While Husband’s Away Emma Hix

While Husband's Away

While Husband’s Away
Xander Corvus, Emma Hix

Well we are into December 2020 and there’s no sign of any Xmas porn from Brazzers just yet.  Emma Hix is starring in While the Husbands Away, so this can be an early Xmas present to all you Emma Hix porn fans out there.

This video does not hang about.  The opening shot is Miss Hix gagging on Xander Corvus’s big cock and he lays down recording in POV mode.  Her blonde hair is waving all over the place as she fucks Xander with her throat.


I think the porn editor for Brazzers must of really enjoyed editing the sex in this While Husband’s Away video.  They have included so much of the hardcore porn moments in the opening 30 seconds of the trailer.  It is really well done and gets the viewers attention very quickly.  If the porn editor was looking for immediate impact, then they have certainly done their job!

This is While Husband’s Away video shows Emma Hix getting fucked really hard on her bed.  As the title suggests, her husband is a way on business, but she needs her pussy fucked on a regular basis, so she has her neighbour Xander in the house to fuck her like her husband can’t.

So this is a cheating wife who prefers to have her pussy fucked by a big cock.  Her husband earns the money for her to buy whatever she wants, and she fucks whoever she wants.  But who is going to say no to Emma Hix?  She does look really sexy in While Husband’s Away.  She talks to the camera while Xander pounds away on her warm wet pussy.

Also released by Brazzers on 1st December is Lana’s Big Natural Titty Tease.  I am adding it to this porn blog post because I have decided not to write about the solo girl videos.  They do not produce any organic search engine traffic for me at all.

In Lana’s Big Natural Titty Tease, sexy Lana Wolf is filming a hot video for her long distance boyfriend. First, she shows off her skimpy outfit, with an almost transparent white crop top. Then she strips down, showing off her amazing natural tits and nice ass. Not satisfied to stop there, out comes the oil, a big dildo and vibrator. Lana gets herself all slippery and then makes herself cum with her favorite toys.


Horny Valentina Gets Anal – Valentina Jewels

Hot Valentina Gets Anal

Horny Valentina Gets Anal
Valentina Jewels, Johnny The Kid

I’m delighted to say that we have been treated to quite a few anal sex Brazzers videos over the last few weeks.  you can never get enough anal in my opinion, so it’s with great pleasure that I can add this Brazzers Horny Valentina Gets Anal to my porn blog.

This hotty certainly ha the booty ready to be fucked.  She has got just enough junk to make her ass wobble about when being slammed hard from behind.  In the screenshot we see tat she is wearing a sexy silk robe wit no bra on.  Her tits look very juicy and the look ready to be exposed.


Valentina Jewels wakes up horny, but her tired husband isn’t interested. Sometimes, a girl’s gotta have a plan B when she wants to get fucked… she makes a call to get breakfast delivered and when delivery guy Johnny the Kid shows, Valentina invites him into the house

Johnny just wants his money at first, but once Valentina opens her robe and fully displays her impressive tits, he’s suddenly very open to sticking around and having some fun. After a sloppy blowjob, Johnny gets to stick his dick in Valentina’s ass. Can they finish before Valentina’s husband decides to come out of their bedroom?

I love Valentina’s short hair and make up in this Brazzers Horny Valentina Gets Anal video.  She really looks very sexy, so hats off to the Brazzers make-up and hair department if they are responsibly for her look.  There is certainly a bit of everything to get you going in the build up to the anal sex.
There is some lovely views of her big ass getting teased by Johnny the Kid’s big long cock, and we all love it when her white nylon stockings get ripped open and her arse becomes visible.  I’m looking forward to see more Valentina Jewels anal sex video in the very near future!

Studying Her Pussy Kyler Quinn

Studying Her Pussy Kyler Quinn

Studying Her Pussy
Scott Nails, Kyler Quinn

Today with have some of that sweet college girl, Co-Ed action going on.  Kyler Quinn is all dressed up as a sexy college babe, complete with pleated skirt and slutty make-up.  Kyler even has a sexy tan-line around her natural medium sized boobs.

During this COVID lockdown period, we find Kyler Quinn at her desk in her study, trying to follow an online lecture that have been arranged by her college tutors.  She is sitting quietly with her headphones on and listening in on what the lecture is all about.


Unfortunately, her boyfriend, Scott Nails does not have to attend any online lectures and is bored as fuck.  Scott can’t take his eyes off how sexy Kyler looks in her college outfit.  She decided to wear college clothes so she could get into college mode even though she was studying from home.

