Brazzers Blind Date Raul Costa and Lika Star

Brazzers Blind Date
Raul Costa and Lika Star

Brazzers Blind Date

We are back with some Euro porn action from Brazzers today.  As soon as Lika Star tries to speak English it becomes a slight turn off.  When she tries to speak English in her broken, parrot fashion technique, it rather ruins the moment.  However, if you can see passed that, you will be in for a treat watching Brazzers Blind Date starring Raul Costa and Lika Star.  She certainly has a wonderful looking shaven pussy and a smoking hot body.


There’s nothing Blonde bombshell Lika Star loves more than a blind date. And by blind date, she literally means having a date while being blindfolded. This time, the lucky man who hooked up with lusty Lika is Raul Costa. He can’t be happier when Lika tells him to do whatever he wants with her while she wears the blindfold.

In Brazzers Blind Date, he starts by stimulating her clit and making her moan. Then, Raul sticks his tongue deep inside Lika’s eager pussy. It doesn’t take long before Lika asks for a good pounding. The girls seeks pleasure, and Raul is all about giving her what she needs.

This is the first time that we have seen Lika star in a Brazzers porn video.  She does look a little familiar to me.  With her being a European blonde pornstar I have probably edited on of her previous porn videos for FAKEhub.  Maybe she has changed her pornstar name recently.  That does happen from time to time.

As much as I like the look of her blonde hair, sexy ass and fine looking body, I feel that Lika Star will be a one hit wonder with Brazzers.  I doubt that we will see her in another Brazzers video.  I’m alway happy to be proven wrong.  I would be more than happy to see her again.

Watch Me Instead Kira Queen and Liya Silver

Watch Me Instead
Raul Costa, Kira Queen and Liya Silver

Watch Me Instead

Brazzers bring us a European threesome porn video starring two hot Euro babes with fantastic natural boobs. Kira Queen and Liya Silver show off their splendid boobs for Raul Costa in a restaurant.  Kira is wearing a sexy red dress that she seduces Raul with by slowly unzipping the front to expose those wonderful titties.  When Raul’s girlfiend, Liya Silver catches him getting a tit fuck from Miss Queen, she gets her tits out to remind Raul just how great her natural tits are as well.


Some guys just have all the luck. Raul is on a hot date with the stunning Liya Silver, which would be enough excitement for most men. While Liya is freshening up though, Raul watches some porn on his phone, which captures the attention of horny hostess Kira Queen. Kira takes out her tits, eager to out-do the porn on Raul’s screen.

In Watch Me Instead, Liya comes back, but has to take a call, giving Kira an opening to sneakily suck Raul’s cock. When Liya finally does notice Kira sucking her man, she’s not even mad; she just sends Kira away so that she can suck dick too. Kira decides that the restaurant is having a 2-for-1 special and returns to pleasure both Raul and Liya. The three end up fucking right at their table. Truly full-service dining!

In Watch Me Instead, Raul Costa certainly has his hands full trying to fuck Kira Queen and Liya Silver at the same time.  Trying to keep those pair of tits under control was a great feat of boob control by Mr Costa.  These two busty European pornstars know what their fans enjoy seeing, and that’s watching those natural boobs boobs bouncing n front of the camera.

She’s Working Her Shoes Off Candy Alexa

She's Working Her Shoes Off

She’s Working Her Shoes Off
Raul Costa, Candy Alexa

The porn gods have blessed me today.  It’s 0600 on New Years day and whilst the rest of the country is just waking up, I’m sat here writing about one of my favourite pornstars appearing in a new Brazzers porn video.


Yes, it’s Candy Alexa in She’s Working Her Shoes Off.  I first fell in love with Candy Alexa when I edited a Public Agent video that she starred in.  I loved her pretty face, her wonderful cleavage and her outstanding boobs.

This morning I get to watch her riding a big cock whilst wearing a pair of beige thigh high nylon pantyhose.  She unbuttons her white office blouse to reveal those awesome tits to tempt Raul Costa into fucking her over the desk.

In She’s Working Her Shoes Off, occasional workplace fuck buddies, Candy Alexa and Raul Costa, are both working hard at the office. Candy is bored and in the mood to get fucked, but Raul brushes her off, wanting to stay focused on work today.

Candy decides to change Raul’s mind with a distracting shoe dangling tease from her desk. Raul can’t resist for long and soon crawls over to Candy’s desk to worship her feet. Data entry can wait; a good fucking is just what these two model employees deserve!

