Two Wives One Cock Kristina Rose and Tru Kait

Two Wives One Cock
Kristina Rose, Tru Kait

Two Wives One Cock

OMG we have two absolute stunning pornstars sharing Small Hands’s big cock in this Brazzers threesome called Two Wives One Cock.  Tru Kait and Kristina Rose shoe off their incredible bodies as they get totally naked for a 3way fuck session with their husband.  Small Hands has his hands full with these two porn goddesses.  How he manages not to cum early is a truly wonderful achievement.


How could someone possibly choose between the stunning Kristina Rose and the voluptuous Tru Kait when both are equally deserving sex goddesses. Sadly, this is Small Hands’ predicament. The man is married to those two insanely sexy women. Of course, this leads to frequent competition – and headaches! Who will the serial husband chose to fuck today? This sure is a hard choice, but not as hard as Small Hands’ devilishly teased dick.

This threesome from Brazzers called Two Wives One Cock is a work of fucking art.  With two beautiful pornstars in one video, there is so much for your eyes to take in.  Tru Kait and Kristina Rose are true professional and are taking Brazzers by storm.  Small Hands does a fantastic job in keep up with these two women.  They both demand his cock and he has to satisfy them both.

There’s no way that Small Hands is able to keep to a weekly schedule.  He can’t refuse one of his wives if she is flaunting her body in front of him.  I think threesomes are the only way to resolve the problem of having two hot wives and only one big cock.  It’s a great problem to have, but a problem all the same.  I struggle to keep up with one wife with big tits!  Well played Small Hands, great job!

Brazzers Tantalizing Threesome

Brazzers Tantalizing Threesome
Small Hands, Lala Ivey, Ryder Rey

Brazzers Tantalizing Threesome

It’s a Brazzers interracial threesome today.  Brazzers Tantalizing Threesome is an awesome threesome sex video that sees Small Hands fucking both Lala Ivey and Ryder Rey.  This lucky guy gets to bend them both over and fuck both of their ebony pussies until he’s ready to cum over both of their pretty faces.

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This scene starts off with Lala and Ryder both touch each other and playing with each others pussies.  They are obviously experienced lesbian lovers and they know how to work the camera.  I fucking love watching women sucking each others tits and there is plenty of this to be seen in the opening fir minutes of Brazzers Tantalizing Threesome.

The sexy Lala Ivey and Ryder Rey make for a very cute couple. Watching these two make out and feel each other up is a delight. The heat gets turned up when Small Hands enters and has them suck his dick. Soon, we have a full out threesome happening, with the more experienced Small Hands making sure everyone leaves satisfied.

Brazzers Tantalizing Threesome could have easily been just a great girl on girl video, but when it turns into a threesome, this scene become epic.  As threesome porn videos go, this one is right up there with one of the best of 2021 so far.

Brazzers Pussy Therapy Adira Allure

Brazzers Pussy Therapy
Small Hands, Adira Allure

Brazzers Pussy Therapy

Well I’ve got my work cut out trying to preview Brazzers Pussy Therapy.  The description writers have forgot to add their copy for this Adira Allure video.  Just by looking a the screenshot we can see that it is an anal sex video.  Small Hands certainly has his cock stuffed into Miss Allure cute asshole.


Wearing a green top, black skirt and black high heeled shoes, Adira Allure in in an office environment talking to Small Hands about her squirting pussy problem.  There are some great sequences of her pussy squirting her juices everywhere.

During Brazzers Pussy Therapy, she explains that she has no control over it.  Her pussy just seems to squirt whenever it feel like it. Then bang on cue, her pussy started to squirt right in front of Small Hands very eyes.  In true porn fashion, before her pussy erupts, Small hands gets his cock out and tells Adira to start sucking his big dong.  He says that he thinks it is the best prescription for her pussy problems.

Miss Allure wastes no time in taking her medicine.  She gets that big dick down the back of her throat to stop her pussy from squirting.  But of course, sucking a big cock only turn her on even more and her pussy flows like a river. Small Hands next suggestion was to try anal sex. Maybe being fucked in the ass would stop her pussy from squirting.  This didn’t work either.  It just made more room for her pussy to eject more jets of squirt all over the floor.

I think that Pussy Therapy starring Adira Allure and Small Hands could easily be used as a porn advert.  There are plenty of squirting moments and shocked faces that work well for click-through ratings.

