Brazzers I Don’t Eat Out Elsa Jean and Nina Elle

Elsa Jean and Nina Elle threesome

Elsa Jean is one of my new favourite blonde porn stars.  Her petite body, long blonde hair and sexy little smile has brought her to my attention.  If you are a Elsa Jean fan like me, then you definitely need to be following her on Instagram.  The Elsa Jean Instagram account is full of really sexy non nude photos of her.

So, as you can imagine, I was delighted to see her in a new Brazzers threesome porn video with Nina Ella and Lucas Frost.  To be honest, I was very surprised to see Nina Ella cast as a MOM so soon in her porn career.  I don't think she is quite ready to be called a MILF just yet.

Blonde babes in a threesome

But as I watch Brazzers I Don't Eat Out, I soon realise that Nina is in face a stepmom.  So she isn't actually a biological mom of either Lucas or Elsa, so it work out right.  Having Nina and Elsa together, both with blonde hair, make the promotional photos look great.

So what id this scene all about then?  Well, Lucas is Elsa Jeans boyfriend.  The problem for Elsa is that Lucas refuses to lick her pussy.  He claims that he had a very unfortunate incident the last time he tried eating pussy with his ex-girlfriend.  I'm not sure what could cause such a trauma?  The only think I could possibly imagine is that his girlfriend must of started her period mid-pussy eating.  That would put my off for a while to be fair.


Over hearing the conversation about his pussy eating problem, his stepmom, Nine Elle walks into the bedroom.  Lucas and Elsa both rush to cover up as they were just in their underwear.  Nina puts their minds at rest by saying that she has no problem with them having sex whilst she is in the house.  In fact Nina told them that she was there to help.  She understood that young coupes sometimes struggle with oral sex.  It takes a lot of experience to get it right every time.

Nina takes her clothes off and shows Lucas where to lick.  She give him an oral sex lesson whilst his girlfriend looks on.  Elsa watches her boyfriend lick his stepmoms pussy.  Rather than being jealous, Elsa was very grateful.  Know she can get her pussy licked precisely how it should be.

Brazzers I Don't Eat Out continues into a real sexy threesome between a stepmom, her stepson and his girlfriend.  Of course Elsa Jean looks a million dollars, and she spends a good deal of time rimming Nina Elle's arsehole while Lucas is fucking her arse.

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Tia Cyprus Brazzers Porn Video with Jessy Jones

In this Tia Cyprus Brazzers video, she is doing her very best to get some revision done.  Her boyfriend Jessy Jones is trying his bet to distract her.  He just wants to get his big cock into her pussy.


Tia Cyprus Brazzers Porn Video with Jessy Jones.  A lot of people have all been through the stress of having to revise for exams.  Being a hot college babe is no exception.  No matter how sexy you are, you still have to revise for those exams.

Tia Cyprus Brazzers official scene description of No Distractions.

Jessy knows that if he keeps on massaging her neck, Tia Cyprus would eventually give in and start sucking his cock.  Jessy knows that Tia Cyprus loves a sensual massage before spreading her legs for sex.

brazzers banner

To be fair to Jessy Jones, Tia does look very sexy as a college nerd.  She is wearing black rimmed glasses and her white blouse has a few top buttons undone.  This allows her ample cleavage to be seen.

More Tia Cyprus Information about her porn career.

Tia Cyprus BrazzersThis is the 2nd time that Tia Cyprus has appeared in a Brazzers porn video. Her first scene was in 2015 when she stared in My Phys Ed Teacher Fucked My Tits.  Again she played a sexy college babe but this time she gets fucked by Prince Yasha and his big black cock.

So will we see Tia Cyprus appearing in more Brazzers porn videos in the very near future?  Where has she been for the passed two years?  Looking on Tia Cyprus's Twitter account, she has over 55 000 followers.  She does post regularly,

I really hope that she does make more appearances on Brazzers.  She certainly has a great figure.  I like her Latina looks that she gets from being from Puerto Rica.  According to Brazzers, she was discovered by the porn legend Shyla Stylez.  Shyla spotted her dancing at strip bar in Kansas.


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Kimmy Granger Likes it Rough 45 Million

Kimmy Granger Like it Rough is one of the most viewed porn videos on PornHub at the time of writing this post.  The Kim Kardashian sex tape is still the most viewed with over 114 million views.

kimmy granger likes it rough

So who is Kimmy Granger?  Well she is a porn star (obviously), from San Diego, USA.  She broke onto the porn scene in 2015 and became one of the porn industries hottest 'teen' niche talents.

Her loyal army of fans love the way she is able to look straight in to the camera whilst sucking on a big fat cock.  She has a talent of being able to look sweet and innocent in a pair of reading glasses but be a dirty slut as soon as she see's a cock.

Kimmy took the name "Granger" from the Harry Potter film franchise.  She loves the character Hermione Granger so she decided to use it as her porn alias.

Kimmy Granger's best videos are found on the Brazzers Network.  So far to date, she has shot 5 Brazzers scenes including the famous Couch Cooch, which is used for the famous porn ad "My Dad Thinks I'm Still a Virgin".

kimmy granger cooch couch

So I am looking forward to seeing this sexy porn star in action much more over the coming years.

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Fake Cop Chiki Dulce Cute Trespasser Rides Policemans

chiki dolce fakecop
Fake Cop Chiki Dulce Cute Trespasser Rides Policemans

Found this tasty Spanish treat hanging out on my terrace, like she owned the place! The chick could barely speak a word of English, and didn't seem to understand when I told her it was my casa she was sunbathing on.

I checked to see if anything had been nicked from the house, then patted her down to see if she was lying, but she had nothing on her but a tight little outfit. When I told her it was okay, she could sunbathe here anytime, the cheeky bird asked me if I had a big truncheon! Now that's an invitation I can get behind.

I brought the hot senorita into the house and whipped out my big dick so she could practice her throatgagging blowjob skills. After I fucked her tight spinner bod, she jerked my cock, begging me to cum for her, until I blew my load all over her face and chest.

Hey, no better sunscreen around, in my opinion!

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