Draped Over Kendra Starring Kendra Sunderland

Draped Over Kendra

Draped Over Kendra
Small Hands, Kendra Sunderland

I think we have a winner here.  The stunning Kendra Sutherland is back in this awesome new Brazzers video called Draped Over Kendra FULL VIDEO.  If you want to see Miss Sutherland all chained up and restrained, then this hardcore video will be right up your alley.  We get to see her sexy natural body restrained and dominated by Mr Small Hands.

Kendra Sunderland is a bombshell. A body that won’t stop, and an angelic face framed by flowing blonde hair… All hiding a devious nympho inside. Kendra teases us through veiled curtains, all curvy shapes and shadows, before pulling them aside to show off her pristine beauty amid matching silk sheets.

In Draped Over Kendra, she poses with her big natural tits barely contained in tiny lingerie, overflowing and begging to be free. Small Hands enters to worship Kendra but as soon as they get their hands on each other you can tell the energy changed. It’s not about teasing, now it’s about sliding her tongue along every inch of his cock, burying his face between her bouncy tits, and a bird’s-eye view of Kendra as she moans, writhes, and begs for more!

Brazzers Think Pink Jewelz Blu

brazzers think pink

Brazzers Think Pink
Small Hands, Jewelz Blu

This new Jewelz Blu Brazzers video snuck up on me.  It was not listed as upcoming on the Brazzers site earlier this morning.  Maybe they think this Brazzers Think Pink porn video will be better than the already scheduled Red Flags starring Luna Star.

Watch the Full Video >

The thumbnail says it all about this video.  Dressed from head to toe in a bright pink latex outfit. Jewelz Blu’s body look flawless.  You need to have plenty of body confidence to even think about wearing such a garment.

Miss Blue has no such confidence issues as she expertly zips herself into this kink catsuit.  Her blue dyed hair perfectly complements this pink all in one outfit and she certainly looks very fuckable indeed.  It has the perfectly positioned zipper at the back of the catsuit and Small Hands wastes no time in unzipping her from behind to reveal that sexy ass of hers.

Jewelz unzips herself from the front and pulls out her tits before taking Small Hands’ big fat cock in her mouth.  She leaves the pink catsuit on throughput this Brazzers Think Pink porn video.

In Brazzers Think Pink, Jewelz Blu is as hot as ever, teasing her sexy curves in her pink latex catsuit! Hot stud Small Hands is the lucky guy tasked with unzipping the suit to reveal what lies beneath and what you’re desperate to see nice big tits and her tight, pink pussy! Jewelz gets a good dicking until she gets the one thing she loves most:a big load on her sexy face!

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A Wet And Oily Massage Phoenix Marie

A Wet And Oily Massage
Phoenix Marie, Small Hands

In her latest Brazzers porn video, we get to see Phoenix Marie in a swimsuit.  I’m not sure whether to call it a bikini or not, but it sure is very sexy.   There are a few clips in the trailer where you get to see her nipples poking through the zip up top.  Miss Marie is swimming in a private indoor pool at her favourite luxury spa.


A Wet And Oily Massage she enjoys relaxing at this luxury spa because she knows she can get a full naked body massage by one of their hunky masseurs.  She just clicks her fingers and one of the eager masseurs will come running.

Phoenix Marie unzips her bikini top to reveal those massive MILF tits of hers.  She always insists on being massaged totally naked because she knows that she will get fucked at the same time.  Not one masseur has been able to not to resist rubbing his hands all over her big booty and fabulous big boobs.

In A Wet And Oily Massage it new Masseur Small Hands who gets to have a go at resisting Miss Marie’s hot body.  But within a few minutes, the lure of that great ass overwhelms him and he’s get his massaging hands rubbing sensual massage oil all over her round ass.

The background is of a swimming pool. The wall shows a painted scene of a tropical destination with palm trees, green mountains and golden sands. To the right of the painting there is a window with a black frame and to the left, two rectangular windows with a black frame also and they are showing a neon blue light.

During A Wet And Oily Massage, in the right hand corner there is a big green plant. There are two ceiling fans with brown fans and a bright light in the middle. Phoenix Marie stands in the swimming pool, it has a blue mosaic rim and is quite large.

