Cali’s Bikini Haul Cali Carter Brazzers

cali's bikini haul

Cali’s Bikini Haul
Cali Carter

If you enjoyed my porn blog post about women in bikini’s being fucked, then you will love this Cali’s Bikini Haul solo girl HD video.  Cali Carter is showing off her sexy body and trying on her new bikini outfits.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a porn video if it was just a bikini haul video.  Cali also rides her new favourite sex toy.  Her sex toy is not just any sex toy, its a lower torso life size dildo that she rides in front of the camera for you to enjoy.


Cali Carter has a treat for her fans today. She ordered a set of bikinis online and now she’s ready to try them all on, live, for your viewing pleasure. Watch as Cali strips naked and gives each of her new swimsuits a turn.

Some of the tiny bikinis can barely hold her tits in. Cali enjoys putting on a show and soon she’s feeling horny. Good thing she bought herself a couple dildos to go with those bikinis!

This Cali’s Bikini Haul video from Brazzers will be live and available to watch in full on 6th September, 2020.  I’m sure you will enjoy watching her dildo slide deep inside her wet pussy.

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Caught Voyeur Domination Maserati XXX and Kendra Spade

Caught Voyeur Domination

Caught Voyeur Domination
Maserati XXX and Kendra Spade

When it comes to ebony BBW, there’s nobody quite like Maserati XXX.  In Caught Voyeur Domination, her massive heavy tits nearly suffocate Kendra Spade.  This is a pure lesbian domination porn video that is released on 1st September, 2020.

As soon as I saw a big strap-on dildo laying on the bed in the first screenshot, I knew it was going to be a good scene.  Kendra has her face buried in Maserati’s huge boobs as she gets a strap-on cock buried in her pussy.

Kendra Spade is caught spying on Maserati as she comes out of the shower.  Miss Spade was curious to see just how big those massive melons looked in the flesh.  She is doing her best peeping through the crack in the door.  When Maserati catches Kendra spying on her, she pulled her into the room.


It was time for Kendra to be taught a lesson in how to have sex with a BBW ebony babe.  Kendra is told to get her face in between those great big boobs until she was ready to have her pussy licked.

In Caught Voyeur Domination Kendra makes Maserati XXX so wet that the long blue strap-on dildo easily slide into her pussy.  These two pornstars have a great time having lesbian sex together in this up coming HD lesbian porn video.

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To-Tall Anal Domination Jane Wilde Rocky Emerson

To-Tall Anal Domination

To-Tall Anal Domination
Jane Wilde and Rocky Emerson

This lesbian anal strap-on porn video called To-Tall Anal Domination stars Jane Wilde and Rocky Emerson.  It is a girl on girl strap-on video that shows a lot of anal insertion from fingering to a big rubber dildo.

Rocky Emerson is not happy about her husbands new assistant being so pretty and flirtatious.  When she catches Jane Wilde trying to seduce her husband in his office, she decided to teach her a lesson.


When her husband was out of the office for his lunch break, Rocky invites Jane into the office for a little chat.  She locks the door behind them and gets to work on making sure that Jane thinks differently about seducing her husband again.

In Brazzers To-Tall Anal Domination, Rocky dominates Miss Wilde in the office.  She demands that she removes all her clothes and opens her legs.  She is not interested in her pussy, Rocky Emerson is only interested in playing with Jane Wilde’s tight butthole.

This Hot and Mean lesbian porn video shows, Jane Wilde getting her arse fisted, and then fucked by a big rubber pink dildo.  There is some great footage of gaping near the end of this Brazzers lesbian porn video too.

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Korina’s Hot Fun In The Sun Korina Kova

Korina's Hot Fun In The Sun

Korina’s Hot Fun In The Sun
Korina Kova solo dildo video

Wow…I can’t believe I nearly missed this Brazzers big boobs video.  For some reason I must of skipped passed this thumbnail when updating my porn blog.  But have no fear, I have now added Korina’s Hot Fun In The Sun video.

Korina is a beach lifeguard with a massive pair of tits.  You’ll be glad to see her if you ever visit her beach.  You’ll know that if you go into to trouble in the water, you’ll have two huge buoyant boobs to hold onto.

But today, Korina has nobody on her beach.  The COVID outbreak as meant that everyone is staying at home.  So what is she going to do to keep herself occupied during her 10 hour lifeguard duty.

Luckily, she is well preparred for such an occasion.  Korina Kova has a special cupboard full of sex toys.  Her favourite is her rubber buttplug that she love to keep inserted whilst having big dildo in her vagina.  She loves nothing better than to have both holes filled whilst rubbing her massive tits on the beach.

I believe that this is a Brazzers debut video for Korina Kova.  Those huge fun bags will be making another appearance very soon I’m sure.  I hope that we will get to see her being fucked in the ass sooner or later.

