Pure Taboo A New You Kylie Rocket Katie Morgan

Pure Taboo A New You

Pure Taboo A New You
Kylie Rocket, Katie Morgan and Jay Romero

Aunt and Nephew manipulate gullible teen girl into losing her virginity. Cammy (Kylie Rocket) is just your typical teen excited about an upcoming school dance. Although she doesn’t think she’s anything special, a classmate of hers, Dean (Jay Romero), has had his eyes on her awhile.

In Pure Taboo A New You, When he approaches her one day after class, he explains that he overheard one of her conversations about getting a makeover before the dance and wants to help her out. His aunt owns a beauty salon and he can get an appointment for her for less! Cammy is taken by this sweet offer and accepts, although she has NO IDEA what’s in store for her…

When she arrives at the salon, she meets Dean and his Aunt Lily (Katie Morgan), a beautiful woman who married into his family. Cammy soon takes a seat and lets herself be pampered, although things start getting… weird…

During Pure Taboo A New You, Dean and Lily start fawning a little TOO much over her, trying to get her to wear sexier makeup and looks than she’s used to. They butter her up, making her feel extra special, although Cammy’s uncertain when things start getting sexual, especially between Dean and Lily.

Shocked, Cammy soon realizes that they’ve been grooming her to look exactly how THEY want! But, despite being so shy and inexperienced, she finds she secretly LIKES their attention and is willing to do WHATEVER they want…

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Aidra’s Catsuit Tease Aidra Fox and Zac Wild

Aidra's Catsuit Tease

Aidra’s Catsuit Tease
Aidra Fox, Zac Wild

I’ve been busting my balls writing this Brazzers porn preview reviews.  But I have found that my Google traffic has decreased to an alarming level!  I’ve been writing over 350 word plus reviews, and I now get less organic search engine traffic that even, So for this Aidra’s Catsuit Tease video, I’m just going to leave the official Brazzers description below and see if this porn blog post even gets indexed.


The stunning Aidra Fox overhears her horny boyfriend Zac Wild on the phone and is shocked to hear him say that he hasn’t had enough sex today, even though she fucked him earlier in the morning!

Now, Aidra’s pride is on the line and she has to make sure her man is fully satisfied. She changes out of her cute casual outfit, into a hot catsuit. Zac is shocked when Aidra then corners him in the kitchen. Aidra’s Catsuit Tease, she takes charge, teasing Zac and telling him what to do. After some sexy foreplay, Aidra lets Zac fuck her again, and this time she intends to wear him out.

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Pure Taboo Power Trip starring Kiarra Kai

Pure Taboo Power Trip

Power Trip
Kiarra Kai and Derrick Pierce

Creepy teacher uses his power to pressure daughter into fucking him.  Kiarra Kai sits alone in the front passenger seat of a parked car. She looks anxious, an expression of nervous dread on her face.

Her stepfather Terry (Derrick Pierce) opens the car door and gets into the driver’s seat. He flashes her a big smile and she smiles back, but hers is clearly fake and strained. She is obviously creeped out by him. It’s Jill’s first day at Terry’s school, where he’ll be teaching her for the first time. She doesn’t seem happy about this.

In Pure Taboo Power Trip, later that day, Jill reluctantly meets up with Terry in his classroom to get a lift home from school. As Terry sits at his desk, finishing up some work before they leave, he tries to make small talk with Jill. But when she ignores him, Terry gets angry and huffy, accusing her of being rude.

Jill fires back, telling him that she’s been avoiding him for years because of his handsy vibe and outdated, misogynistic attitude.

In Pure Taboo Power Trip, this only makes Terry even more angry, and he retaliates, threatening to use his influence at the school to ruin Jill’s senior year unless she submits to him sexually. Jill is reluctant and hesitant, but ultimately agrees.  Terry seems to be on quite the power trip…

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Spy Gets Sneaky Ride Jenna Foxx

Spy Gets Sneaky Ride

Spy Gets Sneaky Ride
Steve Holmes, Jenna Foxx

Creepy old guy Steve Holmes (sorry Steve) is back again and this time he’s getting his old man hands on Jenna Foxx’s hot young ebony body.  Jenna was happily enjoying her alone time with her vibrator when Steve Holmes falls out of the closet holding a video camera.

In Spy Gets Sneaky Ride he quickly runs of to the bathroom to try and finish his wank, but he is caught by Jenna who would rather he finishes off in her black girls pussy.   How could Mr Holmes resist such an offer from such a much younger girl.

At the beginning of Spy Gets Sneaky Ride we find Jenna Foxx with her legs wife open and a purple vibrator getting to work on her clit.  She is letting out some moans and groans as he is getting closer to orgasm.  The camera gets a great close up of her pulsating pussy as Miss Foxx tries to force out and early orgasm.

