Brazzers What Follows Her Rachel Starr

Brazzers What Follows Her
Rachel Starr and Small Hands

Brazzers What Follows Her

The awesome pornstar Rachel Starr is starring in her 55th Brazzers porn video.  Brazzers What Follows Her shows that Miss Starr can best really erotic and sensual when she wants to be.  She is wearing a beautiful red flowing dress in this new Brazzers romp.


When Small Hands finally gets his hans on Rachel Starr, he lifts up her dress to reveal her amazing ass.  It is so round and firm.  The red thong that conceals her ass crack is barely visible and Rachel Starr loves to show that ass off like the true pro that she is.

The beginning of Brazzers What Follows Her shows Rachel Starr in some kind of photoshoot.  To be honest, she looks a little bored dressed elegantly in that red dress.  But once the photographer starts to ask her to reveal more of her body, her mood soon switches to a more playful and enchanting manner.

Behind the Scenes with Rachel Starr

The photoshoot soon has Rachel Starr showing off with her panties around her ankles.  It has turned from what looked like a fashion shoot, to a full on porn magazine shoot.  Rachel is soon stripped naked and just stands there with a diamond neckless and black high heel shoes on.

In Brazzers What Follows Her, there are some great candid shots of her shaking her big round booty and flashing her wonderful boobs at the camera.  The cameraman follows her into the bathroom, where Rachel Star gives him a private show all on his own.

I presumed that the candid cameraman was in fact Small Hands.  He was entrusted to get some behind the scenes shots of the gorgeous lookingRachel Starr for her social media accounts.  I was right.  It was not long before Miss Starr wanted to get some cock in her after a long afternoon showing off her great looking body.

When she realised that the following cameraman was packing a big cock, she dragged him off to the bedroom to get her fill of cock in her mouth and pussy.  In Brazzers What Follows Her, Rachel Starr is seen enjoying getting fucked in as many different positions as she possibly can.  I think she looks really hot when she leaves her red thong on during the first half of the sex.

Rachel Gets…Stuck? It’s Rachel Starr

Rachel Gets…Stuck? Starring Rachel Starr and Charles Dera

Rachel Gets...Stuck

It’s another one of those getting stuck porn videos.  we’ve had quite a few of these of the last 12 months or so.  We’ve had a few stuck in a washing machine porn videos, stuck under a bed, stuck in a ladder, stuck in a door.  This time Brazzers have just gone with a plain Rachel Gets…Stuck.


There is a question mark at the end of this title, so we are led to believe that Rachel Starr has either got herself stuck intensionally or is she just pretending to be stuck.  In the screenshot we can see that Miss Starr is supposedly stuck under a table wearing a yellow top and a black g-string.  Charles Dera has the simple task of pulling her tight g-string to one side to get the perfect access to to her pussy.

Rachel Starr has no intention of trying to get unstuck from under the table.  She is trying to entice her husband into fucking her hard from behind.  Rachel has not had sex with her husband for a while and is gagging for cock.  So this is her last resort.  If Charles Dera is not interested in her in the face down arse up position, then there is no hope for much sex in her marriage.

Rachel Starr Ass Up Face Down

But Charles steps up to the plate and starts licking her pussy.  With his nose buried in her asshole, he surprises Rachel with his tongue in her pussy.  It’s not often that Miss Starr is treated to a long period of oral sex.  Most of the men she has fucked want to get their cock wet inside her as quick as possible.

Rachel Starr makes the most of this new approach to her pussy from her husband.  She is relishing his tongue working it’s way around her pussy flaps and her clit.  When Charles has her pussy pulsating, he knows it’s ready for his cock to slip inside and go balls deep.

Rachel wiggles free from under the table and this horny married couple continue to revive their sex lives on the living room floor.  Rachel is hoping that there will be much more sex like this from her man in the very near future.

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Brazzers The Set Up

Brazzers The Set Up
Rachel Starr, Xander Corvus, Azul Hermosa

Brazzers have brought together a fantastic line up in this brand new threesome video.  Brazzers The Set Up sees Rachel Starr, Xander Corvus and Azul Hermosa share a sex scene that will be one of the best porn videos of the month.  Porn royalty Rachel Starr leads the way in persuading a female escort played by the angelic Azul Hermosa to get naked and have first time lesbian sex with her before her husband gets home.


Of course, Xander arrives home early and watches his wife having lesbian sex with an escort.  He takes pleasure in recording them on his cell phone before being discovered.  Xander is asked to join in to make it a threesome that this husband and wife will never forget.

Brazzers The Set Up – SUMMARY

Rachel Starr plots to set up her cheating husband, Xander Corvus, with hired escort Azul Hermosa so she can catch them in the act and cash in on a big divorce settlement. There’s just one hitch though: Azul ends up seducing Rachel instead! Xander walks in on the two scissoring on the couch and pulls out his phone… and his dick, leading to a surprise threesome that Rachel passes off as an anniversary gift to avoid revealing her secret plan!

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Oil Baroness Rachel Starr and Keiran Lee

Oil Baroness

Oil Baroness
Rachel Starr and Keiran Lee

In this Oil Baroness HD trailer, you never see Rachel Starr with a thread of clothes on.  She it 100% naked throughout the whole thing.  It will be interesting to see if she has any clothes on at all in the full video when it is released on 10th January 2021.

As the title would suggest, Rachel Starr gets her body totally oiled up in Oil Baroness.  Keiran Lee smothers Miss Starr in baby oil from head to toe.  What follows is a hardcore fucking with so many sexual positions, I lost count when trying to list them.

Rachel Starr has been performing for Brazzers since 2007 and has starred in 49 videos since then.  I still remember seeing her in her very first Brazzers video called Wish Upon a Starr where she got fucked by a youthful looking, bandana wearing Johnny Sins.

