A Baddie Named Mona Small Hands and Mona Azar

A Baddie Named Mona
Small Hands, Mona Azar

A Baddie Named Mona

Curvy brunette Mona Azar is a dream. A baddie body, seductive smile, and an attitude that will snatch your soul. She teases us in both the bedroom and living room, cascading oil over herself to turn her thin white top see-through, revealing her perky tits underneath just begging to be worshiped.


In A Baddie Named Mona, Mona strips down and rolls completely nude in some furs as firelight makes her oiled up curves shine. Round ass wiggling in the air… Smile creeping across juicy wet lips. She’s ready and waiting, but can anyone truly match up to the gloriously hot Mona Azar and give her the teasing attention she deserves? Let’s see what we can do…

About Mona Azar

Mona Azar has an ass so big, you can see it from afar. This all-natural, curvy babe jokes, “My best asset is my BIG… smile!” and she enjoys making her fans happy by showing off her huge DD tits and making her booty clap as she twerks. During A Baddie Named Mona, Mona’s massive assets attracted the attention of major porn studios when she was starting out with amateur videos, and now she’s jetting all over the country to let everybody see that big bubble butt!

About Small Hands

Living every punk’s dream, Small Hands tours the world with his band, only making pit stops to party hard and bang prime sluts on camera. Known for his petite hands, this tattooed stud took the one thing he had always been teased about and made it his stage name, flaunting his insecurity in the face of his mockers before they could ever crack a joke.

And it’s not like those tiny mitts are good for nothing. When fingering tight, teen pussy or tweaking hot MILF nipples, those slender digits sure come in handy. In A Baddie Named Mona, he may be short, but what he lacks in stature, he makes up in personality. Funny, confident, and energetic, Small Hands is the life of every party, standing up for little guys as he fucks his way to the top!

Sheer Massage from Brazzers starring Azul Hermosa

Sheer Massage
Small Hands, Azul Hermosa

Sheer Massage

The sensual brunette pornstar Azul Hermosa has her pantyhose torn at the crutch and her shaven pussy is being fucked by her masseur.  Azul’s tits are on show and the tattooed male pornstar half of his big cock in her pussy.  The sex in Sheer Massage takes place in the massage parlour.


With the incredibly sexy and seductive Azul Hermosa’s gorgeous tits covered with a sheer top and her luscious legs with pantyhose, it’s only a matter of time before Small Hands’ massaging fingers tear apart her stockings so he can get to her sweet pussy!

After oiling her up and rubbing her down, Small Hands uses his big dick to pleasure Azul, treating her to a good hard fucking that will leave her feeling more satisfied than a day at the spa ever could!

About Azul Hermosa

Stunner Azul Hermosa’s got a banging body that looks like it has inspired pages and pages of poetry and love letters. A dark-haired hottie from Oregon, Azul loves dancing and pole work, and when she isn’t expressing herself artistically with her 34DDD big boobs or toned booty, she does so through putting the pen to page.

Azul stars in Sheer Massage, and is also a writer who likes to please her partners, Azul can identify and impress your deepest desires, whether physical, emotional, or a little combination of both! When she isn’t performing, Azul loves to try new restaurants, go out with friends, and especially travel. Check out Azul Hermosa in the video above!

About Small Hands

Living every punk’s dream, Small Hands tours the world with his band, only making pit stops to party hard and bang prime sluts on camera. Known for his petite hands, this tattooed stud took the one thing he had always been teased about and made it his stage name, flaunting his insecurity in the face of his mockers before they could ever crack a joke.

And it’s not like those tiny mitts are good for nothing. When fingering tight, teen pussy or tweaking hot MILF nipples, those slender digits sure come in handy. In Sheer Massage, he may look short, but what he lacks in stature, he makes up in personality. Funny, confident, and energetic, Small Hands is the life of every party, standing up for little guys as he fucks his way to the top!

Splooge On Me & I’ll Squirt You Back

Splooge On Me & I’ll Squirt You Back
Adriana Chechik, Small Hands


Adriana Chechik stars in her 40th Brazzers porn video.  Splooge On Me & I’ll Squirt You Back is her first appearance since Emergency Squirter that went live on 22nd April 2021.  This cute brunette pornstar always looks so sexy when she wears glasses in a porn video.  Here she plays roommate who shares an apartment with a prankster who likes to cum on everything.


