Cheat And Swap Part 1 and Part 2

Cheat and Swap

Cheat And Swap Part 1 and Part 2
Scarlit Scandal, Lala Ivey and Xander Corvus

Two black women having fun with a life size sex doll and then given the chance to get fucked by a real cock in threesome with Xander Corvus.  Scarlit Scandal and Lala Ivey are two young ebony women who are butt naked and taking it in turns to rise their male torso sex toy that has a big rubber cock.


In Cheat And Swap Part 1 Scarlit walks into the bedroom for to find Lala Ivey riding the rubber cock in a cowgirl position.  Scarlit accuses Lala of cheating on her.  They are lesbian lovers but its obvious now that Lala Ivey misses having a cock inside her.  But Scarlit gets another surprise when she realises that this sex doll not only has a big cock, it also has a big pair of fake tits too.

In Cheat And Swap Part 1 these two natural black beauties take it in turns to use the sex toy to both make themselves has pussy shuddering orgasms.  They ride it big latex cock like they had never had a cock in their black lesbian pussies before.  Right a t the end of this black on black lesbian video, Xander Corvus wonders in the door catching Scarlit Scandal, Lala Ivey in the tribbing position.

Swapping Sex Doll for Real Cock

This leads us neatly into Cheat and Swap Part 2 which sees the two hot ebony lesbians swapping a fake cock for a real cock in the form of Xander Corvus’s erect penis.  Lala Ivey is not interested in getting fucked by a guy.  She leaves the room hoping that Scarlit will talk to their roommate Xander about not interrupting them when they are fucking.

But Miss Scandal gets talked into going back on solids as Xander uses his powers of seduction and finally gets to fuck his ebony roommate who he has been fantasising about for weeks.  I’m sure he would have liked to of fucked them both at the same time, but he mustn’t grumble.

Maybe there will be a Cheat and Swap Part 3 at some stage where Xander gets to fuck Lala Ivey as well.

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Strap-On For Some Cheating Part 1 and Part 2

Strap On For Some Cheating

Strap-On For Some Cheating Part 1 and Part 2
Scarlit Scandal, Mia Moore and Michael Vegas

Scarlit Scandal is having a steamy fling with the sexy Mia Moore, but what Mia doesn’t know is that Scarlit used to date her roommate, Michael Vegas. Before that little tidbit gets out into the open to complicate things, Scarlit sneaks up on Mia at the refrigerator and fucks her from behind with a strap-on.


After nearly getting caught by Michael, who reveals he wants to get back together with Scarlit, Scarlit and Mia enjoy more strap-on sex, pussy-eating, and intense scissoring. But after Scarlit goes to deal with Michael, Mia doesn’t exactly leave as expected. Will her curiosity get the better of her?

In Strap-On For Some Cheating, with Scarlit Scandal and Mia Moore having gotten away with steamy strap-on sex and scissoring, Scarlit goes to deal with Michael Vegas, who wants to get back together. When she heads to the bedroom, she finds Michael reclined on the bed with his cock at the ready. Scarlit can’t resist, and before she knows it, she and Michael are revisiting familiar fuck territory.


During Strap-On For Some Cheating, when an overly curious Mia decides to check on Scarlit, Michael hiding under the blankets can’t make up for his overt horniness, and he sneakily fucks Scarlit right under Mia’s nose. Mia, though, senses something’s amiss, and after she tosses the blankets back and catches Scarlit and Michael mid-fuck, all that’s left to do is leave them be to reconnect.

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Rough And Raunchy Group Fuck Viral Porn Video

Rough And Raunchy Group Fuck

Rough And Raunchy Group Fuck
Van Wylde, Bella Rolland, Scarlit Scandal

This is that video where you see a hot black babe getting fucked as she looks in the fridge.  Scarlit Scandal gets her ebony pussy fucked by a big cock wearing a red thong.

When Scarlit Scandal makes a nuisance of herself in front of her roommate, Bella Rolland, and Bella’s boyfriend, Van Wylde, she’s scolded about all her shortcomings. Having captured Van’s attention with some sexy yoga, Scarlit decides to play peacemaker by saying she’ll put the dishes away.

