Fingering her Big Ass in Front of the Dinner Guests

When Xander Corvus gets an eyeful of LaSirena69’s big ass in her purple dress, he knew he would end up fucking her.  There was no way that he was gong to let her leave without fucking her in the ass.


LaSirena69 walks into the dinner party looking as hot as fuck.  Her big booty looks amazing as she flirts with the dinner guests.  She is well-known to be a terrible flirt but she always leaves without getting fucked.  She is what I like to call a “PrickTeaser”.

Getting her Arsehole Fingered at a Party

So when Xander Corvus starts touching her up and she sips on her win, she does her best not to say anything.  She is going to let him feel her ass as much as he likes.  But when he lifts up her skirt, she forgets she is wearing no knickers.

Instead of walking away, she continues to enjoy Xanders wandering hands.  He gets his had deep into the crack of her butt before sticking a finger into her tight butthole.  He is doing this in secret while LaSirena69 continues to talk to the dinner guests.

When Xander attempts to slide two fingers in her asshole, LaSirena69 decides to take him into the bedroom to really get stuck in.  LaSirena69 loves getting her arse fucked.  This time she was not going to leave without getting her arse stuffed with a big fat cock.

This scene called Party Like a Finger’s Up Your Ass was a very popular porn video for Brazzers back in April 2020.

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