Rachel Starr’s killer body is covered in oil while she’s massaged by Keiran Lee’s skilled hands. Rachel can’t wait for Keiran to hit her G spot, watching him slowly and sensually tease her pussy with his fingers and mouth before sliding his dick deep inside, fucking her just the way she likes it on the massage table!

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Its Full Of Starrs Rachel Starr

its full of starrs

Its Full Of Starrs
Mick Blue and Rachel Starr

Just by looking at the splash screen for Rachel Starr’s latest Brazzers video, I knew I was going to really enjoy reviewing Its Full Of Starrs.  Seeing one of my favourite pornstars straddling a big cock wearing nothing but a pair of thigh high fishnet stockings and pulling her shaven pussy open is a great way to start the day.

In the opening frames of Its Full Of Starrs we witness the sexy Rachel star giving us a sexy dance wearing some beautiful looking underwear.  It’s a floral black lingerie set.  It really looks stunning on Rachel Starr’s wonderful body.  Rachel turns around and moves her sexy ass wearing a thong.


This opening sequence is fucking hot as fuck, guys and girls!  Top top it all off those thigh high fishnet stockings really looks great on her.  Rachel Starr’s sexy outfit is finished off with a pair of black high heels too.

She begins to straddle a black leather sofa that is situated in a room full of body length mirrors.  I counted six tall mirrors at first glance.  All the mirrors had the sexy image of Rachel Starr looking straight back at the camera.  Now I realise why this new Brazzers Rachel Starr video is called It’s Full Of Starrs – the room is full of reflections of Rachel Starr.

Rachel peels off her bra and panties and stands in front of those mirrors in just those hot thigh high fish nets and black high heel shoes.  She twerks for your enjoyment with that tight firm ass of hers. Rachel Starr is looking in fantastic shape!

Mick Blue is the lucky male pornstar who is going to fuck this sexy famous and experiences pornstar.  Because of all the mirrors in this scene, you really get to see just how great Rachel looks as she gets fucked by Mr Blue’s big cock.  In reverse cowgirl, Rachel’s arse is fucking mesmerising.  But the good thing is that you are also able to watch her tit bounce by looking in the refections in the mirror.

There is some cleaver porn editing and camera work involved in Its Full Of Starrs.  The way it shot had to be well planned.  Making sure that the camera’s were not spotted in the mirrors, would have, I imagine, been a pain in the ass.  The Brazzers porn editors would have had to go through this edit with a fine tooth comb to make sure that had not got any shots of a camera in the mirrors.

In the stripping part of this trailer, the editors have included some special effects showing numerous Rachel Starr duplicates on the same screen, which was a nice touch I feel.

Back the sex in Its Full Of Starrs, and we get to see Rachel perform all the sexual positions that Mick Blue get her into.  It’s a full on boy/girl hardcore sex video.  I’m happy to report that Miss Starr kept those fishnet stockings on throughout the whole video.

For me the stand out feature of this first Rachel Starr Brazzers video since August 2019, was seeing just how great Rachel Starr looks.  She is one of my favourite pornstars and she is not losing any of that immense sex appeal.

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The Last Dick On Earth Remastered from Brazzers

The Last Dick on Earth Remastered

The Last Dick On Earth Remastered
Johnny Sins, Anna Bell Peaks, Romi Rain, Nicole Aniston and Rachel Starr

Imagine waking up from a coma and being the only man left on Earth.  For some strange reason, johnny Sin is the The Last Dick On Earth and he is being hunted down by every horny woman on the planet.

He will have his pick of all the women in the world to fuck.  Every woman around the world would be in dire need of a cock inside their pussy.  Except the lesbians of course.  Lesbians would not give a fuck about there being only one last dick on Earth.


In Brazzers The Last Dick On Earth Remastered, Johnny Sins awakes from his coma to find three cock hungry babes surrounding his hospital bed.  Anna Bell Peaks, Romi Rain, Nicole Aniston and Rachel Starr are all highly qualified nurses that have taken care of this precious last cock on Earth.

Now that he is alive and well, they believe tat they deserve a reward for making sure that Johnny remains alive to repopulate the Earth.  Johnny is treated to a sponge bath from these four hot pornstars all dressed up as sexy hard working nurses.

But when it comes to washing his big cock, they all have a go and sucking it to make it hard hard as a rock.  As soon as Johnny is ready, is first job after waking up from a coma is to fuck four hot nurses one by one to get the male population back on track.

Best Of Brazzers Rachel Starr Compilation

best of brazzers rachel starr

Best Of Brazzers : Rachel Starr
Sean Lawless, Levi Cash, Mick Blue, Johnny Sins, Rachel Starr, Charles Dera, Keiran Lee

We are back again to porn compilations this time it’s Best Of Brazzers Rachel Starr.  What a difficult the video editors at Brazzers must of had.  I know the feel, I had to do a MILF porn compilation for FAKEhub a while ago, it was a real nightmare trying to decide which MILF make the best of compilation.

Rachel Starr has appeared in 76 Brazzers porn video.  She made her debut in June 2007 along side Johnny Sins in Wish Upon a Starr.  Her fan base has grown and grown and now she is one of Brazzers most popular pornstars of all fucking time.

Feast your eyes on that sexy bubble butt of hers.  She loves nothing more than to be able to bounce her junk over a big fat male pornstar cock.

Her blue and luscious lips make an ideal pornstar for those long lasting sloppy blowjobs that she is also famous for.  A deep throating princess that has a gag reflex that is up there with some of the best.

If you are a fan of this famous hot pornstar, then sit back and enjoy her Best of Brazzers compilation to help you get your thrills.

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