The Garden Of Demi’s Delights

The Garden Of Demi’s Delights
Demi Sutra, Ricky Johnson

The Brazzers wardrobe department have really done a great job with The Garden Of Demi’s Delights.  Demi Sutra is now a Brazzers contract pornstar and looks every bit of the sexual goddess that this video suggests that she is.  Surrounded by two naked, naturally breasts babes, she looks like she is worshipped by all the come before her.  The set looks like it’s made up to look like Cleopatra’s throne room from Roman times, but in this fantasy porn video it cold be from any period that you want.

The Garden Of Demi's Delights

At the start of this The Garden Of Demi’s Delights Brazzers video, we can see Demi Sutra doing some stand up meditation.  She is wearing sheer yellow lingerie and a thin silky gown.  Miss Sutra stands on a single piece of decking surrounded by exotic plants, fruit and healing stones.  When she clicks her fingers, Ricky Johnson appears and starts feeding her grapes.  Two naked women appear at her feet, looking up at her with adoring eyes.


Ricky Johnson and the two unnamed naked women are there to satisfy queen Demi Sutra sexual desires.  She opens her legs wide so that her pussy can be licked by two tongues and she opens her mouth so she can suck Ricky’s big black cock at the same time.  After she cum’s into the two pussy worshipping babes faces, she ushers them away so that she can let Mr Johnson concentrate on fucking her gushing wet pussy.

Demi Sutra Brazzers Contract Girl
Brazzers Contract Girl

The Garden Of Demi’s Delights now becomes a one on one sex video.  Ricky Johnson gets his big cock as deep as he can into Demi’s ebony pussy.

For me, the best part of the sex is when she is getting fucked doggy style and just twerks on his cock.  She really knows how to wiggle that sexy black ass all over Ricky’s black cock.

The Garden Of Demi’s Delights is also used to introduce Demi Sutra as the new Brazzers contract girl.  At the end of this Brazzers video, there are some candid shots of Demi talking to the camera off set, but still dressed like a goddess.

So I can safely say that we will be seeing a lot more of this ebony porn queen.  I assume that as a Brazzers contract girl she will have to appear in a set number of Brazzers videos every month…that’s absolutely fine with me.

It Fits My Tits Just Fine Angela White

It Fits My Tits Just Fine

It Fits My Tits Just Fine
Angela White, Ricky Johnson

I have to choose very carefully which Reality Kings videos I add to my porn blog.  I can’t flood my site with too many porn videos everyday.  Deciding to include this new Angela White video was a no brainer. [FULL VIDEO]  She is one of the worlds most popular big breasted pornstars…and one of my favourites too.

Angela White gets her massive Australian tits out in a video called It Fits My Tits Just Fine.  She is teasing her boyfriend in the hope that she will get his big black cock hard and fuck her cock craving wet pussy.  Miss White wears a tiny baseball top that has been shrunk in the wash.  She pulls it over her huge natural tits and makes her titties bounce up and down to show Ricky that it fits her tits just fine.

It Fits My Tits Just Fine – VIDEO SUMMARY

While doing laundry, the buxom Angela White accidentally shrinks her boyfriend’s, Ricky Johnson, favourite baseball shirt! She has no time to fix it and Ricky is pissed when he comes in and sees the shirt.

Angela quickly figures out how to cool her man down though; she puts the shirt on herself, turning it into a tiny, ultra-revealing top. Ricky can’t resist getting horny when he sees her in it and his disappointment gives way to hot tit worship and fucking.

Spoiling Azul Azul Hermosa

Spoiling Azul

Spoiling Azul
Ricky Johnson and Azul Hermosa

Reality Kings describe Azul Hermosa as a porn goddess and they could not of described her any better. I don’t think I’ve stared at a body for as long as I did whilst writing about this video for quite some time.  Her face and body are simply heavenly.

In Spoiling Azul, porn goddess Azul Hermosa wakes up her boyfriend, Ricky Johnson, wearing her finest lingerie. “Did you forget?” she asks the confused man with a supplicant look in her eyes. Caught off guard, Ricky realises it’s his couple anniversary today and he has to impress his girl.

