Trainer Wants To Fuck Part 1

Trainer Wants To Fuck Part 1
Tiffany Watson, Sybil Stallone, Scott Nails

Trainer Wants To Fuck Part 1

I’m a little pushed for time today, so I’ll be making the most out of the Brazzers scene description for Trainer Wants To Fuck Part 1 starring Tiffany Watson, Sybil Stallone and Scott Nails. It’s a shame because I would have loved to describe Sybil Stallone huge boobs and how she makes them bounce up and down on the screen.


This Trainer Wants To Fuck Part 1 might be appearing as a porn advert in the near future.  I’m saying this because the scene has been brought forward in the Brazzers scene release schedule.  I believe this is because they want to use this video to promote Brazzers on porn tube sights as a soon as possible.

Recently Brazzers have been releasing 2 part porn videos on the same day.  So it feels a little odd that Trainer Wants To Fuck Part 1 has suddenly appeared in the schedule 3 days later and without part two.  I’m just guessing that there are some porn advert worthy moments in this video that Brazzers want to monetise as fast as possible.

The sexy Sybil is mid-blowjob on her boyfriend (Scott Nails) when her fitness trainer Tiffany Watson shows up for an at-home workout session.The session begins and it seems anything but innocent,with trainer Tiffany fondling and staring at Sybil at every opportunity.

Tiffany’s intensions become even more clear once Scott leaves the room; she takes Sybil’s top off and unzips her tights mid-workout, then reveals a strap-on, intending to fuck Sybil in the ass. Sybil turns the tables though, taking the strap-on away from Tiffany and putting it on herself.

Now it’s the trainer who’s about to get some anal training. The “workout” continues, with Tiffany squirting all over the place and both women exhausted by the end. Good news for Scott; once Tiffany leaves, Sybil’s still plenty horny.

Big Ass Anal For A Heavy Load

Big Ass Anal For A Heavy Load
Syren De Mer, Scott Nails

If there’s one thing we know about Brazzers and that’s just how well they can make the most out of a successful niche.  Whether it’s stepmom’s, shocked faces, WTF moments, Brazzers are the masters at squeezing every last drop of click-through out of a niche that they strike gold with.  So today we have another porn video set in the laundry room.  Syren De Mer gets fucked in her butthole by Scott Nails in this video called Big Ass Anal For A Heavy Load.

Big Ass Anal For A Heavy Load

Miss Syren De Mer is busy loading her king size washing machine, when she discovers that somebody had been using her favourite dildo.  It just falls out of the laundry straight onto the floor.  In Big Ass Anal For A Heavy Load, she wonders who could have taken her rubber sex toy from her bedroom draw and used it for their own pleasure.  She does have 3 step daughters living with her so it could have been anyone of them.


This hot MILF is not overly concerned, she is pleased that somebody got to use it for what it was bought for.  The only concern for Syren was that somebody forgot to put it back.  What if she wanted to fuck herself with it one night and it was not there.  Whoever used it, would be shocked to discover that Miss De Mer uses this particular dildo to fuck her own arse with.

So, with her favourite anal dildo in her hand, and already on her knees at the washing machine, Syren unzips her denim jeans and exposes her big MILF ass. She runs the head of the dildo around her butthole and then slides it in.  She loves the feel of it stretching her anal passage.  Anal is her favourite sexual practise but her husband in normally too tired to give it to her.

Syren De Mer MILF pornstar
MILF Syren De Mer

During Big Ass Anal For A Heavy Load, the brunette MILF gets carried away with herself and stuffs the dildo in and out of her arse until she is one her way to an anal orgasm.  This is when Scott Nail walks passed the laundry room and is pleasantly shocked to see his girlfriends stepmom fucking her own ass.  He develops an immediate erection and creeps up behind Syren De Mer and slides his cock into her arse.

At first Syren was a little embarrassed to be found fucking her own ass but the feel of Scotts big dick inside her arse was too much to say no too.  She backed herself on his fatty dong and rode it like a trooper.  It had been a while since she had experienced a real big stiff dick in her asshole.  Scott Nails and Syren De Mer have hardcore anal sex in the laundry room until he cums all over her.

