Deep Blue Shea Nicolette Shea Brazzers Hardcore Video

Deep Blue Shea

Deep Blue Shea
Nicolette Shea

I’ve probably said it before, but it’s always a pleasure to wake up in the morning to find that Brazzers have another Nicolette Shea video on the horizon.  This former Instagram model, now famous pornstar is a huge porn pleaser.

Wearing a very short sexy blue dress, Nicolette walks in high heels and her pantyless arse hanging out the bottom of her dress.  The front of her blue dress has a zip that goes all the way down. It’s that type of zip that you just want to slowly undo so her tits slowly come into view.


In Brazzers Deep Blue Shea, she walks into the lounge area, rubbing her tits and stroking her arse.  She is obviously on the look for some cock.  Finally she sits on the sofa and unzips her dress herself.  This unleashes those world famous fake tits of hers.

Waiting for her man to arrive, she takes matters into her own hands and massages those incredible breasts and squeezes her erect nipples.  Finally she allows her long nailed fingers to glide over her pussy to give her clit a rub.

When her man, Marcus Dupree finally joins her, she is more than ready for his cock.  She wastes no time in getting down to business.  She wants him to fuck her really hard today.

Brazzers Deep Blue Shea will be available to watch on September 10th, 2020.  I’m sure it will keep all those many Nicolette Shea fans very happy.

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