Brazzers In The Lap Of Luxury Jessa Rhodes

In the Lap of Luxury

Being rich obviously has it's benefits when it comes to getting laid. As soon as women know that you have a lot of money, then I can only presume that they are willing to fuck you just to get a bit of the luxury lifestyle.

I'm not rich, so I can't say that every women would be happy to fuck a rich guy just to be able to be able to live like a queen for the rest of her life. But for some women, like Jessa Rhodes in Brazzers The Lap of Luxury, she would rather steal the cash rather than have to sleep with a rich guy for the rest of her life.

She has just woken up from a night with mega-rich Keiran Lee. She spent the night with hi when she found out that he had loads of cash and a big dick. The jackpot for most women. But Jessa was not the kind of girl that could stay in one place for too long. She was a professional con artist. She just wanted to fuck Keiran and then steal his jewellery from his house.

Jessa Rhodes sucking Keiran Lee's cock

Jessa did not realise that he was actually married, and his house was fully of expensive women's jewellery and clothing. Keiran explained that his wife was away on business so they had the house to themselves.

Jessa could not believe how hard she got fucked that night. He pussy had never been pounded for so hard and for so long. Most of the rich guys she fucks cannot last more than 10 minutes in bed. But Keiran Lee was a sex expert and gave Jessa multiple orgasms throughout the night.


When she woke up in the morning, all she could think about was how to gather as much jewellery as she could and then leave without be caught. She though she had just about got away when she finds Keiran Lee sitting downstairs in a chair with his big cock in his hand.

He explained that he knew that she would try and steal from him. He said he didn't care. He even said that he would let her have the jewellery if she fucked him again before she left.

This was a no brainer to Jessa Rhodes. All she had to do was to fuck a big cock once more and then she would be way with his wife's diamond rings and necklaces
One thing was for sure...Keiran Lee was not going to let her get away until he gave her a pearl necklace of his own..

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PublicAgent Katy Rose [31:13 mins]

PublicAgent Katy Rose [31:13 mins] I saw Katy's amazing ass and had to try and talk to the pretty Czech babe, but she told me to leave her alone, and that she doesn't like to speak with strangers!

PublicAgent Katy Rose

I told her I am Martin, I'm not a stranger! But when I tried to offer her some fast work, she said she didn't want to earn a lot of money. So I tried flattery. I told her she had a model body.

PublicAgent Katy Rose scene description

I asked her if she worked out. And I offered her a lot of money to do a casting, and when she said she didn't believe me, I showed her the money.

That changed everything! Katy said she had small tits and was shy, but she was pretty much perfect. She showed me her ass without her underwear on and I told her I had an erection.

The pretty brunette hesitated when I put cash in her hand for a blowjob, but eventually she squatted down and took him out for some pleasure. She sucked my dick so well, I just had to doggystyle the slim babe. And I could tell, even though she was shy, that she loved every second of it! (Credit

PublicAgent Elle Rose Free Download

PublicAgent Elle Rose Free Download - Watch the PublicAgent fuck this hot brunette outside in the woods.

I saw amazing Elle Rose jogging in the woods today, and her sexy body made me stop her! I told her I owned a modelling agency and maybe she could work for me.  She agreed to do a quick photo shoot casting with me in exchange for a small fee.

I kept my camera trained on her tight little ass as we walked to find a private spot. This is where Elle stripped down to her purple lingerie and posed for me.


More about PublicAgent Elle Rose Free Download

When we were finished with the pictures, I asked if she would like to make more money, maybe by sucking my dick?

Elle giggled at the idea, but when I put the money in her hand.  She was very excited, and said yes. We shook hands on our deal, then Elle took my big cock out of my pants and gave me a very nice blowjob. Such pretty red lips. I could tell she was enjoying it.

My dick was too big for Elle's tight pussy. So she had to work on getting it deeper slowly, but once it was in, we fucked like rabbits!

The gorgeous Ukrainian swallowed every drop of my cum, and I left with her pocket full of money. A good deal, for sure! (credit

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Public Agent Jessica London


Today, I took a big risk! Pretty Russian waitress Jessica Lincoln was deepthroating my cock near the bridge, when I suggested to the horny teen that we fuck right there, in broad daylight! Jessica thought I was interviewing people about the party life in Prague for a radio station, but when I offered her money for a blowjob, the broke waitress was more than happy to show me her gagging skills!