In this viral Rough And Raunchy Group Fuck, Van, unable to coax Bella into fucking, follows Scarlit to the kitchen – where he finds her ready and willing. Bella, however, easily catches them thanks to the fact that, you know, they were fucking right out in the open in the kitchen. But just when Van thinks he’s in major trouble, he finds himself on the ground and watching in shock as Bella drags Scarlit upstairs for some hot spanking and scissoring.

When Van finds Bella and Scarlit in the bedroom, he’s completely stunned to discover that sometimes cheating brings out the best in everyone involved – including a scorching hot threesome.

VBrazzerss Rough And Raunchy Group Fuck was released back in May 2020 and became a viral hit, being shown across various networks of free porn tube sites.

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Doing Her Face Scarlit Scandal

doing her face scarlit scandal

Doing Her Face
Scarlit Scandal and Jake Adams

Scarlit Scandal is doing her best to be one of those up and coming YouTube make up guru’s.  She has all the latest video equipment and lighting.  She really wants to make a good go at being a YouTuber.

Unfortunately for Scarlit Scandal her boyfriend is not too keen on the idea.  He doesn’t want her to become famous and get more attention than he does.  He does his best to distract her from her video recording.

In Brazzers Doing Her Face, Jake Adams uses all his knowledge about Scarlit’s erogenous zones.  He knows that eventually she will not be able to resist her sexual needs and beg for his cock.

But this time no amount to touching and feeling is working for Jake.  He is getting more and more pissed off.  Eventually he realises that the best way to get her attention is to just get his big cock out and wave it in her face…bingo!

Finally Scarlit Scandal can no longer concentrate on her video.  Once she gets a look at Jake’s big wang, she drops to her knees and gets to work sucking on her favourite man stick.  Jake fucks her face before Scarlit is ready to get on all fours and get fucked doggy style.

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Scarlit Scandal in Helpful Neighbor a MOFOS Video

Scarlit Scandal Helpful Neighbor

Helpful Neighbor
Jake Adams, Scarlit Scandal

Sexy black pornstar Scarlit Scandal in Helpful Neighbor.  this new MOFOS porn video features hot ebony Miss Scandal pulling down her bright pink thong and riding Jake Adams and his huge white thick cock.


The video opens this Scarlit on a roof top talking to Jake.  She is having problems with her T.V. signal.  Jake decides to help her out and has to go into her house to look at the problem.  Handyman Jake fixes her T.V. and she is very grateful.

To repay him, she offers to suck his cock right there and then.  Jake cannot believe his luck.  He accepts he payment method with no hesitation whatsoever.  She gets on her knees and makes Jake very hard indeed.  She is slightly shocked by the size of her neighbours big dick.

Scarlit Scandal had never had such a big cock in her mouth before and she was wondering how it would feel inside her wet pink pussy.  She slides off her tiny pink thing and backs her pussy onto his erect shaft.

In this Scarlit Scandal in Helpful Neighbor, you are going to love seeing this hot black babe riding Jake’s massive dick.  Her black booty looks so sexy and she twerks for him over his cock before he cums.

Reality Kings Sneaking In With Scarlit

Reality Kings Sneaking In With Scarlit
Jake Adams, Scarlit Scandal


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! This is exactly what the stunning Scarlit Scandal does when neither her nor Jake Adam’s house is available to fuck in. Instead of wallowing in their horniness, they break into a stranger’s house for a sneaky sex session.

Reality Kings Sneaking In With Scarlit

The naughty couple creep through the house, Scarlit’s round ass barely contained by her little denim shorts. Once they know the coast is clear, they pull aside their clothing to play with her delicious petite body and his throbbing hard cock.

In Reality Kings Sneaking In With Scarlit, Jake plays with Scarlit’s tits and then she turns her ass toward the camera and shows it off. Jake pulls off her shorts and fingers Scarlit’s wet pussy as she tries to keep it together. Jake slides his big cock inside of her, thrusting as hard as he can until Scarlit begs to wrap her soft lips around it and shove it down her tight wet throat. Who gives a fuck about getting caught? The risk is what makes it hot!