She is getting closer and closer to orgasm when she suddenly realises that she is being watch from inside her closet.  She calls Steve Holmes a fucking sick pervert for spying on her.  She can believe that she has been filmed masturbating on her bed.

But as I’ve already explained, Jenna Foxx isn’t completely mad about the whole situation.  In fact she is quietly happy to find Steve with his cock hanging out.  She dashes to the bathroom before Steve has time to cum with his hands.

Spy Gets Sneaky Ride, hot ebony babe, Jenna Foxx wants Steve to fuck her pussy and make her cum.  It’s always more sexually satisfying to have a genuine big cock making her cum rather than her purple dildo.

She manages to find Steve in the bathroom with his trousers around his ankles, so she gets on her knees and sticks his cock deep down her throat.  She sucks his cock really had and fast.  Steve Holmes can’t believe his luck.  Looking down to find a gorgeous young black babe going to town on his bell end.

To make sure that Jenna makes the most of having a big cock to fuck, she takes Steve back into her bedroom to fuck him on her bed.  He rides him cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and then makes him fuck her in the missionary position with the vibrator rubbing her pussy.

I loved the view of Jenna Foxx’s natural tits hanging down in front of the camera in this Spy Gets Sneaky Ride video.  Her natural boobs are a breath of fresh air.  Jenna is a really good all natural ebony porn performer.

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USA Election Porn Video Specials

With the U.S. election only a few days away, I thought it would be a good time to revisit those USA election porn video specials.  If you have had enough of listening to the news talk about who will win between Trump and Biden to take over the world, the just take a look at what election porn videos have been produced over the years.

Deez Tits For President – Starring Kagney Linn Karter

usa election day porn specials

Ah, one of my all time favourite pornstars Kagney Linn Karter stars in this porn election special called Deez Tits For President.  Her fucking awesome body is all dressed up as an all American gal looking to use her big tits and wet pussy to seduce her way to become the first pornstar president on the United States.

Her amazing boobs in that American flag bikini would certainly get my vote…if I was American.  Kagney Linn Karter looks like she could rule anyone’s world in this Brazzers Election Day special.  Her wonderful cleavage is there for all to marvel at as she flaunts that body and gets what ever she desires.

ZZ Erection 2016 Part One – Starring Cherie Deville

Welcome to ZZ Erection 2016! In this episode presidential candidates Hillary Clayton (Cherie Deville) and Donald Drumpf (Charles Dera) square off in a televised debate. Soon their back and forth devolves into a firestorm of personal insults. In thi USA Election Porn Video Special, when Hillary challenges Drumpf’s manhood, the small-handed billionaire whips out his manhood and rams it down her throat, giving Hillary the most enjoyably thorough dicking she’s had in years!

ZZ Erection 2016 Part Two – Starring Nikki Benz

interracial election porn

Welcome to back to ZZ Erection 2016! After witnessing her father bang his chief political rival during the most outrageous presidential debate in US history, Ivanka Drumpf is overcome with shock. Luckily for her former presidential candidate and world renown surgeon Ben Carter is on hand to resuscitate Ivanka with his medical know-how and throbbing hard cock.

ZZ Erection 2016 Part Three – Starring Eva Karera

political porn video

In part 3 of ZZ Erection series we meet former president Bill Clayton. It seems that watching all the fucking and sucking going on with his fellow politicos has made Slick Willie on horny fella. Luckily for him, nobody sucks a dick like The Donald’s wife Melonia, who just happens to be on hand with her wet Euro pussy.

ZZ Erection 2016 Part Four – Starring Cherie Deville and Yasmine de Leon

politicians group sex parody

For my final USA Election Porn Video Special, you can see that it’s been one hell of a ride, but the election isn’t over quite yet. Drumpf and Clayton find themselves in the oval office where President Onama informs them it’s a tie! Drumpf demands a rematch, but the commander-in-chief has a better idea: a final fuck off with his hot wife Michelle! Tune in to see who will win the highest and horniest office in the land.

So who will win the race to the White House in 2020?  Do you actually give a fuck?

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Dance for your Free Ride Big Boy

Dance for your Free Ride Big Boy

Dance for your Free Ride Big Boy
Starring Billie Star

I love editing Billie Star videos.  She has such a great looking body.  I remember seeing her at one of our staff Xmas parties at a bar in Prague about 6-7 years ago.  I remember seeing her amazing body then and now regretting not trying to talk to her.  To be fair, she was surrounded by plenty of other Czech guys trying to get her attention.

In her latest Female Fake Taxi video, Billie Star is wearing some sexy black lingerie that makes an appearance once she seduces her customer into having sex with her on the backseat of her taxi.

This is what I wrote for FakeTaxiForum about editing this Billie Star Dance for your Free Ride Big Boy porn video.