No longer being able to resist his college babes stunning body, Scott starts to lift up Kyler’s skirt and kisses her ass cheeks.  Her pretty white thong is hiding her cute little butthole.  Miss Quinn does her best to continue to pay attention to her online lecture.

But once Scott reaches around and starts to play with Kyler Quinn’s shaven pussy, she could no longer concentrate on college work.  She knew that her boyfriends cock would be erect and oh how she loves his cock.

this Studying Her Pussy video turns into a POV fuck fest, with Kyler getting Scotts big fat cock inserted into her pussy from various different positions.  There are a few good wide angle shots that really show off Kyler’s hot college look.

Hot college student Kyler Quinn is trying her best to pay attention during her boring AF virtual lectures this semester, but sometimes she can’t help but get distracted… especially when her horny BF Scott Nails is around.

Scott spies Kyler looking cute as hell and can’t help but sneakily feel her up during her class, hoping to get a little action. While Kyler does her best to ignore him, Scott teases her until she can’t take it any longer – she’ll take a D in class if it means a taste of Scott’s right now!

If you enjoy watching cute college girls looking up at the camera whilst sucking cock, then you will enjoy watching Kyler Quinn in Studying Her Puss from Brazzers on November 8th, 2020.


Avery Catches Her BF Jerking Avery Black

Avery Catches Her BF Jerking

Avery Catches Her BF Jerking
Avery Black, Oliver Davis

Have you ever been caught wanking by your girlfriend/boyfriend? Wass it awkward, or did you just carry on regardless?  I think it would be worse if you got caught wanking my your mom or dad to be honest!

Oliver Davis gets caught with his cock in his hand by his sexy girlfriend Avery Black.  He was was busy spanking the monkey when Avery walks in wearing a tiny pair of blue denim daisy dukes and an orange boob tube.   I think Oliver is jerking off to an older Avery Black Brazzers porn video from February 2020.

In Avery Catches Her BF Jerking, Miss Black is very flattered and honoured to see her boyfriend masturbating over her. It makes her feel so special to know that her BF love to wank about her, even when she is not around.  This experience has made Avery Black very horny.  This was the ideal opportunity to give her BF the full on pornstar experience.

There is plenty of POV blowjob action here after Avery Black performs a sex striptease to keep Oliver Davis fully erect.  Her sexy eyes never break eye contact as she slowly takes off all her clothes.  Actually there is a lot of other great POV in this Avery Black porn video.  You get to see her riding cowgirl and reverse cowgirl in close up POV, which a real bonus.

In Avery Catches Her BF Jerking, the sexy Avery Black walks into her room and is delighted to see her boyfriend, Oliver Davis, wanking off to something on his phone. Avery teases Oliver and looks at his phone, only to find that he’s jerking off to an image of her!

Avery finds this adorable and reminds Oliver that he can just jerk off to the real thing. She does a striptease and some sexy posing for Oliver, before making things interactive by sucking and fucking the lucky guy. We’d like to see a phone do that!

That’s enough porn reviewing for one day.  I’m off to fly my DJI Mavic Mini.  I’m hoping to have the DJI Mini 2 very soon, or as soon as it is officially released.

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Siri Gets Caught And Fucked By Her Roomie

Siri Gets Caught And Fucked By Her Roomie

Siri Gets Caught And Fucked By Her Roomie
Siri Dahl

Oh my goodness, I have never seen Siri Dahl before, but all I can say is….look at that fine piece of ass!  Wearing that red thong that that is buried deep in her ass crack really helps to show off those fine looking ass cheeks.

In Brazzers Siri Gets Caught And Fucked By Her Roomie she gets caught with her hands down her thong and playing with her pussy.  Her roomie just happens to walk in to her bedroom with his camera on to catch her in mid-frap.


But Siri Dahl is not that embarrassed by the situation.  She is in fact, a little turned on by the fact that somebody has caught her masturbating and is filming it.  She decides to show a lot more of her curvy natural body.  Siri flashes a tit and opens her legs to give her roomie a real video to record!

Siri is playing with herself in bed, but she forgot to close her door. Her horny roommate Liam takes this as an invitation to walk right in on her (while filming with his phone). Siri is embarrassed to be caught, but she doesn’t throw Liam out… clearly there’s a spark between the cute roomies.

Siri flashes her tits for Liam, then let’s him film her ass. Liam starts feeling her up, which leads to sliding his fingers in her ass. And that, naturally, leads to him sticking his big dick in her ass and giving her the good anal fucking she’s been craving.