I think that this video could easily be used as a porn advert.  There is a great shot of her unzipping her jeans that has been seen before with Dee Williams in a similar Brazzers laundry room video called Making Assmends.  There are also some great shocked faces made by Syren De Mer as she firstly finds the dildo and then when she feels Scoot Nail’s cock slide into her ass.

Although Big Ass Anal For A Heavy Load is Syren De Mer’s 23rd Brazzers appearance, it is her first since March 14th, 2019 when she starred with Xander Corvus in Red Hot Boss From Hell.  So it’s a great welcome back to Brazzers in this awesome anal sex in the laundry room porn video.

Bang The Drummer Felicity Feline

Bang The Drummer
Scott Nails, Felicity Feline

Here we have Felicity Feline’s 6th Brazzers porn performance.  She has been in 5 other Brazzers videos since 2017, so it has taken her a while to muster up 6 videos.  4 out of her 5 other Brazzers video have been threesomes so she obviously enjoys company during her porn shoots.  Felicity Feline is from Long Island and was born in July 1992.  She loves to make music and is an accomplished drummer.   Felicity not only enjoys getting banged herself, but she really enjoys banging out those drums.

Bang the Drummer

So what better way to showcase her drumming skills than to include her bashing out a tune in a Brazzers porn video.  Brazzers have given her a large drum kit and dressed her in some very revealing clothing.  Her tits are visible through her ripped tight white vest and she is wearing a very short pair of denim daisy dukes too.  To be honest, I think this is a great idea.  getting a hot babe to play the drums half naked must be a music fans wet dream.  It’s something that I have certainly not thought about before.


But again, just like in the upcoming Kissa Sins Queen Kissa video, I feel that the lighting at the start of this Bang the Drummer video is over the top.  I give full credit to the set designers for thinking outside of the box, but I think that this video would have been able to carry itself with just Felicity Feline playing the drums half naked.  It’s no the end of the world and it certainly doesn’t ruin the video at all, but I like to give my honest review when writing these 1000 word porn reviews.

Felicity Feline in Band the DrummerWhat I do like is what the Brazzers guys have done with the drums.  They have put wet paint in the drums, so every time she hit a drum, she gets splattered with paint.  Whether or not this would have worked without the special lighting is up for debate.  So as Felicity continues to bang away at the drum kit she is getting covered in paint.  The paint is going all over her face, tits and all over the walls.  Somebody is going to be there for a while cleaning the place up!

So where does the sex come into play during Brazzers Bang the Drummer?  Well it’s hard to explain really.  What the cleaver porn video editor has done and interwoven some great anal sex clips in between the footage of Felicity Feline playing the drums.  We are not introduced to Scott Nails.  At no point do we find Mr Nails entering the paint covers room.  So this is going to be a challenge to complete a 1000 word review about Bang the Drummer.

Drummer with Tits OutI suppose I can start by saying that Miss Feline does have great looking tits.  I had to check her Brazzers profile to find out whether her tits are real or enhanced.  All I can say is whoever her plastic surgeon is, they deserve a medal.

Her boobs are enhanced, but in this porn video they look as close to real than any fake tits I have seen for a while.  If anybody knows who performed her boobs job they should highly recommend them on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Anal Sex with a Female Drummer

The porn clips that we get to see during the trailer for Bang the Drummer are most quick shots of Felicity getting fucked in the ass.  This is an anal sex video that sees Miss Feline riding and grinding on Scott Nail’s big dick.  I’m not sure where she feels happiest, whether it’s playing the drums or taking a big cock in her asshole.

Anal Sex with a Female DrummerThis has been one of the most difficult 1000 word porn reviews that I have written over the last week.  Not because it’s a bad porn video, but because there is not storyline for me to write about.  I’m used to Brazzers porn trailers giving us a glimpse of a storyline, which gives me the opportunity to comment about it and describe it in my own unique porn blogging style.

But with Felicity playing the drums and getting covered in paint and the limited porn clips of her taking a big dick in her ass is all I have to go on, I’m really struggling to fore-fill my 1000 word quota.

As a porn video editor myself, I can really appreciate the clever editing that is involved in Bang the Drummer.  the way the music has been chosen really works well with Felicity Feline playing along with it with the drums.  It would have been very easy for the editor to just let her drum playing act as the soundtrack.  I think that the porn clips have been inserted and just the right places during the 1 minute trailer, but my only criticism would be the timing and placement of the faded shot of Felicity Felines ass in a thing that just fades in and out.  it just feels like an after thought and doesn’t really contribute anything to the trailer.  But apart from that one tiny detail, it is a clever trailer that has used a little outside of the box thinking.