Oily Anal Lap Dance Misha Cross

Oily Anal Lap Dance

Oily Anal Lap Dance
Raul Costa and Misha Cross

Well if you are into red lingerie, then you are going to be in heaven watching Misha Cross bending over in red nylon pantyhose and having anal sex with Raul Costa.  The vision of Misha red stockings covering her long legs is a great way to start this new Brazzers video.  She bend over to touch her toes and shows that she is wearing no panties under those sheer red tights.


In Oily Anal Lap Dance, Misha Cross gives Raul Costa a lap dance of his life that ends up with Raul having a huge erection that Misha enjoys riding in her sexy ass after she oils it up for him.  Her arsehole gets penetrated with ease and he oil lubes her arse to perfection.

Strutting around in red nylons, red high heels, Misha is a lap dance expert and knows how to get her man aroused and edging towards cumming in his pants.  She leaves her red lingerie on when Raul goes to town fucking her juicy ass.

The sex goddess Misha Cross came down on earth to teach us the three golden rules for an effective lap dance. Do NOT shy away from the eyes looking at you. Show your best assets, whether it’s your delicious booty or your delicate breast.  Be bold! Ride your prey, rub your body against their intimate part and don’t ever let them go.

Enjoy the payback in Oily Anal Lap Dance. If your aroused public is willing to do anything for you, let them treat you. Bottom line: Be more like Misha. Raul Costa fell in love with her unforgettable ass. He oils it up, bangs it with passion. Raul is in heaven, and the talented Misha finally reaps what she sows.

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Roommates With Anal Benefits Sasha Rose

Roommates With Anal Benefits

Roommates With Anal Benefits
Sasha rose and Raul Costa

To be honest, this video was posted late on the brazzers porn site, so I’m not sure if Google with index this porn blog post in time for you guys to start searching for it.  So I’m wondering whether it’s actually worth reviewing it.  ALSO there is no trailer available to actually review at the moment so I can’t actually review anyway.  I might as well go out and fly my Mavic Mini.

So I’m just going to have to leave this video description here and leave the review to your own imagination.  All I will say is that the thumbnail look fucking awesome and Sasha Rose looks fucking sexy in pantyhose.  WATCH THE FULL VIDEO >>>

In Roommates With Anal Benefits, Sasha Rose decided to find a roommate, she thought Raul Costa seemed genuinely mature. Instead, he turned out to be a classic college dude: a lazy slob who makes frat bros look like model tenants. Sasha, who likes to keep some semblance of order, feels the need to pick up after Raul, which often means doing his laundry.

When Sasha finds Raul just hanging out in his bedroom with a tube sock over his cock, she’s both shocked by the display and impressed with the size of his dick; however, when Sasha pulls off the sock to inspect it, all the cum it contains spills onto her.

Roommates With Anal Benefits this sends her into angry cleaning mode, although she can’t stop thinking about Raul’s cock. If Sasha is doing all the chores, she decides to get something satisfying out of it, which in this case turns out to be intense anal sex.

With her sexual urges satisfied, Sasha’s hope is that their wild romp reinforces more considerate domestic behavior from Raul. But hey, if it doesn’t, there’s always more anal sex to be had, which works out perfectly for everyone!

Sasha Rose may be small of stature, but she’s full of suprises. Since 2008, this tiny Russian has been astounding porn fans worldwide with her enormous talents for kinky sex, and particularly for how much she can fit in her petite ass.

Roommates With Anal Benefits, sometimes Sasha even impresses herself with her capacity for anal pleasure! In her adorable Russian accent, Sasha laughs, “I think sometimes because I am small, my butt cannot take a big cock, but then I’m surprised to find that they all fit.” This petite beauty has been with some of the biggest names (both figuratively and literally!) in the porn business, from Rocco Siffredi to Danny D, and she’s never met a dick she couldn’t handle.

With her massive sexual appetite, Sasha even loves fucking more than one guy or girl at a time, and in spite of her petite size, there’s always more than enough of her to satisfy everyone!

This spinner may be tiny, but she has a big personality and big goals of one day becoming a porn director: “I want to direct and tell others what to do. They will laugh at first hearing from such a small person, but they will learn!”

MILF Ex Wants My Cock Shalina Devine

MILF Ex Wants My Cock
Raul Costa and Shalina Devine

When the god of porn made his perfect looking pornstar, I would like to think that he modelled her around Shalina Devine.  This sexy women has all the right curves in al the right places.  She is one stunning looking woman!  I have only recently discovered Shalina Devine.  I had the absolute pleasure in editing her in a Female Fake Taxi video, that I enjoyed every minute of doing!


