All Dolled Up Cosplay Edition Kendra Sunderland

All Dolled Up Cosplay Edition
Quinton James and Kendra Sunderland

All Dolled Up Cosplay Edition

The perfect boobs on Kendra Sunderland are out on display in this awesome looking Brazzers video called All Dolled Up Cosplay Edition.  Kendra’s outstanding cleavage is on full show whilst she is dressed up as a sexy cosplay doll.  Basically Miss Sunderland in a sexy sex doll that magically comes to life.

About Kendra Sunderland

You’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but a mere glance at Kendra Sunderland, aka the “Oregon Library Girl,” is more than enough for you to realise she is one of the most beautiful blondes to ever grace porno flicks. While attending classes and working a regular 9 to 5, “natural Barbie” Kendra realised that she wanted more out of life, so she started performing on webcam.


After a video of her showing off her perfect 32G tits and tight pussy in her school’s library went viral in 2015, Kendra was swept into a whirlwind of lust, admiration, and new-found popularity. Fast forward a few years, and Kendra is now one of the most recognisable names in the smut business.

From multiple AVN awards to being celebrated on a Kanye West-designed shirt, Kendra’s rising star now illuminates the entire landscape of the adult industry. The best part is, you can witness all of her shine, light, and undeniably alluring sexual energy by checking out this library girl in the All Dolled Up Cosplay Edition.

About Quinton James

With his blue steel gaze, male model looks, and sexy accent, tall and muscular Quinton James might have stepped out of the pages of a romance novel. But Quinton isn’t your typical bodice ripper!

Sure, Quinton is a fashion plate who looks like he just finished a runway show in every outfit and loves to slip into a warm bubble bath before bed, but Quinton also has a naughty side that makes him want to share selfies featuring his big, hard cock with his fans and proclaim his tongue can outpace even the most high-powered vibrators on the market. Watch Quinton show his skills under the covers in All Dolled Up Cosplay Edition.

Double Take Me Phoenix Marie

Double Take Me
Phoenix Marie, Quinton James

Double Take Me

Phoenix Marie must be the hardest working Brazzers pornstar.  It feels like she appears in a new Brazzers video every week.  I’m certainly not complaining.  Her Brazzers HD videos certainly give me plenty to write about in my daily blog posts.  In Double Take Me Phoenix Marie it looking a sexy as ever.  Wearing some extremely sexy lingerie, she teases her way into Quinton James’s pants.


Let’s take a tour though the Brazzers Double Take Me video starring Phoenix Marie and Quinton James.  The screenshot shows Miss Marie on all fours cleaning the floor. She is dressed in some kind of French maid outfit with black lingerie underneath.  Quinton James is in the background with a shocked expression on his face.

At the start on the trailer for Double Take Me we find Quinton dressed in a pin strip grey suit, sipping a cup of coffee with his hot wife, Miss Marie, standing behind him doing some housework.  She asks him if he is OK because he has a stressful look upon his face.   Phoenix Marie is wearing a red and white stripped apron, her hair down and cleavage on show.  Around her neck is a pearly neckless.

What we then discover is that Phoenix is only wearing black lingerie underneath her apron.  When she bends over to do some light ducting, we all get a super eyeful of her juicy ass.  Quinton soon looks a lot less stressed, but he is not used to seeing his wife doing the housework and looking so fucking sexy.  His facial expression soon changes from stressed to horny!

When Quinton can take no more teasing from Phoenix, he grabs her by the pussy while she is cleaning the dishes.  He slides a finger into her pussy and his thumb into her asshole.  Even though she looks surprised, she has been waiting all morning for her husband to finally lay his hands on her.

All the sex in Double Take Me takes place in the kitchen.  Phoenix strips down to just her black stockings when she is being fucked by her husband.  There is some great POV blowjob action with Phoenix Marie looking into the camera as she deep throats Quinton James’s rock hard cock.

Phoenix Marie is at her absolute filthy best in this husband and wife Brazzers porn video.  Quinton gets his tongue deep into her butt hole to give her a fantastic rimjob.  To help her husband relieve his stress, Phoenix even lets Quinton slip his cock into her arse for some husband and wife anal sex together.

Caught Naked For Strangers Desiree Dulce

Caught Naked For Strangers
Quinton James, Desiree Dulce

Caught Naked For Strangers

I really love the look of Desiree Dulce’s magnificent cleavage.  When she is sitting at her gaming set up her tits look fantastic.  In Caught Naked For Strangers she is one of the sexiest gamer girls on the planet.  No wonder she is one of the most watching gamer girlfriends in the world.  Sitting in a pink vest with no bra on, Desiree is a real piece of eye candy for the online gaming community.


