Brazzers N.A.R.B starring London River

Brazzers N.A.R.B
Ricky Spanish and London River

Brazzers N.A.R.B

To be honest, I have no idea what N.A.R.B actually meant until I read the Brazzers description. No Apparent Reason Boners is a new phrase to me, but I know exactly what it means.  I have spend many a conversation explaining why had a boner in the middle of the day, just doing absolutely nothing.  Trying to convince my wife that it is possible for a guy just to get an erection through no fault of his own is completely natural!


In Brazzers N.A.R.B, London River is fucking hot. With her tight bod and big tits, she’d give a preacher a boner. This is not good news for her stepson Ricky Spanish who can’t seem to keep his dick down whenever he’s around her. He’s constantly popping those “no apparent reason boners” but really there’s a reason, and it’s London.

No worry, she’s got just the solution for Ricky’s problem; she’ll fuck it right out of him. London whips out her big gorgeous boobs and gives Ricky the titty fuck of a lifetime. Ricky uses his raging boner to fill London’s tight pussy. London deepthroats Ricky’s cock all the way down and then rides him silly.

During Brazzers N.A.R.B, Ricky makes a mess of her big tits and he feel much better. London thinks it’s over after he cums until that pesky N.A.R.B. pops up again. Well, practice makes perfect!

So there we have it, guys and girls.  No Apparent Reason Boners (N. A. R. B) are a real thing and there is nothing us guys can do about them.  I wonder if Brazzers will be a video about N. A. R. W. P. – No Apparent Reason Wet Pussies

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Nursed Back to Health Sarah Vandella Ricky Spanish

Nursed Back to Health

Nursed Back to Health
Sarah Vandella and Ricky Spanish

Watching the sexy Sarah Vandella dressed as a nurse and getting fucked is one of the reasons that porn is so popular. Being able to watch a fantasy come to life on screen is one on the many pleasures of porn.  Sarah Vandella is looking fucking hot in her sexy nurse outfit!


In Nursed Back to Health, ever-horny Ricky Spanish can’t stop humping. His dirty habit has serious consequences when his not so light etagere falls on top of him, crushing his whole body. Luckily, Ricky is nursed back to health by blonde bombshell Sarah Vandella.

When the stunning nurse decides to try her new human-to-human technique on the unsuspecting boy, she heads straight for the one bone that’s been needing attention in the first place.

Lil Plumber Luna Star and Ricky Spanish

Lil Plumber

Lil Plumber
Luna Star, Ricky Spanish

Sexy brunette Luna Star is all dolled up and ready for a strapping plumber to come sink her drain. Just the thought of those large hands on her big tits and round ass has her leaking already!

In Lil Plumber, wet and excited, horny Luna answers the door only to find quirky Lil’ Plumber Ricky Spanish. Lucky for Ricky, Luna can’t take her eyes off his tool! Watch as the bodacious Luna Star takes Ricky’s pipe into her soft wet pussy.

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Sex on the Syllabus Desiree Dulce Ricky Spanish

sex on the syllabus

Sex on the Syllabus
Ricky Spanish and Desiree Dulce

It’s back college for Ricky Spanish. In Brazzers Sex on the Syllabus, he gets to fuck his hot brunette substitute teacher, Desiree Dulce.

During the sex education lesson, Desiree plays a video showing the main concept of reproduction. It was a little too graphic in some places, but the whole class seemed to be paying attention.  Apart from Ricky Spanish.  Desiree Dulce notice that he was jerking off under his desk whilst watching the sex education video.


Miss Dulce could not believe that watching one of her students masturbating actually turned her on.  She catches Ricky’s eye and gestures towards the back room.  Ricky slams his cock back into his pants and follows Desiree into the private backroom.

Ricky was very surprised to find her already dropping to her knees and starting to suck his cock.  He though he was there to get suspended from college.  Ricky Spanish makes the most of this opportunity to fuck a sex substitute teacher.  It is one of his sexual fantasies!

Brazzers Sex on the Syllabus will be released on August 9th, 2020 on the Big Tits at School brand.  Look for the excellent piece of oral sex on the desk sequence…fantastic!

Nicolette Shea in Ok Boomer with Ricky Spanish,

nicolette shea ok boomer

Nicolette Shea in Ok Boomer also starring Ricky Spanish.  Fans favourite Nicolette Shea is a back in an awesome looking Reality Kings porn video called Ok Boomer.

I’m not sure if this is a Lil Humpers video or a MILF hunter style porno.  Either way, it’s got Nicolette Shea in it so it should be a quality sex video.

Miss Shea is dressed in a beautiful pink cotton dress with buttons undone at the top to show off her wonderful cleavage.  Ricky Spanish gets and erection as soon as he clamps eyes on this world famous pornstar with her tits half hanging out.


When hung zoomer Ricky is dragged to millennial MILF Nicolette’s house for tea, they discover something in common: their annoyance with boomers and lust for hot sneaky sex. Brunette Nicolette gives Ricky a taste of her thick juicy curves while his granny fixes them a snack in the kitchen. Looks like generational gaps CAN be a good thing… Sometimes.

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Reality Kings Humper Therapy Emily Addison

Reality Kings Humper Therapy

Reality Kings Humper Therapy
Ricky Spanish, Emily Addison

Hot Emily Addison is starring in this Lil Humpers porn video alongside Ricky Spanish.  She plays a hot therapist who is trying to help Ricky get over his humping addiction.


Suffering from a broken heart post-breakup, Ricky Spanish visits smoking hot therapist Emily Addison. Therapy starts out normally, but Dr. Addison notices that Ricky seems to have an involuntary humping reflex when discussing his heartbreak. In Reality Kings Humper Therapy, Emily diagnoses Ricky with the need to fuck someone to get over his past love… and, as luck would have it, she’s been trained to provide such a service.

Jayden Starr in Surprise Bathtub Banging

Surprise Bathtub Banging
Ricky Spanish, Jayden Starr


This Brazzers interracial porn video starring Jayden Starr is another one of those awesome bath tube sex scenes.  Jayden gets those massive natural boobs out and her big black booty is also on display.

Jayden Starr and Ricky Spanish

Ricky Spanish has come to visit Jayden’s son, but he is not around.  Jayden invites Ricky in because she is so horny and has not been laid for weeks.  Ricky is in for an awesome afternoon as Jayden Starr flirts with him and shows of her curvy body.

Jayden invites Ricky into her bubble bath where she shows him just how he needs to fuck a real woman.  Brazzers Surprise Bathtub Banging starring Jayden Starr and Ricky Spanish will be live on 24th June 2020.