I now have the pleasure if writing about her latest Brazzers video called MILF Ex Wants My Cock.  I think Shalina could be one of the finest looking MILF pornstars around at the moment.  I can’t take my eyes off her fantastic body with that awesome looking cleavage as she stands there in a beautiful blue lingerie set.

She’s showing off that perfect ass in a pair of black suspenders as she prepares the dinner table…why she is laying the table in her underwear is beyond me, but she certainly looks sexy as fuck doing it.

Thankfully we get plenty of views from all types on camera angles of her body.  The cameraman must of been thanking his lucky stars for this assignment.  I think this is the longest amount of body worshipping by a Brazzers cameraman I have seen in a trailer before!

When the sexual action finally begins, we are treated to seeing this wonderful looking MILF ass getting penetrated.  Yes, Shalina Devine takes a big cock in her arse.  It’s a real anal sex video.  There is a great close up of Raul Costa’s thick cock being squeezed into Shalina’s perfectly shaped rear end.

After watching her parading around in sexy lingerie, I was so happy to be able to watch her arse getting fucked.  It was a surprise.  An arse than perfect is being fucked by a big cock…it’s brilliant!  This is one of the best anal sex videos I have seen for a while.  Just because it’s so satisfying to watch such a beautiful woman with such a beautiful body having her ass fcked and enjoying every minute of it.

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Foot Pampering Fun Gina Gerson

Foot Pampering Fun

Foot Pampering Fun
Raul Costa, Gina Gerson

OK, I’ll say it…I am no fan of foot fetish videos.  I really don’t understand how anyone can get turned on by feet!  I remember editing Fake Taxi videos where the driver would get his big cock wanked off by the passengers feet!  It’s really not for me!

So when I saw that Brazzers have just released this Foot Pampering Fun video starring Gina Gerson I knew I was going to struggle to write a short review for it.  But, it’s why I get up early in the morning, so I might as well give it a shot.


Gina and her Spanish boyfriend Raul Costa are chilling on the sofa, when Gina decides that she need to give her feet some attention.  She rubs her feet all over with some foot moisturiser and nail polish.  To his surprise, Raul is getting turned on watching gina pamper her little tiny Russian feet.

Gina can see that Raul wants her to touch his cock with her feet, but she is being a sexy little tease.  She is going to make him wait until he is bulging out of his pants before playing with his big cock.

I’m not going to describe how Gina uses her feet to pleasure her man…I got to distracted when she walks up some stairs in a pair of really short shorts.  She has got the most amazing little ass.  WOW you can she a glimpse of her arse cheeks as the camera follows her.  Fucking great piece of camera work right there!!

If you like watching small women getting fucked by big cock, then you will love watch Gina Gerson and Raul Costa in Foot Pampering Fun.  She is tiny…with a tiny little ass…I wonder if she does anal?

Honey’s Horny Home Workout Honey Demon

honey's horny home workout

Honey’s Horny Home Workout
Honey Demon, Raul Costa

I do like a great porn workout video.  Watching hot pornstars getting sweaty and bending their sexy bodies in their hot gym wear is a real turn on.  So as soon as I have finished writing this porn blog article about Honey’s Horny Home Workout, I’ll be sit back and enjoying watching Honey Demon working out in front of the camera before getting her pussy slammed.

Honey Demo is wearing her hair in a high ponytail.  That is my favourite female hair style.  The thought of being able to pull back on that ponytail as you fuck her from behind is what the director is aiming for here.  It’s pure passion that fuels the hot sex video after she has finished her workout routine.


Dressed in an all orange gym kit, Miss Demon starts of stretching her body and thrusting her big tits out and showing off that big ass of hers.  Her big booty is barely covered, so when she bends over to touch her toes, you get a great view of her butt hole and a glimpse of her pussy too.

When Honey does the splits to stretch her groin, you can tell that she has a completely shaven pussy.  You even see a bit of shaving rash.  So you can tell that she is freshly shaven.  Very quickly, you can see the sweat starting to drip down her cleavage.

Once her boyfriend Raul Costa arrives, she is so sweaty and horny, she just dives straight onto him, and takes off all her clothes.  What follows is a great all action porn video.  Raul Costa and Honey Demon fuck each other in all the popular sexual positions.  Raul gets his tongue deep into her pussy after she gives him a world class sloppy blowjob.