Strap-On With A Side Of Dick Threesome

Strap-On With A Side Of Dick
Phoenix Marie, Jane Wilde, Scott Nails

Strap-On With A Side Of Dick

I think I have said this a few times on my blog, but I’ll say it again, I am a big fan of watching women fucking each other with strap-on dildos.  I was senior porn video editor on a site called a few years ago, and I loved every minute of that job before it merged with SEXYhub.  So seeing Phoenix Marie armed with a huge strap-on in Strap-On With A Side Of Dick, was a great visual surprise first thing in the morning.


Jane Wilde’s boyfriend, Scott Nails, is out of town, so she’s decided to get a little action on the side with the sexy Phoenix Marie. Unfortunately for them, Scott has decided to come home early, with a bouquet of flowers no less. Although Phoenix hides the closet, Jane’s spread legs and exposed pussy make Scott think she was waiting for him all along.

Phoenix finds all of this rather humorous, and she gets a bright idea when she finds a strap-on in the closet. As Scott gets his dick sucked, Phoenix comes out of the closet wearing the big strap-on and totally shocks Scott, who quickly, and unsurprisingly, welcomes her presence. From there, Phoenix sneakily inserts the strap-on right into Jane’s pussy, leading to a scorching hot threesome and total satisfaction for everyone.

I think that Strap-On With A Side Of Dick has real potential to be a porn advert.  With Phoenix Marie’s big tits and massive strap-on cock, she certainly looks like a click-through material.  With the added bonus of this video being a threesome, there are plenty of different angles and some great shocked porn faces that are always a winner when it comes to porn adverts on tubes sites.

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Brazzers Conflicting Thots Judy Jolie Skye Blue

Brazzers Conflicting Thots
Scott Nails, Judy Jolie and Skye Blue

Brazzers Conflicting Thots

I love seeing hot pornstars dressed up in costumes.  So when I saw Skye Blue dress up as some kind of Angel, I was over the moon.  As a bonus, we also get to see Judy Jolie making her Brazzers debut in an outfit that makes her look like some kind on horny she-devil.  It’s Scott Nails who has the envious task of satisfying these hot babes in Brazzers Conflicting Thots.


Scott is torn. He is talking with someone and he thought things were going well – they’re flirting, sending risky pics… But it’s been a whole day without a reply. And now the voices in his head are giving him the whole range of paranoid thoughts and calming whispers.

Should he double text? Is he being clingy? Are they fucking someone else right at this moment as he’s debating it with the devilish doubter Judy Jolie and the angelic assurance from Skye Blue? Both these conflicting thots vie for Scott’s attention (and his dick) to bring him over to their point of view… For better or for worse.

I like the way Brazzers have made Judy Jolie and Skye Blue looks so fucking sexy in this top threesome.  I’m really hoping that Brazzers Conflicting Thots gets to be used as a Brazzers porn advert.  I think the visual images of these two sexy hotties dressed as an angel and a she-devil will be very appealing.  If I had the time and the money, I would be creating my own advert out of this video and using TrafficJunky to buy up ad spots all over the internet.

This is a great video for Judy Jolie to make her very first Brazzers appearance in.  She is lucky to star along side Scott Nails and Skye Blue in this brilliant fantasy porn video.

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The Dryer Won’t Get Me Off! Angela White, Scott Nails

The Dryer Won’t Get Me Off!
Angela White and Scott Nails

The Dryer Won't Get Me Off

Oh how I would love one of my Angela White porn blog posts to go viral.  She is one of my favourite pornstars and seeing her in a new Brazzers porn video is such a great surprise on a Sunday morning!  She stars with Scott Nails in The Dryer Won’t Get Me Off.  This busty Australian pornstar is doing her best to reach orgasm by sitting on the tumble dryer in her laundry room, but she cannot deny that only a big cock will do the job.


When Angela White’s dryer just doesn’t work like it used to… and by “work”, we mean it doesn’t give her an orgasm when she uses it to help her masturbate! Angela has her meek husband call a repairman, who turns out to be Scott Nails, much to her delight.

Angela demonstrates for Scott what the issue is, sitting on top of the dryer while it shakes and vibrates against her pussy, making her big natural tits bounce up and down – but it’s just not getting the job done anymore.

But when a suction cup dildo, followed by Scott’s dick, enter the equation, Angela suddenly has something to work with… and when the idea of using those two cocks for anal is proposed, Angela’s dryer problem is finally solved!

If you want to see Angela White getting fucked in her arse while her big natual tiits hang and swing around, then The Dryer Won’t Get Me Off will make you very happy indeed.  Seeing her butthole penetrated and her huge boobs bouncing is one of the best sights in pornography.