I’m hoping that this time of trailer editing is just a one off.  Just from a selfish point of view I really need the trailers to tell a story so I can do my best to write 1000 words about it.  When there is very little storyline, it takes me more time to write the review.  I am under pressure in terms the time I have to write these reviews.  As much as I enjoy writing them, I have to get them done as quickly as possible to enable me to get on to my porn video editing work.  I always have a Fake Taxi, Female Fake Taxi or Public Agent video waiting to be edited.

With this being the first time that Felicity Feline has been in a Brazzers video since May 2018, I have no other of her videos on my blog.  So the best I can do is to direct you to some of other Brazzers videos directly :

Bloodthirsty Biker Babes: Part 1

Bloodthirsty Biker Babes: Part 2

Bloodthirsty Biker Babes: Part 3

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Emergency Squirter Adriana Chechik

Emergency Squirter
Adriana Chechik, Alex Legend, Scott Nails

emergency squirter

Seeing the stunning Adriana Chechik with one cock in her pussy and another in her ass is a fantastic sight to behold.  yes, this hottest of hot babes is starring in a Brazzers double penetration porn video called Emergency Squirter.  As some of you may know, I am not the biggest fan of squirting videos, but add Miss Chechik into the equation with two big cocks inside her at the same time, and I might be persuaded to have a good look at this awesome hardcore DP video.


Adriana Chechik knows that the best way to kick those mid-day blues at work is to take a little emergency squirt break in the bathroom at work. Adriana watches her favorite porn on her phone while she finger fucks herself with a leg up on the accessibility bar, but when she gets a brutal leg cramp after her mid-day squirt, it becomes a total squirt emergency.

In Brazzers Emergency Squirter, horny EMTs Alex Legend and Scott Nails find Adriana on the floor and are quick to diagnose her with a need for seed. The dudes play with her dripping pussy, making her squirt even more before she starts sucking and slurping on their big huge cocks right there on the bathrom floor.

Adriana’s holes are gaping and she can’t wait to get double-stuffed by the big cocks letting the hung dudes DP her, one all the way in her pussy while the other hammers her ass until she’s totally full of the dick she needs to get through the rest of the work day.

Emergency Squirter is Adriana Chechik’s 40th appearance in a Brazzers video (including compilations). Her beautiful face is one of the biggest draws that she has on my personally. It’s rare to find a pornstar with such natural beauty that can hold a porn video together all by itself.

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Strap-On With A Side Of Dick Threesome

Strap-On With A Side Of Dick
Phoenix Marie, Jane Wilde, Scott Nails

Strap-On With A Side Of Dick

I think I have said this a few times on my blog, but I’ll say it again, I am a big fan of watching women fucking each other with strap-on dildos.  I was senior porn video editor on a site called a few years ago, and I loved every minute of that job before it merged with SEXYhub.  So seeing Phoenix Marie armed with a huge strap-on in Strap-On With A Side Of Dick, was a great visual surprise first thing in the morning.


Jane Wilde’s boyfriend, Scott Nails, is out of town, so she’s decided to get a little action on the side with the sexy Phoenix Marie. Unfortunately for them, Scott has decided to come home early, with a bouquet of flowers no less. Although Phoenix hides the closet, Jane’s spread legs and exposed pussy make Scott think she was waiting for him all along.

Phoenix finds all of this rather humorous, and she gets a bright idea when she finds a strap-on in the closet. As Scott gets his dick sucked, Phoenix comes out of the closet wearing the big strap-on and totally shocks Scott, who quickly, and unsurprisingly, welcomes her presence. From there, Phoenix sneakily inserts the strap-on right into Jane’s pussy, leading to a scorching hot threesome and total satisfaction for everyone.

I think that Strap-On With A Side Of Dick has real potential to be a porn advert.  With Phoenix Marie’s big tits and massive strap-on cock, she certainly looks like a click-through material.  With the added bonus of this video being a threesome, there are plenty of different angles and some great shocked porn faces that are always a winner when it comes to porn adverts on tubes sites.