Luckily, Ricky has a big present for the pretty Azul. What a nice surprise when the black haired lady opens Ricky’s gift box, only to find Ricky’s huge dick inside. Hungry as she is, it doesn’t take long before the cock is in her throat. In Spoiling Azul, horny Azul spreads her legs and let Ricky pleasure her like he’s never done before. What a delightful way to celebrate!

In Reality Kings Spoiling Azul Description

In the background there is a small kitchen unit. The worktop is a black granite material and the rectangular cabinet below is a gloss white with a long silver handle. There is a spotlight that gives a yellow, warm glow over the unit. Below the worktop there is a large silver kitchen appliance.

The walls next to the kitchen unit are a painted white. There is also a sofa, and it has grey and white fluffy cushions placed on it, two of each colour. Behind the sofa, there is a large red ornament which is bigger at the base and gets smaller towards the top until it is thin.

There is also a table behind the sofa that has a glossy top and has a grey box of tissues on it. On the sofa there is Ricky Johnson, who is propped up on his elbows. He wears a white beanie that has ribs in on his head and comes just above his eyes, nearly covering his light, thin eyebrows.

He has a small amount of facial hair, he has a small black beard that resides mainly on his chin and upper lip. He has a small amount of light stubble on his cheeks and towards his ears. He wears nothing but the beanie and has a bare chest.

New Captain Stabbin Episode 3 The Boat

New Captain Stabbin

New Captain Stabbin Episode 3 The Boat
Ricky Johnson, Tiffany Watson and Kali Roses

The Stabbin’ Crew has arrived at the boat of their new business partner, Ricky Johnson. And he has it stacked with gorgeous women twerking, partying, and enjoying the high seas in colorful bikinis!


But maybe the ominous grey skies foreshadow troubled waters between the sailors… After some brief introductions, Ricky shows off all the benefits of filming on the boat – different positions, angles, girls! After brief introductions and porn puns, Kali Roses manages to isolate some production crew to work her magic.

In this New Captain Stabbin Episode 3 The Boat, this devious nympho knows that if she makes a big splash, viewers of this docudrama will remember her… Kali eagerly whips out the crewman’s cock and slobbers over it, deepthroating as her perky pierced tits bounce. She rubs her delicate soft feet along his shaft, edging him until he bursts all over her hungry tongue.

But that’s not all! To christen this boat, Ricky sets Connor up with the gorgeous Tiffany Watson – squirting hall of famer – for some anal adventures on the high seas! Watch her bite her lip as she squeezes his huge cock in between her round twerking cheeks.

In New Captain Stabbin Episode 3 The Boat, the tight fit has her moaning in pleasure as other pleasure craft pass by in the distance. But if you know Tiffany, she doesn’t finish a hardcore scene without soaking someone… Wait, don’t they usually end these with the girl getting tossed overboard?

Alura TNT Jenson in My Profs Filthy Mouth

My Profs filthy mouth

Brazzers My Profs Filthy Mouth stars the busty blonde pornstar Alura TNT Jenson.  She gets her amazing big boobs out as she seduces and fucks the shit out of her student called Ricky Johnson.  She sucks his big black cock in POV style before exposing her wet MILF pussy for him to slide his BBC into.

Busty professor Alura Jenson could not be more irritated. Her evening plans have been dashed thanks to wise ass student Ricky Johnson, whom she now has to watch during after school detention.


In Brazzers My Profs Filthy Mouth, while calling her date to apologize for bailing, the horny Jenson can’t resist spreading her legs and having a little bit of phone sex with her beau. She thinks nobody’s watching and fingers herself, but when she catches Ricky peeping she has an idea. If her student is going to keep cock blocking her, he may as well put himself to good use and fuck her tits. The steamy sex that ensues is worth the cons of detention.

Brazzers My Profs Filthy Mouth is released on the Brazzers Network on 12th July, 2020.   I’m sure all the Alura Jenson fans will be jumping for joy to see their favourite busty MILF in action again.