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Taking The Perfect Pelfie Scott Nails, Brixley Benz

Taking The Perfect Pelfie

Taking The Perfect Pelfie
Scott Nails and Brixley Benz

Brixley Benz finally makes her Brazzers debut.  She is welcomed to to her very first appearance in a hardcore Brazzers video by Scott Nails and his massive cock.

At the start of Taking The Perfect Pelfie we see Brixley Benz either taking photos of herself or recording a sexy video.  She is on her bed with her phone in her hand getting her small ebony boobs out.


Scott Nails is spying on her through a gap in the door.  He is enjoying watching Brixley posing for some sexy pics and video.  But when Brixley gets totally naked and starts masturbating, Scott cannot hold back and walks into the room.

Scott is her mums new boyfriend but that does not stop Brixley Benz seducing him into getting his cock out and finishing what she started. There’s no way that Mr Nails is going to be able to say no to fucking his girlfriend’s hot ebony daughter.

There is some great POV action in this Brixley Benz Brazzers debut.  Her tight pussy gets a good stretching from Scoot’s cock.  If somebody could let me know what a Pelfie is, I’d be very grateful.

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Panty Modeling Angelica Cruz and Scott Nails

panty modeling

Panty Modeling
Scott Nails, Angelica Cruz

This new Angelica Cruz porn video is a must see for all you panty fans out there.  Whether you you’re a panty sniffer or if you just like watching hot babes parade around in their tiny panties, you are going to enjoy Miss Cruz in Brazzers Panty Modeling.

Angelica has been spending the day shopping.  She has realised that her panty collection is looking rather ordinary and has decided to spice things up a little for her new boyfriend, Scott Nails.  She wants to surprise him with a new collection of sexy panties.


She visits numerous shops to find the right kind of panties that she thinks will get Scott really turned on.  She has no complaints when it comes to his sexual performance, but she feels like she needs to keep him interested in her all the time.

When she gets home, she is really excited to show Scott what she has bought.  As soon as Scott peaks inside her shopping bags, he is delighted with Angelica’s purchases.  He instructs her to go into the bedroom and start trying them on and modeling them for him.

What follows in Brazzers Panty Modeling is some awesome close ups of Angelica Cruz trying on different types of panties.  She is great at removing those new panties very slowly and then shaking her little ass for us all to marvel at.  I particularly enjoyed the tiny red lace panties that she tries on first.  I found those really sexy to look at, I might even get the wife some for Christmas.

Scott enjoys taking some photos on his cellphone of Angelica Cruz in her panties.  I think he is going to use them on her OnlyFans page.  He’s sure that will bring in lots of new subscribers to her page.  But when he goes to take his final photo, Angelica surprises him by not wearing any panties at all.  Scott tells her to put his favourite green panties on.  He wants to watch himself fucking her with the panties sliding across her ass.

Brazzers Panty Modeling continues with Scott fucking Angelica from behind.  Most of this new Brazzers video is shot in POV by Scott.  He gets some amazing porn footage of his big cock penetrating Miss Cruz’s tight little pussy in her panties.  But there is one more surprise left for Scot Nails.  Angelica removes her panties and tells him to stick his big cock in her ass.

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Downblouse Yoga 2 Indica Monroe

downblouse yoga 2

Downblouse Yoga 2
Scott Nails, Indica Monroe

We have another Brazzers debut video today.  It’s Indica Monroe in Downblouse Yoga 2.  It’ the first time that we get to see this sexy little cum guzzler in action in a hardcore Brazzers porn video.

Indica is given the big cock treatment from Scott Nails.  He take pleasure in getting his bell-end deep inside Miss Monroes sweet tight pussy.  Indica Monroe is in the middle of her yoga routine when she is interrupted by Scott.  She has to stop for a moment to figure out what he was so interested in.


In Downblouse Yoga 2 the video opens up with the camera looking straight own Indica’s amazing looking cleavage.  I can already tell that she has a wonderful pair of natural big tits.  I’d like to get my face buried in her cleavage.  this new Brazzers video caught my attention from the first few opening frames.

We get to watch her doing some awesome looking stretching in her low cut pink top and stretchy white yoga pants.  Scott Nails cannot resist getting some video f her on his cellphone to show his friends.  Indica had realised that her tits had fallen out of her blouse and Scott took a lot of pleasure in putting them back in for her.

Indica Monroe Fucked from Behind

Miss Indica Monroe enjoyed the feel of Scott’s hands on her big boobs.  She invited him to have another feel.  Scott Nails made the most of her invite and spent a lot of time worshipping those big heavy breasts.

