Sex Toy Stash Jane Wilde Madi Meadows Alexis Tae

Sex Toy Stash
Jane Wilde, Madi Meadows, Alexis Tae

Sex Toy Stash

Can you handle these three all at the same time? It looks like no male pornstar was available today at the Brazzers porn studios.  There was nobody around to fuck Jane Wilde, Madi Meadows and Alexis Tae so they end up just having a lesbian threesome instead.  In Sex Toy Stash these three hot babes decide to tryout as many different dildos and vibrators as they can.  They want to find the best toys that make them cum the quickest.


In the screenshot I counted 10 sex toys.  Nine laid out neatly on the bed and another inserted into Jane Wilde’s pussy.  Jane Wilde and Madi Meadows are bent over with their ass cheeks touching each others and Alexis Tae is having fun playing with their wet pussies.  All three of these orgasm chasing babes are naked and looking sexy as fuck.

The only sex toy that is missing from view is the strap on dildo that Madi Meadows brings to the party.  In Sex Toy Stash, the story begins with college roommates Jane Wilde and Alexis Tae discussing their favourite sex toys.  Madi is a sweet innocent college freshman and is listening very carefully to their conversation.  When Madi over hears the sound of vibrators being used, she decides to gate crash their sexy party and introduces the strap on that she has hidden in her room since college began.

In Sex Toy Stash, Miss Tae and Miss Wilde are both very surprised that Madi wanted to join in with their lesbian sexy toy session.  They thought that she was not interested in girls.  They presumed that Madi was a virgin and was only interested in her studies.  But now that they have a strap-on dildo to play with, this Brazzers lesbian threesome soon heats up a couple of levels.

Madi’s big blue rubber strap-on soon becomes a favourite sex toy.  It gets used in all three wet pussies and is the sex toy that makes all three of these college roomies orgasm the fastest.  One thing is for sure, this college year is going to be orgasm filled and it’s only just started!  How are these sexy college roommates going to top this threesome?

In terms of porn advert suitability, I think that Sex Toy Stash will not be used as a porn advert.  To be honest, it’s very rare that we have seen Brazzers use a lesbian video as a porn advert. Sitting here at 6am writing this porn blog, I am struggling to remember a girl on girl porn ad at all.  I’m pretty sure that there has been lesbian porn adverts in the past, but I am struggling to recall one.