Skylar Snow Brazzers Debut Pussyfooting Around

Brazzers Pussyfooting Around with Skylar Snow

Welcome to Brazzers Skylar Snow.  What a great name for a porn star.  Skylar gives it a slutty first name and then Snow gives it an innocent surname.  Skylar Snow makes her very first appearance in a Brazzers porn video performing with Xander Corvus in PussyFooting Around.  

pussyfooting around

Skylar has a sports injury and needs to go to regular sports therapy.  She visits a masseuse on a weekly basis.  Its this part of the week that she looks forward to the most.  She loves the way that Xander's hands rub over her back.  She longs for hi to go that extra inch further every week and caress her big booty.  But Xander is a pro.  Even though he cock longs to bury itself into her pussy, he knows that if he touches anything other than her back, he would be fired before he cums.

Today would be the last time that Skylar Snow need to visit Xander Corvus in his massage parlour.  If she was honest, she could of finished her massage appointments a few weeks ago, but she just wanted to feel his hands on her one more time.

This time Skylar decided to go without a bra.  She knew that she would have to take of her top, and expose her breasts to her masseuse.  She didn't care about showing off her natural boobs.  She knew that she had a great rack.  She has always received compliments about her natural tits from both male and female friends.

Skylar Snow Gets Naked with her Dirty Masseur

Would her bare chest be enough for Xander Corvus to finally give into temptation and touch her in places that he knows could cost him his job.  As Skylar walks into his massage room, he can already see that her nipples are erect.  He has never sen Skylar Snow looking eager to get her clothes off.  He didn't even tell her to undress before Skylar was already topless and standing in front on him.

Xander takes the plunge and runs his hands over her boobs.  Skylar knew that this would be the day that she would fuck her masseuse.  Finally, weeks of sexual tension could be lifted.  Skylar did not waste anymore time.  She undressed herself to get totally naked.  She wanted his cock so badly.  She got onto her knees and pulled his pants down to reveal his already erect cock.  She gave Xander Corvus the blowjob of his dreams.  He would look down and see her lips around his bellend.  Seeing a naked beautiful client sucking his cock was a fantasy come true.

Watch Skylar Snow give Xander a footjob in this Brazzers video called Pussyfooting Around.  It's great to see a new porn star with big natural tits start on her porn journey for the first time with Brazzers.

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