Adriana Chechik is a hot brunette babe with big tits and an ass that won’t quit. Her roommate, Small Hands, is a real prankster perv who loves to leave his post cum remnants lingering everywhere around the house.

In Splooge On Me & I’ll Squirt You Back, as Adriana is tidying up her own things, she stumbles upon a trail of cummed on clothing that nearly takes her out. Frustrated, she heads to the shower only to discover more splooge and a gloryhole cut into the shower curtain. She’s had enough of these games and decides it’s her turn to show Small Hands just who can cum hardest by soaking him in her sweet pussy squirt.

Anal For The Shy Wife Victoria Voxxx

Anal For The Shy Wife
Victoria Voxxx, Small Hands

Anal For The Shy Wife

Here we have the fine looking Victoria Voxxx making her Brazzers debut in an anal sex video called Anal For The Shy Wife.  I’m always impressed when a pornstar makes her Brazzers debut with a hardcore anal sex scene.

Victoria Voxxx is a sexy brunette babe from Kansas City and with the charisma of a rock star and a self-professed “unquenchable appetite for fucking and sucking,” it’s no surprise that stunning brunette badass Victoria Voxxx has been making jaws and panties drop all across the country since her adult film debut in 2018.


In Anal For The Shy Wife, Victoria’s look hearkens back to the golden porn age of the 1980s, but her love of pushing her boundaries with intense BDSM and anal shows that she’s got exactly what it takes to win over modern adult film aficionados. This slender babe says her career aspirations are simple: “I want to be that performer that everybody wants to know something about.”

Big-bootied MILF Victoria Voxxx has to take care of everything in this house! The cherry on top is definitely her stupid ex-husband bailing on his custody weekend, so the stress levels are through the roof.

During Anal For The Shy Wife, thankfully her son’s friend, Small Hands, conveniently happens to be visiting with his magic masseur hands and offers to relieve the hot MILF’s stress! Her sexy body is not the only thing that will be manhandled though, because Small Hands will soon find out that the lady also secretly loves having an ass full of dick.

Glamping With Glory Holes Sex in a Tent

Glamping With Glory Holes
Demi Sutra, Gia Derza, Small Hands

My wife is always asking my to go camping.  I’m not a big fan of it to be honest, but watching Demi Sutra and Gia Derza in Brazzers Glamping With Glory Holes MAY of slightly changed my mind.  In this new Brazzers threesome porn video, we get to see Demi Sutra and Gia Derza having lesbian sex in a tent before Small Hands finds them and gives them both a hard fucking.

Glamping With Glory Holes

I remember editing a camping video for Public Agent a few years ago starring the hot French pornstar with big natural boobs, Anissa Kate.  It’s one of those porn video editing ays that I will never forget.  In Glamping With Glory Holes the scene opens up with Gia Derza walking through the camp site in a pair of very short denim daisy dukes.  We can see the bottom of her ass cheeks exposed the the elements.


She spots Demi Sutra gathering fire wood and her tits are almost falling out of her top.  Gia loves the look of Demi and she struggles to carry the fire wood back to her tent.  Gia decides to take a peek into Demi’s erect tent to see how a real tent should be erected.  As she looks around, she spots a pair of panties on the floor and cannot resist giving them a bit of a sniff.

Sniffing another woman’s panties has really turned her on.  Even though she has a boyfriend waiting for her back at her tent, she decides to undo her short denim shorts and masturbate over those sexy tiny panties.  Of course, in true Brazzers style Demi arrives back to her tent to find Gia with her fingers in her pussy hole.  So it’s at this point that the lesbian sex starts.  There is some great pussy licking and fingering action as well as Demi Sutra and Gia Derza rubbing their pussies together creating awesome tribbing sequences.

Then, again, just as you would expect, Small Hands arrives and finds his girlfriend naked with another woman.  He can’t believe his luck.  He jumps right in and these two lovely ladies have no problem in agreeing to a spontaneous threesome in the tent.

Cafe Chic Brazzers Alexis Fawx Video

Cafe Chic
Alexis Fawx, Small Hands

This is the 67th time we have been fortunate enough to see this perfect MILF pornstar naked and being fucked.  This incredible mature woman just can’t get enough cock in her life.  I have a vision of Alexis Fawx banging on the Brazzers studio doors every morning demanding to be let in to make another porn video.