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Let Lust Take Care Of You Sia Lust

Let Lust Take Care Of You
Small Hands, Sia Lust

Let Lust Take Care Of You

Where are Brazzers finding all these new pornstars from.  It’s the third Brazzers debut in a row that I am now porn blogging about.  In Let Lust Take Care Of You, Sia Lust gets her wet shaven pussy fucked by Small Hands.  It’s the first time that we get to see this new blonde pornstar in action.  Sia Lust has small natural tits and a really well maintained body.  This new blonde pornstar looks really sexy in a dark red cheerleaders outfit.


Sia Lust and Small Hands return home from their date, burned out after a long night flirting and teasing. When Small Hands seems hesitant as Sia offers to let him spend the night, she instead lets him know he can stay on the couch if that makes him more comfortable…

During Let Lust Take Care Of You, after all, if she can’t fuck him, she can at least make sure he’s taken care of! Sia heads off to bed but can’t get the thoughts of the hot guy in the living room out of her head. She tosses and turns until she hears some noises. Our petite blonde tiptoes in to find Small Hands stroking his cock and she can’t help herself. Sia sneaks under the covers and offers a warm, wet, eager mouth to help. She always treats her guests right!

If this Brazzers Let Lust Take Care Of You video ever makes it in to a porn advert, it will because of Sia Lusts hot body and shaven bald pussy.  The cameraman is able to capture some great penetration with Sia’s legs wide open.  I can predict that we will be seeing more of this blonde pornstar.  I really hope that she does not get tempted into having her boobs enhanced.

Dinner Party Drenching Tiffany Watson

Dinner Party Drenching
Tiffany Watson and Small Hands

Dinner Party Drenching

It’s fucking 0325am and I’m wide awake and haven’t slept a wink yet.  I’ll probably be up all night now and pay for it in the afternoon.  However, being awake at this time of the night allows me to get an early start porn blogging.  Today we find Tiffany Watson returning to Brazzers for the eight time in a video called Dinner Party Drenching.  I think there is a huge clue in the title telling us that there will be plenty of squirting pussy in this video that also stars Small Hands.


Whilst I’m not a huge fan of squirting, I still enjoyed seeing Tiffany getting fucked hard in a Brazzers video for the first time since November 2020 when she starred in Prank Me Once, Squirt On You which was also a squirting themed porn video too.

In Dinner Party Drenching, Tiffany Watson is primed to spend a night alone masturbating, but unfortunately, she’s forgotten that she’s supposed to host an intimate potluck dinner party. When the doorbell rings and her guests arrive, Tiffany is both underdressed and trying to hide the fact that she has a vibrator stuck up her pussy, which is causing her to squirt and soak her tights.

During as Tiffany tries to navigate an impromptu dinner and impending orgasms, she decides to put her introduction to Small Hands to proper use by blasting squirt everywhere and getting him to satisfy her with his huge cock in front of everyone.

This is a squirting video featuring plenty of pussy juice flowing.  I am going to say that this video will be shown as a porn advert across the porn tube networks.  There are plenty of shocked faces and funny little moments that will serve will included in a short square porn video advert.

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Teaching Him By Scissoring Her Phoenix Marie Aften Opal

Teaching Him By Scissoring Her
Phoenix Marie, Small Hands and Aften Opal

Teaching Him By Scissoring Her

It’s a pleasure to see Aften Opal in her 2nd Brazzers porn video.  She is starring in a threesome with busty blonde dominant pornstar Phoenix Marie and experienced Brazzers male pornstar Small Hands.  This is a threesome where Miss Marie is dressed in a leather outfit. Her big boobs are almost hanging out.  She gets to have lesbian sex with Aften Opel and then get fucked by her boyfriend.


Aften Opal’s boyfriend, Small Hands, is getting ready for his old college roommate to arrive. He’s making everything perfect for her and it’s pretty suspicious. When it turns out his old roomie is Phoenix Marie, Aften can sense a dominate vibe right away.

Small Hands gets Aften to go grab them a snack, and immediately Phoenix reminds him how she trained his dick. She sucks his cock and lets him know she doesn’t care if they get caught. Seconds later, they do. And Aften isn’t about to be bullies by Phoenix. Aften takes Phoenix into her bedroom to teach her a lesson, which Phoenix thinks is very cute.