Billie Star picks up her dream man…a stripper.  She is very interested in seeing his body so she offers him a free ride if he danced for her.  Miss Star takes this hunky stripper to her favourite lay-by and let’s him get to work on her body. Billie is so turned on that she cannot resist touching and then sucking this guys big cock.

This is a wet and wild Female Fake Taxi video that goes live on 9th November 2020…enjoy


Cleaning Up His Cock Luna Star Anal Sex

Cleaning Up His Cock

Cleaning Up His Cock
Xander Corvus, Luna Star

The wonderful Luna Star is looking tin tip top form getting her arse fucked once again in a superb Brazzers anal sex porn video.  Her tight asshole is penetrated by a big cock while she is trying to clean up the house.

The opening shots to Cleaning Up his Cock shows Luna Star putting on some yellow marigolds and she is looking like she is ready to clean up the whole house like a perfect little housewife.  The look of determination on her face is there for all to see.

Luna is wearing the tiniest of tiny denim shorts that ride up her big booty.  They are so short that you are able to see that she has a pink butt plug inserted into her ass.  She wants to feel the pleasure of her ass being simulated whilst bending over and cleaning the house from top to bottom.

Of course, this would not be a Brazzers porn video if all we got to see was Luna Star doing some housework, no matter how fucking sexy she looks whilst doing it.  Luna gives us a great view of her pouring water over her see-through t-shirt which exposes her wonderful boobs and erect nipples.

Fucked in the Ass to Avoid the Housework

In Cleaning Up his Cock, when she tries to hoover the living room floor, her boyfriend Xander Corvus cannot resist having a grope of her booty as she glides passed.  Xander is just chilling out on the couch watching his sexy as fuck girlfriend doing all the housework.

Knowing that Xander loves her ass, Luna twerks in front of him.  She shakes that booty for all it’s worth.  She knows that as soon as she comes close with her ass, Xander is going to has a good feel and then demand that she stops what she is doing, takes off her clothes and gets down to business.

During Cleaning Up his Cock, it takes just one more piece of big booty shaking in Xander Corvus’s face to get him out of his laying position and standing up and grabbing Luna’s ass with both hands.  He fucking loves playing her famous pornstar ass.  What a way to spend the day…lazing around watching Luna Star and then being able to fuck her on demand.

That’s just what Luna wanted.  She is very good at teasing her boyfriend with her ass.  Every porn lover on the planet with give his left testicle to have a play with Luna Star’s ass.

Cleaning Up his Cock is another fine piece of anal penetration magic.  Luna Star bending over with a big cock in her arse is one of the many great shots in Luna’s latest ass fucking demonstration.

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Chip-In To Her Pussy Katie Kush

Chip In To Her Pussy

Chip-In To Her Pussy
Katie Kush and Steve Holmes

Well, if you’re a golfing fan, then you are going to wet yourself over this new Katie Kush porn video.  If you have ever fantasised about inserting you putter into your wife or girlfriends pussy, then watch Chip-In To Her Pussy and see what it would look like.

Katie Kush thinks she has the whole house to herself for the morning.  She masturbates everyday in her bedroom, so today she wants to experiment with something new.  She looks around the house looking for something to fuck herself with.  She doesn’t want to use the usual suspects like a cucumber or a banana, she wants to find something that would be a little bit different.

Inm Chip-In To Her Pussy, Miss Kush stumbles upon her step dads brand new set of gold clubs.  Reaching into the bag, she pulls out a shiny new putter.  Katie wonders how much of the handle she has stuff into her tight little pussy.  Before she inserts it into herself, Katie Kush rubs it all over her wet fanny.  Katie loves the feel of the handle and the cold steel gliding over her clit.

Fucking herself with a Golf Club

This sexual teen babe lays herself onto the floor and pulls her pink panties to one side and slowly but surely pushed the putter handle into her teen tight pussy.  She is so happy to find that it reaches the parts most other objects have failed to do.  As her pussy starts to throb, Katie realises that she can reach orgasm easily with a golf club in her pussy.

During Chip-In To Her Pussy, as she gets close to climax, she hears the front door opening she doesn’t have time to hide or conceal what she is doing.  Luckily for her, it’s her perverted step dad who has come home to collect is golf clubs.  Steve Holmes can believe what he is seeing.  He has caught his teen stepdaughter fucking herself with his brand new golf clubs.  He is so turned on that he gets an erection in seconds.

Steve Holmes ad Katie Kush continue to push the golf club into her pussy.  Katie fucking loves it.  She gives her step dad a blowjob while he fucks her with the putter that he pend hundreds of pounds on.  When Mr Holmes is ready to fuck, he bends Katie Kush over and fucks her hard and fast from behind, giving her the most intense orgasm she has ever had.