In Caught Naked For Strangers, hot brunette Desiree Dulce is an online gamer superstar and it’s easy to see why. Her fans like to watch her play, but if the tips are good, sometimes she will give them a bit more for their money, flashing her big titties and pierced nipples, showing off her perfect body for them and making herself cum while she gives them good JOI.

If only she was more careful and had waited for her husband Quinton James to leave the house before indulging in her exhibitionism. But nope! And she got caught. Here’s the twist: the thought of Desiree wanting to get fucked by a bunch of different cocks actually turns him on. Our girl notices how hard it makes him and she is ready to go at this point and will give Quinton one hell of a ride for his boner.

This must be a no brainer for most gaming babes.  Getting an army of gaming fans and then seducing them into paying for see her tits is a surefire winner.  Mixing porn with computer gaming is also a niche to promote.  Who doesn’t like the fantasy of thinking you’re getting a private show from one of the hottest gamer chicks in the world.  The Brazzers wardrobe department have done a great job in making Desiree Dolce look like the perfect gamer girl fantasy woman.

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Rain on Romi starring Romi Rain and her Big Tits

Rain on Romi
Romi Rain and Quinton James

Rain on Romi

It’s the first Brazzers video from Romi Rain since that fantastic performance with Kayla Kayden in Valentine Vixens.  In Rain on Romi she gives us a fantastic show as she works out that incredible body and teases us with those magnificent breasts.  She is dress up to some very bright ad vibrant gym gear and getting all sweaty.


I’ll never get tired of watching hot pornstars working out.  They way they can get those bodies looking so fine is a great way to start a porn video.  If you are a gym user then you must of seen some great looking women they you would love to see stripping out of their sweaty gym gear and doing their warm down totally naked.

In Rain on Romi, Romi Rain looks delicious in bright workout spandex. She teases us for a bit, showing off her beautiful tits, ass and pussy, before finding a suitable workout partner in Quinton James. Quinton gets to work, ripping Romi’s spandex and giving her a hard pounding.

Romi shows off her boundless energy as she sucks and fucks Quinton to satisfaction. Fucking on a tall staircase allows for some hot low angle shots of the pair. Romi wraps everything up by taking Quinton’s large load in her mouth and playing with the cum.

Rain on Romi is the 80th time we have seen this brunette sex goddess in a Brazzers video.  I’m hoping that she continues and performs in many more.  I’ll look forward to writing a blog post about her 100th Brazzers video one day!

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Brazzers A Mused Amari Anne Emma Starletto

Brazzers A Mused
Quinton James, Amari Anne and Emma Starletto

Brazzers A Mused

Now this does look very interesting.  Emma Starletto makes her Brazzers debut in a threesome video with Quinton James and Amari Anne.  It’s called Brazzers A Mused.  they are all dressed up for a fantasy porn video that looks really nicely thought out and very nicely produced.  At first glance, the set looks to be made up to resemble Roman times and the three pornstars are dressed in toga’s and see through garments.


In almost every mythological tale, there’s a mortal catching the eye of the deities with her beauty, wisdom, and grace. The stunning Amari Anne has entered Emma Starletto’s private grove to be worshipped, caressed, licked, and consumed in lustful appreciation.

In Brazzers A Mused, this Sapphic duo knows there’s a bit more fun to be had, so they conjure up Quinton James to join their tiny paradise. The world quickly turns hedonistic with tit worship, pussy worship, cock worship… Every part getting its deserved attention as Amari, Emma and Quinton play out this fantastical tale of lust and amusement!

We haven’t seen Brazzers do this kind of video for a while.  I presume due to the world wide pandemic it has been difficult to arrange such an ambitious type of shoot.  I for one are is very happy to see the Brazzers porn imagination running wild again and giving us something outside the box.
I would like to see this video turned into a porn advert, but I’m thinking that it maybe a little slow to be used as a porn banner.  Whether or not there are faster clips with shocked faces, we won’t find out until he release date of 27th March, 2021.

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Brazzers Shower Swap Phoenix Marie and Desiree Dulce

Brazzers Shower Swap
Phoenix Marie, Desiree Dulce and Quinton James

brazzers shower swap

When it comes to threesomes, you will be really happy to see that Brazzers have put Phoenix Marie and Desiree Dulce together.  We all Phoenix as the busty, blonde Amazonian looking pornstar, and now we get to see her having sex with Desiree Dulce and Quinton James.


