Adult Porn Blogging Site Optimisation

After seeing my web site traffic slow fading away over the passed 6 months, I decided to spend some time and investigate what could be the reasons for my decline in search engine traffic.

At it’s peak, my porn video blog had been reaching 30,000 uniques hits per day, which I was rather proud of.  But, as I have already said, the numbers have fallen to just over 10% of that.  But with my full-time porn video editing commitments, I was unable to spend too much time in getting my site optimised for todays’ google algorithms.

But after working extra hours on my editing work, I had gained enough spare time to spend a day trying to get my XXX Video Editor blog optimised and making money for me.  The first thing I did was to switch from HTTP to HTTPS – this was something that came highly recommended on all the latest SEO blogs and web site that I visited.  I never realised that Google now give preferential ranking HTTPS secured web sites.

I then visited a few web site analyser sites to see what kind of score I get from those types of sites.  These sites analyse your site for load speed, SEO, security and vistor experience.  My first score were around the 70% mark.  My web site performance was letting me down.  I never realised how much CSS and Java script coding was slowing my site down.

So the next thing to do was to speed up the page load time.  I downloaded W3 Total Cache.  This helped to bring my site analytic score up to 92%.  I’ve very happy to say that my web site is now running faster than ever.  This only took 3-4 hours of research and implementation.

I now also use much better link descriptions in my posts and hand write my content as much as possible.  I’m looking forward to seeing how these changes effect my search engine traffic over the next few months.

SEO For Porn Web Sites and Blogs

The quest to get your SEO For Porn Web Sites and blogs down to a fine art is the key to making your site a success.  

Whether you are aiming to generate ad revenue by plastering your web site with porn adverts or if you are looking to generate affiliate sales, then you need to make sure that your SEO For Porn Web Sites and Blogs is upto date.

SEO For Porn Web Sites

I’m not claiming to be a SEO guru, but I have learn’t quite a lot about what works and what is a waste of time when it comes to driving organic search engine traffic to your porn site.  I have never paid for any traffic to be sent to any of my porn sites.  I feel that in this google driven world, paying for traffic only harms your page rankings.

So what would be my top piece’s of advice for anybody wanting to increase their search engine hits to their own porn page?

  1. Make sure you write original content.  I have learnt this the hard way.  I started blogging using my own words and saw my search engine hits rise every month.  BUT when I got lazy, and started to just copy and paste scene descriptions, I noticed that my traffic tumbled.   Try and aim to write approximately 250-300 or more on each post that your create.
  2. Blog about the things you know about.  Being able to write original content means that you need to have the information in your head to start with.  I spend about 10 minutes writing blog articles.  I feel the words flow out much easier when I know what I am going to write about before I start.  I have a 2 or three ideas in my head and then write as much as I can about those things on one post.  Before you know it, your word count will be up around 200 words and then you can just go back and expand on some of your paragraphs to stretch it out to 250 maybe 300 words.
  3. Update your web site frequently.  There are a lot of conflicting advise on the internet about how often should you update your blog?  I have experimented with this over the passed 5-6 years.  I started just posting 1 article per day, and then at one stage I was posting 5-6 post per.  I have now found that my site generates the most hits per day if I post no more that 3 per day.
  4. SEO WordPress plug ins (for WordPress users).  I have tried all the major SEO WordPress plug in over the years, and in my honest opinion there are only 4 plug ins that I have found actually increased my SEO.  Add Meta Tags, Content links, SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2 and XML Sitemap & Google News feeds.  You will just need to search for these plug ins to install them.
  5. Don’t get greedy.  If/when your web site starts making you money, the temptation is to create a new blog and copy what you have done on your already successful site.  I have leant that concentrating on just one web site is better than trying to write and keep more web sites upto date.  Unless you are creating totally different niches on different web sites, then just put all your efforts into making one quality web site rather that lots of half hearted efforts.  You will find that if you other sites are not as successful, then you will just let them waste away in the internet wastelands.
  6. Link Exchange and Directories.  Every time I search for SEO advice, one of the top recommendations is getting link backs to your site.  This is difficult at first.  It takes a bit of time and effort to reach out to other porn bloggers and ask them to exchange links with you.  Most webmasters will only exchange on a A+B+C basis.  However, I have found a great web site that allows you to exchange links with hundreds of other adult webmasters.  It’s a free service call LinkSpun.  You are able to request links and most importantly, you can find out if the webmaster has actually added your link and or removes your link at a later date.  Web directories are another great way of getting your site indexed.  I don’t think they are as popular as they used to be, but adding your site to an Adult Directory is highly recommended.
  7. Trial and Error.  Now that I have given some advice, it doesn’t mean you will be ranked #1 on Google every time you write a blog.  But getting your pages on the top 10-20 is sometimes enough to gain attention from other porn lovers.  If your blog is interesting, original, easy to read, then you will get visitors returning to your site on a regular basis.  If you are aiming to generate ad revenue then returning visitors are one of your number one priorities.  Keep them happy, make them return, give them what they want.

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