The water is light blue and has a rippling motion. The Miss Marie wears a red bikini top, with a sip in the middle and thick straps. One hand is placed on her neck and her other arm droops into the water. Her hair is messily pulled back and blonde and she is wearing heavy eye makeup, dark shadow and false lashes.

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Gia’s Big Wet Butt Gia Derza Hardcore Anal

Gia's Big Wet Butt

Gia’s Big Wet Butt
Gia Derza and Small Hands

If you like to see hot babes twerking their asses, then you are in for a treat.  Released on 7th January 2021, Gia’s Big Wet Butt stars the energetic fire cracker of a pornstar called Gia Derza.  This is her 8th Brazzers porn video and every one that I have seen, she bring plenty of energy and a youthful and vibrant look!

In Gia’s Big Wet Butt this small breasted pornstar from Ohio gets massage oil all over her booty,  She gets drenched by Small Hands as she parades around showing off her cute booty.  With this being a Big Wet Butts porn video, you’ll be watching Gia Derza getting her ass fucked hard and fast.

The Miss Derza stands in front of a white background, with two panels of a brighter white.  Her hair is dark brown and tied up in an updo, which is a slick ponytail with another tie in the middle of the ponytail. The end of the ponytail is in a bubble like shape.  She wears a light purple eyeshadow with eyeliner and mascara, smiling with white teeth.

Two metal, circular hoop earrings are in each ear, with the smaller hoop being above and inside the larger hoop. The Gia wears a beige coloured top that has a shiny purple pattern on the right hand side. The sleeves are a darker purple, and are of a sheer material.


You get to see inside Gia’s anal passage when Me Hands stretched open her gapping asshole.  This really is a return to those pure hardcore sex videos that Big Wet Butts is famous for.

When porn goddess Gia Derza wears see through clothes, there’s nothing else to do but kneel down and worship her splendor. Even more so if she drizzles herself with oil. Her shiny butt wiggles and immediately, jaws drop and tongues unroll to the floor.

The lucky Small Hands finally puts his paws on the slippery lady. He face fucks her while rubbing her butt cheeks, preparing her for what’s to come. Then, Small inserts his dick in Gia’s precious asshole. Once he’s in, he’s in and, encouraged by Gia’s outrageous moans, Small pounds with all his might, making sure Gia never forgets this explosive fuck session.

Role Reversal Azul Hermosa

Role Reversal

Role Reversal
Small Hands and Azul Hermosa

With her jet black hair and stunning figure, Azul Hermosa makes this new Brazzers video, a must see video at the end of 2020.  She has developed into one hell of an adult video performer.  When she gets dressed in to her business women clothes, she is every 9 to 5 office guys wet dream.


Nobody would blame Small Hands for interrupting Azul as she tries to clean the house.  Mr Hands can keep his…hands off his sexy wife.  Constantly touching her ass and big tits, it’s little wonder that she never finishes house work.  I’m just the same at our house, I’m always groping my wife’s big natural tits whenever I get the chance!

When Small Hands returns home from his morning meeting, he finds sexy wife Azul Hermosa doing her chores half-dressed. Small Hands takes on his usual dominant role with her as she works: grabbing, pawing, worshipping, until – noon already?

Time for Azul to change into her professional attire ahead of the big board meeting, while Small Hands is left to do some of his own chores around the house. When Azul gets home, the couple find their roles reversed, with Azul being dominant and horny while Small Hands tries to finish fixing the sink. Will these two ever find time to fuck?

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All I Want For Christmas Is Dick Alexis Fawx

All I Want For Christmas Is Dick

All I Want For Christmas Is Dick
Alexis Fawx and Small Hands

Here we go people, it’s the first Xmas themed porn video of 2020 from Brazzers. It’s like getting an early Christmas present seeing Alexis Fawx dressed in a Christmas underwear outfit.  Those perfect big MILF boobs look very snugly in that see-through red bra with Christmas decorations.

The set up to All I Want For Christmas Is Dick is that Alexis Fawx’s husband has been kept back at the office for another night.  Miss Fawx is so pissed off because she has bought some extra sexy Xmas underwear to surprise him with.  She has worked herself up with some very sexy thoughts about how she was going to fuck his brains out when he got home.