Cafe Chic

Her big tits and ass, are gracing our screens once again in a Brazzers video called Cafe Chic.  This latest Alexis Fawx video also stars Mr Small Hands as a cafe waiter who is lucky enough to fuck Miss Fawx.  Once he gets a glimpse of her sexy blue lingerie, his cock is ready for some hardcore fucking with his flirtatious customer


Sexy, chic. Sloppy, posh. Alexis, Fawx. On this idyllic afternoon, Alexis is adding a little spice to the terrace life with her irresistible je ne sais quoi… She licks her stirring spoon, showing off that wet, warm, eager tongue. Adjusts her legs to show off enticing blue panties.

In Cafe Chic, she strips down to reveal her huge, bubbly butt, soft tits and totally toned body. She poses around the makeshift cafe for all to see, stunning our waiter Small Hands with her raw sexual appeal. Oh, did you drop your cup, monsieur? Let Alexis wipe you down and pull out your throbbing cock for the perfect amuse-bouche!

Cafe Chic is Alexis Fawx 10th Brazzers video of 2021 already.  I would not be surprised if we see her again very soon.  Two Brazzers videos a month starring Alexis Fawx is worth the Brazzers membership fee alone!

If you want to see more Alexis Fawx porn video reviews from 2021, then check out the links below :

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Blue Light Filter Alina Ali Destiny Cruz

Blue Light Filter
Small Hands, Alina Ali, Destiny Cruz

Just by coincidence, Alina Ali and Destiny Cruz are both appearing in their 2nd Brazzers porn video in Blue Light Filter.  This is an interracial threesome were Small Hands gets to fuck both of these beautiful looking pornstars.  We last saw Alina Ali in her great debut called Dick Slap Piggyback and Destiny Cruz made her first appearance in the impressive Don’t Tell Mom We’re Fucking Her Man

Blue Light Filter

So what does this new threesome called Blue Light Filter have in store for us?  Well it has the two hot babes Alina Ali and Destiny Cruz having a sleep over, but towards the end of the night, they both realise that sleep overs at their age is a lot more boring than they remembered during their childhood friendship.  Alina exclaims that she is so fucking bored, as she lays in her single bed next to Destiny.


They put their heads together to come up with a plan to end the boredom.  Alina suggests that they invite Destiny’s old flame Small Hand over to play.  They both remember that he had a fucking huge cock and he was rumoured to be able to fuck all night long without cumming.   Destiny is not too sure.  She had suspicions that Alina wanted him over to have a threesome, but it’s something that she had never experienced before.

Destiny Cruz PornstarMiss Cruz eventually agrees to give Small Hands a call and invited him over to talk about their past relationship.  Mr Hands was there in a shot. He remembered just how sexy Destiny Cruz looked in bikini and would love the chance to get inside her panties once again.

In Blue Light Filter, when he arrived, it was Alina Ali who did all the flirting.  It was very obvious that if Small was going to get laid tonight it was going to be with Miss Ali.

When Destiny left the room to check on the pizza that she put in the over, Small Hands and Alina Ali sneaked off to the bedroom for some one on white interracial sex.

Alina keeps her hot red lingerie on while Small Hands licks her pussy before he buries his cock deep inside her wet dripping pussy.  Destiny can here sexual noise coming from the bedroom.  when she opens up t door and finds Alina with with Small Hands fat cock in her mouth, she expresses her disappointment that she had started without her!

In Blue Light Filter, Destiny Cruz joins Alina Ali on the bed to give Small the threesome of his dreams.  These two hot besties take it in turns to suck his cock and balls before he gets to fuck them one at a time!

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Atypical Delivery Angel Youngs

Atypical Delivery
Small Hands, Angel Youngs

It’s great to see that Angel Youngs gets another feature length Brazzers video under belt.  We last saw her on March 15th 2021, in an awesome video called Laying Low.  It’s not often that a new Brazzers pornstar has two videos out so close together, but I’m really happy that Miss Youngs is back so quickly.  In this Brazzers Atypical Delivery porn video, she is dressed in some of the brightest clothing we have seen in a Brazzers video for quite a while.  She would be ideal for one of those road safety T.V. adverts from back in the 1980’s.