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Kenna’s Sexual Meditation Kenna James

Kenna's Sexual Meditation

Kenna’s Sexual Meditation
Kenna James, Bobby Beefcakes

One of the good things that have come out of this awful situation regarding COVID-19 is that we have been treated to lots of Brazzers Isolation videos.  Pornstars have been willing to allow their homes to be put on view so they can still deliver amazing content to their fans and web site members.

Today, we have the gorgeous Kenna James starring in Kenna’s Sexual Meditation where she shows off her beautiful body and then has her pussy slammed by Bobby Beefcakes (what kind of porn name is that BTW).


So to start this Kenna’s Sexual Meditation video, we are treated to seeing Kenna doing all her pre workout stretches.  this gives a chance to marvel at just how fit she is.  She can bend her body into all kinds of position that we can only fantasise about fucking her in.

The sweet and sexy Kenna James likes working out at home. On this day, her boyfriend Bobby is encouraging her to try out “sexual meditation” a yoga-like workout designed to get her mind and pussy in the mood for sex. The meditation is a huge success, with Kenna clearly getting turned on right away.

From there, she eagerly plays with her tits and starts sucking Bobby’s cock. The couple then fuck all over the room. Kenna has some of the best orgasms of her life; Bobby even gets her to squirt multiple times! Though skeptical at first, Kenna and Bobby are true believers in sexual meditation by the workout’s end.


Beth Gives You What You Wanted Beth Bennett

Beth Gives You What You Wanted

Beth Gives You What You Wanted
Beth Bennett

OMG, I love Beth Bennett.  I’ve always seen her in the background of plenty of Brazzers videos.  I look at her pretty face and big boobs and wonder why she has never made a starring performance.  I have had the pleasure of editing some of Beth Bennetts solo video where she teases her viewers in some great JOI videos.

So I’m so happy to be able to have a full feature video from Brazzers starring Beth Bennett.  She has a great pair of tits and such a sex voice that I could listen to all day.  Miss Bennett looks so fucking sexy in all black lingerie.  The bra really shows off her amazing cleavage.  It’s also such a great relief to finally see her sucking a fucking a real cock.  I think we will be seeing much more of Beth Bennett in the very near future!

You’ve seen her in various scenes and repeatedly asked “who’s the other girl?”. She’s Beth Bennett and she’s here to give you what you’ve been looking for. Beth confronts a pervy fan who’s been leaving all kinds of nasty comments about her on Brazzers.

To the perv’s surprise, Beth is into the comments and willing to help him fulfill all of his fantasies. She gives him a footjob and a sloppy blowjob, before letting the lucky guy fuck her in multiple positions and drop a load of cum on her face.

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Stepmom Lacey’s Helping Hand

Stepmom Lacey's Helping Hand

Stepmom Lacey’s Helping Hand
Lacey Bender

Here we go again with another awesome stepmom fucking her stepson porn video from Brazzers.  Lacey Bender is the sexy blonde step mom who needs a nice younger guys big cock deep in her sexually frustrated hole.

Watch Stepmom Lacey’s Helping Hand and see this sexy older woman suck on her husbands sons big penis.  She is in her knees enjoying every inch as she does her best to stick it down the back of her throat.  Lacey Bender has a filthy look on her face when she licks this big cock up and down its long shaft.


This hot stepmom doesn’t forget about the balls either.  She does her best to fit both balls in her mouth so she can suck on both of them at the same time.  She is a proper filthy slut of a step mom.

You gotta take the good with the bad in this life. The bad, for young Jason, is being stuck at home with an inconvenient hand injury. The good is getting some one on one time with his sexy and attentive stepmom, Lacey Bender.

Jason is trying to watch porn, but finds he can’t jerk off properly with his right hand being hurt. His dick only gets harder when Lacey comes in the room and does laundry, wearing a hot dress that leaves little to the imagination.

Lacey notices Jason’s hard dick poking up under his blanket and is immediately impressed and curious. When she realises that Jason won’t be able to finish himself off with his left hand, she makes the only compassionate choice, offering to give her stepson a good ball-draining fuck.

You will be able to see this fantastic Lacey Bender Brazzers debut video on October 13th, 2020.  You’ll be rewarded with your patients.  Stepmom Lacey’s Helping Hand is one of the those horny stepmom videos that will satisfy your cougar fucking needs.

I think you will enjoy this Lacey bender Brazzers debut porn video.  I think she is a good addition to the MILF niche.  Brazzers will surely be brining her back for more videos in the very near future.

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