Fake Agent Valentina Bianco A Petite Italian who gets Creampied by Casting Agent

Fake Agent Valentina Bianco A Petite Italian who gets Creampied by Casting Agent . It’s not easy to find good Italian here in Prague, so when Valentina Bianco walked into my office my mouth immediately started to water! Valentina didn’t have the starstruck smile of the majority of girls who come to my office.

FakeAgent Valentina Bianco

Turns out she had got her tits out in the UK for another Fake Agent, but never got any jobs. I made up an excuse and played dumb, and I couldn’t believe it, but she bought it!

Lucky day, I guess, that got even luckier when Valentina told me how she wanted to work in the porno industry. I said my friends in the USA could fly her out if she could impress them on camera, so she told me she would ‘do her best.’

With an ass like hers she wouldn’t have to try hard, but she deepthroated my cock until she gagged, and then let me cum deep in her tight pussy!

Fake Rockstar part of the FAKEhub Originals Series

Legendary rockstar Martin Gun is the FakeRockstar who has just finished shredding the strings on stage, and the electricity is palpable around him as he makes his way backstage to his dressing room.

Fake Rockstar from FAKEhub

Turning a corner, Martin almost runs guitar first into two beautiful ladies wearing shirts with his face on them. They give him their names, Lady Bug and Miyuki Son, and promptly flash their tits to their favourite rockstar to make their intentions clear. When Martin pulls his guitar out, it only takes a few strums before the girls want him to pull his cock out too!

They suck his dick with the zeal of the super-fan, then spread their legs for him so he can take his pick. Martin fucks both groupies to orgasm, before they let him cum all over their face and tits, receiving a souvenir way better than a thrown pick or a t-shirt!

Anissa Kate Fucked in a Tent in Public Agent Porn Video

Anissa Kate has one of the best pair of natural tits thatI have ever had the privilege to edit on a Public Agent porn video.  In this scene she is playing the part of a wife who has been left holding the fishing rods while her husband goes to the shops to get some food.

The Public Agent is spying on her from behind a bush.  He cannot take his eyes of her amazing body.  Anissa is wearing a Fake Taxi snap back cap.  This gives the Public Agent guy the perfect reason to engage in conversation with her.

Anissa Kate Public Agent Scene

Anissa is startled wen she spots him approaching her.  He explains that he just wanted to talk to her about her Fake Taxi cap.  Anissa explains that she is a fan of pornography.  She is then offered a lot of cash to make a short porn video while her husband is away at the shops.

After a bit of persuasion and an increase in the cash offer, Anissa Kate finally agrees to perform sex acts on camera with Public Agent.  She shows off her big natural tits.  The camera gets up close to her massive juggs for a real good eyeful of tit.

To keep her end of the deal Anissa drops to her knees and sucks on his big fat cock.  She has a great blowjob technique.  She can just about get most of his cock down her throat.

She is then put on all four and bent over and fucked from behind.  You really get a great view of her great ass as PublicAgent pounds her pussy from behind.

As the title suggests, Anissa Kate also gets fucked in her fishing tent.  She rides his fat dick cowgirl and reverse cowgirl in her tent.  There is a great sequence where they are fucking and some ramblers walk passed without noticing that they are having sex in the tent.

To finish the scene off, Anissa wanks Public Agents cock until he fires his cum over her huge natural tits…just before her husband returns.

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