And when she agreed to fuck me, I just had to have her doggystyle so I could watch her perfect ass jiggle. Of course, I wasn't thinking about all the people walking across the bridge. As I pounded her tight pussy, they could definitely see us. The sex was so amazing, that I didn't have time to care that we might get caught!

In the end, after we both came, we ran out of there as fast as we could, before we were caught!


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Public Agent Vicky Love


Public Agent Vicky Love - Cheating Wife Fucks for Cash.
I saw David with his beautiful wife Vicky Love, and just had to stop the couple to ask if the pretty blonde had any modeling experience. They were very flattered, and agreed to come back to my apartment for a quick casting call.

Once we got there, of course, I suggested it was best if David stayed outside in the hall! Vicky knew how to pose for the camera. She teased me by pulling her dress tight against her wonderful ass, then she took it off to reveal the sexiest little black lingerie.

Then I did what I do best: I convinced Vicky to suck my cock in exchange for a nice chunk of change! She hesitated at first, but she must have needed the cash, because next thing, she was dropping to her knees and putting my dick in her married mouth!

We fucked right there with her husband waiting on the other side of the door. He didn't suspect a thing.


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MOFOS Kitty Caprice – Public Pick Ups

kitty caprice mofos
Sexy Latina Loves Cash
Kitty loves attention, but not as much as she loves cold, hard cash! When this hot Latina is offered big money for a public fuck, she puts her pride and her panties aside to suck and fuck her voyeur.

MOFOS Kitty Caprice - Public Pick Ups - SEE THE FULL VIDEO >>>

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PublicAgent Agnes White Fucked In a Car

PublicAgent Agnes White Fucked In a Car

Beautiful, poised, and mild-mannered, schoolteacher Agnes White was a bit shocked when I approached her today. In fact, she used that word a lot! Even though she teaches my son, I've always had a fantasy of sticking it to a real-life teacher.

And since it's a profession that's overworked and underpaid, I figured the stunning blonde might be in need of a little extra cash and maybe some sweet sexual healing. Hesitant at first, Agnes warmed up at the thought of being able to afford a new coat and handbag.

We snuck off to my car so as not to get caught, and I offered her massive cash to first show me her big natural tits, and then to give me a blowjob. After she sucked my big dick, I had the feeling the horny instructor would have just kept going for free!

After I fucked her juicy, professional ass, I launched a cumshot onto her hungry tongue, and made sure she swallowed every drop.

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Annika Eve – Public Pick Ups

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Annika Eve - Public Pick Ups - Curvy Latina Gets Paid to Fuck

Most women run off when a stranger offers cash for a suck n' fuck. But after not getting laid for a month, it wasn't hard to convince Annika Eve.

This lusty Latina takes a rough plowing in doggystyle, 'till he jizzes a cumshot across her full bush

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RealityKings Karlee Grey and Karter Foxx Money Talks

more than retail
Karlee Grey, Karter Foxx, Logan Long Money Talks

Karlee Grey was out on Hollywood Boulevard looking for beautiful girls who would suck popsicles naked. As usual she got her share of refusals until she finally found two cute girls who would compete in whose popsicle will melt fastest using not only the mouth but also other body parts.

A very sticky affair. Her friend Logan Long owned a clothing store in Hollywood and despite being extremely well blessed or maybe because of this he did not get laid in a while. Thanks to the concept of Money Talks Karlee promised to help him out.

Every girl that entered the store got awarded $100 just for being filmed and each one opted to earn a little more. The first two girls unfortunately did not go all the way. Luckily Karter Foxx was game. First she stripped naked then she gave him a blowjob but when it came to sex his dick was way too big for her.

They had a chair to help with different sex positions but somehow Logan never managed to get his whole dick inside that tiny pussy.

He came all over her back and being a gentleman helped to clean his cum with a towel. Every girl made lots of cash in this update because Money Talks!

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RealityKings Aubrey Adore Street BlowJobs

RealityKings Aubrey Adore
Aubrey Adore, Bruno Dickenz Street BlowJobs

I was trying to get some sleep when I awakened by a young women yelling on the phone right outside my door.

I opened the window and noticed she was hot. So, I told her to come in and we could talk about her issues. She told me her name was Aubrey Adore and after a moment, she came in and told me she was having issues with her boyfriend and needed money.

That is when I pulled out my cash wad and soon after she was sucking and fucking my cock. I pounded her pussy and glazed her pretty face with my man juice.

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