In Brazzers Shower Swap, Phoenix Marie is left feeling disappointed when Quinton James cuts their morning sex short, cumming quickly before he heads to the shower to get ready for work.

Quinton’s roommate, Desiree Dulce, however, is in a rush too, and when he doesn’t want to let her shower first, she says “Fuck it!” and joins him… which obviously leads to a sneaky shower blowjob!

What will Phoenix do when she finds out? Well, get them both to finish the job in the bedroom by having a wild threesome, of course!

That’s all I have time for today, folks.  I’m up to my eyeballs editing porn some some sexy new clients.  It’s all fun so I can’t complain.  It just means that I have less time to write 350+ words per porn blog post. I hope you enjoy Brazzers Shower Swap.

Yoga Freaks Episode Fifteen Desiree Dulce

Yoga Freaks Episode Fifteen starring Quinton James and Desiree Dulce.

Yoga Freaks Episode Fifteen

If there was to be another Yoga Freaks episode from Brazzers to be released, then we should be grateful that they have given us Desiree Dulce in sheer yoga pants.  She stands on pink yoga pants and stretches her full body out.  Touching her toes, showing off her beautiful ass and generally making sure that the camera gets to see her body in all its glory.


I’m going to struggle to write the minimum 300 words about Yoga Freaks Episode Fifteen.  I think I have written plenty already on the previous 14 Yoga Freak episodes, but I’ll do my best.  I have already said that Desiree Dulce is wearing tight, pink, sheer yoga pants.  She is also wearing a white thong underneath that is tight in her butthole.  Miss Dolce wears a white vest to finish off a very sexy yoga outfit.

Desiree Dulce Flirts with Yoga Instructor

Her yoga instructor is Quinton James.  He always looks forward to his yoga session with Desiree Dulce because she always flirts with him.  But he is a married man so he has been able to resist her sexual advances.  But today, her body looks too good to resist.  As soon as Desiree stretches her boobs out in front of his face, Quinton wraps both hands on her boobs and squeezes them as much as he can.

In Yoga Freaks Episode Fifteen, Desiree has finally gets his man.  She takes great pleasure in finally tempting Quinton into getting his hands all over her body.  When he slips his hands into her sheer yoga pants, he could feel just how wet her pussy was. Desiree Dolce drops to her knees and gives her yoga instructor a sloppy blowjob.

Brazzers have also given us that great moment of seeing Quinton rip open her yoga pants to reveal that amazing looking ass.  There is some great fucking over a yellow inflatable workout ball.  This is a Brazzers video where we get to see that fantastic body of Desiree Dolce.

The Pornstar’s Babysitter Alura TNT Jenson

The Pornstar’s Babysitter starring Alura TNT Jenson and Quinton James.

The Pornstar's Babysitter

Jesus fucking Christ.  Look at the size of Alura TNT Jensons massive tits!  I’m sure that just get bigger and bigger every time they make and appearance in a Brazzers video.  The Pornstar’s Babysitter is her first Brazzers video sine August 2020 and this is a fucking awesome return!


This hot MILF pornstar is playing the role of a very busy pornstar.  She i always in need of a reliable babysitter.  She can get called to a last minute porn shoot at a moments notice, so having Quinton James as a neighbour who can babysit is a godsend.

In The Pornstar’s Babysitter, Quinton James is fully aware that his neighbour is the world famous pornstar Alura TNT Jenson.  He is always so happy to lend a hand babysitting.  It gives him a chance to look through her panties draw and sniff her dirty underwear in the laundry room.  But his favourite part about babysitting is that he can watch her porn videos whilst sitting on her sofa.

Alura Jenson and the Babysitter

Whilst babysitting with his cock in his hand and jerking off over the latest Miss Jenson video, he is surprised to find that she has come home early.  He doesn’t get a chance to get his cock away before Alura catches him with his pants down.  Alura is more than happy to find that Quinton is jerking off to her videos.

In The Pornstar’s Babysitter, she is so happy than she has such a big fan living next door that she decides to give him the ultimate fans prize.  Quinton James gets to live out his fantasy by fucking Miss Alura Jenson all over the house.  He is not going to waste this opportunity.  Quinton makes sure that he tries to fuck her in every sexual position is knows of, and Alura shows him a few he has never tried!