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Moms Closet Strap-On Emma Hix Adria Rae

moms closet strap-on

Moms Closet Strap-On
Emma Hix and Adria Rae

Two friends, Adria Rae and Emma Hix, sneak into Adria’s mom’s closet. They are going out partying that night and are hoping to find something sexy they can wear. Both of Adria’s moms have always been stylish and a bit wild, so Adria and Emma are confident they’ll find something! But they’re quickly distracted when they find something other than clothes…

They take out a box, which is filled with things they haven’t quite seen before. Curiosity takes hold as they first remove a bottle of lube, although they innocently assume that it’s massage oil since one of Adria’s moms is a masseuse. Satisfied with the explanation, they continue rummaging through the box, pulling out various vibrators and mistaking them as massage tools. They are completely unaware as they turn on the toys and wrongfully conclude that the toys are back massagers. They decide to test this out, taking the box with them into the bedroom.

In Moms Closet Strap-On, Adria gets Emma to lay down first, turning on the ‘back massager’ and running it all over Emma’s back. As they take turns massaging each other, they start to get hot between the vibrations and each other’s erotic touches. They eventually strip down so that they can become even more intimate, wanting to enjoy their massages to the fullest. Growing increasingly flustered, they check the box again and find a strap-on, finally realising that they’ve been playing with sex toys all along!

In Moms Closet Strap-On, although they are a bit embarrassed, they’re too horny to turn back now. They pounce, passionately kissing each other before diving into sex. They eagerly eat out each other’s pussies before finally strapping into the strap-on to take it for a spin. It looks like they’re having way more fun with their own private party!

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Tru Kait Is A True Tease Brazzers

Tru Kait Is A True Tease

Tru Kait Is A True Tease is a Brazzers solo girl porn video showing just how sexy this stunning brunette is during the COVID-19 lockdown period.  Miss Kait was in in need of some cock but her boyfriend is unable to join her.


She had been waiting for her big cocked boyfriend to come over to fuck her brains out for over an hour.  Her pussy had been dripping wet just thinking about his 10 inch love muscle sliding in between her thighs and reaching her g-spot.

But when the boyfriend let her down at the last minute, Tru Kait decided to get in touch with an old college flame who she knows would appreciate her wetness.  But again, he is not able to drop everything for hot sex with his fantasy fuck.  Instead Miss Kait agrees to put on a sex show for him over a web cam.

Her body look gorgeous as she strip out of a see-through body suit with no panties.  Her fingers do the talking as she slowly rubs her clit whilst staring straight down the web cam at her perverted old college flame.

When she has had enough of fingering herself, she turns to her big fat dildos to really make her cum over and over again.  She point her pussy flaps directly at the web cam so her viewer gets a great view of the action.

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Its Not All About Beauty Nicolette Shea Scarlett Sage

Its not all about beauty

Its Not All About Beauty
Nicolette Shea, Scarlett Sage

This new lesbian porn video from Brazzers called Its Not All About Beauty stars petite pornstar Scarlett Sage and the dominant amazonian blonde pornstar Nicolette Shea.

When Scarlett decides she wants to become a pageant queen she enlists the help of Miss She to help her win.  Miss Nicolette Shea has won so many beauty awards in the past, so she was the obvious choice to coach Miss Sage through the selection process.

But Scarlett was not expecting was for Nicolette to tell her that winning a pageant competition was not all about beauty.  Scarlett would have to be able to bribe the judges with sexual favours.  That’s how Nicolette had one every year.

Scarlett agreed to fuck some of the male judges, but she had never been with a woman, so how could she win female judges votes if she doesn’t know how to have lesbian sex?

This is where Nicolette’s knowledge of a woman’s body came into good use.  She give Scarlett Sage a practical lesson in girl on girl intercourse.  She show how to make a woman cum with a few sex toys of her choice.

This Brazzers lesbian hardcore video has a a great contrast between the dominant Nicolette Shea and he shy timid character of Scarlett Sage.

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Aerial Downward Doggystyle Lily Labeau and Danny D

Aerial Downward Doggystyle

Aerial Downward Doggystyle
Lily Labeau, Danny D

Brazzers Aerial Downward Doggystyle feature this nimble and flexible pornstar getting her wet tight pussy fucked by Danny D and his massive long white cock.  She hangs from the ceiling as Danny inserts his man meat into her dripping vag hole.


Athletic Lily Labeau looks as hot as ever doing aerial yoga. No wonder her instructor Danny D can’t help his throbbing hard-on as he runs his hands all over her fit body to help better position her.

All this teasing soon gets unbearable for the both of them, and Lily finally gets the fuck that she’s been so desperately wishing for. Lily’s so turned on, but Danny is so big… Will she let him put his big fat cock in her tight little ass? Watch to find out.

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