Atypical Deivery

At the start of Angel Young’s new Brazzers video, we find her wriggling about on her bed.  It looks like she is struggling to get a full night sleep.  It is now morning and she is disturbed again by a know on the door.  A delivery driver arrives with a large package for her.  She barely acknowledges his existence and just takes the package from him without a thank you…how rude.  When I take a delivery, I’m always very grateful and give the guy a “Cheers mate”.


Brazzers have done their very best to hide the brand of the package but it is plain to see which delivery service the box has come from.  As a porn video editor, I can see that the production department have deliberately covered the branding to save their own video editors the bother of having to blur it during he post production process.  It’s something that a porn video editor really appreciates.  Having to blur brand names or logos that could have easily been covered up is a real pain in the ass for post production video editors.

Angel Youngs in a Pink VestIn Atypical Delivery, when Angel accepts the package, she is dressed in a dressing gown and rather large blue hooped earrings.  It is obvious that she is very happy that the package had arrive safe and sound.  She has a huge beaming smile on her face as she literally closes her front door on the delivery guys face.  He simply turns around with a bemused look on his face.  He is amazed how ruse some people can be.  Just a simple thank you is all that would have been required.

The camera cuts back to Angel Youngs in her bedroom now dressed in a pink vest top and multi-coloured rain stripped knee high socks.  She is not wearing any panties and she sure looks pissed off about something.  Angel is frantically bashing her thighs in frustration.  What is she so angry about?  Talking to herself she says that she just wants to masturbate because she is so horny.  She opens up her newly delivered box to find that it contains her new dildo.  It’s a dildo that comes filled with fluid that resembles spunk.  So when she is finish fucking herself with it, she can squeeze it and the spunk falls all over her pretty face.

Angel Youngs Naked DeliveryThe next day, Angel gets another delivery, but this time she is so horny that she decides just to open the door totally naked.  She is more than happy for her delivery guy to see her natural tits as she opens the door to take her delivery.  He has a good look at her nakedness and loves her pierced nipples.  He is left there gobsmacked with his mouth wide open.  He has seen plenty on housewives open the door in sexy lingerie on some occasions, but never somebody totally naked!

In Atypical Delivery, her new delivery contains lot of fluorescent fishnet clothing.  She has fluorescent yellow fishnet hot pants, fluorescent pink tights, and she also has pink leather restraints that she puts around her wrists and her neck. Angel Youngs is a kinky bitch!  To complete her new outfit, Miss Youngs places to stickers on her natural tits that have DTF written on them and she also places a card with a hole in it on her pussy that says fuck me please in black italic writing.

Angel Youngs Naked Delivery

When the delivery driver arrives with a new package for Angel Youngs, there is a note on the front door that says delivery inside please.  This is an invitation for him to go into Angels house and find her ready to be fucked.  The delivery driver called Small Hands opens the bedroom door to find his horny customer on her back with her legs wide open offering sex on a plate to him.  In true porno style, he stands with his mouth wide open and drops his latest delivery to the floor.

Angel Youngs Fishnet ClothingSmall Hands wastes no time at all in getting his clothes off and diving straight into Angels inviting pussy.  These delivery drivers have a very short amount of time to make each delivery to meet their delivery quota, so he has to get his cock hard fast and fuck this horny bitch as hard as he can and get out of there.  Angel is so relieved to fund that her delivery driver has a big cock and can keep it up.  The tattooed Small Hands is an expert in fucking hard and fast without shooting his load to early.

During Atypical Delivery, there is a great moment when Small Hand rips open Angels new fluorescent yellow hot pants to expose more of her shaven pussy.  Miss Youngs has finally got what she had been craving for a few days.  She had finally got a real man to fuck her hard and nasty to satisfy her cock craving pussy.  I suspect that she will be ordering many more items from this mega online store so she can get fucked again by this delivery driving male stud.

I really enjoyed watching Angel Youngs in Atypical Delivery. She has great energy and a fantastic natural body.  I’m not a huge fan of pierced nipples but I’m happy to look over that and just enjoy those natural tits and awesome looking ass.  I’m already looking forward to seeing her again really soon.  I think Brazzers have a star on their hands.

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