Stassi Squirts In The Hotel Stassi Rossi

Stassi Squirts In The Hotel

Stassi Squirts In The Hotel
Stassi Rossi

Brazzers bring us more BBW fun in the form of Stassi Rossi.  Her striking blonde hair, big bouncy ass and huge boobs put on a show for us in a seedy hotel room.

Miss Rossi walks into the hotel room wearing a bright yellow outfit that shows off all her lumps and bumps.  She leaves nothing to the imagination. Fuck knows what the hotel staff though when she walked in the reception area wearing that outfit.


This bubbly BBW is only interested in staying in the room for one thing only.  She wants some quiet time alone with her big dildos.  She loves to make herself squirt, but hates cleaning up afterwards.  So she decides to use a hotel room and let somebody else clean up her squirt juices that flies out of her pussy like a fountain off piss.

Nothing makes the sexy Stassi Rossi hornier than renting a hotel room and playing with herself, while fantasizing about what all the nearby hotel guests are doing. She especially loves being naughty and squirting in her hotel rooms, filling the room with her energy. Watch as Stassi covers her ass in oil, then plays with two dildos at once, as she works herself up to squirting all over the place.

You can see this outrageous squirting Brazzers porn video when it goes live in the members area on 30th October, 2020.  Prepare to get wet!

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Massage With A Strap-On Ending

Massage With A Strap-On Ending

Massage With A Strap-On Ending
Shalina Devine and Alya Stark

I have been fortunate enough to edit a couple of Shalina Devine recently for Female Fake Taxi.  I have to say that she is a fucking awesome pornstar.  She has the body to die for and she is able to carry a scene lone if she needs to.  I remember when I was editing her I could not take my eyes off her wonderful cleavage.  So I was so happy to see that she was now starring in a girl on girl bBrazzers porn video with Alya Stark.

I am a big fan of lesbian strap-on porn videos.  I was the lead video editor on a dedicated strap-on porn site called which is now part of  I actually remember volunteering passionately to be the senior editor on that site.

In Brazzers, when Shalina Devine sees her petite but sexy masseuse, Alya Stark, she wonders whether Alya has what it takes to work out the kinks in her back. It turns out that Alya has plenty of kinks of her own, and she’s eager to oil up and massage Shalina’s big tits and juicy ass.

Alya impresses Shalina with her assertiveness, but Shalina could never have predicted Alya’s big surprise after their massage quickly turns into pussy fingering. Alya’s secret massage tool is actually a strap-on, which she uses to panty fuck and then pound Shalina with, giving her multiple orgasms while showing that size, not stature, can indeed matter.

Alya may look like a sexy college co-ed, but she’s a truly raunchy masseuse who gives Shalina the wildest fucking, scissoring, and orgasms of her life.

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Fucking The Bratty Roomie Brazzers

Fucking The Bratty Roomie

Fucking The Bratty Roomie
Abella Danger and Emily Willis

Some Brazzers lesbians action featuring two absolute little darlings.  Abella Danger and Emily Willis star in a girl on girl video called Fucking The Bratty Roomie. It’s a real hardcore lesbian video that features all the lesbian sex acts you can throw a stick at.

If you want some female squirting orgasms, then you see plenty of those.  Emily Willis loves to shout jets of pussy juice as far as she can when Abella Danger rams a big fat dildo deep into her gapping pussy hole.


Abella Danger has a very bratty roomie, Emily Willis. Not only is she a brat, she’s a dirty little perv too. When she thinks that Abella is out for the night, she sneaks into her room and gets into her toys.

She loves sticking Abella’s anal beads up her ass and sucking on her suction dildo – they even smell like Abella! But this time Emily is not getting away with it. When Abella catches her fucking and sucking her toys, she’s had enough. She decides to punish Emily they way she deserves, by spanking her.

In no time it seems both girls have forgotten what they even started fighting for and are just enjoying some hot girl on girl scissor action. Emily uses a dildo and makes Abella squirt again and again and Abella returns the favor. Turns out both girls are really good at squirting. See Abella – sharing toys with roomies is caring!

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Hime Brings Her Dildo To Bed Hime Marie

Hime Brings Her Dildo To Bed

Hime Brings Her Dildo To Bed
Kyle Mason, Hime Marie

If she wants to fuck herself with a dildo, then let her crack on with it.  Some guys work to hard all day to be able to keep up with a nymphomaniac for a girlfriend.  It sounds like a dream to have a girlfriend who just wants to fuck all the time.

But for Kyle Mason, it’s very tiring.  He spends 10 hours a day at work and then has to satisfy Mime Marie and her cock hungry wet pussy.


The sexy Hime Marie and boyfriend Kyle Mason are messing around before bedtime. Hime wants to get fucked, but Kyle is being a total nerd and wants to rest. When Kyle turns away, Hime decides to take matters into her own hands, by loading some porn on her phone and bringing a big dildo into bed.

Kyle realizes what’s going on and starts sneaking peeks at Hime. Now too turned on to sleep, Kyle decides to get involved and give Hime the good fucking she’s been craving.


Gift That Keeps On Fucking Kayley Gunner

Gift That Keeps On Fucking

Gift That Keeps On Fucking
Kayley Gunner and Keiran Lee

Brazzers are definitely making the most of these cam girls.  Kayley Gunner is the latest cam girl super star to be seduced by Brazzers and getting her starring with Keiran Lee in Gift That Keeps On Fucking.

