hands all over her big booty and fabulous big boobs.

In A Wet And Oily Massage it new Masseur Small Hands who gets to have a go at resisting Miss Marie’s hot body.  But within a few minutes, the lure of that great ass overwhelms him and he’s get his massaging hands rubbing sensual massage oil all over her round ass.

The background is of a swimming pool. The wall shows a painted scene of a tropical destination with palm trees, green mountains and golden sands. To the right of the painting there is a window with a black frame and to the left, two rectangular windows with a black frame also and they are showing a neon blue light.

During A Wet And Oily Massage, in the right hand corner there is a big green plant. There are two ceiling fans with brown fans and a bright light in the middle. Phoenix Marie stands in the swimming pool, it has a blue mosaic rim and is quite large.

The water is light blue and has a rippling motion. The Miss Marie wears a red bikini top, with a sip in the middle and thick straps. One hand is placed on her neck and her other arm droops into the water. Her hair is messily pulled back and blonde and she is wearing heavy eye makeup, dark shadow and false lashes.

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Divorce Fuck Phoenix Marie

Divorce Fuck

Divorce Fuck
Phoenix Marie and Johnny Castle

The stunning and unique Phoenix Marie returns to Brazzers go give you Divorce Fuck.  Starring along side Johnny Castle Miss Marie looks sexy as fuck in her lacy red lingerie.  She wants her husband to sign divorce papers whilst she is doing her best to seduce him into bed for one last fuck.

This tall blonde pornstar, rubs herself up and down when she finally realises that she can fuck whoever she wants to fuck from now on.  But as Johnny walks away, she thinks that she won’t ever get to be fucked by a cock a as good as Johnny’s…what is she throwing away?


In Divorce Fuck, hot bombshell Phoenix Marie has been trying to get husband Johnny Castle to sign the divorce papers for a while, but Johnny cannot stray away from Phoenix’s tight wet pussy so he’s not giving in.

That being said, there’s nothing some serious deep throatin’ and hard pounding can’t fix, right? Phoenix’s got more than one trick up her sleeve when it’s time to get what she wants, and what she wants, she will get!