An Historic Fake Taxi Fuck

An Historic Fake Taxi Fuck

An Historic Fake Taxi Fuck
Starring Red August

August Red has some amazing big fuck me eyes.  I loved all the POV action in this FakeTaxi video called An Historic Fake Taxi Fuck.  She is also wearing a very sexy short skirt that gives some great upskirt shots too.

Here’s what I wrote for about this scene.

I’ve lost count of how many Fake Taxi videos I have edit over the years.  One of the difficult things to do it to dream up a title for every Fake Taxi scene that I edit.


So it’s always a relief when the performers give me a bit of a hand.  Red August is an American girl looking to see some ‘historical’ sights of the area.  So An Historic Fake Taxi Fuck’ was born!

All natural American Red August gives an awesome example of rimming in this latest video. She manages to flick her tongue in and around the taxi driver anus to give him all the pleasure he needs.

So if you are a big fan of watching hot American women licking mens assholes, then you are for a real treat.  Her tongue goes deep into the Fake Taxi drivers hairy arsehole to make his cock as hard as a fucking rock.

Watch this scene when it goes live on 25th September 2020.


What Will The Neighbors Think? Gabriela Lopez

what will the neighbors think

What Will The Neighbors Think?
Gabriela Lopez and Andi James

Andi James is a homeowner looking for a bit of extra help with her garden. When she hires Gabriela Lopez to be her gardener, she’s thrilled. Gabriela seems so cheerful and nice, and very eager to do the work… In fact, she’s secretly eager to do more than work, which Andi will find out soon enough!

When Andi meets Gabriela for the first time, she’s a little surprised by how short Gabriela’s skirt is. Surely that can’t be very practical for gardening?? But Gabriela is confident as she gets out her gardening tools, then gets down on her hands and knees. As she bends forward to begin tending to the flowerbed, Andi is shocked when Gabriela’s skirt rides up and reveals her pussy!


Andi is mortified, desperately trying to block the view from her neighbors. However, she can’t resist looking at that pussy herself, although she tries her best not to. Is it just her imagination or is Gabriela wiggling her ass around more, as if tempting her?

Unable to stand it, Andi soon confronts Gabriela about her lack of underwear. Gabriela isn’t worried at all and makes it clear that she’s gone commando just for Andi… Although Andi’s hesitant at first, she’s unable to resist Gabriela’s charm. Once Andi invites Gabriela inside, gardening is the furthest thing from her mind!