I welcome this debut video from Kayley Gunner.  She certainly doesn’t hold back in front of real cameras in this new video.  She does have a fucking wonderful looking body on her too.  She shows off some great looking under boobs shots before she is caught playing with dildos by Keiran Lee.  Her body looks so sexy in just lingerie.

Watch the full video >>

Keiran Lee makes Kayley look like a real pro.  It’s difficult to notice that this is Miss Gunner’s first ever Brazzers video.  She has no problem in taking Keiran’s cock in her moth and licking his big balls.  There is an outstanding POV blowjob and lots of hard fast spoon fucking in this Gift That Keeps On Fucking fill video.

Cam star Kayley Gunner has the best fans and she returns the love in her latest unboxing vid by testing out all the sex toys and lingerie they gifted her. When her boyfriend interrupts the shoot, Kayley invites him to join the fun. She’s craving real cock and wants to give her fans what they really want: a gorgeous blonde with big tits bouncing on a huge dick!

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Sister Strap Sandwich Girlsway Video

Sister Strap Sandwich

Sister Strap Sandwich
Casey Calvert, Keira Croft and Zoe Sparx

Casey Calvert and Keira Croft are two step-sisters who just found out that they’re dating the same girl! It seems that Zoe Sparx has a thing for sisters and deceived them by dating both of them at the same time. But instead of cutting ties with Zoe completely, they have an idea on how to get back at her. Casey and Keira aren’t going to let Zoe get off THAT easy!

Casey gets Keira to call Zoe and invite her over. Of course, they keep the fact that Casey will be there, too, a secret so that they can confront Zoe together. Once Keira connects with Zoe and extends the invite, the game is on.


When Zoe shows up and greets Keira, she has NO IDEA what’s in store… until Casey reveals herself. Keira knows she’s been busted and begs for forgiveness, insisting that she didn’t mean to hurt either of them. She cares about them both but got a bit greedy…

However, the step-sisters aren’t convinced about Zoe’s sincerity and insist that if she wants to make it up to them, she’ll have to be punished… Zoe’s eyes widen as Casey and Keira break out strap-ons and, though she knows it’s supposed to be a punishment, she can’t help but get excited!

Things get hot and heavy as Casey and Keira vent their frustrations with a fiery double-penetration session. Although Zoe is being scolded, being teamed up on by two hot sisters is her fantasy come true! But after everything is said and done, will she be able to win them back over?

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Gaming Gets Jenna Horny – Jenna Fox

Gaming Gets Jenna Horny

Gaming Gets Jenna Horny
Jenna Fox

I’m starting to wonder whether it’s actually worth adding these Brazzers solo girl videos to my porn blog.  To be honest they are the worst performing blog posts in terms of search engine results.  It seems as though nobody is interested searching  for these COVID 19 isolation type masturbation videos.

So I’m not going to waste too much time in reviewing and describing this ebony gaming pornstar sex toy video.  It’s Jenna Fox playing on her games console and then getting very horny and deciding to get her wand out and play with her pussy.

I suppose this Gaming Gets Jenna Horny video is appealing towards those guys and girls who fantasise about having a gamer girlfriend who will have sexy whilst playing computer games.  There has been a growing gamer girlfriend niche that always needs catering for.


Jenna Foxx is playing an online game with some friends; her webcam shows her chilling in a cute loungewear outfit. After a few minutes of gaming, Jenna says goodbye to her team and disconnects from the game.

Jenna then strips down and starts playing with her pussy (with her hands and some toys). Gaming and masturbation make a great combo… but she should probably double check her webcam!

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Sommer’s Big Dick Delivery Sommer Isabella

Sommer's Big Dick Delivery

Sommer’s Big Dick Delivery
Jovan Jordan, Sommer Isabella

It’s hard being a sex addict in these time of COVID-19.  Sex toys can only do so much to satisfy a horn woman like Sommer Isabelle.  In Brazzers Sommer’s Big Dick Delivery she tries all kinds of new toys to keep her pussy happy.  But as good as her orgasms were, she still craved the genuine article.  She was so eager for a big real cock deep int her throbbing pussy.


Eventually, she has no further option but to ring her friend with benefits, Jovan Jordan.  If anyone is going fuck her the way she needs to be fucked, it will be Jovan.  His big hard cock has always left her sexually satisfied…at least for a few hours!

As soon as Jovan Jordan arrives at er house, she gets straight on to her knees and starts sucking on his big black cock.  His cock is not only long but her has so much girth too.  It’s the girth that Sommer Isabelle wants.  She needs to feel her pussy lips being spread apart and pounded as hard as they possible can.

Sommer’s Big Dick Delivery is a black on black porn video that features Jovan Jordan and Sommer Isabella fucking indoors.  Her pussy really gets the attention it craves during this sex session.  This is only the 2nd time that we have seen Miss Isabella being fucked in a Brazzers video.  Her first video was released back in April 2020.

With her all natural ebony body, I’m hoping to see more of Sommer Isabella.  he has a very sexy all natural look and can take a big cock all the way down the the balls….what a trooper.

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