Cunnilini Yoga Jenevieve Hexxx and Serene Siren

Cunnilini Yoga

Girlsway Cunnilini Yoga
Jenevieve Hexxx and Serene Siren

It’s time for some yoga! Jenevieve Hexxx shows off her flexibility, stretching her beautiful body and twisting her legs into some truly impressive and sexy poses. [FULL VIDEO HERE] But wait, she has a visitor! The lovely Serene Siren is here to get a yoga lesson from Jenevieve.

In Cunnilini Yoga, Serene used to do gymnastics and yoga, but has since lost her inspiration and is hoping that Jenevieve can help her. It’s best to learn from an expert, right? Jenevieve tests Serene’s flexibility and fitness level, using it as an excuse to touch Serene’s sweet thighs and shapely ass. It looks like Serene needs some assistance with balance, so Jenevieve offers her breasts as a headrest. Such a helpful teacher!


During Cunnilini Yoga, next, Jenevieve has Serene try out several different positions, pressing against Serene to help her hold each pose. Serene can’t stop herself from moaning in pleasure at how good the poses feel.

With all those alluring positions and delicious moans, naturally, the next step is for these talented ladies to remove their clothes and have fantastic sex, rubbing and tasting each other with lots of enthusiasm. It looks like Serene found her inspiration again. After all, exercise is great, but SEXERCISE is even better!

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Daughter’s Home Check-Up Laney Grey

Daughter's Home Check-Up

Daughter’s Home Check-Up
Laney Grey and Serene Siren

Laney Grey is in her room. She seems to be waiting expectantly for something when she hears the front door open and close. Her step-mom, Serene Siren, calls ‘Honey, I’m home!’  Laney perks up when she hears Serene’s voice. She quickly hops into bed, pulling the covers up to her chin. Laney puts on a miserable expression as she waits for Serene. It’s clear that Laney is faking being sick.

A moment later, Serene pops her head into Laney’s room. Serene is wearing a lab coat and a stethoscope around her neck. She is obviously a doctor. Laney says she’s not feeling well and asks Serene to examine her, which seems to be a part of Laney’s plan. Serene is completely professional and doesn’t react as Laney takes off her shirt so that Serene can begin the examination. Laney, on the other hand, suppresses the hint of a smile that plays on her lips as she peels her top off.

Serene begins the examination.  First, Serene asks Laney to open her mouth so that she can look at her throat. Even though Serene doesn’t have her usual instruments, she finds nothing visibly wrong with Laney’s throat. From there, Serene examines the rest of Laney’s body. Throughout the examination, Laney seems to be loving this close contact with Serene, but she hides it well – suppressing grins of delight – so Serene doesn’t seem to notice.

Finally, Serene finds nothing wrong with Laney. Suspicious, she confronts Laney, who admits that she was faking to get close to her mom since Serene has been so busy with work lately.  Laney tells Serene that there is only one way she can make up her recent absence to her: by having sex with her. After some initial reluctance, Serene agrees, leaning in and kissing Laney tenderly.

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No Time For Yourself Girlsway

No Time For Yourself girlsway

No Time For Yourself
Serene Siren and Laney Grey

Serene Siren can’t imagine having anyone but Laney Grey as her secretary. Laney is always so hard-working — Serene would be LOST without her! It also doesn’t hurt that Laney is so hot, although Serene has to keep THAT much to herself…

But one day, Serene notices that Laney is stiffly rubbing her shoulder. When she asks about it and Laney admits to being a bit sore, Serene uses this unique opportunity to finally make her move. Without missing a beat, she offers Laney a massage to help take the stress off! Although Laney’s a bit nervous at first, Serene manages to win her over, claiming that it’s important that Laney makes some time for herself.

In Girlsway No Time For Yourself, Serene hungrily gets Laney to sit down and stands behind her, placing her hands on Laney’s stressed shoulders. She begins the massage and it isn’t long before Laney’s melting under her firm, confident touch. When Serene sees the perfect moment, she swoops in and places a kiss on Laney’s neck while massaging her perky breasts. Although Laney’s surprised, when she sees the lustful look in Serene’s eyes, she can’t resist going along for the ride!

During No Time For Yourself, Serene is overjoyed as she bends her sexy secretary over the desk to have her way. Meanwhile, Laney puts her hard-working nature to good use as she pleases Serene in kind, diving into Serene’s pussy. It certainly looks like Laney will be open for more massages from her boss in the future!

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