They scissor and Small Hands enjoys the show. Phoenix trains Aften Opel how to suck cock and puts her throat to work. Phoenix whips out her strap-on and shows her who’s in charge. Aften gets thrown around all over the place and she likes it. Talk about a bossy house guest!

It’s always a pleasure to see Phoenix Marie training a young women how to suck and fuck a big cock properly.  We have seen her do it in many Brazzers porn video over the years.  I think this Teaching Him By Scissoring Her video has potential to be a great viral porn advert in the near future.

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Two Pussies Are Better Than One Sofia Rose BBW

Two Pussies Are Better Than One
Sofia Rose, Small Hands and Halle Hayes

Two Pussies Are Better Than One

It’s the return of BBW super pornstar Sofia Rose. She gets her big beauty woman body out and fucked by Small Hands.  BUT Two Pussies Are Better Than One is a two part porn video from Brazzers which sees Halle Hayes also getting her pussy wet with Sofia Rose taking charge.

Two Pussies Are Better Than One Part One

Huge boobie woman, Sofia Rose is sitting on her couch enjoying some solo play with a pocket pussy when her roommate, Small Hands, attempts to sneak Halle Hayes in and up to his room for some fucking around. But Sofia isn’t that easy to sneak sex by. Sofia notices Halle’s sexy black ass and hides her pocket pussy inside her own pussy and peruses them up the stairs.

Once outside Small Hand’s room, Sofia spies on Halle and tries to get her to leave Small Hands for her, Halle thinks she’s lost her mind! But Sofia has an idea; She pulls the pocket pussy from inside her own pussy and throws it at Halle who uses it to replace her pussy with and wiggle away. The two successfully sneak into Sofia’s room and have a scissoring good girl on girl time until they’re exhausted. That’s when Small Hands shows up looking to get off…

Two Pussies Are Better Than One Part Two

After Sofia Rose left Small Hands hanging with his dick in a pocket pussy, he was hungry for the real thing. Sofia catches him peeping and wiggles her ass in excitement. Small Hands takes the invitation and starts to sneaky fuck her right next to his resting hot girlfriend.

Two Pussies Are Better Than One 2

Small Hands fucks Sofia quietly, restraining her from moaning too loud so that his girlfriend doesn’t catch them cheating. Eventually, they sneak out and leave her the pocket pussy as a farewell gift. Sofia goes to work on Small Hands, giving a giant titty blowjob. Small Hands fucks Sofia until she begs him to write his name all over her with his cum. To her delight, he makes a mess of her gigantic tits and face.

So there you go folks, Brazzers are more than happy to bring us some BBW action and this Two Pussies Are Better Than One video will certainly please the chubby chasers out there.  Brazzers are showing that pornstars are not just Barbie doll looking figures.  BBW pornstar are more than capable of taking a scene and turning it into their own!

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My Pussy Deserves A Patent Emily Right

My Pussy Deserves A Patent!
Emily Right and Small Hands

My Pussy Deserves A Patent

Beautiful blonde pornstar Emily Right is back for only her 2nd ever appearance in a Brazzers porn video.  Her last appearance was in a video called Randy Roommates back in October, 2016.  so it’s a very large welcome back to the Brazzers studio for this hot looking blonde babe.


Emily Right’s eccentric, nerdy, and largely hopeless husband is a bumbling inventor. However, he’s managed to secure a meeting with slick potential investor Small Hands.

In My Pussy Deserves A Patent, despite her husband’s asinine inventions, which he demonstrates to disastrous effects, Emily takes a shine to Small Hands, displaying her sneaky handjob skills at the dinner table. When one particular demo goes wildly wrong, Emily seizes the opportunity to drag Small Hands into the bathroom.

During My Pussy Deserves A Patent, from there, Small Hands is thrilled to focus on his attention on Emily’s big natural tits. After some intense fucking, Small Hands concludes that Emily’s miraculous pussy and perfect tits are worthy of patents.

Yes that’s all I have on this new Emily Right video.  It’s the weekend and I have run out of time to get an original copy written, and I still have an Elle Brooke OnlyFans video to edit too! No rest fo the wicked!  I love being busy..especially when it comes to editing porn for a living.