Alexis was just about to start masturbating to try and satisfy her pussy, when there was a knock on the door.  She had totally forgotten that her brother-in-law, Small Hands was visiting for Xmas.  She didn’t have time to get dressed so she opens the door in that amazingly sexy Xmas lingerie.

Alexis stands at the door in that sexy red Xmas lingerie and invites her brother-in-law into her house.  She explains that her husband won’t be home tonight, but she now has other plans to get her pussy some dick.

In Brazzers All I Want For Christmas Is Dick, Miss Fawx decides not to bother getting dressed, but instead she parades around in her see-though lingerie and teases Small Hands with sexual innuendo and bending over in front of him to give him an eyeful of her arse in a g-string.  Her nipples are also very visible through that sexy lingerie.

This hot wife then decides to open some presents early.  She presents Small Hands with a gift from underneath the Xmas tree.  Small Hands opens the box to find a silver butt plug inside.  She had intentionally given him the wrong present.  Now that the ice was broken, Alexis offers up her arse to let Small Hands insert the butt plug into her asshole.

With the silver butt plug inserted into her tiny little bum hole, Alexis and Small Hands fuck each other senseless on the living room sofa.  Alexis really enjoys getting her pussy fucked hard whilst having that butt plug in her ass.  Her husband has to fuck her nice and slowly, but on this Xmas Eve, she is getting fucked rough and hard in her pussy and her ass!

This Xmas Eve Brazzers porn release for 2020, features a hot cheating wife having anal sex with her husband’s brother.  I’m going to guess and say that in the full length version of All I Want For Christmas Is Dick, Alexis’s husband come home early to surprise her for Xmas and finds her face covered in his brothers cum.

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Fucking Her Through The Shower Curtain

Fucking Her Through The Shower Curtain

Are you looking for that Brazzers video of that guy fucking her through the shower curtain.  Here are the details that you need to know about.


This video where you she a hot babe with big naturals, backing up against the shower curtain and having a big cock stuck in her pussy stars the wonderful Kayla Kayden, Small Hands and LaSirena69.

It is a threesome porn video that is split into two parts as the video is so long.  You can find Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd part one and two on this web site.

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Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd Part 1 and Part 2

Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd

Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd Part 1 and Part 2
LaSirena69, Kayla Kayden and Small Hands

I have decided to merge both of these new Brazzers videos together under one porn post.  I thing it would be wise to just have these two Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd videos together instead of making separate posts.  I enjoy watching any porn video that features the hot blonde pornstar Kayla Kayden.  To me, she is one of the most naturally good looking pornstars on the adult industry at the moment.

Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd Part 1 – When LaSirena69 walks in on Kayla Kayden masturbating in her bed, she climbs on top of her, surprises her, and decides to take over. Kayla is happy to let LaSirena finger and eat her tight, wet pussy, but what she doesn’t know is that LaSirena’s roommate, Small Hands, is lurking – and also eager to fuck. When Small Hands sneaks into the bedroom, LaSirena does her best to sexually distract Kayla while dealing with Small Hands’ disruptive presence.


After nearly getting caught, Small Hands escapes and leaves LaSirena and Kayla to scissor their way to multiple orgasms. But once they settle down for a nap, Small Hands sneaks back in and wakes an eager LaSirena up with a finger in her pussy, picking up where he nearly left off before. Can they keep their sexy secret from Kayla?

Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd Part 2 – With Small Hands nearly disrupting LaSirena69 and Kayla Kayden’s intense lesbian sex in the bedroom, LaSirena drags Small Hands to the bathroom so they can start fucking. But just as they’re getting into it, Kayla comes to the bathroom thinking that she’s about to join LaSirena for a sexy shower.

After hiding Small Hands behind the shower curtain, LaSirena tries to keep Kayla out of the shower by initiating more hot fucking, but Small Hands can’t contain himself. He rips a hole out of the polka dot shower curtain, creating a glory hole where he can spy on the lesbian action.


Small Hands, though, gets too turned on, and he can’t help but stick his hand, and then dick, through the opening to tease and fuck LaSirena. Although LaSirena manages to hide Small Hands’ cock by sticking it up her pussy, Kayla quickly discovers what’s going on – which turns out to be beneficial to everyone in the form of an intense threesome.

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