Scott gets pushed on to a chair and his pants removed.  Indica marvelled a the size of his cock before taking it deep down her throat.  There is a great POV blowjob which is then followed by some amazing footage of Indica Monroe’s big ass riding Scott’s cock.  She really does have a big bouncy booty that we get a great close up of.

I’m only half way through the trailer and I’m already becoming a fan of Indica Monroe.  She seems to have all the assets of a modern day pornstar.  She’s got big natural boobs, a big booty and she looks totally natural in front of the camera.

Her boobs are perfect for tit wanks and she puts that skill to great use on Scott’s cock.  I’m surprised her didn’t bust his nut when Indica spends a lot of time looking at him with her light blue eyes and his cock between her big boobs.

Big ass fans will enjoy watching Indica Monroe’s Brazzers debut.  We get to see her getting fucked from behind quite a lot in Downblouse Yoga 2.  I think the director of this video makes great use of as many angles of her big ass as they could.

Squirting On My Prisoner Kataljna Kittin

squirting on my prisoner

Squirting On My Prisoner
Scott Nails and Kataljna Kittin

Well well well…look at what Kataljna Kittin is wearing.  I’m not quite sure what it even it.  Is it underwear? Or a bondage outfit?  Whatever it is, she certainly looks fucking sexy as fuck in it.

Scott Nails is the guy who will have to navigate his way around Katajna’s extraordinary outfit.  I’m sure Scott won’t have too many complaints about have to fuck her in this leather strapped gear.


At the starts of Brazzers Squirting on My Prisoner we witness a full length pan of Miss Kittin’s body.  There is a great close up of her big butt and those sexy legs in a pair of black fishnet stockings…perfect.  She wraps her beautiful boobs in some sexy lingerie and waits for Scott Nails to arrive to fuck her.

Kataljna Kittin loves to tie her men up and play with them before they are allow to stick their cocks into her pussy.  She tie’s Scott to a chair and teases him with her great tits and ass.

With his hands tied behind his back, Mr Nails is treats to a wet sloppy POV blowjob that nearly make him cum.  But Kataljna is a n expert in judging when to pull away and stop a guy from cuming.  I believe it is called ‘edging’.  Getting a guy to the brink of ejaculation and then denying him his orgasm.

I don’t think Scott expects what Kataljna Kittin has in store for him next.  She pulls out a whip and gives him a few cracks over the legs.  With this Brazzers video being called Squirting on my Prisoner, I was expecting to she a lot more squirting in this trailer, but instead, we are treated to some awesome shot of Scott Nails fucking the shit out of Miss Kittin.

Studying Her Pussy Kyler Quinn

Studying Her Pussy Kyler Quinn

Studying Her Pussy
Scott Nails, Kyler Quinn

Today with have some of that sweet college girl, Co-Ed action going on.  Kyler Quinn is all dressed up as a sexy college babe, complete with pleated skirt and slutty make-up.  Kyler even has a sexy tan-line around her natural medium sized boobs.

During this COVID lockdown period, we find Kyler Quinn at her desk in her study, trying to follow an online lecture that have been arranged by her college tutors.  She is sitting quietly with her headphones on and listening in on what the lecture is all about.


Unfortunately, her boyfriend, Scott Nails does not have to attend any online lectures and is bored as fuck.  Scott can’t take his eyes off how sexy Kyler looks in her college outfit.  She decided to wear college clothes so she could get into college mode even though she was studying from home.

No longer being able to resist his college babes stunning body, Scott starts to lift up Kyler’s skirt and kisses her ass cheeks.  Her pretty white thong is hiding her cute little butthole.  Miss Quinn does her best to continue to pay attention to her online lecture.

But once Scott reaches around and starts to play with Kyler Quinn’s shaven pussy, she could no longer concentrate on college work.  She knew that her boyfriends cock would be erect and oh how she loves his cock.

this Studying Her Pussy video turns into a POV fuck fest, with Kyler getting Scotts big fat cock inserted into her pussy from various different positions.  There are a few good wide angle shots that really show off Kyler’s hot college look.

Hot college student Kyler Quinn is trying her best to pay attention during her boring AF virtual lectures this semester, but sometimes she can’t help but get distracted… especially when her horny BF Scott Nails is around.

Scott spies Kyler looking cute as hell and can’t help but sneakily feel her up during her class, hoping to get a little action. While Kyler does her best to ignore him, Scott teases her until she can’t take it any longer – she’ll take a D in class if it means a taste of Scott’s right now!

If you enjoy watching cute college girls looking up at the camera whilst sucking cock, then you will enjoy watching Kyler Quinn in Studying Her Puss from Brazzers on November 8th, 2020.