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Brazzers Conflicting Thots Judy Jolie Skye Blue

Brazzers Conflicting Thots
Scott Nails, Judy Jolie and Skye Blue

Brazzers Conflicting Thots

I love seeing hot pornstars dressed up in costumes.  So when I saw Skye Blue dress up as some kind of Angel, I was over the moon.  As a bonus, we also get to see Judy Jolie making her Brazzers debut in an outfit that makes her look like some kind on horny she-devil.  It’s Scott Nails who has the envious task of satisfying these hot babes in Brazzers Conflicting Thots.


Scott is torn. He is talking with someone and he thought things were going well – they’re flirting, sending risky pics… But it’s been a whole day without a reply. And now the voices in his head are giving him the whole range of paranoid thoughts and calming whispers.

Should he double text? Is he being clingy? Are they fucking someone else right at this moment as he’s debating it with the devilish doubter Judy Jolie and the angelic assurance from Skye Blue? Both these conflicting thots vie for Scott’s attention (and his dick) to bring him over to their point of view… For better or for worse.

I like the way Brazzers have made Judy Jolie and Skye Blue looks so fucking sexy in this top threesome.  I’m really hoping that Brazzers Conflicting Thots gets to be used as a Brazzers porn advert.  I think the visual images of these two sexy hotties dressed as an angel and a she-devil will be very appealing.  If I had the time and the money, I would be creating my own advert out of this video and using TrafficJunky to buy up ad spots all over the internet.

This is a great video for Judy Jolie to make her very first Brazzers appearance in.  She is lucky to star along side Scott Nails and Skye Blue in this brilliant fantasy porn video.

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The Dryer Won’t Get Me Off! Angela White, Scott Nails

The Dryer Won’t Get Me Off!
Angela White and Scott Nails

The Dryer Won't Get Me Off

Oh how I would love one of my Angela White porn blog posts to go viral.  She is one of my favourite pornstars and seeing her in a new Brazzers porn video is such a great surprise on a Sunday morning!  She stars with Scott Nails in The Dryer Won’t Get Me Off.  This busty Australian pornstar is doing her best to reach orgasm by sitting on the tumble dryer in her laundry room, but she cannot deny that only a big cock will do the job.


When Angela White’s dryer just doesn’t work like it used to… and by “work”, we mean it doesn’t give her an orgasm when she uses it to help her masturbate! Angela has her meek husband call a repairman, who turns out to be Scott Nails, much to her delight.

Angela demonstrates for Scott what the issue is, sitting on top of the dryer while it shakes and vibrates against her pussy, making her big natural tits bounce up and down – but it’s just not getting the job done anymore.

But when a suction cup dildo, followed by Scott’s dick, enter the equation, Angela suddenly has something to work with… and when the idea of using those two cocks for anal is proposed, Angela’s dryer problem is finally solved!

If you want to see Angela White getting fucked in her arse while her big natual tiits hang and swing around, then The Dryer Won’t Get Me Off will make you very happy indeed.  Seeing her butthole penetrated and her huge boobs bouncing is one of the best sights in pornography.

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Taking The Perfect Pelfie Scott Nails, Brixley Benz

Taking The Perfect Pelfie

Taking The Perfect Pelfie
Scott Nails and Brixley Benz

Brixley Benz finally makes her Brazzers debut.  She is welcomed to to her very first appearance in a hardcore Brazzers video by Scott Nails and his massive cock.

At the start of Taking The Perfect Pelfie we see Brixley Benz either taking photos of herself or recording a sexy video.  She is on her bed with her phone in her hand getting her small ebony boobs out.


Scott Nails is spying on her through a gap in the door.  He is enjoying watching Brixley posing for some sexy pics and video.  But when Brixley gets totally naked and starts masturbating, Scott cannot hold back and walks into the room.

Scott is her mums new boyfriend but that does not stop Brixley Benz seducing him into getting his cock out and finishing what she started. There’s no way that Mr Nails is going to be able to say no to fucking his girlfriend’s hot ebony daughter.

There is some great POV action in this Brixley Benz Brazzers debut.  Her tight pussy gets a good stretching from Scoot’s cock.  If somebody could let me know what a Pelfie is, I’d be very grateful.