Trackside Spanish Tits and Ass Medus

Trackside Spanish Tits and Ass
Starring Medusa and Public Agent

Trackside Spanish Tits and Ass

Oh thank you porn gods! This Spanish brunette sex bomb ticks all my boxes. Big tits, big ass and eyes that would make me cum in seconds!  Medusa is her name…just Medusa, no surname just a single word porn stage name. REMEMBER THAT NAME!


Medusa gets her big tits and round ass out in public whilst waiting for a bus. When she is offered plenty of cash to suck cock, she is more than happy to oblige.  This FANTASTIC sex scene takes place in daylight next to some train tracks…I was really hoping that a train would come passed…

Here’s what Public Agent said about his trackside fuck with Medusa

I saw this sexy Spanish babe named Medusa waiting for the bus, so I approached her and told her I was a casting agent for a big modelling agency. Medusa wasn’t receptive to me until I pulled out some cash, but once the wad came out, she was quick to pull up her skirt and twerk her booty.

She wasn’t shy, and pulled out her big tits right there in the street, so I offered her more money for a blowjob. We went off and she sucked my cock, then let me fuck her tight pussy until I finished on her face!

Public Agent Tattoo Babe Fucked in Boiler Room

Public Agent Tattoo Babe Fucked in Boiler Room
Starring Sharlotte Thorne

Public Agent Tattoo Babe Fucked in Boiler Room

Yes I know..but it is definitely Charlotte with an ‘S’ not a ‘C’.  Sharlotte Thorne stars as a sexy tattooed woman with small boobs.  She gets her tight Euro pussy slammed by the Public Agent in this boiler room fuck in POV.

Here’s what Public Agent had to say about Public Agent Tattoo Babe Fucked in Boiler Room

I was walking around this evening when Sharlotte Thorne ran up to me asking for help. Her handbag had been stolen, and with it, her wallet and phone. I calmed the tattooed babe down and told her I could help her with some cash if she wanted to make a deal.


I offered her 4000 crowns to show me her boobs, and it turned she was a photo model, and up for the job. I told her if she came off to do a casting with me, I’d pay her more, so we wandered off to this nearby boiler room.

Sharlotte stripped for me, then gave me a blowjob. We were both horny, so she threw her ass back against me as I fucked her standing doggystyle, then I came on her face!

Public Agent Litter Picker Fucked in the Woods

Public Agent Litter Picker Fucked in the Woods
Starring Jennifer Mendez

Public Agent Litter Picker Fucked in the Woods

I thought the set up to this Jennifer Mendez Public Agent video was a great idea.  Miss Mendez is dressed in a fluorescent jacket and picking up litter from a busy road side.  Public Agent approaches her but she cannot speak English.  He has to ring his buddy to come and translate for him.

It transpires that Jennifer is doing 150 hours community service after being caught taking naked selfies of herself in public.  This leads to Public Agent realising that she is not a shy girl and would happily  go in to the woods fore a quick fuck for a few thousand Czech Crowns…he was right.

Here’s what Public Agent told me about this Jennifer Mendez outdoor fuck.

I saw petite cutie picking up trash, but it turned out Jennifer Mendez didn’t speak English. I called up my buddy Martin to translate, and we found out that Jennifer was doing court-ordered community service.


She was in trouble with the law for taking pictures of her big boobs in public. I offered her 2000 crowns to flash me, and she was nervous for police, but she still took down her bra. For 10000, Jennifer agreed to come to the woods and fuck me. She stripped down and gave me a blowjob, then threw her ass back against me for backshots. After I had my fill with her, I pulled out and covered her with a facial!

A Blowjob for a Free Tattoo Public Agent

A Blowjob for a Free Tattoo Public Agent
Starring Esluna

public agent esluna

I must admit that I am not a huge fan of tattooed women. I can never see the attraction to be honest. One or two tattoo’s I can handle but not a body covered in them.  Public Agent finds Esluna sitting on a wall just minding her own business.

In A Blowjob for a Free Tattoo, he notices how many tattoos she has on her body and makes some bullshit up about the being a tattoo convention nearby.  He then goes on further to say that he could get her free tattoo from one of the top tattoo artists in Europe. this was an opportunity that she could not pass-by, even if it meant she had to suck a cock to get her freebie.

Here’s what the Public Agent said about fucking this tattooed babe…

I saw Esluna on the street and noticed she was covered in tattoos, so that was my opening line. I told Esluna I was representing the top tattoo convention here in Prague, and that I could probably get her a free tattoo if she did something for me… like flash me her tits!


During A Blowjob for a Free Tattoo, Esluna loved the idea, and showed me her jugs. I told her she could have the tattoo and even some money if she agreed to suck my cock, and when she saw how big it was, she gave me a blowjob. Sucking my dick made her Horny, so Esluna fucked me right on the grass, and I pulled out from doggystyle to cum on her face.

Public Agent Taste it and Decide Mary Jane

Public Agent Taste it and Decide
Starring Mary Jane

Public Agent Taste it and Decide

Something a little different from out Public Agent. today he’s stopped Mary Jane on the street and asked her if she wanted to take part in a gameshow. The gameshow was all about closing your eyes and tasting whatever goes in your mouth. A classic set up to get his cock in her mouth. I enjoyed editing this Public Agent porn video. It had its funny moments, especially when Mary Jane nearly chokes on a big banana.

WATCH FULL VIDEO > – from 31st March 2021.

Public Agent saw this pretty little Italian princess named Mary Jane walking down the street, so he stopped her and asked her if she wanted to be on TV.  He told her he was looking for contestants for a new show called “Open My Mouth and What Is In It?”

In Public Agent Taste it and Decide, for 100 euro a pop, PA asked her to guess what he put in her mouth. First, he used a cherry tomato, then an apple, and finally a banana. She got it all right, then he asked her to get on her knees. With her eyes closed, Public Agent put his dick in her mouth.

She knew right away what that was, and started giving him a blowjob! He suggested they headed to a little place he knew nearby, and once there, he got to play with Mary’s tits, then she bounced her ass up and down on his lap while he fucked her tight pussy until he covered her with a facial.

Public Agent Hot Body Fucked in the Rain Chloe Bailey

Public Agent Hot Body Fucked in the Rain
Starring Chloe Bailey

Chloe Bailey in Public Agwnt Hot Body Fucked in the Rain

Chloe Bailey was innocently standing under a bridge in Prague minding her own business when she was approached by our two sex hungry perverts. They convince Miss Bailey that she has all the right attributes to be a top world famous model.  All she had to do was go with them for a quick photoshoot nearby.


In Public Agent Hot Body Fucked in the Rain, they drove her to a dodgy looking piece of wasteland in the pouring rain. The Public Agent photographer took immense pleasure in getting his fat cock wet inside her mouth and wet throbbing teen pussy.  Check out Miss Bailey’s 19 year old nipples showing though her t-shirt!

Here’s the Public Agent version of the story…

Martin and I were walking along when we saw this tight body babe in a pink shirt. We walked up and introduced ourselves to Chloe Bailey, who told us she was 19 and waiting for a friend. We offered her some cash for a casting, so she phoned her friend to delay, then came off with us to an underpass.

In Public Agent Hot Body Fucked in the Rain, she flashed her nice tits and then shook her juicy ass, and I offered her more cash if she’d suck my dick. When she saw how big my cock was she was more than happy to stroke it. Chloe gave me a blowjob, then I fucked her tight pussy until I came in her mouth. She swallowed my whole load!